Friday, December 7, 2012

It’s My Birthday and I’ve Decided I Want To Grow Up…

…and be like Bruce Campbell.

My all-time favorite B movie actor. I took this from IMDB, about Bruce… “As a child, Bruce watched Lost in Space on TV, and ran around dressed as Zorro.”

Is it any wonder I adore this guy?

B movies. They are something that it takes a great talent to do right. A good B movie will make you smile, groan, and grab bits of paper for lines that you don’t want to forget! You’ll want to watch these movies with people you love, to point out classic faux pas, or brilliant bits of mayhem. You make drinking games out of them. And get drunk when you watch them, gleefully. You know they won’t any awards but they will live forever on late night TV.

Actors in these movies will be seen over and over and over again. And sometimes they will rise to the rare A movie. And sometimes fall to a C movie. And they’re on television a lot. Mostly as guests.

But the best? Well, they know who they are and what works for them.

Hence, Bruce Campbell!

Hero of the Evil Dead/Army of Darkness movies.


Played Autolycus, King of Thieves on Hercules and Xena, Warrior Princess.

Portrayed Brisco County Jr. and Jack of All Trades on TV. And more. So much more. Including the marvelous Sam Axe on Burn Notice.

But let’s face it, the reason I look on Bruce as a hero is that he is my role model. I don’t want to be the Tom Cruise of writing. But I’d love to be on par with Bruce. He isn’t a big movie star. But he stays busy. He has a voice/character that is very recognizable, very well-known. As a character. As a voice.  He started small, in home made movies. He moved upward, slowly. Steadily.

I recently read his two books and found both of them made me smile all over the place. It was like listening to him tell me a story, while we sat in a hot tub, drinking mojitos. A story all about Bruce. All about his path to B movie fame. And the hard work it took. The constant work. The willingness to throw himself with conviction and a sharp sense of humor at anything that came his way. Because that is what he does.

Now, I’ve had a pissy year and fought my demons all over the place. Especially when it involved my ability to move forward as an author.

But stuff happens and people come into your life when you need them. In the course of a month, three things woke me up. I met another self-published author who is intent on seeing me take the next steps. (The 2nd one this year. Self-pubbed author that is.) I read Bruce’s books. And the Bosun helped me stumble on a key fear that held me motionless.

I do know to pay attention to what life presents to me. And this time I don’t want to die to get the point. (Again.) Today is my b-day. And all of the bits and pieces of the last year, including of the last month, is bobbing about in my head. Reaching the float point, nearing the ready to launch point…

It’s a good place to feel again.

So, in the immortal words of Bruce Campbell, as Ash in Army of DarknessGimme some sugar, baby.

So, pirates. It’s my birthday. And I’m not shy…wish me success as I am prepare to tackle the edits for…the first dozen of my Caribbean Spell series. To self-publish, the first in March/April of 2013 and another every two/three months. (I haven’t done the full scheduling yet.) And the novella I have prepared before Christmas. And just because I’m the bartender and no one gets any rum today until I get a birthday hug. Hugs.

And celebrate a new sale for me! Decadent Publishing has agreed to take the plunge off a cliff with me and publish Lorelei’s Song, a steampunk/horror/erotic romance. With tentacles. And we’ll do the Cthulhu Hulu off into the sunset!



Marnee Bailey said...

Happy Birthday, Mo!!

And congrats on your new sale!

The first Caribbean Spell books! yay!! How exciting!! I wish you the best of luck as you're editing.


TerriOsburn said...

Is the Cthulhu Hulu anything like the Hokie Pokie? Because with all those tenticles, this dance could take a really long time.

That should say Bosun "inadvertently" helped you because I didn't really do anything. But I am ECSTATIC to see you being positive again. Screw 2012, it's almost over. 2013 is going to be a big year for you. I can feel it.


Janga said...

Happy Birthday, Maureen! And yay for the new sale and for all the publications scheduled! May this be the year all your dreams come true.

Maureen said...

I saw a bumper sticker...What if the Hokie Pokie is what it's all about?

Terrified me.

I think the Cthulhu Hulu will be much wilder and less repetitive...

And thank you! Marn, Ter and Janga! We shojld all be so lucky to grow up and find ourselves on a pirate ship full of writers sailing through cyberseas!

MsHellion said...

Happy Birthday, Mo, and I wish you much success and energy for your new projects. I'm sure you'll be even better than Bruce! Bruce will be contacting you!

Maureen said...

That would be...hilarious! Thanks, Hel!

quantum said...

Happy Birthday Maureen!

Have you had that hug yet? 'cus I'm awfully thirsty!
Forget the sunset. How about a quick waltz round the bar and me pulling my own pint. LOL

Glad to hear that Miranda is to be unleashed on the public soon. I rather liked that witch even though I know she just wanted me for sex! Did you say the FIRST dozen Caribbean books .... are there dozens more? My, that's a lot of spells, and a lot of recharging!

I'll have to check my piggy bank for book funds .... reckon I'm going to need plenty!

Good luck with all the publishing projects.

Maureen said...

First dance is fer you, Quantum! Yup, Miranda is going to be set free on the world... I gots, ahem...nealy 30 stories featuring her and Jack... I could publish four a year for 7.5 years! We'll see how that goes!

irisheyes said...

Happy Birthday, Maureen! Here's wishing you every success in 2013!

Haleigh said...

Happy birthday Mo!! And congrats! What an exciting bunch of things to all happen at once - your positive energy is glowing through once again. I'm so happy for you!

P. Kirby said...

There's a T-shirt in a catalog I got that says: "The Hokey Pokey Clinic, A place to turn yourself around."

Actually, sometimes it seems like Hollywood's most successful actors are the less known guys/gals, the character actors and the like, who are in pretty much everything. It's probably a far better approach than to be a superstar who burns out in a few years.

There are probably loads of parallels in writing; authors who were critics' darlings with a book or two, and who never wrote anything ever again. Or whose subsequent books were critical failures.

Anyway, it sounds like you are on track for success. Happy Birthday, Maureen!

TerriOsburn said...

I want that shirt!!

Maureen said...

Great shirt! Thanks, Pat! I think I'm being practical!