Sunday, October 30, 2011

Last Chance For Stupidity!

Sin has brought me to the Dark Side. She promised me low-calorie, fat-free cookies. (Weight Watchers. Because it works.)


As you might have noticed, tomorrow is November 1st, and it will kick off the start of Write Your Ass Off Month, or the more conventionally known, NaWriNoMo (NaNo for short). I wasn’t going to do it, mainly because I never have. I’ve signed up. I’ve started. But much like that latch-hook rug kit I got for Christmas when I was 10, I never finished a project. I’m sure I’m the only person who has ever found NaNo demoralizing.


You hear a lot about how you should write something you’re passionate about. Something you love. Yadda, yadda, yadda. I get that. If you don’t care about something, it’s too easy to give up. But caring about something can be different than loving something. When you love something too much, you want to protect it. You definitely don’t want to make it suffer. You want the best for it. You’re too emotionally involved in it because you won’t let the project just be what it is. You want to protect it from the critics and yourself, when you realize that while you may love it, it’s not all that and a box of ho-hos.


I assume this isn’t every writer’s problem. I know many writers so in love with their book idea, they can’t see any problem with it and write along, totally in ignorant bliss about grammar, structure, plot, or characterization. While it may not be very readable in publishing circles, they have finished it, which is definitely better than anything I’m doing. I’m constantly obsessed about grammar, structure, plot, characterization, beats, voice, and basically any other thing you can list that we writers are supposed to be writing about. I’m obsessed with just about everything but the actual writing and finishing of said story idea.


So I wasn’t going to do NaNo. I didn’t want to use my current novel, which happens to be the novel from last year. I didn’t want something new. I couldn’t even think of something new. Sin said, “It doesn’t matter what you write about. You can write about anything. It doesn’t have to make sense.” Sin likes to embrace chaos. I was not impressed with this suggestion.


After a bit, I made a list of everything I did want to write about. I made a bullet list of about a hundred items. Just random things I thought should be included in the story. Things like cupcakes and kittens and really great sex. Then I made a bulleted list of items that I didn’t want to write about, things I knew would have to be included on the sheer principle of it. Stupid arguments. Helicopter parents. Paperwork that’s never filled out right. Things like that. And you know what? I suddenly had an idea; and I suddenly had some passion about the idea.


It wasn’t that I loved the idea. It wasn’t that I hated it either—it was that I felt actual passion about it. I felt I had something to say. It’s basically a story with every obnoxious person I can think of, mucking up my heroine’s life, acting like they’re the rightest person on the planet when they’re actually dumbasses. Oh, the gloriousness of this story idea. It’s like a manifesto of cathartic therapy. I can finally do to all these people what I’m not allowed to do in real life: give them their just desserts. (The Anger Management classes are all full this month. Sorry.)


Sin said, “It doesn’t matter if it works as a real book or not. This is about competing with yourself to show you CAN do it. It’s supposed to be fun. It’ll recharge your creativity.”


I hope so. I’m in it now. Best of all, this feels like the sort of joy I had for writing before. Righting wrongs with my imagination and my poison-green pen (yes, that’s a Harry Potter reference.) And besides, it’s only for 30 days. I can do anything for 30 days. Right? Okay, well, I’ll give it a shot.


How about you? Are you doing NaNo or not? Nothing like a last minute sign-up to get the creative juices flowing. What else were you going to do this month? This is the perfect excuse to ignore your weird family during Thanksgiving. Don't have an idea? Ask us--we'll jumpstart you an idea. After all, it doesn't have to make sense....




2nd Chance said...

NANO as therapy...why not? Hey, I do all sorts of things to the people who have bothered me when I write... How many times I've done nasty things to...ahem...or there was the time I...ahem.

And Sin is right, just write...make it episodic. She got up one day and the guy who always let his dog shit on her lawn was walking across the road and was flattened by a steamroller... Righteous!

Me? My month...I'm finishing some edits, working on a short I really want to get done and more sewing! Next...a dress! I'm finding sewing a really good break from obsessing about the books...

Check out the drama of the pirate bolero...finished now! on my blog

Marnee Bailey said...

PS, happy halloween girlies!

Marnee Bailey said...

This makes me excited for both of you! I think Nano is a great idea. I think the whole write your face off thing, without the constraints of expectation, is just the ticket when you feel like your brain is getting in your way.

I love your idea. In fact, I think that it's got real mass appeal. I mean, doesn't everyone, at least sometimes, feel like everyone in the world is standing between them and their bliss? Especially stupid people. Or people who just want to bring drama to your life. Or people who think that somehow you just HAVE to do something or have expectations about your life.

I have so many instances where that's happened and I think it'd be fun to watch a heroine just wade through them, especially one of your heroines, written with your voice. I bet I'd gobble that up.

Anyway, I'm excited to see what happens, for both of you.

I'd ask what Sin's writing about but I'm guessing it's some super secret ninja thing. So I'll just wave and root with quiet but excited fervor (the pom poms and cheerleading cheers irritate her, I think, and an irritated Sin is not a good thing).

Go go go!!

I'm not in on Nano this year. I'm not even going to pretend. I need to start revising in a few days. I'm going to start with my synopsis, since that'll help with my revisions, and then dive in to my GH entry. I want to get it out of my house by Thanksgiving. Four weeks.


Speaking of, if anyone is interested in beta-ing my first 50 pages and synopsis for the GH, lemme know, k? I'd be ever appreciative.

Oh, on an unrelated note, my son's having a pirate birthday party. I just sent out an evite for the fam and I changed the Yes, Maybe, and No tags to "Aye Aye, I'm coming," "Arrgggh, I dunno yet," and "Shiver me timbers, no." Then I chuckled madly to myself, thinking of you girls.


Donna said...

Congrats, Hellion. It sounds like it'll be a great experience for you. Especially if you have Sin prodding you along with her ice pick. :)

I'm still waffling about whether to do it. I love NaNo and want to jump in, but this year is busier than last year. The job is getting more manic now that it's "the holiday season" -- and I'm finishing up two projects for the agent, and doing blog posts for H&H that I didn't have on the agenda last year when I NaNo-ed.

I may jump in with something, as a reward for the muse for working so hard on everything else. It's always good to keep Endora amused!

Bosun said...

Marn - May all the kidlets be storming the decks be clean and mannerly. (Good luck with that.) You know I'll read for you, but I'll need you to return the favor. *g*

Congrats on finding a new story! Sounds like Bridgit Jones meets Breaking Bad. Excellent choice. I'm not in Nano this year. Too busy getting this MS done and ready for the GH. Wrote over 6K words this weekend now it's the resolution and FINALLY the sex scene. If I'm going to make the reader wait 72K words, this better be one hell of a sex scene.

No pressure.

But I'll take my place beside Marn waving the pom poms. Do we get to wear cute little black shorts?

Bosun said...

Oh, speaking of Halloween. I'm almost positive kiddo and I saw a transvestite yesterday. If that really was a man, he was rocking the hottest boots I've seen in a while. And SKINNY! But the face gave it away. I think. Still not sure.

Bosun said...

Dudes. Look what Donna found. It's like a little pan of heaven.

Janga said...

I've been waffling about NaNo for months, but I got a rush assignment last week--15 articles to research and write before Thanksgiving. That moved me from maybe to no. But I'm sending good writing vibes to all of you who are doing NaNo and working on GH entries.

Bosun said...

That sounds your own little NaNo, Janga. Or NaArtWriMo?

Hellion said...

Bear with me. I just got here and settled in--and this Banshee Bride costume is a bitch. (I really frightened the male receptionist, but he's terrified of brides in general.)

Hellion said...

Chance, I cannot wait to read about the bolero! *LOL* I know sewing drama and I know I'm going to feel glad it wasn't me. *LOL* For a change. *LOL*

I think episodic is probably what it's going to be. *LOL* I have some ideas, we'll see how they'll pan. Sin wants me to include every bullet from both of my lists into the story. Which will be interesting because I listed stuff like squirrels, bat, and chocolate cupcakes. Just random stuff. Which is really what Nano is all about, right?

Hellion said...

Marn, my favorite cheerleader. Thank you!! *LOL* I'm somehow doubting the mass appeal, but I appreciate the sentiment. Maybe I'll print out and tape it to my computer so I can get my 50,000 words out this month. :)

HURRAH on a pirate party!! Too funny!!!! I hope the little pirate has a marvelous time!! :)

In fact, I think that it’s got real mass appeal. I mean, doesn’t everyone, at least sometimes, feel like everyone in the world is standing between them and their bliss? Especially stupid people. Or people who just want to bring drama to your life. Or people who think that somehow you just HAVE to do something or have expectations about your life.

I'm laughing because I know you're thinking of someone specific. *LOL*

Hellion said...

Especially if you have Sin prodding you along with her ice pick.

Oh, especially!

Sin would say jump in because she'd count your agent projects and your H&H articles as part of the 50,000 word count, I'm sure.

It's always good to keep Endora amused...she's so frequently unamused that when she is amused, you better be amusing. *LOL* Or something like that. :)

Hellion said...

Of course you get to wear cute little black shorts!

Too busy getting this MS done and ready for the GH. Wrote over 6K words this weekend now it’s the resolution and FINALLY the sex scene. If I’m going to make the reader wait 72K words, this better be one hell of a sex scene.

No pressure.

It'll be the best sex scene ever!! I know it! It's not about the sex, as you know; it's about the sexual tension. Just don't close the door. (I loved my Kristan Higgins over the weekend, but she does close the door on the sex scenes and part of me does think, "This blows!" but then she describes the kisses in length and I'm okay again!)

Considering your story, your characters couldn't have had sex any sooner or they would have been crucified. You're doing exactly as you're supposed to.

(What's Breaking Bad?)

Hellion said...

I'm sure it was a transvestite. This is their National Holiday, isn't it? :) And I'm sure he was beautiful.

And that brownie is to die for!! I have no halloween candy though. I was very tempted to rob my 5-year-old great-niece of her chocolate candy, but her mother was watching and the niece is too smart by half. She'd know what was missing.

Bosun said...

Higgins closes the door? I didn't know that. How detailed are the kisses? Kiddo is trying to find books to read on my shelves and I have a couple Higgins. So far, I'm holding her off the Romance.

Far as I know, Breaking Bad is about a dude who snaps when one too many stupid people pisses him off and starts blowing the shit out of things. I think. *looks up* Oh. Dude told he has two years to live turns to life of crime. And kicks ass. Not exactly what I thought. LOL!

Hellion said...

I agree with Bo'sun, Janga, you could use NaNo for your articles instead. :) Instead of word count, you're doing an article count!! :)

Thank you for the writing vibes. I'll need them (as will all the other pirates who are brushing up entries and manuscripts and the like); and we're sending writing vibes back your way too! ;)

Bosun said...

I bought a giant bag of candy nearly 2 weeks ago and it's still unopened. That, my pirate friends, is a Halloween miracle.

Hellion said...

I bought a giant bag of candy nearly 2 weeks ago and it’s still unopened. That, my pirate friends, is a Halloween miracle.

Nah, I think you thought it fell out of your car and you couldn't find it for 2 weeks.

Hellion said...

I've read YA novels with kisses that felt more sexually explicit than Higgins' books. But all of Higgins' books have heroines in their late 20s, early 30s--people we can still kinda relate to--but I would think would not really be of interest to a 12 year old. (She is 12, yes, not 13? Either case, not the right age of heroine.)

They're definitely a safe read and funny--mostly it's quick one-liners about the act the day after, in the heroine's head. And when she thinks about said experience, "all her girl parts go warm."

BUT I would suggest reading one just in case. I haven't read every Higgins' book out there. *LOL* And I'm probably a little jaded on the sex scenes and what constitutes as knowledge. Or at least see if Janga backs me up on the heat level.

I also recommend: Delirium (Lauren Oliver); Matched (Allie something); Crossed (Allie--); Hush, Hush; Silence; and whatever the third book is of the series...(Becca Fitzgerald)--all YA and all in the right age group and kind of drama. (All paranormal though.) I'm trying to think of a contemporary series that isn't paranormal--but all I can think of are the Princess Diaries (which were really good).

Hellion said...

P.S. I saw Puss in Boots this weekend and it was adorable! I saw it in 2D and didn't feel I missed anything--so that's the version I'm going to recommend. But very adorable and a good story.

Marnee Bailey said...

I bought a giant bag of candy nearly 2 weeks ago and it’s still unopened. That, my pirate friends, is a Halloween miracle.

I had a flash of It's a Wonderful Life here. Like, "when a bag of candy goes unopened, an angel gets its wings" or something.

I’m laughing because I know you’re thinking of someone specific.

*wide-eyed, innocent look* I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about.


I'm serious about the mass appeal. It's like this....

In fact, that blog post resembles my morning. Highlights? Lost keys, a fit of hysteria over the wrong kind of juice, an adamant refusal to wear a mustache as part of a costume, and a coffee pot that decided that today's two hour warming period would be unceremoniously ended a half an hour early.

Bosun said...

I've ordered her 3 YA's on Paperbackswap so they should be here by the weekend. And we're going to hit the library so I'll make notes of the ones you name. She just breezed through four books in the last week. One of them, EPIC FAIL by Clair Lazebnik (modern day P&P retelling) in less than 24hrs. She's suddenly like a crack head only for books. Was desperate for a fix last night.

I want to see Puss-n-Boots. We went to see Three Muskateers yesterday and it is straight up fun. Horrible anachronisms and bad accents (or no accents at all) but still fun. At one point I turned to kiddo, following a long monologue by Matthew MacFadyen (Athos) and said, "His voice alone could get a woman pregnant."

Hellion said...

Oh, yes, I know the hate spiral personally. *LOL*

And I'd lose it if my juice was gone too.

Bosun said...

This must be lost keys day. Kiddo lost her house key and after a quick search, we gave up and she now has MY house key. She better find that dang key tonight. Made me late for work.

Hellion said...

At one point I turned to kiddo, following a long monologue by Matthew MacFadyen (Athos) and said, “His voice alone could get a woman pregnant.”

This is a fact. I hope you were careful.

He'd make a great Athos--he's got that serious brooding thing down.

But I haven't wanted to see that movie (in theaters) simply because it looked nuts. I wouldn't be able to watch it in good fun like it clearly needs to be watched. So I'll wait for video. *LOL* (Mind you I loved the previous 3 Musketeers, so it's not like I'm against inaccuracy; and I loved Kevin Costner's Robin Hood so it's not the accents either.) I think it was the trailer...the trailer made it where it was all explosions and no story and that's what turned me off.

I'm glad it was enjoyable.

EPIC FAIL--that sounds like a good book. I'll have to give that a try. I'm reading now The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer--it's supposed to be a love story AND spooky.

Marnee Bailey said...

And I’d lose it if my juice was gone too


It wasn't gone, just the wrong kind.

Picture it:

The scene: Small, adorable human, about 2 feet high, chubby cheeks, little button nose. Puffy, tear filled eyes, mouth wide in horror, emitting screeches of outrage, stomping feet. Holds sippy cup out to mother who is sporting a look of confusion and frustration.

Mother: I don't understand
Urchin: *Grunting* SCRREECCH!!
Mother: It's ORANGE JUICE! (Voice raises at end, despite her attempts to remain calm.) You liked orange juice yesterday.
Four year old observer: He doesn't like orange juice today, Mom.
Urchin: *throws self on ground, wiggles around like electrocuted fish* EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!
Mother: *retrieves sippy cup* Clearly not.

Mother, exit stage left to kitchen. Spills out perfectly good oj into sink, muttering obscenities in a decibel that offspring can't comprehend. Fills up sippy with watered down apple juice. Returns to spastic child, waves sippy in front of his face as if it were a red flag in front of a bull (ie, equal parts antagonistic and fearful).

Mother: Here, baby. Apple juice. See, apple juice?
*Child sits up, takes sippy cup.*
Urchin: *Tears still streaming down face, smiles* Danks
Translation? Thanks.

You're welcome, lunatic.

Hellion said...

You’re welcome, lunatic.


Again, I can relate to the urchin.

Now I feel a bit bad about sticking the five year old in the corner yesterday. She wasn't nearly that lunatic. She was acting out--and she was mad at her mother and me, and then smacked Grandpa instead--which got her in WORSE trouble. Nuh-uh. You can be ticked off, but you cannot take it out on Grandpa.

Bosun said...

Actually, there aren't that many explosions. LOTS of sword fights, which are very fun. And outlandish. There were several occasions I thought, "Oh, this is just silly." But I was smiling at the same time. And seeing Orlando Bloom at the helm of a ship, albeit AIRship, was fun too. He was the only one with the right accent now that I think about it. LOL!

My favorite is Aramis. Luke Evans is HAWT!!

Hellion said...

So it was the trailer that sucked. Good to know! *LOL*

I think I could handle silly. POTC had lots of silly.

Bosun said...

LMAO!!! Marn is totally giving me flashbacks. Now it's clothes flying through the air and lots of huffing followed by "I have nothing to wear!!!"

Savor the juice fits, Marn. SAVOR THEM.

Marnee Bailey said...

Oh, I'm seriously opposed to the smacking as well. You're fine. LOL!

The baby's hit his terrible two stride, that's for sure. What's kind of irritating is that the older DS seems to be enjoying the younger's more frequent outbursts. All, "Ha ha, he doesn't like that juice, mom," smirk smirk.

They're both the cutest things going. It was just a rough morning.

Marnee Bailey said...

Hell, I wanted to ask, is this story going to be a romance?

Hellion said...

I'm sure the older son thinks the younger son has good entertainment value. *LOL* He's probably fun to stir up. *LOL*

Hmmm, there are boys in the stories, so it could be a romance. Maybe. But the heroine hates the boy--because he was a jock. In fact, she uses him in her books and tortures him a lot.

Marnee Bailey said...

The heroine hates the boy. That's the perfect start to a romance novel. LOL!!

Sin said...

Marn, per usual, I am writing super secret ninja stuff.

Actually, I'm writing Kiki's second book. Tentatively titled, Against All Odds. I have the real title somewhere on a scrap piece of paper but I've yet to recover it in the middle of my notebook paper chaos situation.

Sin said...

Especially if you have Sin prodding you along with her ice pick.

Oh, especially!

Sin would say jump in because she’d count your agent projects and your H&H articles as part of the 50,000 word count, I’m sure.

Oi! Hell yes! It counts!

Hellion said...

Marn, I think Jane Austen makes it work--but sometimes I read where the girl hates the boy and it's like, "Why did they get together again?" *LOL* But this is Nano! Anything can happen!!

Janga said...

Hellie, I think the heat level on Higgins varies a bit, but it never reaches more than barely warm. I'm with you on thinking Higgins may not be the best choice for a 12-year-old. And I also agree that some YAs have more explicit sex than do KH's books.

Ter, has she read Tamora Pierce? If not, she might like Alanna: The First Adventure, the first book in Pierce's Song of the Lioness series. It has a great heroine who wants to be a knight rather than a proper lady. An contemp oldie but one the YA readers in my family love is Ellen Conford's Seven Days to a Brand New Me, and anything by Sarah Dessen is popular with them.

Hellion said...

Don't worry Sin, you'll find the real title after the book is published. *LOL* Then at all the signings, you'll just refer to it as that title because that's the kind of rebel you are.

Sin said...

Um, can I just say this is the first time I've ever been terrified to do NaNo? Terrifyingly excited!!

I haven't done near the amount of prep work I usually do for November. I'm just going to throw caution to the wind and fly by the seat of my pants. Dex and Kiki are at each other's throats. Should be a sparkling good time for us all.

I hope you guys don't get tired of talking about NaNo. I'm talking about it Wednesday too.

Hellion said...

Oh, good, I'm glad Janga could back me up about the heat level. *LOL*

I've heard of Tamora Pierce--and the Sarah Dessen person--I've tried one of her books. They didn't appeal to me, but it's probably the first YA book that felt YA. *LOL* (It's why I like the paranormal YA; they feel "older" in a way.) But Sarah writes more for her audience. *LOL*

Hellion said...

I didn't mean to steal your thunder, Sin. I just thought we should start off NaNo before it started. *LOL* Last chance sale and all.

Bosun said...

I'm adding those to the list for the library, Janga. She seems to be loving para and contemps alike, but her favorite part seems to be the puppy love angst. She can't get enough of Alyson Noel so I'm looking for contemps of that style. She's a tough sell, so it has to hook her in right away.

Forgot to say, she found a Princess Diaries book in her room last night and that's what she was reading this morning. She discarded the three I gave her to try.

Hellion said...

Forgot to say, she found a Princess Diaries book in her room last night and that’s what she was reading this morning. She discarded the three I gave her to try.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. The latter PD books are "older" and she'll probably like them more. More boy trouble, more angst. I love them all because they're funny and sweet, but the latter ones are more memorable.

Bosun said...

Just looked up the Sarah Dessen's and they look perfect. Thanks, Janga!

Bosun said...

I think she has the first Princess Diaries book. If she doesn't like it, she'll have to wait or we'll make a quick trip to the library.

Bosun said...

And three more books ordered on Paperbackswap. Those credits are coming in handy! That's six books total we should have for November. I hope that gets her through the month.

Irisheyes said...

Hellie, sounds like you're pumped and ready to write!!! Good luck to you and Sin (and everyone else with their revisions, re-writes, articles, blogs and what not). What a ship full of writing pirates you all are! I think it's great that you're giving it a whirl.

Marn, thank you SOOOOOOO much for making me thankful I have a brooding, muttering teenager and not a fit throwing, screeching toddler. Some days it is hard to see the benefits, but today I'm seeing them crystal clear. As the DH likes to point out I always want what I can't have. I was just telling him last night we're having a familly meeting this week about communicating (clearly and consisely) and hugging! I suppose I can do without the negative communicating. I remember those days all too well. And my DS was just like yours - loved something one day (I proceeded to buy it in bulk) and hated it the next. Took me years to learn my lesson on that one.

Thanks also for the book recs, guys, my DD is kind of burnt out on required reading (Red Badge of Courage and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn) and could use a little escape.

Hellion said...

Hmmm, yes, the first PD book is sorta low-key. Tell her the later ones are better.

I'm not sure 6 will get her through the month, but you're the optimist, not me.

Hellion said...

Hi Irish! Come, join us on the Dark Side! I know you want to sit and'll be great fun. You'll be part of a group. It's like Weight're in it for yourself, to look great and feel great, but when you see your weight (word count) with everyone else's--you're like part of the big picture. It's momentum!

Hope your daughter finds something she loves reading! I have been loving the Becca Fitzpatrick books A LOT--ANGELS meet TWILIGHT--and it's hot. *sighs* They're supposed to come this month. I can't wait! *LOL*

Hellion said...

I knew I had read something else this month!

A BEAUTIFUL DARK by Jocelyn Davies

More angels; and the heroine is sort of a mutant. A cool mutant. I think this will be a cool series too. (Not as intense as Hush, Hush was though.)

P. Kirby said...

I think I'll give the Princess Diaries a try. Could use a fun, light read.

I wish I could do NaNo. But there's a three-day art show right after Thanksgiving and I've got a ton of stuff to make. There's also a group book signing that I'm participating in that weekend.

And, much to my doctor/dentist phobic chagrin, I have a dental issue that's probably going the way of root canal or extraction. I haven't been to the dentist in 30 years and the very thought is making me nauseous. (Not to mention the cost.) Not very conducive to a good writing mind set.

Best of luck to everyone to takes the plunge into NaNo.

Bosun said...

Checked out the blurb on that one and I think she'd like it. Sounds like Alyson Noel's Immortals series, which I recommend if you never got those. There are six of them, all out already. Go glom.

Demi Spawn said...

Hekkkk yes I'm ready! If I make an appearance in Hellion's NaNo she has promised to give me an umbrella! AND I get to wack people with it! <3

Live is good. Life in a book is even better.
*wicked laugh*

Janga said...

Speaking of YA books, Roxanne St. Claire has one set for a July release. I don't know about the heat level, but it sounds good--and she's a terrific writer. You can read an excerpt here:

Also, I love M. J. Putney's (Mary Jo Putney) two YAs: Dark Mirror and Dark Passage. They've gotten great reviews, including a nomination as one of the top young adult novels of the years by the Young Adult Library Services Association for the first one. You can check them out here:

I should have been a librarian. :)

Hellion said...

P. Kirby, I do hope you check them out and enjoy them. They're sweet and fun. And a grandmother who isn't the cookie-baking really sweet type. *LOL*

Sorry to hear about the dental troubles! I have to go to the dentist every 6 months or my teeth rot right out of my head. It's tragic. I don't like root canals either. *frowns* But you can take the opportunity to reward yourself after!!

And you can use Nano to make as many art pieces as possible!! Okay that might not work. *LOL* I don't think art works like that...

It was worth a try.

Hellion said...

Demi, I might even install you in the estate I drew on my map this weekend...that's right next to the trailer court. *brouhahahaha* And you can be the leader of the Ladies' Society in town. You'll be my Cranford character. :)

Hellion said...

Janga: Or a bookseller. :) But the librarian would probably get to use more of your talents at academia AND fiction. :) And all those research techniques you could pass along to people! :)

P. Kirby said...

"And you can use Nano to make as many art pieces as possible!! Okay that might not work. *LOL* I don’t think art works like that…"

I like that! My NaNo can be 30 metal art pieces by November 25. And bookmarks to give out at the book signing.


Bosun said...

The Putney's look good and I know she's an amazing writer, but Kiddo hasn't gotten into anything historical yet. Maybe these will be the ones. I'll let her read the blurbs and we'll go from there.

It's never too late, Janga!

Demi Spawn said...

"Demi, I might even install you in the estate I drew on my map this weekend…"

Gosh, I've Always wanted to be one of Those People who were 'On the Map' LOL

2nd Chance said...

Wow! Busy Halloween morning! I slept in after the trauma of the bolero weekend...

I love the party invites! I want to throw a pirate I don't really know enough people locally...sigh.

Anyone on FB, check out P. Kirby's mermaid on her page...wowser!

Hellion said...

I can't find P.Kirby's website, page--can you email it to me?

Hellion said...

Kiddo will be glomming hard when she does get into historical. *LOL*

Hellion said...

Awesome, P.Kirby, that works for you? You have to show us your pieces! :) YAY!

Bosun said...

Here's the link to Pat. The mermaid is the first picture on the wall.!/profile.php?id=1314871316

Hellion said...

Thank you for the link!! (I can't see the pic yet--I wonder if she has to friend me first?) I love the picture of the greyhound though! (I love greyhounds! And whippets and miniature Italian greyhounds.)

Di R said...

Ahoy, Pirates~

I signed up for NaNo yesterday, I'd planned to work on my regency, but have decided to switch to my contemporary. (Which reminnds me I need to change the title of my book). I've never finished a NaNo and this year, I'm totally winging it.


Hellion said...

Di! Hurrah!!! I'm so glad you'll be writing with us!! Do check in and let us know how you're succeeding during Nano. I see great writing for us this month!!

2nd Chance said...

Hel - you see Pat's mermaid yet?