Sunday, September 4, 2011

Happy Labarrrrrrgh Day!

Good News! We survived the long, HOT summer of 2011.

The seas have been rough at times. The A/C and rum working overtime. But fall is on the way, at least in our northern hemisphere.

Here’s hoping all our pirates and pirate pals enjoy their last day at the pool, a hot dog or two, and a beverage or four.

And let’s not forget all those workers who fought and on occasion died for fair treatment and a safer workplace. This holiday is more than a day off and the chance to sell half priced furniture.

Have a good one and send up a prayer that come spring we’ll be describing this impending winter as one of the mildest in years.


Hellion said...

YES, here is hoping we're describing next March that it was the MILDEST winter we remember in a long time. *LOL* Please, please, please.

Note to self: really work harder on stopping global warming....

Will be out today with Dad to visit family in St. Charles. Here's hoping it's a great day!!

2nd Chance said...

A mild winter...and a wondrously lucky season of many sales!

Our last holiday weekend is seeing the beaches terribly crowded and we natives look forward to when they are all GONE!

Bosun said...

Have fun in St. Charles!

We have a beach festival here, Chance, which means we're not going down there. But next weekend, kiddo and I will enjoy the much smaller crowds and do some wave watching.

I have a cookout later today and thankfully, I'm only responsible for the salad. One of the few things within my culinary skill set.


Marnee said...

Gah, I was all over yesterday!

Happy Fall everyone. This is my favorite season, with the baking and comfort foods. I'm glad this long, overly-hot summer is over. I don't sweat happily.