Thursday, June 9, 2011

Heather Bennett Knows Decadence

*Hector leans against the new bar, sliding his hand along its smooth surface. “So, dear Chance. Yer alter ego’s editor will be visitin’ taday?”

*Yup, and ya better behave. I bribed Jack off the ship wit’ two kegs a’ rum and me Tortuga Liquor Barn credit card.” She snickers. “Course, I didn’t tell ‘im it’s expired. The new one be locked in me new safe.” She grins at the tall pirate and winks.

*And he didn’t think ta check, a’ course.” He shakes his head and lifts his tankard. “Refill love?” As she tops him off he glances over the railing. “How’s this lass arrivin’?”

*I sent Deuce to get her. Not sure what is takin’ so long…” She glances at the hourglass.

*Hector grins crookedly. 

Just then, a disturbance in the water to the port occurs and Deuce’s Harrier jet comes to a rest on the pier. A bouncing blonde leaps out, blowing a kiss to the Revenge’s personal pilot and looks up at the ship. Chance waves her aboard, putting a glass in her hand before she sits down.

*Heather takes a sip and fans her face. “The ship looks much smaller from the air!”

*Yeah, we get that a lot! Hector, this bit a’ loveliness be Heather Bennett, one of two brilliant entrepreneurs who founded Decadent Publishing. Don’t slobber on ‘er.”

*He shoots a superior look at Chance then elegantly bows before Heather, takes her hand and places a chaste kiss upon her knuckles. “Greatly pleased I am ta make yer acquaintance.”

*Heather smiles. “Likewise, Hector, though your reputation precedes you. I’ve been warned that you could charm the barnacles off a boat without much effort. Though, Jack had other words to describe you. Where is he anyway?”

*He’s off drinkin’, pity he’s missin’ a chance ta meet a lovely lady. Ya don’t need no barnacles scrubbed off ya, I be certain a’ that!” He winks.

*Chance sniffs at him then pulls out a second bottle of her cherished Kraken Rum and admires the label. “I so like this stuff.”

*Ya have an unhealthy appreciation a’ slimy things, lass.” Hector mumbles

*Explains why you’re here!” She spits back, then turns to Heather as she opens the bottle and tops of her glass, “Pardon us, we tend at bicker. So, I hear tell from me alter ego that yer one a’ two ladies who run this here publishing company… Decadent Publishing. How’d ya go about deciding ta dive inta such volatile waters. Wit’ the state a’ the written word, seems a risky voyage!”

*Hector breaks in, “Like the name, by the way.”

*Why, thank you Hector.” Heather smiles and winks at him, then raises her glass in a salute to Chance before downing a generous swig of rum. “Mmmm, Chance, this is delish.  Can I take a bottle home with me?”

* I thinks I can manage a spare bottle fer ya.” Chance nods, looks around the bar before reaching far beneath it to haul out a sparkling bottle.

*Yes, Decadent Publishing has been a wild ride this past year.  We started out with a handful of various romance single titles and have expanded like crazy. We now have everything from YA to non-fiction, from sweet romance to melt-your-Kindle erotica, a successful short story series call 1Night Stand and many 5star full length fiction books.  We’re fortunate to have some very talented new authors, like that delightful Maureen O. Betita, and veteran authors such as Amanda McIntyre, Mari Freeman, Desiree Holt and Sahara Kelly who’ve submitted to us and written truly entertaining stories. Working with the creative community, and appreciating what they have to offer, is why my partner, Lisa and I dove into the stormy sea known as ‘publishing’. 

*Can you top me off over here? My glass seems to be empty.”

* Happens a lot on this ship. Profession hazards a’ the pirates life!” Hector smiles and pours.

*We are looking for romances with characters who are, shall we say...more experienced?  Romance between people 50yrs and older.” Heather shoots Chance a sly grin. “I heard Maureen say all that carnal knowledge adds flavor to the brew even if there’s a little dust on the bottle, if you know what I mean.” The editor raises her glass again before continuing. “We also want to put more pirates in to port at the Decadent pier, and we adore a gritty western.  Of course, I wouldn’t turn down a good military romance. Somethin’ about a man in uniform…Um, when does Deuce come back?“

* He’s off parkin’ the jet, sure ta be back soon. The local harbormaster don’t like it when he clutters up the pier.” Chance sighs. “I do love flyin’ wit’ that lad!”

*Hector glares.

*Lisa and I are both fans of sci-fi romance.  We are waiting for someone to drop a spectacular non-romance sci-fi in our laps, as well. Even a series. Linnea Sinclair is one of our Sci-fi writing favorites, so this has always been something we want to explore. We have a lot of people interested in speculative fiction of all kinds.  I will admit to a schoolgirl crush on Han Solo.”

*Aye, Lisa be the one with the foresight ta snatch up me alter’s book. And there were something a’ the pirate in Han. Now, Lisa confided in Maureen back at RT, that her crush was on Keir Dullea 2001 A Space Odyssey.” She grins. “I remembers him! Don’t blame her at all!”

*Chance gestures the length of the bar, stacked with trays of succulent sweets. “Oh, feel free to snack. Ya might recognize one a’ the bar specialties. We have double stuffed Twinkies. The captain frowned on me settin’ them on fire, save fer publication days, so they ain’t flamin’. There be the captain’s no calorie brownies and those strawberries? Aye, they be hollowed out and filled with chocolate liquor!” She winks at Heather.

*Why, Chance, have you pirated my signature shot?” Heather laughs. “I served them to our crew at the Romance Times convention. It’s one of my favorite decadent treats.”

*Hector pops a Twinkie in his mouth. “I’m in that book, ya know.”

*No, yer not! Shut yer gob!” Chance smacks him, then hands him a napkin. “Now, Heather, me alter tole me how she’s proud ta be part a The Read for a Cure. I understand this is a cause dear ta yer heart. With all the nonsense earlier this month, ‘bout how romance is bad for women…good ta see that romance is really all ‘bout a cure! Can ya explain more ‘bout this cause and how yer involved?”

*Bad for women? Huh. Wonder if they’d say the same thing if a woman read Stephen King or Barry Eisler, Emily Dickenson or Edgar Allen Poe.” Heather snorts. “Just because a woman appreciates a deep, emotionally satisfying story--or even a light, sexy story--doesn’t mean she’s an addict or has unrealistic expectations. Heck, I know men who are exactly like some of the male leads in my favorite stories; flawed, human, have a great sense of humor, and are sexy as the day is long.

*Sometimes, when real life concerns like brigadiers, rum shortages and nuclear meltdowns get a girl down, we need to have a mental escape into a world where conflict can be resolved and a happy ending is guaranteed. It keeps is sane and gives us an hour or two of joy, maybe some laughs and an adventure in a foreign country or alternate dimension. Nothing wrong with that.”

*Read For a Cure is a Decadent Publishing program that benefits the American Cancer Society Relay For Life. We donate all publisher coin for one book each month to Relay. Since Lisa and I have both lost people very close to us to the disease, it was a natural fit for us. My mom lost 2 brothers within a year, and my father died within that same time period. It’s not an enemy you can swing a sword at, so we fight this way. Our crew page is here.

*Tis a terrible affliction. I be fortunate it don’t run in me family, but others…” Chance shakes her head. “Seems ya hear ‘bout someone ya know bein’ handed that sentence far too often.” She glances at Hector, who’s looking away and fighting not to let a tear drop.

*Here, Hector, blow yer nose, ya soft-hearted lout.” Chance sets a box of Kleenex on the bar and then ducks below the bar. The sound of a loud sniff or two rises before she reappears. “Well, okay. So, good month ta buy The Kraken’s Mirror. Got it! Ya got anything else ya’d like ta say to the crew? They’ll be shovin’ in soon and no doubt be askin’ questions and makin’ wildly inappropriate comments.” She leans close. “We do that. Can I count on ya to stop by and respond? They gets cranky when our guests disappear inta the hold with the hotties.”

*Aye, cuts inta their time in the hold with the hotties.” Hector pockets the Kleenex and empties his tankard. He looks up as Deuce strolls in…

*Heather pats the seat next to her and the pilot takes a seat. “As long as I have such good looking people to keep me company”—she wrenches her gaze away from Deuce’s devilish grin and graciously waves a conciliatory hand at her tablemates—“I’ll stick around for sure. The view from here is…inspiring.”


So, crew, feel free to interrogate Heather today. I’m hoping we get an influx of other Decadent authors and editors as we get this Friday party underway!

And I’m curious, what cause would you support if your treasure ship pulled in this morning? Aside from the standard, I’d support something about keeping the Caribbean healthy… And helping out animal shelters. Because I’m just that way!


Quantum said...

I only get the chance to open the batting when Chance is MC so I'm taking full advantage! :lol:

Hi Heather
I would be interested to hear your views on the Indies (Self published authors) revolution. Does your company monitor their activity looking for stars and would you offer say Amanda Hocking a contract, rather than waiting for authors to submit work for Decadent to appraise?

I'm also interested in the role of covers for ebooks.Lexi Revellian (one of the indies) has made some very critical comments about the covers on the new kindle release of Catherine Cookson's books ( ).

Seems to me that the cover is only important for attracting new readers to new authors, and acts rather like a pheromone if you like. Once familiar with an author's work the ebook wrapping seems unimportant. What's under the covers is the real interest. Though on reflection,I do rather enjoy unwrapping an enticing parcel, but rarely keep the wrapping paper. :lol:

The cover to 'The Kraken's Mirror' is intriguing but I wondered why the head is missing. I assumed Maureen must have forgotten to stick it on. Though its absence probably has deep significance. :wink:

I'd better stop before I end up in the brink!

Good causes to support for me would include cancer research and rest homes for battered women.

Great to meet you Heather :D

Robert C Roman said...

Hallo Heather! Hallo Chance!

Just dropping by until the tide turns and I'm swamped with little monsters and the paperwork to track them all.

My question for Heather: what are your top five all time favorite non-romance sci fi novels? I'm not finicky about the 'five', by the way, I'm just wondering what area of sci fi you're into. The field is so broad I've rarely found someone that likes (or dislikes) *all* of it.

On the treasure ship support thing, I used to be partial to cancer research; my grandfather and his brothers died of it, and my dad's had at least half a dozen small tumors removed. For some unknown reason my thoughts lately are turning toward groups that support inner city youth, trying to give them a decent chance at making something of themselves. Go figure, right?

Ah, well. I hear the bell that tells me the tide is a'turnin', and I need to get back to it. Talk at you later!

Marnee said...

Welcome aboard, Heather, and thanks for being here with us!

As to causes, there are so many. The shortage of clean drinking water, addressed by foundations such as or the Water Project, is one of my favorites. The Red Cross. Ovarian Cancer, the second most common gynecological cancer and the most deadly. Illiteracy.

Anyway, it's great that you guys are involved in Read for the Cure. A worthy cause as well.

A couple questions.... What do you see are the benefits of e-publishing versus traditional, NY publishing? The drawbacks/challenges? What has surprised you the most since beginning this business venture, either about the industry or something else?

Thanks again for coming to hang out with us!

kate richards said...

Ahoy all! You know with all the time I spend with the Kraken I really am starting to want honorary status, can I swab the decks? Polish the booty?

It's alwys fun to see Heather wearing other hats. The pirate hat looks lovely, and suits her bouncing blonde curls perfectly.

Bosun said...

Good morning! Welcome and thank you for joining us today, Ms. Bennett. Kudos to you and Lisa for having the courage to jump into the deep end. I must say, I've been impressed with all I've seen from Decadent thus far. I'm one of those who crinkles her nose at bad covers. Nothing to crinkle at from Decadent!

Marn stole my question. I was wondering what had surprised you most since you've started the business. Also, how did you assemble and editing team from scratch? Seems like that would be one of the tougher aspects of getting started.

As for causes, cancer research for sure. My mom and my sister have now been through the breast cancer ordeal which puts a target literally on my chest. I am bobbing and weaving for all I've got!

Then I'd go with animals and children. If I had all the money in the world, I'd build the largest combination animal and childrens shelter. They could heal each other and all would get the love and affection they deserve.

2nd Chance said...

Morning crew! Now, Heather be on west coast time, so may be a little bit afore she crawls outta the hammock!

Q - Missing heads, eh? I know what ya mean, but I can also tell ya...not many cover models available fer a 53 year old heroine. Now, that don't address the common no-head syndrom, but it might explain why The Kraken's Mirror be that way!

Robbie! Morning, lad! Ya ever read Lois McMaster Bujold? I know she'd be at the top of my scifi writers. Long with Asimov, AE Van Vogt, Clifford D. Simak... ;-)

Marn! I like the way ya think about the fresh water project. I'd likely support that one, too!

Morning, Bo'sun! Ya know, me DH spends his days testing out headsets fer telephones and one a' his favorite places ta call to check out clarity be Dial-A-Story. And the story they been reading fer the last month is "Puppy Who Wanted A Boy" ... Aye, children and animals do deserve each other! ;-)

2nd Chance said...

Morning, Kate! I can always use help with wiping slime up...but ya probably want somethin' more glamouress ta do... Ya could file his barbs...

Scapegoat said...

Sorry I'm coming in late today! Multiple meetings at work.

I'd love to hear about how it was to start up as well. :)

As for the treasure ship, animals would be my first go-to. But then I think I'd really like to tackle a sort of senstive topic - obesity. I grew up with very sick parents who suffered from all kinds of issues that were all traced back to obesity. Both of them have passed away now and I really wish I could educate parents about how their health impacts their young children, as well as the impact it has later in life when those children lose their parents early. Then there's even the idea that the generation after that will grow up without ever knowing what the love of a grandparent is like.

It's definately soemthing I think about a lot.

Becca Dale said...

Hey, glad I stopped by. Looks like a great group. Would anyone pour me a shot? I'd really appreciate it. A question for Heather - heh heh - nope better not go there. Great cause BTW.

What would I support? Arts in the schools. It seems too often money goes to sports-which I am not knocking-but drama and other creative outlets need love too. It kept me from making a wrong turn here and there. Maybe they could create a sail making class.

Desiree Holt said...

Well, all I cam say is I want to join the next party on the Revenge. I love pirates. Hmm, Heather, maybe I'll have to figure out how to work one into a story. After I finish my Late Escape, of course! LOL! Decadent is just blossoming everywhere. Everywhere!!! And I am so excited to be a part of it. I totally support the Read For the Cure so anything I can do let me know.; (Will that get me an invite to the Revenge with those gorgeous pirates/ *wink*)

2nd Chance said...

Scape - I know what you mean. I get frustrated at the lack of frank discussion about so many health issues. It's a difficult subject, obesity is, due to the value and judgemental nature of the discussion. Some real education would be appreciated, without name calling and issues about appearance always coming to the forefront.

Interesting idea!

2nd Chance said...

Becca! Only one shot? I'll just ply you with rum until you spill the questions you held back... And I do agree about arts in schools. So much of what was available in my high school is gone, gone, gone. And it's a real pity! me and we'll see about setting up a visit!

Bosun said...

We're always up for a party and the ship never runs out of room! (Seriously, we must have a couple hundred hotties running around at this point.)

Scape - I'm so with you. Health was an after thought if ever thought about at all for the older generations. I mean, think of cigarette smoking alone. Now it's all the unhealthy food and no movement. The more convenient life gets, the more unhealthy we all get.

Sin said...

Ahoy mateys! Sorry I'm late. I'm always late. Perpetually late. Or should I say I'm always standing in the shadows pretending I'm late and really I'm just always here? Like a ninja should be.

I think I'd support more reading and literacy. It saddens me to see kids not as active in the library systems. Though with the amounts of teen fiction making it to the publishing world as of late, maybe the trend is changing? And maybe a cause for parents to lock their kids outside and make them play and use their imagination for at least 2-3 hours a day.

2nd Chance said...

And with that big of poetry, I must step ashore for a while. Bonnie is casting such sad eyes at me. Time for dog walkies!

2nd Chance said...

Sinsister! I got a book of pirate haiku the other day and one made me think of you...

Japan is NO fun
But I have learned one key thing;


P. Kirby said...

Hey, lookie! It's one of our fearless leaders from over at Decadent! And she brings pictures of shirtless men...abs...yum...abs...

Anyway, a big chunk of my fantasy lottery winnings would go to my (dream) foundation, named after my beloved little dog, that would provide emergency grants to animal rescues and other charities for veterinary costs.

Donna said...

Welcome, Heather. I can't wait to hear more about your day-to-day life at Decadent. :)

There are so many worthy causes out there, and the dollars have to stretch soooo far. At the moment, I would want to donate to libraries, since they are getting bombarded with cuts, and I think everyone should have access to books, especially if they can't afford to buy them. Libraries are great resources for everyone, writers and readers, and I'd hate for them to cease to exist due to lack of funds.

Heather Bennett said...

Hi all!
You're all a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed bunch, huh?
Yes, I am on West Coast time (all the better to slip off to the ocean and hook me a pirate once in a while). I have to row in for some supplies and will be back in a few hours to answer all of your wonderful questions. I am happy to do it, the wee maties are just getting a bit surly from want of rations, ifyou take my meaning.

Thanks for visiting and I'll be back soon! (I need to go buy printer ink so I can post that picture of the delectable Duece on my desk).


2nd Chance said...

Deuce is one of my favs from way back. We so needed a pilot to bring our guests aboard and his Harrier takes up less room and don't need a full runway.


Pat - I'm so with you on the animal stuff. I know on my list of lottery projects would be dog parks. I'd sponsor some massively wonderful dog parks. I've been to one that was a pure delight...grass, benches, plaques and stepping stones people donated to remember their animals. A small waterfall for water dogs to splash in...trees for shade. Mponitors who worked full time there, toys... This place was a doggy paradise.

My local dog park? Bark, dirt, mud...broken down plastic chairs. When you've got a dog with long legs and the drive to play, a nice dog park is a pure delight. Just to go visit one and laugh at the dogs running around!

Yeah, one of my lottery projects!

2nd Chance said...

Well, get those younguns' fed and climb back aboard! The questions be stacking up! ;-)

Sin said...

Dang, did we lose the nesting comments? I know y'all were talking about it the other day, but I kinda enjoyed the mass chaos it created.

Chanceroo, I love the haiku! Though, I might not agree with the Japan is no fun. I haven't been there but it has cosplay and manga. And Tanabata and sakura trees. What's not to love?

2nd Chance said...

Well, fer the author of the haiku, a pirate captured by the Japanese, it proved a bit less exciting and a lot more bruising!

Sin said...

I meant instance, but my phone decided it should be instant. My phone is an all knowing device, apparently.

Sin said...

I see, I see. That would be tough. Need a samurai in that instant to be your champion.

2nd Chance said...

Ah, to have a phone for an editor... ;-)

Hellion said...

Hi Heather! We're so glad to have you on the ship; I hope you've been getting enough rum! :)

I have to second Donna's Libraries cause. I couldn't bear it if there came a time when libraries ceased to exist. And I would also donate to Literacy--make sure everybody can read. It amazes me the number of people who can't--and yet manage to get by. Still, so many more doors would open to them if they did know how to read. Reading and writing are just those things that I take for granted because they were so easy for me--I had great teachers and my mother was a huge lover of reading. And if I had enough money for a third item: I would give money for programs for anti-bullying.

Heather Bennett said...


Thanks for commenting. I think the Indie publishing is fine, IF they take enough pride in their work to get it critted, professionally edited, and give it a good cover. Even Hocking has taken many hits for the editing in her books; as strong a story as she sells, it will turn off a more discerning reader if they can't get past homophone confusion and poor punctuation. BUT it is an option for someone with a good story they may have a hard time placing. We have a few authors who write for us who also have self-pubbed books. It's an open market these days!

Right now, we have a very steady stream of people subbing to us, so we're not looking to go out and grab anyone, per se. People can judge us by our product and business practices and decide on their own if they'd like to be a part of our crew.

I would caution anyone about presenting a half-baked cover they are not happy with. Example: my SIL is a book addict, collect authors and supports the industry. She LOVED a particular author. Then the author came out with some self-pubbed books with really....unattractive would be a kind word....covers. My SIL can't even bring herself to read them because they imagery is just too awful. A cover is an author's marketing tool and just because you have readers doesn't mean you don't want more, right?

Heather Bennett said...

Hi, Bob!
5 fave sci-fi? Well, MOST of what I read is sci-fi rom in that category, but I like Games of Command by Linnea Sinclair, Total Recall by Anthony, a Buck Roger's book (original) from when I was a kid that I read about 7 times, Captive Dreams by Angela Knight and Diane Whiteside, and OF COURSE, any sci-fi rom from Samantha Gail.

Heather Bennett said...

I love, too.

Benefits of e-publishing? One, as a reader, I can more easily procure a short story in e-publishing over print. It's a way for authors to allow readers to try them out without forking over $8-10 and I happen to love shorts and novellas, personally. Secondly, NY pubs are awesome in many ways, but their model is a lot tighter, they have less maneuverability in what they accept and market because their overhead is much higher.

Surprises....hhmmm.....well, one is how quickly the tide has changed as far as attitudes about e-publishing. It was the ugly step-sister, now it's becoming the belle of the ball. Thank you, Amazon, for making Kindle the #1 sought after gift for Christmas 2010. :-)

Heather Bennett said...

KATE RICHARDS, you can polish my booty anytime, sister!
Oh, and I have a cute pirate cowboy hat. I'll have to show you a pic sometime.

2nd Chance said...

And me! I want to see this pirate cowboy hat!

Heather Bennett said...

Bo'sun, love the name!
The editing team--I had some friends who were in the business who got us started, with myself doing some of them, as well. Then a few found us from early interviews, they liked us, they told their friends, who told their friends, etc. I've gotten some EXCELLENT talent from word of mouth, and I wouldn't trade my editors for a cargo hold full of Godiva. They are a dedicated lot, and I enjoy them and their work.

Editing ain't fer sissies, that's fer sure!

Heather Bennett said...

Scapegoat, nice to meet you. The cause you mention is a very important one, I would agree. My children know a lot about healthy food and, at 7 and 9, make healthy choices all the time. Not that they would scale the wall for some chips or chocolate. But they love veggies and know why we drink Rice or Almond milk rather than dairy.

Starting the business has been a WILD ride. Like launching a ship and thinking you're in for a nice, energetic clip along the coast and then finding out your boat is auto-programmed for a deep sea adventure in 20 foot waves. You learn how to sail REALLY quickly and put all the right people in the right places so your boat runs pretty smoothly. It's a trip, for sure! But wow...the scenery is lovely.

Heather Bennett said...

Waving at Becca Dale and Desiree Holt! Love those ladies. BOAT LOADS of talent there, just truly amazing storytellers. That's no BS, either.

WELCOME, Sin! Nice to see you.

Donna, my day-to-day life? LOL! Well, I am a WAHM (work-at-home mom). School year is getting kids off, then reading and answering emails for a few hours, doing some promo posting, picking toys up off the floor, setting up blog tours, working on projects we may be engaged in, wrangling editors and authors, doing laundry, finding promo ops for authors and posting those to our author groups, etc. Then I have to get kids form school, do the homework/dinner/night time thing, then usually I am on the computer again until late doing more of the same. I have ADD, so I am typically in 4 or 5 windows and have many things going at once. I still get teased by a few authors who were on a blog talk radio show once because I was typing in the chat room, talking to the show host, correcting homework and making mashed potatoes at the same time. They heard me drop the top on the pot and I was busted!

Heather Bennett said...

Hellion, I had teachers who read to us after recess when I was in grade school. It was an awesome chance to unwind and they opened us up to SO many great stories like Where The Red Fern Grows, the Lloyd Alexander series, and so many more. My kids don't get that because of the shorter school days, budget restrictions, and time contstraints on classroom activities. It's really sad. I feel like schools have take a step forward and 5 backward, and it's not the teachers' fault. Don't get me started on school nutrition, lack of art programs, classroom overcrowding, and such. I'll need another bottle of Kraken Rum! CHANCE!!!!! lol

2nd Chance said...

*scurries over with a fresh bottle of rum.

Sorry, luv. I were helpin' me alter ego wit' edits from her cruel taskmaster editor.

Chance said that, not me! Love you, Kate! Kissy, kissy!

Stephanie Williams said...

Aye Heather!

My treasure ship support would be The Red Cross. We seem to be having so many natural disaters lately. Cancer research, we need to get a handle on that being the 21st century. And anything that has to do with education.

Now my question to you. Ebooks (Kindle, Nook) have taken over paperback books, that was mentioned in a news report last week. Now do you think EPublishing will take over the regular NY houses and will more writer's go indie?

Samantha Gail said...

One of my all-time favorites (Emma Holly) just went indie. She states that she made the decision based on "growing frustration with my experiences in the traditional publishing system, along with a desire to reclaim the fun of storytelling."

These are interesting times, for sure.

2nd Chance said...

I'm so looking forward to more of Emma's books, she's one of me fav's, too! I'd love to sit and just chat with her sometime, about her books and what she found frustrating. Always interesting to talk to the authors who have experienced these things.

Bosun said...

Lovely seeing all these new guests today. *waves in all directions* Hope y'all will make us a regular stop. We love having a party crowd.

Bosun said...

Thanks for all the answers, Heather! Sounds like your day is still going strong and we're just winding down here on the east coast. At least that crazy thunderstorm I drove through to get home cooled things off a bit. That's the third time I've driven through hail in about a month. What is up with this crazy weather?!

My kiddo is much like yours. Loves fruit and veggies. Give her a salad bar and she's in heaven. Sadly, this is not because of me, I just got lucky and that's the stuff she loves.

Heather Bennett said...

Stephanie Williams, weeelllllll, let's play a numbers game.
We have a small handful, about 5, Big Time NY pubs.

We have hundreds of ePubs putting out product, and thousands of Indies.

Go to Amazon's Kindle store and type in Romance. Scroll through the top 200 books on the list. If you take out the bajillion HQN books that have been free forever, you will see a HUGE percentage of ePubs in that top 100 or 200.

If you go specifically to Interracial Romance or Erotica, the numbers jump dramatically in favor of ePublishing.

Now, that's not saying there is anything WRONG with NY pubs. I happen to enjoy a giant bookself full of books from them. But I also have 3 ebook readers that have long lists of epublished books.

SAMANTHA GAIL! That's my partner, Peeps! You know Emma is one of my favorite favorites. I think she is just ONE of the ladies jumping ship because they want some diversity in what the publish.

At a smaller, independent publisher like Decadent, we have that freedom, as well. Would you find a book about a mid-lifer who falls through dimentions and ends up on a pirate ship with a hot gray-haired captain at a Big 5? Not likely, but we LOVED the story and it's a GOOD story. Would you find an interracial couple with a penchance for handcuffs at a Big 5? I can't think of any. But we have those because we can make them into 5 Star books and fill a need.

Di R said...


Fascinating blog, I'm learning a lot. I don't have an e reader (yet) so I'm not as familiar with the epubs. However, I have heard a lot of great things about Decadent.

As for causes. right now I'd say cancer research. My friend who was supposed to go to nationals with me was diagnosed with breast cancer a week after she registered. She's since had a mastectomy and has started chemo.

Thanks for bringing Deuce back to the Revenge!


Bosun said...

Excellent points, Heather. I'm actually surprised it took NY so long to realize the demand for epub books. Though the Kindle definitely did the trick. I had a Sony Reader for a year before I put a book on it. I was slow to convert too. But now I can't remember the last time I picked up a print book. Which is sad because I have four bookshelves covered in them and the two smaller (3') shelves are almost all TBR books!

Now I wish I could transfer them all to the Sony. :(

Bosun said...

Di - So sorry about your friend. It's been just over a year since my sister was diagnosed and she's down to her last one or two treatments. She is so over this stuff, but she's screening clear so it's all good news from here. Of course, now I not only have to worry about it coming back on my mom, but also back on my sister.

At least we've had very good results and been lucky so far in my family. (And I've now seen both my mom and sister bald. Very strange.)

2nd Chance said...

Wow, again, it seems I hear it over and over again...the cancer thing is just monstrous.


And yeah, Deuce is my fav of all the hotties...and he knows it. You can tell, look at that knowing glint in those eyes...

Di R said...

Thanks, Terri. I have to say I am in awe of her. She has the most amazing attitude.

I can only imagine it would be weird to see your your mom and sister bald. LOL!


Franny Armstrong said...

I'm so bummed I didn't get to go with you to the ship, Heather! Not only did you get to see all the hotties and get your knuckle kissed, but you proved that you can handle The KRAKEN!
I had a couple of drinks with you at the Romantic Times Booklover's Convention in April and I know you are the woman for the job! lol

Great blog. Keep them coming.
Franny Armstrong

2nd Chance said...

Thanks for stopping by, Franny!

Heather Bennett said...

CANCER SUCKS!!! I want to raise a lot of money to fight it so my kids don't ever have to go through it. So far we've raised $2500 as a team this year. YAY!!

Franny, I AM really lucky, You think that Deuce has an amazing front, you should see his backside.....