Friday, May 31, 2013

I Make Stuff Up...

SNUFF THE MAGIC DRAGON: And Other Bombay Family Bedtime Stories will be available by the end of June.  I'm really, really happy about this project!  Why?

Because I have total and complete control - MWAH HAH HAH HAH! (This should have implied evil laughter. If it didn't, I apologize.)

But seriously folks - this book would never have passed muster with my former publisher.  And it's because of them that I had to do it.

When I was working on I SHOT YOU BABE, my editor informed me that this would be the last book in the Bombay series.  At first, I was relieved because I'd written four books in a really short period of time and was a little fried.

So I did it.  I ended the series.  Then I realized what I'd done.  I'd ended the series.

The Bombays had so much more potential and I agreed to throw it out because NYC told me to do it.  I was an idiot.

Statistics show that most mystery series don't find their following until book 6.  I ended with 4. Not good.  And when I got my rights back to the 4 and self-pubbed them on my own - I realized that I couldn't write another Bombay book because they were done with assassination.

I had a brief moment where I realized I could write PARADISE BY THE RIFLE SIGHTS because Paris could be working on a job before Coney goes off to Mongolia.  But that was it.  I couldn't keep messing with the space-time continuum because there are rules against that according to Star Trek.

And then someone came up with the idea of history - and this book idea was born.

I wasn't sure I was smart enough to do a full-length book involving all the research.  I have friends who write historical fiction - quite successfully too - but they spend months getting all the research together from what people wore and ate to the words they used and the politics of the era.  It's a lot of work.

So then I thought - short stories.  I could briefly visit the highlights in Bombay history.

I didn't realize how much fun I'd have.

The book will be up in four weeks and I really hope you like it.  It's a way for the Bombays to keep killing people for your entertainment.

We'll see how it goes!

The Assassin
Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Bumps in the Road

“Requiem of the Night” Audiomachine (Helios, 2012)

I took the first part of the month off. 

I think after spilling all that emotion into 30 days sent me into overload. I had a hard time processing and separating and weeding through my hero and heroine’s life together. I think love on a grand scale is difficult to comprehend. Love by itself is complex just like the two who experience this overwhelming emotion. 

I floated in this abyss of inner reflection for days. Time slowed to a snail’s pace when before it was set on warp speed. Nothing seemed the same through these eyes. Then I became aware of conversations around me, advertising emails, dashboard reblogs- for days I saw nothing but reminders. I felt like I was being given a message I wasn’t listening to at all. Then, I realized this was it. To understand, to reflect- I embraced this new lesson wholeheartedly. 

Time is not infinite. Nor are the depths of love. 

Love itself is not the only thing that brings two beings together. The complexity of relationships transcends what we write on a page and becomes about what the reader brings from their own experiences. 

Love is a bit like time. We all have it, except sometimes we forget the magic it brings to your life. We might not even have it in the capacity we want it, yet it still remains there. We get swept away by greed and envy, longing and passion. We lose sight of this gift we’re given. We beg for more of it, wish for it to go away. We get wrapped up in this feeling you can’t imagine living without. 

But love isn’t unconditional. Nothing understands the depths of unconditional. Humans are so quickly swept away by emotion that it clouds our judgment. Even when we think we’re thinking rationally and without prejudice; we cannot be unconditional. We have breaking points- that’s what makes us human. There is always a but

To my hero and heroine who are not human, love is a luxury. Love is so rare in a world filled deception and despair that few have ever truly found it; nor do they actively search for it. They have a saying: “Love is a curse. For once you find it; you’re destined to lose it.”

Once in love though they die for it. Fight wars for it. Give up their souls to save it. They live without the constraints of time. Think about living timelessly without emotions. Then think about living timelessly having love and lost it. Which would be worse? You’d go crazy looking for love and go crazy from knowing it and having lost it. There is no true answer. You could have everything you wanted but love. You could have love but nothing else. 

We’re always going to ask for something we don’t have. Giving your characters humanization allows our characters to interact with readers even when they’re not human. No one can be perfect, and our characters cannot be either. Love stories have bumps in the road (sometimes chasms, mountains, oceans, worlds in the way) it’s the story of getting there that makes the difference. I mean, if love was easy to obtain, we’d think something was about to go wrong anyway. It’s what we are willing to do to get this precious commodity and what we are willing to do to keep it that gives us a story.

What is your favorite bump in the road for a love story? What’s your breaking point- your but- that makes the story no longer a love story but a tragedy?
Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Don't you love a good Avon title? The title parodies endless for a blog review.

I am sadly behind the times where Gayle Callen is concerned. Right here on the cover of SURRENDER TO THE EARL is an endorsement from la Christina Dodd herself, "Gayle Callen writes one dazzling gem of a book after another." And after reading this one, I have to say I will be going to Gayle's backlist and finding more of her stories, namely the book before this one, RETURN OF THE VISCOUNT, which starts this series. (Don't worry. This one totally stands alone. It's just I got to meet the viscount and his lovely bride and I was all, "Oh, I have got to read me one of these.") If it is half as dazzling as this one was, I will be in for a great treat.

So here are the familiar things: the soldier hero who returns home from war, needing to make good with someone who died while he was fighting (redemption); the heroine who will do anything to claim her independence. The twist? The heroine is blind.

Robert Henslow (Earl of Knightsbridge) comes to find the widow of the man who died--at his fault--and make restitution. Audrey Blake--virtual prisoner--takes Robert up on his offer of help by saying, "Get me the hell out of here." I'm paraphrasing. She's a lady. So he hatches a plan to get her out; and she gains her freedom. Conflicts ensue when Audrey realizes being free isn't all it's cracked up to be without the protection of those who would not do her harm; and Robert realizes...well...he really, really likes her and wishes it wasn't so much a fake engagement as a real one.

He's really quite deliciously heroic--the kind of man to root for; and she is a heroine worthy of such a man. I was really quite pleased with this happy ending. Do yourself a favor--surrender to my review and find yourself a copy.

May 28th is a big release day for many of our favorite authors. Have you read Gayle Callen and do you have any special plans for one of the books being released today?
Friday, May 24, 2013

My Body Hates Me

"I do not!"

"Oh, don’t give me that shit, you have been a bitch for more than a year, and getting worse all the time.”

“Fine. Have it your way, I hate you. And I’m not done yet! Wait until you get this next blast of hormones!”

(This would be a great super villain weapon, btw - The Dreaded Hormone Blaster. Back to the dialogue.)
“Like I don’t know you have plenty more! And where the hell is my mind?”

“I gave her some string and she’s over there playing cat’s cradle.”

“Great. I need my mind and it’s wrapped up in string.”


Yes, my life…the abbreviated version. While I’m falling apart and hoping to keep the diverse elements of my central identity from fracturing further and leaving the heart of me trembling on the stage of life, I have one thing that is keeping me from giving up and diving into a lake full of piranha.


Yup. I don’t know why I did it, but I picked some dates on the calendar and I gave myself deadlines. I reached out to professionals and set dates for when material had to arrive in the inbox. I paid for covers, I contracted with outsiders. And somehow, it’s keeping me sane.


I can’t call these goals because that feels like it has a higher purpose and doesn’t focus me on forward momentum the way deadlines do. Maybe it’s something about those words. DEADlines. Very final. Goals lift you up, deadlines prod you from behind. With pitchforks. Sharp ones, red hot sharp ones.

So, my body may hate me and is determined to screw with me constantly. My mind may be entranced by a length of string and focused on nothing in particular and everything in general…but I’m meeting my deadlines. Who would have thought that deadlines would be the thing to keep me from slipping into that padded coat and being carted off…

What keeps you sane when things around you are melting into an abstract painting?
Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Fill in the blank: A bunny hopped over a . . .

I've been reading a lot of children's books lately. My little boy is just to the age where he's starting to follow along with the story instead of just batting the book out of my hand and giggling. And he seems to be hooked. I read him 3 books before bed, and when I check on him later, I usually find him sound asleep, a book open with his finger in it, or asleep on top of a book he'd been hugging (seriously cute).

And of course, reading all these children's books has put that little whisper ear of, "I could do this."  Don't get me wrong - I have no illusions it would be easy. Writing is hard no matter the audience. And I probably never will -- I like my dark themes and bad asses and violent fights too much.

But still, there's something about the idea that feels bright and refreshing. Something about getting back to the basics and telling a great story with only a few words and a few pictures.

And children's books can take on just about any genre out there. Mysteries (Bear's Underwear Mystery, anyone?) or fantasy (Where the Wild Things Are) or horror (any of the Grimm fairy tales) or even romance (parent-children love, of course, but still, they're chalk full of love).

Then of course, there are decisions on what types of characters to have. Bunnies, kangaroos, talking plants, the character possibilities are endless children's books.

What are some of your favorites? Do you think that children's books have echos of the same genres we use to categorize adult books?  Would you have a bunny in your children's book? What would your bun ny be hopping over?
Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Fabulous First Episode of DISCOVERY ISLAND With Captain Jack Sparrow: ANCHOR ISLAND

 JACK: Welcome, gentlemen and wenches, to another adventure of Discovery Island—

HELLIE: What are you talking about? I told you we were interviewing Terri today for her new book that’s out. Meant toBe—remember?

JACK: No, no, lass, the book interviews are a thing of the past, luv. Oprah took a book club break, and—

HELLIE: Right, and you’re the Pirate Oprah, so I see how that’s exactly the same. So what then is Discovery Island?

JACK: It’s my new and brilliant idea of introducing the public to newly discovered islands and showing them the sights so they want to visit.

HELLIE: And the first island you’ll be showing?

JACK: Anchor Island. *holding up a copy of Terri’s MEANT TO BE* I read all about it here in this tour book. Quite a lovely place, and I thought I would talk to some of the locals on the island who are featured in the tour guide.

HELLIE: I already see I’m going to need more rum.

JACK: Great idea, luvvie, and I will get started with my first question—where is that scallywag Joe? Now that’s a pirate. Steals his brother’s fiancée. Tell me, Joe, do pirates decorate your family tree?

JOE: Terri said I was just here to see a boat. And I did not steal my brother's fiancée. She was never really his to begin with.

JACK: No need to be defensive. It all worked out in the end, right? And you still get to live here on this lovely island? What is so special about Anchor Island anyway? What makes someone want to visit?

JOE: With Anchor, what you see is what you get. The people are real, the atmosphere is friendly, and the fishing is the best in the mid-Atlantic. You smell like you've been sleeping with fish. *waves hand in front of his nose* When was the last time you took a bath?

JACK: Recently. Just last August. But your fiancé, Beth, now she didn’t want to visit, did she? A bit of a landlubber.

JOE: Beth didn't have a problem with the island, it was the ferry trip required to get there. Her fear of falling off a boat and drowning is a real one, but I helped her through it. It wasn't long before I got her on my boat and helped her work through the fear.

JACK: *knowing leer* Definitely a pirate then, if you could convince a lass to climb aboard your ship, if you know what I mean, and dare to ride the rough seas.

JOE: Are you trying to make me kick your prancy little ass?

JACK: Touchy, touchy. Moving on. It seems there will be another tour book of Anchor Island coming out. Would you be able to tell us what we’ll be seeing and experiencing of the island in that one?

JOE: There's more beach, since Sid and Lucas both like to run up there. They're total opposites, and Sid pretty much hands Lucas his ass. I could have told him trying to get a handle on Sid was like trying to rope a hurricane, but little brother never listens to me.

JACK: What is your favorite thing about Anchor Island?

JOE: The water and having my family so close. There's nothing like being out on the boat. And my dog. Dozer goes everywhere with me.

JACK: Okay, fast five. Best place to get rum on the island?

JOE: DEMPSEY'S BAR & GRILL, of course.

JACK: Best place to find wenches?

JOE: If you're looking for a cheap thrill, which by the looks of you is the only thing you're looking for, I'd hit up O'Hagan's on a Saturday night. If you're looking for something more, that's tougher to answer.

JACK: *marks down O’Hagan’s* Best place to find a bit of treasure?

JOE: Beth would kick my ass if I didn't say Lola's place, ISLAND ARTS & CRAFTS. She's got jewelry stuff, art, pottery. Beth keeps bringing it home and some of it's cool.

JACK: Excellent. I do like me some swag…and the occasional souvenir rum cup. Best thing to do on the island?

JOE: Fishing would be my answer, but there's the lighthouse that's good for families. Randy has a kick ass operation for the thrill seekers. Parasailing, jet skis, stuff like that.

JACK: Ah, interesting, I’ll be sure to interview Sid then, when the time comes. Best ship to commandeer if you need to make a quick getaway….

JOE: We don't steal boats. And Dozer doesn't take too kindly to strangers stepping onto mine, so don't get any ideas.

HELLIE: *returning with rum, sees what’s going on* Please tell me you’ve just started and you have not ruined this entire interview? Terri will kill you, you know.

JOE: Terri will have to get in line.

JACK: *taking rum* Ah, now there’s the proper way to end an interview! Join me, maties, in celebrating the first spectacular episode of Discovery Island with the incomparable Captain Jack-- *Hellie makes a subtle gesture, the bow line is thrown and Jack is swept off the deck, a splash echoing off the side of the ship*

MO: You’re right, Captain! He didn’t see it coming at all! Who’da thunk!

HELLIE: I’m really sorry, Joe, I had these questions about your story with Beth.

JOE: I have answered enough questions for today. I’m here about a boat, or so I was led to believe, not to answer questions about my personal life.

HELLIE: Ah, yes, Terri did say you were…um…temperamental.

JOE: Yes, well, Pot meet Kettle. Do I get to have a look at this boat or not?

HELLIE: Not, I’m afraid. Jack would be even more cantankerous than you if I gave his ship away.

JOE: *glancing around* This piece of sh—

HELLIE: And I’m afraid that’s all we have time for today on Discovery Island. Tune in next time when we return to Anchor Island to see the sights from Sid’s point of view. While we wait, let’s dish: what place on Anchor Island would you most like to visit or what would you hope a place like Anchor Island would have?

TERRI: *streaking across the deck as if she’s on fire* OMGOMGOMG! Do you know my book is out today? Today, people! It’s out today!

HELLIE: No, sorry, it slipped my mind. You’ve been so calm.

TERRI: Oh, thanks. *taking a deep breath* I was really afraid Jack would screw up this interview.

HELLIE: You worry too much. Now why don’t you start off the crew with an answer to the question of the day?

TERRI: There’s a question?

HELLIE: What’s your favorite place on Anchor Island? (Your guests get to make suggestions for what they hope is there as well.)

TERRI: Oh, that’s nice. The Sweet Shoppe. That’s my favorite place. If I could go there, I’d get a brownie. They’re the bomb.
HELLIE: There you have it! Now you—what’s your favorite place on the island or what do you hope the island has? And if you haven't already, download your copy of MEANT TO BE--it's on sale, starting today!
Monday, May 20, 2013

Prepare Yourself

This is what I just typed (on Sunday afternoon) to a friend. "Prepare yourself. I'm going to be an utter mess on Tuesday." What's Tuesday, you ask? That's the day my book will finally be on sale. Yes, tomorrow. And I've been trying to prepare for this for weeks. Months really. I think you can tell by my less than positive endorsement of my state of mind that I'm not doing a very good job.

There are moments in life when you know some impending event is going to change everything. Graduations. Weddings. Births. (For some of us, divorces.) I've experienced all of these and have felt the same each time. It's a feeling similar to standing in line for the biggest roller coaster you've ever seen and wanting nothing more than to run in the other direction.

Only you don't run. You get on and sometimes you have the time of your life, while other times you puke all over yourself. I think (hope?) I can safe say there will be none of the latter tomorrow.

It's scary and crazy and daunting and exciting, but I don't want to run. Okay, I might want to run tomorrow when the numbers start coming in. (There are pros and cons to being able to see your sales numbers any time you want.) So I guess my purpose today is to ask that you all be patient with me. Not that I come across as all that sane now, but I cannot be responsible for what comes out of my mouth or keyboard for the rest of this week.

And this is where you come in. How do you handle these sorts of events? Were you a basket case before your wedding? Did you ditch your graduation ceremony because it all felt too heavy? Were you like me (those of you who have kids) and had that I'M GOING TO BE THE MOMMY moment somewhere around month eight?
Friday, May 17, 2013

Title! I Need A Title!

Help a writer out, put your thinking tricorns on and see what you think…

The fourth book in my series has a working title. Double Trap. Because, well, there are two traps which are sprung. Of course, when I read it again and really kept track…there were three. Escalating in danger.

Starts with a personal trial involving only Jake and Miranda and an outside force. Overlaps with a trick pulled on the Moonstone and the fight to recover the ship and not lose Miranda to a second trap, which uncovers the third and deadliest trap. Which she walks into in order to spring it.

From the coast of North Carolina, back to Tortuga to a mythical stone dance in England…

So, I thought… Thrice Trapped. Uh, Three TricksTriple Traps… I am stuck on alliteration and hitting a rock wall. 

I thought, well, a lot of this takes place at sea… The Treacherous Sea.

Since it ends at a stone dance… Another way to talk of Stonehenge – Interrupted Rituals …? (They totally take on an evil ritual, at Stonehenge.) The Dangerous Dance…?

Any other ideas? Come on crew, just let it flow… Miranda spends a lot in this book held captive again and again… Beloved Hostage … ?

I started with A Caribbean Spell – next is Red Sean’s Revenge – third is The French Gambit… and this fourth book sets a huge step forward for my intrepid couple. But I really do feel like what I’m coming up with for book four just isn’t ringing the right bell…

Dazzle me! Help me!
Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Confessions of a Control Freak

Hi everyone. My name is Marnee and I’m a control freak.

Hello Marnee.

Maybe it’s my zodiac sign (Virgo) or maybe it was growing up with an alcoholic who made things unpredictable at home. Dunno, but in my adult, real life, I need order.  I schedule.  I’m a lover of routine, a seeker of calm. I make grocery lists and I clean certain things on certain days. I keep spreadsheets, I use Microsoft Money to budget and balance my checkbook. I streamline and simplify. When I accomplish something in the most efficient way, I feel like the KING OF THE WORLD. *Insert Leonardo DiCaprio on the helm of the Titanic, the soundtrack swelling in the background*

It’s helped with parenting too.  Oh, my kids play. They can run and explore and build and destroy to their hearts content… between regular meals, regular personal hygiene, and very regular sleeping schedules.

It’s how I manage my life and the lives of the three guys counting on me.  (Okay, 2.5 guys. The hubs is super self-sufficient. But, I’m the CEO of my household and my management reigns here. He’s cool with that, though. I’m not a dictator—okay, not usually—and he doesn’t want this job anyway.)  

That’s why, when it comes to just letting things go and writing organically, I feel equal parts freed and terrified. The story has surprised me a few times with the directions it’s gone. It’s exciting to watch it unfold before me. Exciting like a motorcycle ride.  As in, “this is awesome, this is awesome, but oh god, we’re gonna die!”

In the past, I’ve planned the hell out of my stories.  I planned them to within an inch of their lives.  But, it hasn’t worked. Stories aren’t like grocery lists, check off the ingredients and complete the task.  Instead, they’re like my little boys. They need structure but they don’t need me micromanaging the shit out of them. 

Right now, I’m watching my story the same way I watch my kids play. I say, all right, characters, at some point, I need X event to happen. Until then, I’ll follow you, as long as we get to X at some point. They haven’t let me down yet. 

So for now, I’m just standing over here, off to the side, waiting to rein them in if they get a little crazy. Like want to jump off the top of the monkey bars. 

Anyone else have difficulty just letting the story take you?  Anyone else a compulsive list writer or habitual cleaner?  Do you think control freak is a positive or negative thing?

Tuesday Blog

Sorry, guys, I've been running around for days until way past my bedtime and actually having to use work hours for work. I did read a book; I just didn't have time to review it. Will review it at the next available opportunity.

What are you reading this week? Everyone getting enough sleep?
Monday, May 13, 2013

Candi Wall Talking Prime Pitching Opportunities

As if the question ‘Wanna pitch to an agent or editor’ isn’t enough.

Hello! A huge thanks to all my wonderful hosts as I run all over cyberspace talking about Agent/Editor Shop at the Musetracks blog.

In this crazy world of easy access to information, it’s also easy to miss huge opportunities, or forget! Because I get so many comments that writers either forgot, or didn’t know Musetracks did pitch sessions, I asked a bunch of fellow writers, bloggers and readers to help me spread the word.

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Candi Wall, one of the authors who co-contribute to the Musetracks blog. Jennifer Bray-Weber, Marie-Claude Bourque, and Stacey Purcell are my super smart co-contributors and goodness knows where I’d be without them!

I’ve been hosting acquiring Agents at Musetracks for almost two years, and only recently, we decided to add editors as our guest. We’ve been lucky to have agents like Melissa Jeglinski, Jessica Alvarez, Mollie Glick, Becky Vinter, Kevan Lyon, Scott Eagan, Lois Winston, Jill Marsal, Michelle Grajkowski, Kimberley Cameron, Emmanuella Alspaugh (now Morgan), Laura Bradford, Jenny Bent, Sara Crowe, Weronika Janczuk and Stan Soper.

Our guest editors thus far have been Rhonda Penders w/ The Wild Rose Press, Jennifer Miller w/ Samhain Publishing, Debby Gilbert w/ Soul Mate Publishing, Beth Walker w/ Secret Cravings Publishing, and the editors at Books To Go Now have booked three dates in the future!

What we offer is a ‘Pitch Day’. I only take 30 pitches, and only the first thirty VIABLE pitches that come in on pitch day will be seen by the agent or editor. And I will warn you, I’m a stickler for following guidelines. If you don’t include exactly what is in the rules… I delete without prejudice. And I delete quite a few. (And yes, I receive plenty of hate mail.)

You can find us here:

Musetracks and there is a sidebar with Agent/Editor Shop dates and attending professionals
You can find the rules for pitching here:

Musetracks Agent/Editor Shop rules Please read them carefully!

I’ve also created a Yahoo group so writers can sign up to receive Agent/Editor Shop updates. I only send messages with agent/editor attendance updates, reminders of pitch dates, and any information about the contests we run on pitch day. Usually a giveaway or a chance to comment for the Top Pitch Slot. You can request to join here:

Easy as pie! We welcome every stage of writer and at Musetracks, we strive to help other writers, the way we were all helped when we first started out, and the way we are supported today.

Bosun here. Thank you, Candi! Anyone taken advantage of the Musetracks pitch day before? I'm pretty sure I did back in the day and got a request out of it. Do you prefer pitching online, in email, or in person? Anyone never pitched before?
Friday, May 10, 2013

Convention Season – Where is My Basket?

So, here we go…convention season has started. Panels are one way to do well, as an author, at a convention…since you spend a shitload of money to go, and money on swag and bookmarks and lots of sleepless nights with the up and down of will they even KNOW WHO I AM???

Yeah, basketcase season.

I imagine authors aren’t the only ones who go thru this. Any professional who ever has to give a presentation must wonder about some of these issues.

First, will they want me to give my presentation/panel? Did I write it up with enough wit and interest to stir them? Will they find room on the schedule for me? Do they know WHO I AM?

Yeah, you have to get over that barrier first. Now, if you know people, you might be able to be sneak into someone else’s panel. Be the extra body at the table, offering up quips and reflections on their 
topic. Great gig if you can get it.

(I might be on the luck side of this at PhilCon. A good friend who knows people who put the con together. He’s promised me panel spots. I get to kill him if he lets me down.)

(Hear that, Bob?)

Second, your panel was accepted! Whoohoo! Now, can you deliver? I’ve put together a panel idea for the Romance Novel Convention, in Las Vegas, in August. On what I learned about writing from almost dying. It’s sorta a pep talk panel. For those in doubt and beginners. If it’s accepted, I have to figure out something to offer them. More than just my story and lots of words. I need a handout. Of what helped me get going, websites, classes. Buttons to promote me and the topic… I have to be entertaining…how many feathers can I bring to Vegas with me for my hat?

I have a lot to deliver…this was my pitch. I sure hope Jimmy Thomas lets me know soon…

What I Learned About Writing From Nearly Dying
You can learn a lot from nearly dying. Especially about fear and how it can hold you back. But once the worst has happened, that’s when second chances appear. And third, or fourth. However many it takes. Let me inspire you, tell you my story and how I went from ten days in a hospital, to attending my first romance convention a year later, to pitching a year later, to an agent a year later and signing a book that next year. Eight books later, I’m still writing, I’m still publishing and I still believe in facing the fear and laughing in its general direction. It is possible. I’m proof. I can inspire you to see past the roadblocks and hold onto the fun of writing.

Thirdly. Will they come? Now, some of this is out of your control. I’m sorry, at a romance convention, if you are scheduled opposite Cherry Adair or Jade Lee or the Unwrap a Cover Model…you’re toast. 

One convention I was at, Shelley Adina and I had two women show up. What did we do? Well, we invited them to sit near the front, we took chairs and we talked to them. About our topic and answered questions. One person shows up? Give them all you have. They can go out and chatter to their friends at how great those authors were!

If I am accepted for this panel, I intend to promote it like crazy on FB, on twitter…everywhere I can. 

Try to get some excitement moving forward before I’m at the con. Same thing for PhilCon.

I love doing panels. I love teaching something, sharing something, or just blathering…I don’t know. If this panel isn’t accepted for the RNC, then I’m going to work on refining the pitch and proposing it for other conventions.

What are your experiences with panels? Attending? How do you decide on what you’re going to attend? Ever been to one where you’re one of two or three attendees? How did the presenters handle it? Any ideas what you’d present?

And let me take this chance to point out that yours truly has a bag o’ swag available on the Brenda Novak’s Annual Online Auction for Diabetes Research. The bidding is going well, but let’s do the pirate world proud and get this really moving full sails! How? Promote this link

Mention that the bag continues to grow…I add stuff all the time…it will be one stuffed swag bag!