Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Chaos Rules the World

At least it does for the month of November.

My Influence: “I will wander until the end of time... torn away from you.” My Heart is Broken, Evanescence, 2011


National November Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) started YESTERDAY! I've been solely focused on preparing for the onslaught of the word war for the past month.


I didn't say I got anywhere with it. I just said I was prepping for it.


In my haste to get a blog prepared (I temporarily forgot even after I told Hellion this weekend that it was my week to blog) I've come up with my top 5.5 ways to procrastinate during the month of November.


Yes, totally different from my top 5 ways to prepare for a successful NaNoWriMo.


 5.   Washing Dishes: Have you ever discovered the one thing you hate to do, you find yourself loving to do when you have something more important to accomplish. I absolutely can't stand washing dishes. I loathe it with a passion. I find myself standing at the sink, gazing out the window into the backyard while daydreaming of a half naked Ranger right after I get home from work. Why, you might ask? Because right after I get home from work I should be AIS (Butt In Seat) with my fingers flying over my newly purchased external keyboard working on covering a blank document page.


But I'm not.


 4.  Working Late: Sometimes I have no choice in the matter. Usually I'm flying out the door the instant I can get out of there. I work late hours anyway. But during the month that I know I have a goal to work towards, my mind and body rebel. I find myself slothing through my usual end of day routines at the office to procrastinate leaving my desk. Hell, I could even take my down time and actually write at work. What would be the fun in that? I mean, c'mon.


3.  Errand Running: Ever leave the last thing you have to do for the day/night and realize you need to run somewhere else? I hate stores after work. I hate them during lunch. And I really hate them on the weekend. Find me during NaNo and you're more than likely to run into me at the grocery store during the peak times I hate.


2.  Spending Quality Time with the Significant Other: I'm not quite sure I have to follow up on this reason. Though, I think my reasoning and yours probably varies quite a bit.


 1.5.  Music Playlists: Because this is really important to my well being. I must have music. And I can use this as a stall tactic simply because I NEED music to spur on my creative muse. And obviously, my music playlists are more important to my sanity than spending several hours listening to my DH make up new words to clever songs he's heard on the radio. (See Procrastination number 2.)


And my number one top and favorite way to procrastinate:


1.  Kindle: This tiny little electronic device that allows me to read books and fan fiction with just a click of a button. The Kindle is the ultimate procrastination DEMON.


Now, I want to know the top way you procrastinate. Tell me how you do it and how you get around it.


P.S. Good luck to you all participating in NaNo or your own personal version of NaNo!


2nd Chance said...

I am really digging the new Evanescence CD...so many wonderful songs that work with what I'm writing!

After finally finishing my sewing projgect, I'm gonna forecast the future and say that the new way I'll procrastinate is simple... I'll sew. I do have quite a few things I want to make! Many of the pirateee, so that justifies them quite well!

And maybe...I'm gonna finally clear out my studio...make it a combo sewing room and writing room. Yes...with a corner for convention/promo stuff. I bet that could eat up all sorts of writing time!

Quantum said...

From the title I thought this blog was sure to be about chaos in economies and financial markets.
But no. It's about that dratted NaNo thing.
I hate NaNo. Especially as its exclusively for Americans, I think.

At this time of year, when nature is at its most attractive. Beautiful autumn colours everywhere. I just want to walk through the gorgeous English countryside and forget about NaNo and writing and the World's crumbling economies and the chaos everywhere. I want to just relax and commune with nature and read Sin's Blog.

That's how I procrastinate.
I don't want to get round it. It can all wait for a while.

I think I'll take a walk now and figure it out. *smile*

Great to see you in action again Sin!

2nd Chance said...

Try not listening to the news, Q. Works for me!

Di R said...

How do I procrastinate during NaNo? Let me count the ways...
5. I need to stay glued to the television, otherwise I might miss out on who was voted of DWTS, or whatever show is on that people get voted off of.
4. Grocery shopping-do you mean I 'forgot' to get what I need for dinner tonight? No problem, there's nothing on my schedule today.
3. Christmas-yep, I said it.
2. Inspiration/Encouragement-I need to read a lot of blogs to see how everyone else is doing with their writing
1. Research-of course I need to be online, my characters need to have clothes to wear and stuff in their homes. and of course I need to know what they might eat on a date...

Yesterday I wrote 1,645 words. Not as much as I'd hoped, but I spent most of the day with my mom at a doctor's appointment.

Great blog, Sin!

Marnee Bailey said...

Great blog, Sin!

Procrastinating. I wouldn't call what I'm doing now procrastinating, but I'm keeping busy because I'm forcing myself away from my rough draft for a while. I'm painting. Last week I painted my powder room. It turned out awesome. This week and next? I'm painting my kitchen cabinets. It's not keeping me completely away from the MS. I looked at it last night and started thinking myself into editing my GH entry because I'd like to press-gang, er, sweetly ask folks to read it soon. So, I tried to get the big picture idea. But I find that cleaning and doing major DIY projects clears the brain. Like your dishes, I think doing stuff with the hands helps my brain focus.

I started a couple crochet projects too, just for this. I sit in front of the word file and crochet furiously while I read, that little wrinkle between my brows, trying to sort myself out.

Good luck getting going with Nano everyone!!

PS, in my captcha code, the background behind the code looks like shadows of strippers in different poses. weird.

Sin said...

Chanceroo, I really did NOT like the new Evanescence CD when I took my first listen. The music really reminds me of Kamelot and it's kind of reminicient of their sound when they're on tour. It wasn't nearly as dark as I was hoping for or expecting. That kind of bummed me.

But then I made myself put the CD in my car and listen to it. And I found quite a few songs that I love. "The Change" is Kiki's unofficial theme for her second book. The first stanza of lyrics, "I thought that I was strong. I know the words I need to say. Frozen in my place, I let the moment slip away."

Perfect for when she first lays eyes on Dex. And any fight they have afterwards.

Amy Lee definitely shows growth in this CD. And how about the harp playing?! You got the deluxe version, right?

Janga said...

I don't need an excuse. I'm a world class procrastinator every day. The Internet is my greatest ally in my procrastination. I can spend endless hours reading blogs, posting on blogs, writing blogs, and researching (which can include everything from academic research to browsing NoveList for books to add to my TBR mountain range to finding pictures for the slide show I do for my WIPs). And reading--books, magazines, cereal boxes--always helps me in my need to procrastinate. Then there's daydreaming and just thinking and . . .

Good luck to all the NaNoites!

Sin said...

Q, it's always a pleasure.

I could swear that NaNo wasn't just an American thing. Hm. Maybe I should look into that. You could do the NaNo in the spirit of loving us American Pirates.

I really love to be outside too. Especially this time of the year because it's no longer stifling hot and humid and the leaves are changing and falling. Enjoy the sweet smell of autumn for me, Q. The only thing I'm enjoying this month is the smell of heated electronics.

Sin said...

Di! You're on track! Don't knock the words you got yesterday. There will be days you have a lot and you have a few. The best thing is to just plug along on it.

Are we friends on NaNo? I must look for you if we're not.

I forgot to add research to my list as well. If I added everything I use to procrastinate, you guys would be reading it all day. lol

Sin said...

Janga! You are the least procrastinator I know. You're always busy. You can't procrastinate if you're busy!

Daydreaming is really my favorite past time.

Sin said...

Miss Marn, I think CAPTCHA is trying to tell you something.

I have the wrinkle between my brow. The Undead Monkey calls it the "angry eyebrow" look. I have it when I read.

What you're doing is not called procrastination. There is a difference between things that MUST be done, and things that could wait. Painting is one of those things that we all put off until the last minute and with the holidays coming up, I can see why you'd want it done now. Family and holidays = dread.

Donna said...

Ah Sin, twin of my heart. Procrastination is my specialty. I believe it is actually the fuel for my imagination, but I still feel guilty about all the time I "waste".

And Janga -- I don't think you can categorize anything you do as procrastination. LOL

Di -- I'm still cackling about your #5: "whatever show is on that people get voted off of". Priceless.

Today I get a free pass on the procrastination, though. It's my birthday, so I'm indulging myself (more than usual! LOL) Everyone is welcome to procrastinate with me!

Sin said...

Happy birthday DRD!!

Sin said...

Dear DRD,

Happy birthday. The Undead Monkey has left you a present on your doorstep to commiserate this very special day.

I do hope you enjoy the happy birthday song. I hear the Undead Monkey plays a mean broken string guitar version.


Evil Twin

Bosun said...



I'm no expert on NaNo, but shouldn't all this procrastinating happen in October? LOL! I'm an expert procrastinator, seeing as my mother is the Queen of them all and I inherited her skills. Thankfully, I also inherited a need to get things done from my grandmother (which is crazy since mom was adopted) that counterbalances the procrastination tendendies.

Six months ago I could have made this list and it would have included:
1. Watching TV
2. Playing online
3. Watching TV
4. Playing online
5. Watching TV

I liked to mix things up. But someone lit a fire under my ass and now the only things getting put off are watching TV and cleaning my house. (OMG, you should see my house. Poor house.) I wrote 40K words since Sept 1. Don't ask me how that happened. I have NO idea. But in 2K, I'll be writing THE END!!

Clearly, if writing 40K in two months is a reason to celebrate, I will never be a NaNo winner. LOL! But I'm awed by all of you who pull out those words in a month. That's crazy! And did Sin say she "prepped" for this? She knows that's plotting, right?

Sin said...

Yay for writing the end!!

NaNo is the only thing I ever prep for. A few years ago, in 2007, I went in unprepared with all the confidence in the world I could just pull it out of my ass during the month and win.

I lost. Badly.

I know the importance of prepping for mass quantities of writing. I actually understand there is importance behind forethought and actual plotting and outlining. I just don't care to do it on a regular basis.

Usually my prepping consist of outlining the scenes I've already mapped in my head- on notebook paper, no less. And making a list of characters from the previous novel that are carrying over into the new one. That way I don't have to waste time looking for them when I need them.

Sin said...

And I'm a poor loser. That's just the competitive person in me.

Bosun said...

That character list is so smart. I keep forgetting to write down the name of the law firm two of my characters work for and then I have to go hunt it down whenever I need it. Notes are so helpful!

I must have like an inkling of your competitive spirit. LOL! I don't feel the need to compete at all in this kind of thing. (In the day job? Totally different.)

Sin said...

I was having trouble keeping everyone in the two criminal groups seperate. And the introduction of secondary characters. It's amazing how many characters just tend to show up on page.

Last night I wrote Kiki with her new boss. Think Ranger with a killing intent times 100. He's really intimidating. Gave me goosebumps to hear his voice inside my head. But so much fun to write. Especially the blackmail. The blackmail is always fun.

Hellion said...

YAY for procrastination!

My top ways to procrastinate:

1.) Sleeping
2.) Cooking exotic or time-consuming recipes, like Indian foods that have 13 difficult to find spices that must be ground by the light of the moon or a five layer pastry that takes a week to prepare
3.) Watching Harry Potter for the billionth time
4.) Shaving my legs. (I can't write with Chewbacca limbs.)
5.) Participating in whatever crafting project I'm currently enamored with: painting, sewing, quilting, needlepoint, crochet, et al.

Hellion said...

I have written 1500 words so far (so I'm already behind, since I believe you have to write a minimum of 1667 words a day in order to pull this off, but hey, they're all new words--especially after I made myself remove the 1000 words I'd written previous to November 1st, due to Amanda's bullying.) How can I write with pirates who refuse to cheat? Damnit.

I cannot believe I forgot to mention the Internet as my greatest source of procrastination.

hal said...

Happy Birthday Donna!

I'm with hellie - my favorite way to procrastinate is to sleep. I'm a morning person, so by the time I put the baby to bed, I am DONE. Every night, I think, Okay - homework, writing, do SOMETHING!. And then I fall asleep.

Last nigh, I was so desperate to procrastinate vacuuming that I did a load of laundry. But now it's all over the floor, and tonight I need to fold it AND vacuum. Ugh. Maybe I'll work on my revisions instead!

No NaNo for me this year - I promised I would have revisions done by early January, and I'm sticking to it no matter what. Though I have a ton of new scenes that need to be written, so maybe I'll make that my own personal NaNo.

Good luck all!!

Bosun said...

Did someone release some sleeping powder on the ship? I'm struggling to keep my forehead from smacking my keyboard.

Hal - I'm a night person, so I get going around 8 and end up going to sleep around midnight. Which probably explains this forehead to keyboard thing.

Good thing that shaving thing isn't a problem for me. Kiddo used the last of the shaving cream and didn't mention it. Grrrr....

Sin said...

Hells, OMG- number 4. I peed myself a little.


Sin said...

GPS or your Amanda? Cheating is the nature of the beast. Every pirate should be able to cheat a little. I resolve all cheating to the end when I truly need it. lol

Hellion said...

Good thing that shaving thing isn’t a problem for me. Kiddo used the last of the shaving cream and didn’t mention it. Grrrr….

It's comments like this that make me happy I don't share my living space with another female. *LOL*

Hellion said...

GPS Amanda! The person I would have thought INVENTED cheating refuses to cheat and was scandalized I was doing it! Now it's ruined; the piece I was using doesn't even match. I had to remove it. Irksome.

Sin said...

I'm also a night person but I have to be a morning person due to life. Which sucks because there is nothing more I'd like to do than sleep until noon. Well sleep on and off until noon.

I procrastinate vacuuming but my procrastination on housework tends to be the things that multiply overnight- killer dust bunnies, monster dirty sock piles, nasty germ infested dishes.

Demi Spawn said...

"It’s comments like this that make me happy I don’t share my living space with another female. "

What!? You think only a female will filch another females toiletries?

Later that day , somewhere in macho-man land:
“Sniff … Sniff. WTH Dude you smell like a Girl! I thought that you learned your lesson the last time you used your wife’s Ode de strawberry-rosebud-lavendar-kissy-face shaving cream de la crème. Gahhh … before you know it you‘ll start using hair products & expect me to hold the door open for you.”

Sin said...

PS. That whole comment was hilarious.

Sounds way too familiar.

Sin said...

Kissy face shaving cream? Jules, you been hitting up the sex shop for toiletries again?

Demi Spawn said...

Seriously? Have you ever really looked at the fragrance name on the cans of marketed-to- female shaving cream? They're histerical.

Di R said...

Happy Birthday, Donna!

Sin, I'm not knocking the words that I wrote yesterday. I simply hadn't planned on sitting in a waiting room for that long.

Really looking forward to my writer's retreat this weekend.


Sin said...

Can't use the stuff. I do enjoy the stuff Matt uses, but for totally different reasons.

Janga said...

Happy Birthday, Donna! I hope you have a wonderful day.

I consider delaying housework prioritizing rather than procrastination. It reaches procrastination only when the dust is thick enough to measure with a ruler or when an empty linen closet demands that I do laundry.

And trust me, my friends, when I spend three hours searching for 2012 release dates for a blog post two months away or follow research threads through a couple of dozen sources for a 900-word article (both of which I've done recently), it qualifies as procrastination.

Sin said...

Janga, so smart. Prioritizing. As far as I'm concerned, everything has priority over dusting. EVERYTHING.

Sin said...

Good luck Di!! I know you're going to do great this month.

Bosun said...

I grabbed a CD on Sunday (from the CD stand where music goes to whither away) and sneezed for nearly an hour. Us and the dust, we live in harmony provided we don't disturb each other.

Demi's comment is cracking me up. LOL! I can hear some disgusted dude saying that to his buddy.

Demi Spawn said...

The top way I procrastinate?

I go for a walk. First of all before I head out I must think about which shoes I should wear on my walk. Sport sandals? Walkers? Runners? Trail hikers? Trail Runners? Light hiking boots? Heavy duty Italian Gore-Tex not quite but almost mountaineering ( Yes I have mountain worthy boots despite the fact that I've never worn them to climb a mountain and I live in a place called ... Flat Land. But lets face it Every woman should own a pair of kick ass boots. Just ask Nancy. Nancy Sinatra. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SbyAZQ45uww&feature=related ) boots? Of course the different type of shoes I wear require different types of socks to make them comfortable. Cotton? Wool Polypropylene? Crew? Hikers? Trekkers? Then I need to choose the proper outerwear. Which changes. Because what was weather appropriate when I started to think about my walk will in all likelihood not be appropriate by the time I actually go on my walk. Cotton? Wool? Down? Gore-Tex? Hoodie? Sweater? Technical jacket? Pit zips down? Or Pit zips up? Hmmm … So after hours & hours & hours of pondering & prepping I actually walk around the block … which takes an hour or so.

Demi Spawn said...

Of course. I have other procrastination habits ... and when i quit procratinating about writing how i procrastinate , I will write them out. But that could be hours & hours & maybe even days from now. Cuz right now? I'm starting to think ... about going for a walk. : )

Demi Spawn said...

And finally ... not that I was procrastinating . I was saving the Best for last.
Have a very Very Happy Birthday, Donna!

P. Kirby said...

Oh, yeah. Shit I hate to do--cleaning house--somehow becomes interesting when I should be writing, or drawing, or working in the workshop. Weird. And yeppers, I can waste hours f*cking around in iTunes and Amazon, downloading music. And thank you very much--NOT-for reminding me that I need to check out the rest of the new Evanescence CD. The song that's getting play on the radio isn't doin' much for me, but then, I never buy entire CDs anymore.

I can always find something that needs doing in the garden, even in the dead of winter.

Sin said...

It's very rare I like the singles that are released to the radio. Not much of a fan of the "popular" mainstream sound that plays often over and over again on the radio. And What You Want is not a good representation of the overall CD.

The bonus songs on the Deluxe CD are wonderful. The Secret Door- Amy Lee plays the harp. It's amazing with her vocals.

Sin said...

My recommends for the new Evanescence CD- The Change and My Heart is Broken (I love the transition between these two songs. One of the best I've heard in a long time.), Erase This, Lost in Paradise, Oceans, Never Go Back, Disappear, and The Secret Door.

Sin said...

Jules, I wouldn't think you'd need kick ass boots to go hiking. You'd just glare at any rocks or roots that dare trip you and everything clears out of the way.

People on the other hand, they are stupid enough to not hide in the face of danger. But I'm sure you can persuade them otherwise.

Marnee Bailey said...

Happy Birthday, DRD!

Ter, I love you but I will not come and paint for you. I hate painting. But it looks good. I can't wait until it's done. :)

Demi Spawn said...

"Can’t use the stuff. I do enjoy the stuff Matt uses, but for totally different reasons."

Probably because the intoxicating scent & the thought of something sharp skimming so close to his carotid artery gives you naughty thoughts you Naughty Girl!

2nd Chance said...

Sin...I wasn't sure about when I first listened but there are a few that just stick with me... Lost in Paradise, Swimming...a few slower ones that just sneak into the heart and make me want to sing along with her...

Hellion said...

Donna, are you making this birthday last all month long like you did last year? That'd be awesome if you did!

2nd Chance said...

Yeah! Happy b-day Donnaroo...go out and buy yourself a cupcake! Or a dozen.

Man, that sounds good...

Bosun said...

I'm starting to think the title of this blog applies to my day. People keep throwing crap at me. Feels like they've thrown a bunch of fragile babies in the air and said, "Don't let those hit the ground." Baaaahhhh!

Marn - If you won't paint my house, will you come plan this party? Please????

Bosun said...

It's WORSE than last year. Where's the rum?!?!

2nd Chance said...

Not another year of party juggling!?

2nd Chance said...

Here ya go.... I been experiementin' with ice cream and the kraken's best...and we'll toss in some baileys...

Have a flaming twinkie while yer at it...might as well sugar up!

Hellion said...

Which is funny (since I'm not planning the party obviously) but wasn't last year's planning worse than the year's before? And did I imagine you saying "Never again!"?

I'd say "Control freak" but when I admitted to being one to Deerhunter today, he immediately agreed--to which I said, "Just because I admit to issues doesn't mean you get to immediately agree and run with it."

Hellion said...

Mmmm, Baileys.

Bosun said...

Yes, last year was MUCH worse than the year before. This year I'm dealing with a new company President, who is very helpful, but maybe too helpful. LOL!

Wouldn't be so bad if it all didn't hit the fan ON THE SAME DAY. When my "real" stuff is hitting too.

And I don't have the "never again" option. 'Tis my job. *sigh*

Hellion said...

That blows. *LOL* (And that's my captain obvious statement of the day.)

Bosun said...

I'm actually getting indigestion and I don't have any tums with me. Anyone?

Irisheyes said...

I am Queen Procrastinator! I can usually come up with something else I need to be doing except what really needs doing.

1. Surfing the internet (obviously)
2. Sleeping
3. Running out to the store for whatever it is I think I need RIGHT NOW
4. Reading
5. Reading

I tell myself I'm just going to read a page or two and a couple of hours later I'm halfway through the book. I have no will power these days.

Happy Birthday, Donna!

Terri, go get a can of ginger ale - always helps my heartburn/nausea

Hellion said...

I'm so glad I don't include reading as a procrastination tactic. *LOL* Reading is NECESSARY. Just like doing the dishes is necessary unless you want to eat directly off the floor...and I don't because I don't mop either.

Reading is like playing the lottery; can't win the lottery if you don't buy a ticket--can't write a great book if you're not a reader yourself.

Irisheyes said...

Oh... and good luck all the NaNo writers!

I just finished Christie Craig's Don't Mess With Texas. I just love her books. I downloaded a couple more I haven't read yet. I'm seriously thinking of downloading her writing craft book - I just love her voice. Her books are so easy and fun to read.

Irisheyes said...

Okay, you sold me - I HAVE TO READ! That was easy. No more guilt.

2nd Chance said...

Uh oh...too helpful president... Let me guess...lots of wonderful ideas about the party...

When will they learn to just let you do what you know how to do?

BTW, if I...when I make it big, I'm hiring you to put the party together!

The night before we can all gather around and stuff those mini chocolate chips into the twinkies... ;-)

Sin said...

I have a fandom friend that's writing in NaNo as well. She said she's taking Stephen King's writing advice: Read for at least 4 hours a day.

So, I write for two. Read for four. I think that's an excellent ratio.

I think there is nothing wrong with wanting to escape from our own writing and land in someone else's world. Writing is not easy stuff.

Sin said...

Ter, I can't imagine it being worse than last year. Tell them all to piss off. Get a barrel of rum and buy some plastic glasses, get a mistletoe and call it done.

No one will remember what happened the next day and it's guaranteed to be a good time.

Hellion said...

Tell them all to piss off. Get a barrel of rum and buy some plastic glasses, get a mistletoe and call it done.

This sounds like my kind of party. *LOL*

Sin said...

I'm pretty sure that's how we should have the Pirate Christmas Party this year.

And lots of hot strapping young pirate men.

2nd Chance said...

And a few hot strapping older pirate men for those of us who prefer the seasoned hottie... Anyone getting a good look at Stephen Lang on Terra Nova? Whoo!

Donna said...

Thanks for all the birthday wishes. It's been a lovely day -- wonderful fall weather here in New England, which is a treat after the blast of snow we had a couple days ago. LOL

And yes, Hellie, I celebrate the entire month. But it's not for ME. It's for everyone else. :) This way they don't have the pressure of trying to find the perfect gift, or only having one day to take me to lunch/dinner/drinks. It's my way of giving back on this special day. LOL

Bosun said...

You're a giver, Donna! LOL!

Bosun said...

I'd LOVE to do that, Sin. As of right now, we are in danger of not having more people than seats at the party. NOT GOOD. Freaking out shall commence. (And we have never had this problem in five years. WTH??)

Bosun said...

Just got the email I was hoping for. The freak out has been canceled. All is well.

For now...

Demi Spawn said...

Congrats ... umm for now, Terri!
I was gonna play Freak Out by Le Chic for you. But this has some rather appropriate lyrics too.