Thursday, April 7, 2011

Friday Free For All

We’ve all gotten so used to Chance hijacking all of our blogs and promoting wonderful authors and her own awesome stories that when Chance’s normal Friday rolled around and Chance sent a short message that said, “One of you is covering right?”, we all went, “Yeah, yeah, we’ve got it covered.”


That’s the best thing about being a pirate: lying comes so easily.


I thought since this was the sort of lazy day that encourages rum runners and wistfully daydreaming at the horizon, instead of offering up various craft books, I would offer the other kind of craft books that make our writing better: fiction. The best part of this is that I’m pretty sure a lot of you haven’t read these books (with the exception of Janga) and so these will be excellent books to reward yourself once this writing month is over.


A Creed in Stone Creek (Linda Lael Miller): a cowboy, a kid, and a dog walk into a bar—well, it’s almost like that. If you start reading a book that has a cowboy, a kid, and a dog in it, chances are you’re reading a Linda Lael Miller book. I know what I say about kids and dogs, but Linda is honestly so compelling in her storytelling that every time I read one of her books, I want to adopt a kid and a mutt. Every time. (I also want to adopt a cowboy, but I don’t find that as odd.) What to learn from this: write what you enjoy reading. Clearly—clearly—Linda loves cowboys, kids, and dogs, and when you love something, your passion engages your readers more effectively than any clever hook or one-of-a-kind twist. Plus—and this is the part I admire most about Linda’s books—is that she manages to get her personal message across without feeling preachy. All dogs should have a healthy, happy home; shelter dogs are the best and in most need; and always spay/neuter your pets. She never says that in her books, but you certainly get that message.


Underfoot (Leanne Banks): I got this book by luck, and then I basically devoured it in a day. Then I realized this book was like five years old and there were two more in the series. The book didn’t feel dated (no obvious references to things that might date it); the characters were compelling and rich with insecurities. There was even a cute baby who drooled and stuff, a baby who was a SECRET BABY no less. What to learn from this: This book worked because of Voice, tight writing, well-fleshed imperfect characters and authentic sexual tension. This was not a unique storyline. It was a secret baby plot. A modern-day secret baby plot. That’s like the kiss of death nowadays, isn’t it? Who in this day and age wouldn’t tell someone she was carrying his baby? She’s not going to be stoned after all; he deserves to know—right? And yet she didn’t, and yet the reasons why she didn’t felt authentic and well-motivated. This worked because the author really thought about these characters and gave them conflicting insecurities, the kind that fuels this sort of behavior. The hero firmly believes he wouldn’t make a good father and tells the heroine up front he doesn’t want kids; the heroine believes that he only slept with her because he was jilted and that she is not remotely trophy wife enough to hold the hero’s interest. Oh, and there’s the matter of that kid he doesn’t want that she has. Imperfect characters are interesting characters.


The Scent of Jasmine (Jude Deveraux): I bought this book because I loved the other three books in this series and I loved this one as well. The thing I most enjoy about Jude Deveraux stories are the Cute Meets, which are never cute and aren’t really meets. Jude Deveraux’s books make me laugh out loud quite a bit, even the more women’s fiction ones, and as such, I’m looking for the Cute Meet for the hero and heroine and Jude never fails to provide a memorable meet. And it never fails that the couple can’t stand each other soon after they learn each other’s names. What to learn from this: you don’t have a novel if you don’t keep the conflict up to a fever pitch the whole time. Or at least most of the time—I think there should be a few times in the book where they agree and they realize, “Huh, maybe he’s not an idiot.” It’s the Moonlighting effect. We all loved Moonlighting as long as Cybil Shepherd and Bruce Willis were bickering; sexual tension is a wonderful thing. Put them in bed too soon, and what do you do with the story? And speaking of Moonlighting, sex should complicate, not unravel your story where it doesn’t exist anymore. The characters in this story have sex—and often—and it just adds to the Black Moment until you wonder how there will possibly be a happily ever after.


There you go: the secrets to great writing through three great books. Passion, characters, and conflict.


Now I’m going to go back to my writing and this time I’m reading (see: skimming) a craft book: Nancy Kress’s Characters, Emotion & Viewpoint. Maybe I’ll pick up some great tips from it, but I think more and more I’m finding I learn more from books I love than craft books in general. After all, don’t we all learn better through showing rather than telling?


Friday Questions: How has your writing been going this week? What books will you be rewarding yourself with at the end of April? What sort of techniques have you recognized in your favorite authors and how do you try to implement them in your writing? And what are you drinking today?


Marnee said...

My writing has been nonexistent this week. I did travel, though. With two children. On a plane. And now, one of my little angels is sick. Probably because of the regurgitated air in said plane. The vacay might not have been worth the hassle of all this. LOL!!

So, no writing yet this week.

I did get a chance to read on the plane though and I read When Harry Met Molly . It was adorable. What I found interesting about it is that this is a RITA finalist and there was hardly any sex in it. In fact, most of the interludes were glossed over or vague. But it didn't bother me because the tension between them and the sweetness of their relationship was enough for me.

I have no idea what I'm trying to implement anymore. I'm just trying not to suck. LOL!

And right now I'm drinking coffee. Lots. Since I ended up crashing with the youngest last night because he had a fever.

Marnee said...

PS. When the hell is flu season over?

Di R said...

My writing has been hit and miss this week, I've written about 1700 words. But I'm ready to dive back into it.

I bought an anthology last week because it had a story from an author/series that I love. I also found 2 more authors that I'd not read before and loved. I ordered the first 2 books in one of the series, and they arrive yesterday. Yay!

I think my favorite authors immerse me in the story. That's what I try to do.

I'm drinking hot tea this cool rainy morning.


Sin said...

Dear Marn,

The Flu season is never over. I shall live forever with various mutations. Muhahahahaaha.



Sin said...

My writing has been tedious at moments, great at others. I want to be at 20k by Sunday midnight. I HAVE to be at 25k by the 15th, next Friday if I want to keep my pace for 50k this month.

*running up to the crow's nest*

I'm at a little over 11k right now.


And I was approved for to go to Orlando so I shall be trekking down south next Friday. Maybe with some extra time, I can get more writing done.

This world building is tedious. I knew it would be difficult. But I'm not quite sure how to ease it in without just info dumping. Any ideas?

Hellion said...

Marn, you're given a free pass, definitely. Try to hang in there. It'll get better soon; and like childbirth, you'll forget enough of the travel labor pains to attempt it again someday--but the good news is that the kids will be older so the challenges will be different. "Crap, where did Ford disappear to?"

Your writing does not suck, so clearly you're achieving your goals! Congratulations!

Sin said...

I missed the drink question.

Is it too early for vodka?

Right now I'm drinking my mint decaf green tea. I don't allow myself caffeine until noon. Moderation is hell.

Hellion said...

Thank you, Influenza, for the morally uplifting bit of information. Please go suck it.


The Captain

Hellion said...

Di, congrats on the word count!! You go! And I'm jealous of the books! I want more! (Fortunately I won a book yesterday of an author I really like, so I should get that soon! Woot!)

Immersing the reader in the story is definitely the goal--make them forget there are other things they should be doing. Like work or sex.

Sin said...

This is your Capt'n speakin'

Hellion said...

It's always too early for vodka (that swill). Rum--now it's never too early for that! Where's the rum?

Hellion said...

Sin, as usual, great work! *hides ice pick* As for world building, I think I would recommend just info dumping for now--and then removing what isn't needed or moving it to a different place later when you revise it. You know you're going to have to revise it. And I think you don't know enough about your world yet to not info dump, see, basically this draft is as much for you as it is for your potential reader. Just write it and don't worry about it yet. You're doing the best you can that you have to offer today. Think YOGA.

Sin said...

I miss Sue.

You're right. I should just info dump. I'm trying not to revise as I go along. All those years of fan fiction writing gave me good habits and bad. It's only bad when I have a certain amount of words I want to achieve in a month. I have no idea what I'm doing.

I saw the Rock on Leno the other night. I'm so sad he's not playing Ranger. Ranger is hotter in my mind, but looking at the Rock's build is exactly how I picture Ranger. He even drives a black F-150 tricked out. I'm telling you, he was meant for the role and the casting director f*cked up.

Everyone is doing great this month! We're not racing. We're just writing. The very thing we all love to do and put off because everything else demands our time and energy.

Bosun said...

Just as I'm an emotional eater, I'm an emotional reader. Give me an assortment of emotions and make them jump off the page. Make me feel every single thing the characters are feeling. Gets me everytime.

The trick, I think, is to do this with the least amount of words. Crusie packs more emotion into two sentences than some authors do in two chapters. This is my goal, to get as much emotional punch as possible in as few words as possible.

I read a category earlier this year (which I raved about here) called What The Librarian Did by Karina Bliss. I remember being amazed at how much emotion she fit into a very condensed story. Sadly, I'm not very good at analyzing to figure out how these authors do it, but I'm trying!

About to make some hot tea. Would love something with which to spike it, but alas, I'm all out of rum at my desk. *sigh*

Marnee said...

Dear Influenza,

I wish you'd catch a cold and die.


Marnee said...

Sin - good luck with your world building. I can't wait to hear more about this story. :)

Your writing does not suck, so clearly you’re achieving your goals! Congratulations!

I love that we celebrate even the most pathetic of goals. LOL!! Thank you, Cap'n. I needed that today. Because I literally don't know what's going on anymore.

Sin said...

Marn, your writing doesn't suck. It's not a sparkly vampire. *grin*

Hellion said...

Sin, exactly just write. You're doing great, and I'm sure you'll power through to your goal in no time.

The Rock IS Ranger--and that goofy looking guy they picked instead is NOT him. If that is what Ranger looked like for real, no wonder Plum keeps going back to Morelli. Fool.

This is just an example of how a book is almost always better than the movie. That's all.

Hellion said...

Bo'sun, you got it in one. *LOL* If you don't engage our emotions, why should we stick around? I mean, come on, why do so many of us watch The Biggest Loser or cop dramas? The EMOTION!

Crusie is a genius. We should all be more like her. *LOL* In all ways: craftiness, writing, general good humor...

Hellion said...

Marn, sweetie, you just need some sleep. You're clearly sleep deprived and no one's good humor can last through sleep deprivation.

And of course, we celebrate the small things. If we don't learn to celebrate the small things, how can we possibly know how to celebrate the big things.

Bosun said...

I do have limits on the emotion, as your mention of reality shows reminded me. There's that new one called Coming Home which is service members surprising their loved one by coming home for some special occasion. I can't watch that one. I'd be a blubbering mess the whole time.

Marnee said...

Sin - if I start writing sparkly vampires, you guys need to send the undead monkey to NJ and to confiscate my computer. Please. I'll thank you later for sparing me the embarrassment.

Hells - Right now I feel like I'm sleeping with my eyes open. The world looks blurry from here. LOL!

Bosun said...

Blame the keyboard, Marn. Blame the keyboard.

Hellion said...

Bo'sun, yeah, no on the "Coming Home" show. I can't handle it when the Nightly News does a five minute piece like that--I start weeping copiously. Horrible for my rep.

And this is slightly off topic:


Marnee said...

And that should just be to. Not "and to."

Le sigh.

Off to the coffee pot.

Bosun said...

Uhm...okay. Is that a direct response to the sparkly stuff? LOL!

Kiddo just finished CC Hunter's BORN AT MIDNIGHT and she's torn between the two guys. Not firmly on either team just yet. Now THAT takes a talented writer. LOL! The choice is between a werewolf and a fae. According to kiddo, and I quote, "They are both so hot the way she writes them!"

Kudos to Christie!

Sin said...

Kudos to Christie! And neither are a vamp. Love it.

Bosun said...

There are vamps, but none in the love triangle. LOL! I read the short prequal and loved it. This series has her humor, her punch, clearly her hot guys. I don't typically read this stuff, but I believe she's added some new twists and original elements that make her world unique.

And the cool thing is, the main heroine still, at the end of book one, doesn't know what her supernatural power is. Talk about ensuring readers come back for book 2!

Donna said...

Ahoy, pirates. I woke up with a huge case of crankiness this morning -- don't know why -- I just know the coffee isn't making it go away. Maybe it's time for the super-spiked rum.

And I managed to write 3400 words on Wednesday, which I typed in last night. I was trying not to cringe when I re-read the words, reminding myself they were the framework and I could redecorate later. LOL

I need a vacation. Even if it's a mental one. LOL

Bosun said...

I wrote 5 pages the other night, opened the file last night, and spent an hour editing the first two paragraphs. Realized that wasn't the plan and had to walk away. LOL! MUCH writing will be done this weekend. (Especially since I'm on the road the next two weekends in a row. Grrrr....)

Hellion said...

Morning, Donna! (I didn't say "Good Morning" because that greeting irks the crap out of me when I'm in a foul mood and I'll glare at you until you change it.) Drink up--rum and coffee can't hurt.

Congrats on the word count--that's a great number--and it's not about revising right now. You're in a bad mood and are not in the right frame of mine to be objective about your words.

We could all use a mental vacay, couldn't we? Anyone got any hot pictures of cuties to direct us to? Links to articles to inspire us?

Hellion said...

Bo'sun good work stepping away from the manuscript if you're just going to revise the first two paragraphs. It is best to work on your story a different way if that's what you're going to do. *LOL*

We'll have to do some 1K1H this weekend! Repeatedly!

Julie said...

It’s always too early for vodka (that swill).

Vodka, as long as its Good vodka, is superbly sublime. And it makes a lovely base for a marinade.

And ... I read this in one of my fish books ... it makes a great

A great anesthesia for those times when you have to do surgery on your tropical fish.
And … yes another and … I did try it on one of my fish. Worked great. The only hard part was getting the fish to stay on the dinner plate … errrr … operating table. Slippery flippery drunken creature. And then there was the look on the checkout clerks face when I said “Oh. The vodkas not for me. Its for my fish.”

Julie said...

I’m having a glass of orange juice, a mug of ice water, and a cup of coffee. A high octane brew called Midnight Magic. I get two cups a day, that’s all . Because lets face it. Do you really want someone like me more hyped up than I am already?

Hellion said...

*LOL* Jules, did the fish survive the surgery?

Julie said...

Lived for seven more years.

Hellion said...

*LOL* No comment, Jules.

Lived 7 more years? You need to take the show on the road! Think of all the fish you could save with a bottle of vodka!! *note to self: bring Jules with you on any Apocalypse road trip in case you need a surgeon but one can't be found*

Bosun said...

I'm more curious how she sewed the fish back up?! (Fishing line, perhaps? Heh. Couldn't resist.)

There's a chance I'll be sitting at the car dealership for two hours tomorrow morning. If I can find a quiet corner, I could possibly get some good writing done.

Julie said...

The fish had a parasite that had to be removed. A fish mite or something. The book recommended getting the fish drunk, then removing the nasty-thing with tweezers. I wore crafting magnifying goggles things to see what I was doing. When the procedure was complete I “dressed” the wound with petroleum based antibiotics, so they wouldn’t wash off in the water. Seriously hysterical to watch, I’m sure. Imagine someone standing in their kitchen with goggles telling her six or seven year old surgical assistant to hand her the eyebrow tweezers …
Of course
We both screamed every time the fish jumped off the plate.

Julie said...

How has your writing been going this week?

Umm ... does it count if I have been writing note on other peoples writing? I been doing some odd sort of research, looking for correlations and implications and timelines and ancient this & that’s etc etc . Not because I’m writing a book though. Only because I find things like that fascinating. And *sigh* I’ve been having some in-depth discussions with someone. Since They are the kind of annoying person who hits you with stuff like “Prove it. I want documentation to support that statement.” I wanted to be prepared. So. I’ve been busy “researching”. Jeez. People like that are So annoying .
Which leads me to ponder a new correlations and implications and timelines and ancient this & that’s etc etc question.
When did my son turn into me?

Julie said...

ACK!... writing noteS on other peoples writing? I HAVE been doing some ...

Julie said...

More coffee? Yeah def time for MORE coffee!

*wicked laugh*

God help you.

Hellion said...

Wow, that procedure sounds like something that happened in the Civil War. Give the guy some whiskey if they had it so they didn't die from pain-shock, give them something to bite down on, then cut off the offending limb.

I'm so disturbed right now. *LOL* More than my usually disturbed self.

Sin said...

So glad I'm not considered the annoying person Jules is talking about.

Hellion said...

So glad I’m not considered the annoying person Jules is talking about.

I was thinking the same thing, Sinner.

Julie said...

So glad I’m not considered the annoying person Jules is talking about.

I know that you are Glad. Thats because the thought of being related to me makes you want to swoon.
Ooh that creature can more than hold his own with me, let me tell yah. He knows wayyyy to much for me to pull any smoke & mirror tricks on him.
Its all about the facts when he & I converse. Just. The. Facts. Which must be supported with a list of documented references and footnotes, thank you very much.

And you're to sweet-faced & cute to be annoying, SINnie-sin-sin. Dangerous. But soooo cute!

Quantum said...

Is Chance still gadding about in exotic locales?

Thanks for the book tips Helli. You're right in that all are new to me, though I have a few by Deveraux on my comp, waiting to be tried.

I haven't written more than a couple of blog posts this week.

Never mind. Instead I have been sussing out the competition, searching for gems of self published authors.

Tried a couple of free ones .... absolute rubbish.

But found two gems of authors so far:

1) Lexi Revellian:
'Remix' at 49p
'Replica' ARC only ... soon on Amazon

2) Steve Carter
'Love, Sex and Tesco's finest Cava' at £1.71

Revellian writes very good 'page turning' romantic suspense.

Carter has only the one novel at present. It is a hilarious rip-off of Internet dating, loosely based on the author's experience. I just hope his wife Julie hasn't read it!

Both books are selling extremely well so there is hope for us all yet!

Revellian demonstrates the importance of plot for keeping the reader involved and Carter is an exponent of rib splitting humor.

If you have both together I reckon you could be topping the Amazon charts tomorrow.

Cummon Pirates, Jump in the self pubbing lake. The water looks just fine! 8)

Did Bo'sun say she's an emotional eater?
I've been known to cry in my beer, but sobbing over chips?
Must be a mis-spelling *grin*

Julie said...

I read that, Hellion. Your not to old to adopt soooo ...

Julie said...

You'RE! :(

Quantum said...

And you’re to sweet-faced & cute to be annoying, SINnie-sin-sin. Dangerous. But soooo cute!

The charm of SINnie-sin-sin is just irresistible ... that's why she is so dangerous! LOL

Hellion said...

Yes, Q, I'm sorry, but 2nd is still in her exotic locales, though I have been informed she lost a costume contest last night to a Yorkie pooch. So she's still having fun. (That contest was rigged. I doubt that dog sewed its own wings!)

I love funny stuff. I will have to look at the Tesco one...

Isn't Tesco the British version of a Walmart?

Quantum said...

Hellie, Cava is a Spanish wine which is sold in the UK supermarket 'Tesco'.

Chance lost to a winged dog!?
Sounds like she forgot to bribe the judges! *grin*

Bosun said...

No typo, Q. I am actually an emotional eater. If I'm feeling an emotion, I'm searching for food. When I'm bored, when I'm sad, when I'm happy. It's all accompanied by food. Which explains a lot about my jean size.

Bosun said...

Great first draft tips! My favorite is Embrace Your Suck. LOL!

P. Kirby said...

I'm sorry, what was the question, again? I'm like, totally distracted by the fish surgery.

I'm rather fond of my aquarium fish, including my little tetras who are about five years old, and my dreadful pleco, who is about ten. The pleco, like every other animal in Chez Kirby, is spoiled rotten. I made the mistake of feeding it zucchini, and now it refuses to eat algae. Gimmee some mo' squash! The tank is a green, fuzzy mess.

But ... I've never performed surgery on a fish. Too, funny. :)

Bosun said...

You spoil your fish???? That is a foreign concept to me, but then again I don't like fish. LOL! (Fish & chips, yes. Fish as pets, not so much.)

Love the fish impersonation though. I hear the voice of cookie monster in my head when I read it.

Julie said...

Fish expect to be spoiled, Terri. I bought The Good Stuff for that surgery. Fish are rather vain too. I had some Rainbow Fish that were so Vain every time they saw a camera they would pose in the front part of the tank & “glow” all rainbowy. Seriously. Go look under the album Animal Magnetism on my Facebook page. And you will see Vain Posing Fish. The big one liked to watch TV too. She loved … Die Hard movies. WTH? I would have figured Animal Planet .

I have tetras! They live foreverrrrr and apparently have a taste for very good vodka.

Bosun said...

Now I'm wondering what Buttercup might have been like on vodka.

Bosun said...

We had a beta once, but Oscar didn't do much. Now, my parents had this interesting looking gold fish named Buttercup, who would float upside down at the top of the bowl. For fun. Only fish I've ever met with a personality. (Other than Flipper, but I never *met* Flipper.)

Hellion said...

Those are some really great tips, Bo'sun. I love the word count (which we've established, right?) and embracing the suck (difficult)--but not reading what you've written. I need to practice that more. I think it would be beneficial exactly for the reason that the author said!

Bosun said...

Exactly. I fell for the "reading what I'd written" thing last night and made NO progress. Must not do that anymore.

Sin said...

Q, you blog? Do you blog about things I'd never understand in a million years even if I studied really hard?

And you’re to sweet-faced & cute to be annoying, SINnie-sin-sin. Dangerous. But soooo cute!

The charm of SINnie-sin-sin is just irresistible … that’s why she is so dangerous! LOL

Sin <-- if someone says ONE more time that I'm cute, I'll ice pick you with the rusty one I'm saving for Hal's stalker.

Sin <-- Is grumpy today since I left my hair wild and wavy and apparently this makes me look soft and approachable like some damned Nicholas Sparks character.

But it does make it a bit brighter that Q thinks I'm irresistible. It's the ice pick, isn't it?

Sin said...

The daily word count thing for me blows donkey. I can't force myself to write every day. Otherwise, my imagination says, "F8ck off."

And I'm trying desperately to learn how not to read what I write and edit as I go. I'm getting better at it, but I still want to fix.

Julie said...

Sin <– if someone says ONE more time that I'm cute, I'll ice pick you with the rusty one I'm saving for Hal's stalker.

Okay. I won't call SIN cute.


Seriously. Have you seen her? Absolutly ADORABLE!

Sin said...

*stern look* Jules.

Julie said...

That sweet face & her grumpy look & her messy hair makes her look soft and approachable and ADORABLE ... just like a Beenie Baby or a My Little Pony or Justin Beeber!
OMG How cute! Soooo gosh I am not sure if ... I should hug her? Play with her? Or ask her for an Autograph!

Julie said...

Def ... play with her!
*wicked wicked laugh*

Hellion said...

I don't think we should have let Jules have the third cup of coffee today, what do you think? *rushes away to duck behind something in case the ice picks go astray*

Julie said...

HEY! I Haven't even finished the 2nd!

Julie said...

I'm teasing her on two fronts btw. Sooo cute!

P. Kirby said...

Bo'sun: Everything gets spoiled in our house. Fur, fin, or feathers, it gets the best. The humans? Not so much.

My only word count this week is on the blog. That's because a lot of free time was spent scrambling to finish our taxes.

Julie said...

Of course this cup-o-coffee was called Extra Bold Organic. Maybe I should be asking myself Extra Bold Organic What?

Scapegoat said...

Finally I get a chance to stop by!

I spent the entire morning at the DMV and spent the rest of the day feeling like I was behind 2 weeks.

Seriously, if you need to renew your driver's license then check the new document requirements before you go. Crazy new regulations here in FLA and coming to almost all other states too.

Anyhoo, I finished When Harry Met Molly this morning and INSANELY loved it. Just felt so much like this was an author whose voice I wish I had. Loved the voice, tone, pacing and of course I LOVED the dialog. Seriously why can't I write like this?

Now, I don't write historical but I think the qualities I loved about this book were all about the skill of the author that would translate to any genre.

I MUST read her next book asap. :)

Hellion said...

P. Kirby--Pets first! Totally get it! *LOL* Plus how can you resist that face when they're begging/meowing for treats?

Scape--her voice is entertaining. She reminds me a lot of Julia Quinn. Some of the antics--*wavers hand*--but overall, a solid read. If anything, I really dig her book titles--they are memorable!

Scapegoat said...

For me voice is everything.

I am one of those crazy historical readers who could basically care less about total historical belivability.

Most of all though, I think it comes down to storytelling. I love the story. Forget the perfect facts, grammer, techniques. The story that pulls me in and entertains will always win my reader's heart.

Hellion said...

And writers love readers like you, Scape! *LOL* We thank you--and we want to cultivate readers like you! *LOL*

Sin said...

*growls* Jules. I'm gonna snatch you up by your collar and shake you until your teeth rattle loose.

Sin said...


1. Must cultivate more readers like Scapey.
2. Must practice ice pick throwing.
3. Must shake Jules like a puppy with a new chew toy.
4. Must run away with Q.

Julie said...

We thank you–and we want to cultivate readers like you!

Notice she didn't say that about me?

aAd I have to agree with Scape. Yes ... In the end its the writers ability to tell a story that really counts.

Julie said...

She proble shake me too ... if she wasn't so ADORABLE!

Julie said...

And I am NOT at all like a puppy, SIN. I'm completely house broken.

Julie said...

I haven’t written more than a couple of blog posts this week.

She was hunched over her laptop. Pecking away at the keys. But at the sound of Q’s voice Julie’s head snapped up . “Really Q, you blog? I was on an interesting site just the other day. Full of scientists and …” She stopped in mid sentence. An odd look came over her face. “You’re one of them,” she whispered. “One of those …” Her dark eyes started to turn a molten gold. “How. Fascinating. Well. I guess its late & I should get some sleep ‘n stuff so yeah.” With that she snatched up her laptop , then headed towards the poop deck. Where she would spend the night research-Eeerrrr umm … sleeping under the stars.

Good night y’ all. And good luck with that Aprilwritehothingie!

Steve Carter said...

Hello Quantum

My google picked this up.

Thanks for the kind words--there's not been many about of late (see Amazion reviews:))

Julie has indeed read it as she edited most of it--good luck with your writing on here and if I can do it, believe you me, anyone can.


Bosun said...

Hello, Mr. Carter, and thanks for chiming in. If Q likes you, then you're worth reading. That's all the review I need.