Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sin's Fantasy Sunday (Part Two)

First Edition. Volume Two.


Well, last Sunday I introduced you to my little private Fantasy Land where I have a fabulous Best Seller career. All my practicalities are taken care of so all that's left is for me to have some fun while I write. Toys was our hot topic last time. What kind of impractical stuff we'd have if it didn't come down to the need to worry about the numbers and “Will I really use this” parts of life.


Next on my agenda is vacation. I like to travel. I like to get away from home and give myself a breather. I can't imagine that would change once I have my Fantasy Best Seller career so this gives me the opportunity to think where I'd want to have a vacation home. I'd stay in the states. I know exactly where I'd go.


Fantasy Vacation home:


Tybee Island, Georgia, USA

This may sound really boring to some of you in my Fantasy Land I can go anywhere and stay anywhere, and I choose to stick in the states. I've never been OUT of the states. I could take a guess where I'd want to go but then I'd have to list the whole damn world. And I'd really love to say I'd have a vacation home in Alaska (so beautiful) but I want a beach and sand, and fishy ocean water and quaint little town. I like peace and quiet. Tybee Island is so beautiful and peaceful and QUIET. Even though it's more of a tourist attraction than it used to be, it still looked exactly the same when the GPS and I went back 10 years after the first time we'd been. I'd buy a little house right off the beach on a dead end road. Just a cottage. Windows on every wall but floor to ceiling on the wall facing out on the beach. French doors so I could open them and just leave them open. The curtains could flutter in the breeze, sunlight could stream in.


In my little cottage, I'd have two bedrooms. Neutral colors. My desk would be in the living room, facing out towards the ocean. I'd have no TV. No land lines. No Internet. I'd keep my cell phone on silent. I could walk into town if I wanted interaction. I'd stay in the comfort of the cottage and cook if I wanted solitude away from everyone.


In other words, it's perfect.


So this week in our second edition of Fantasy Land think about where you'd want to be for a vacation. What would be your ideal spot? Somewhere to go and be alone with your family, friends, significant other? Or somewhere where you could be yourself and write without distractions and just relax?


Quantum said...

That sounds lovely Sin ..... Except that I wouldn't be able to talk to you!

Given the vast potential of fantasy land, I think I might do a little time traveling. I would visit some of the ancient cultures of Europe and South America.

First stop would be Crete to visit the Minoans. I was there at a conference some years ago and bought a statue of the Snake Goddess. I would love to meet her in person. Come to think, if she likes me I might not bother with the Aztecs at Matchu Pitchu. 8)

Marnee said...

Oh, this is fun.

I'd probably buy the same sort of house. Maybe 3 bedrooms. One for me and the hubby, one for the kiddos, and a wide open office with lots of windows for an office where I could write.

I'd probably buy it in Vermont though.

I grew up in the sticks and now I live in South Jersey. I would love to go back somewhere where there are mountains. Something about mountains makes me able to feel my bones.

I'd buy it somewhere that the boys could fish and swim and boat. On a lake, so I could sit on the dock and watch the breeze move the water.

Sounds heavenly.

Donna said...

I'm greedy with my fantasies. LOL I will need more than one fantasy home. One will definitely be in the tropics, because I need sun and water and devoted cabana boys. Another will be in the English countryside, because I need the solitude and research and devoted Regency rakes. I'm sure I'll need more. I'm descended from a long string of pioneers and adventurers. We couldn't seem to stay in one place for very long before going out to see what the rest of the world had to offer! LOL

Bosun said...

Again, this is tough! I've never been to Tybee Island but now it's going on my list. And that might be close enough for me to drive.

I'm thinking I'd either buy a villa in the south of France, or settle in Italy. Since I'll have all the money I need, I'll buy Rosetta Stone stuff to help me learn the languages. Or find a translator cabana boy, which actually sounds like an even better idea.

sin said...

Dear Q, if you want to talk to me while I'm at my island you could always come fine me. *grin*

During my traveling, I would visit Crete. Greece. Italy. I love ancient history so I want to explore and let me imagination run wild for a while. But I also want to roam for a few months and see everything there was to see. I'd spent time in the English countryside. I'd become a regular in an Irish pub. I'd learn to love a man in a kilt while I was in Scotland. I'd love to see places but when I tired of roaming the one place I'd want to be would be Tybee Island. When I'm there it feels like home.

And Bo'sun, it's a gorgeous little town. With lots of little cottages and hotels and little dive eateries. And trinket shops. You and the kiddo would have a great time. And you can take the boardwalk (seen in the pic) out into the oceanand watch for dolphins.

sin said...

Oh wow Marn. That is so gorgeous. I've always been a fan of autumn but that just makes me wanna go up north for a weekend.

sin said...

DRD, you'd have so many vacay homes you'll need to timeshare them out and make some money off them while you're out running around. lol

2nd Chance said...

Two...well, three. I love where I live, so I'd keep this puppy but spruce her up.

Two - Barcelona. I want a place in Barcelona.

Three - Malcolm's Beach, Turks and Caicos. DEEEEVINE!

Hellion said...

I have two picks:

SCOTLAND. Pretty much anywhere in Scotland, but I have a real hard on (figuratively) for anywhere that J.K. Rowling has seen, sat, or breathed near. Would prefer to go there when it's a fair time of year. Like July.

GRAND CAYMAN. When it's too cold to be in Scotland (what, like 11 months of the year?)