Thursday, June 16, 2011

Fabulous Interview with the Fabulous Captain Jack Sparrow: Jack Cowboys Up with Randi Alexander

JACK: *off screen, odd Texas drawl overlaid a British accent* ‘ello, ladies and gents, to another Fabulous Interview with the Fabulous Captain Jack Sparrow. Today is a bit of a surprise. I have been practicing—shit, damnit *sounds of someone tripping and a bunch of stuff falling to the floor* —PRACTICING how to cowboy.


*camera zooms in and we see the Captain Jack Sparrow in pirate gear and eye makeup, wearing a black cowboy hat, chaps, spurs, and carrying a lasso*


JACK: *excited grin* Look! I’ve almost got it! Watch. *swings lasso above his head and tosses it* Ha! *draws it back in and with it comes Hellion and a blonde woman who doesn’t seem to mind being tied up* Here’s my interviewee now! Please welcome Randi Alexander to the ship!


HELLION: If you don’t knock it off with the rope, I’m going to tie you up. *Hellion removes the rope from her and Randi and moves to the couch*


RANDI: Well! Seems we're off to a kinky start already. Thank you for letting me board the ship. I'm excited to get this threesome…ur…interview started.


JACK: I always say the more, the merrier. *winding up the rope* This is a very handy trick, Ms. Alexander. I can’t thank you enough for teaching me.


RANDI: *batting her eyes* Since you've had your lasso on me already, you may call me Randi. And if we have time later *winks* I have a few other tricks to show you.


JACK: I'd love to see them. Maybe we can.... *sotto whisper* Hellie is glaring at me again. I suppose we should get on with the interview itself. *adopts a serious look* So first things first: you don’t write about pirates—you write about cowboys. I, myself, am a pirate fan, as are many of the followers of this ship. Can you tell us how pirates and cowboys are similar? Why would a pirate fan start reading a book featuring cowboys? Aside from the obvious roping scenes, of course….


RANDI: You and that rope, Captain Jack. *bites her lower lip* You're going to get us all into trouble! If readers are looking for an alpha male, pirates and cowboys are the best place to start. Irresistibly sexy, they're both sweet-tongued enough to turn a woman's body to jello. Imagine a tall, buff, dark-eyed cowboy with a day's growth of beard swaggering up to you in a bar, his boot heels loud on the wooden floor. His Stetson is as black as his hair, and the sleeves of his western shirt are rolled up to reveal muscled forearms. *shivers with delight* His jeans are worn but clean, and mold around him, showing off narrow hips, strong thighs, and a really big, impressively bulging…um…belt buckle.  His scent reaches you and you breathe deep of a mix of man and cologne. His grin is slightly lopsided and his eyes twinkle as he tips his hat and drawls, "Ma'am. Could I have this dance?" How could you say no?


JACK: I'll be the first to say: I love a girl who can't say no. What is your book, Chase and Seduction, about? And can I just say: FABULOUS title. I’m all about the chase and seduction.


RANDI: And I'm sure your conquests appreciate that! *wiggles her brows at Jack* The book is about Chase Tanner, a cowboy who has made it big - really big - as a country western singer. The object of his seduction is Reno Linden, who has talked the studio into casting Chase in a role in her movie. She's a small-town girl, and avoids Chase's mega-star come-ons during filming - until one weekend, when everything changes, and she gives in to him. *sighs* But life intrudes, old insecurities surface, and things fall apart for Chase and Reno. Will they be able to overcome and reconnect? Chase and Seduction is packed with lots of hot, sexy lovin' and deep, tender romance.


JACK: The hero’s name is Chase? He certainly lives up to his name, doesn’t he? *Jack turns to smolder at the camera* Much like I live up to mine: the Fabulous Captain Jack Sparrow. *turns back* What makes this guy so heroic?


RANDI: You ARE fabulous, Jack, and you're MY personal hero!


HELLION: Really, don't encourage him.


JACK: No, please, do encourage me. *ducks flying rum bottle from Hellion* You were saying before Hellie so rudely interrupted....


RANDI: Chase is Reno's hero because he's a lot more than his wild and loose public persona reveals. He's caring and kind, a man whose humble beginnings ground him, and whose social conscience defines him. Once he realizes how lucky he is to have found Reno, he goes all in, showing her his flaws and vulnerabilities, his intensity and strength.


JACK: He’s all that, is he? *grins wickedly again* Your heroine must be in trouble then. What’s she like? Hellie makes me ask about the heroes first, but I don’t understand why anyone would be interested in them. It’s the heroines who are fascinating: beautiful, smart, funny, and completely vulnerable to charming men like me. *leans forward* So do you think your heroine would like me?


RANDI: Jack, she would absolutely swoon if she met you. *Hellion groans* Reno's a strong woman, independent and successful in her writing. But not so lucky in her romantic life. Her last boyfriend was more interested in her career than in her heart, and at first, she's skittish, avoiding Chase's intense seduction until he caresses away all her reservations. Once she recognizes the bond she and Chase share, she'll do everything she can to keep him in her life.


JACK: *looks slightly discomfited* Perhaps she's better off with Chase. My true commitment is with the Black Pearl and the sea. *clears throat* Once I get done reading this one, when can I expect to have another one from you? Much like rum, I don’t like to run out of a great thing. What will your next book be about?


RANDI: Just as the rum is swirling around in your brain, my next book is still rattling around up in mine. It's the story of a bull rider and a nanny, with whom fate seems to be playing games. Since it's another story for the Cowboy Kink line, I'm researching something very kinky for these two to enjoy. *grins wickedly*


JACK: I could help you with your research if you like. *shifting on the couch, not making eye contact with a glowering Hellie* I’m getting the Evil Eye again. I suppose I’m not keeping on task--*smoldering look at Randi*--you’re distracting me. I’m supposed to be asking you about your Call Story and your writing process.


RANDI: The story behind Chase and Seduction is all about fate. I'd written the book, then attended a writer's conference in Pensacola, Florida. I met an author who contracted her book with The Wild Rose Press' Cowboy Kink line. Once I got home, I read her book and knew Chase and Reno's story would fit perfectly in the line. I rewrote, submitted, and was asked to make a few changes. Made the changes, resubmitted, and received a contract within a week. Yee-haw! Sorry, Jack, that's 'cowboy' for Shiver Me Timbers!
I'm a full-time writer, and I write rather quickly. The novella I'm giving away today to one lucky reader took me three days to write. And it's 40 pages! But have no fear, I did a healthy revision and my two excellent critique partners edited it to a high-gloss. When I write longer novels, I will do an comprehensive backstory on each of the characters, and I'll write a detailed outline. For shorter stories like Her Cowboy Stud, I just keep the backstory and outline in my head.


JACK:  Most excellent. Thank you for sharing your pirating skills. Last question, typically I ask what you’d do on a rainy day—what are you wearing, what are you reading, what are you drinking—but it’s SUMMER and it’s obvious you wouldn’t be at your house, inside, not enjoying the sunshine. So the question is: you’re at the beach, in a hammock, shaded by a large umbrella (skin cancer you know, so bad for you). What are you wearing? What are you reading? And most importantly, what are you drinking?


RANDI: Love the beach! I'm wearing a purple swimsuit and pink snorkel gear. (I'm an avid snorkeler.) Right now I'm reading Should've Been a Cowboy by Vicki Lewis Thompson and Lover Unleashed by J.R. Ward. I like a variety of genres, and I love hot and spicy writing! I'm not drinking rum, sorry to say. My new addiction this summer is flavored vodka and club soda. Did you know they make pineapple-flavored vodka?


JACK: No, I did not. Fabulous. Now…is there anything you’d like to ask the crew before they start peppering you with questions?


RANDI: I would love your crew's opinion. I mentioned that my next book will have an interesting 'kinky' theme. The book will be a M/F, and a H.E.A. romance, and taking these criteria into account, what do you consider kinky? What kind of kink do you like to read?


To celebrate the release of Chase and Seduction, I'm giving away, to one lucky *commenter, an e-copy of my novella Her Cowboy Stud. Just leave a comment today and we'll choose a winner tomorrow. *Commenter must be 18 years of age or older to win.


2nd Chance said...

Suitable cowboy kink...hmmmm!

Let me pour meself some pineapple rum (yup, they make pineapple rum also!) and give this some thought...

Spurs? Uh...pony play? Likes it on horseback? Leather...yeah, leather would make sense. Chaps and leather gloves...

(Honestly, Jack did the cowboy a gecko... The animated Rango... Spaghetti western on acid... Wild movie!)

When I get back aboard, come the morning (late morning) I'll bring some flavored vodka with me. Jus' got ta stop at the Tortuga Liquor Barn...

Quantum said...

Hi Randi

Your new book sounds intriguing!

Thinking about what I would like in the 'kinky' arena, I remembered watching a film as a student which was described as 'The Thinking Man's Nookie'. Can't remember the director, but it may have been Eric Rhomer.

For Erotic Romance I think that I might like some 'Thinking Man's Kinky' :lol:

Possible plot idea:
Gorgeous computer scientist Samantha is so tied up with her work on developing unbreakable security codes with Quantum Cryptography that she is oblivious to the powerful physical attraction that she exerts on her male colleagues.

Indeed, the last guy who tried to remove some of her clothing while on a date, triggered a security alarm (pat pending) in her bra which had half the metropolitan police charging to the rescue, lights flashing and sirens blaring.

Nick the resident computer genius figured that the only way to penetrate her panties was through her love of cryptography so he began work on the most devilish plan for seduction ever devised ......

You get my drift?

From your web site bio I gather that you have a back list of romance novels.
Only your latest release shows on Amazon UK kindle so I wondered if you have lots of pseudonyms.

Lovely to meet you. :D

Randi Alexander said...

Good morning! It's good to see other early risers!

2nd Chance, let's get some of that pineapple rum for our coffee, shall we?

Quantum, you're very sharp for this early in the AM. Yes, I do have another pen name under which I am published in contemporary romance.

Thank you both for some great ideas for 'kinky'!

Donna said...

I LOVE cowboys! I also love books about them. :) This sounds like a fun one too.

Thanks for the tip about the pineapple-flavored vodka and soda. That sounds like it could be refreshing when you've got a cowboy hottie in your hammock. *fans face*

Kink is definitely in the eye of the beholder. I'm sure you'll get some interesting suggestions from this bunch. I have nothing to add--publicly. LOL

Randi Alexander said...

Donna, LOL - feel free to contact me offline if you want to share your kinky thoughts! Pineapple vodka is my favorite, but my hubby loves the watermelon. They really become summery drinks when you add fruit to the glass. *mouth is watering now* Thanks for dropping by!

Hellion said...

Cowboy kink. Well, for one, it has to happen in a hay loft. I always like one of those joyful, playful tumbles in a hay loft. It's so farmer's daughter and the hired hand sort of play. After, they take a swim in the pond to get rid of all the hay dust and sooth the scratches from the straw. And to cool off.

You could always have one of those scenes where some prize stallion is being mated to a mare, and have the hero pressed up behind the heroine (who was sneaking a peek) and whispers in her ear what is going on. (As if she doesn't know--but there is something about being whispered dirty thoughts that is such a turn-on. *LOL* You know, from the right cowboy. From the wrong cowboy, you just shove him in the trough.)

Making out on a horse can be pretty fun, provided you can stay on while you're fooling around. Can't imagine you get very far, since most people wear jeans to ride and shucking a girl's jeans while balanced on a horse and trying to steer it sounds like more tasks than one should have to do at one time, especially when compromised by lust.

Maybe they can just fool around in a pick up truck. I can't tell you the number of times I've fooled-- *pauses* Never mind.

Bosun said...

I love that we have a minimum age limit for a prize. No idea why, but I'm tickled by that. Loving the sound of these stories except I'm trying not to let my reality get in the way of the fantasy. My ex-H is a country singer (NOT wildly successful) who wore the hat and jeans and didn't fit the description of Chase at all. *sigh* Maybe I should read this to cleanse my pallet. LOL!

We're going to learn a lot about our fellow pirates today. Hmmm...kink. Cowboy kink at that. I was thinking since he's a bullrider, there would be a mechanical bull involved. In private, of course. Chaps with nothing underneath are always good. Or rather, on the right cowboy. (Saw that once on the wrong cowboy, which means I need another pallet cleanser.)

I've met some real cowboys in my day. You know who Ross Coleman is? Probably the MOST real cowboy you can get. That's a breed I don't run into often enough. Also knew one with a belt buckle the size of my head. (NOT a euphemism.) And he smelled good too.

Why the Hell do I live on the east coast?!

Hellion said...

Chaps and a mechanical bull?

I'm clearly way too tame. *LOL* I should think harder about this. I think Deerhunter has some cowboy gear, maybe I should let him brainstorm with me and I'll report back to you later. Much later.

Bosun said...

I don't think Randi has the kind of time.

There's always wearing nothing but his boots and hat. That's a look I can get behind. Or in front of...

P. Kirby said...

Well, I'm not good at kink, which is why I don't write erotica. But I grew up around horses and married into a ranching family. Technically, my husband is a cowboy.

Back when I was horny teen/twenty something, I recall that sex happened in all kinds of places: the horse trailer, horse stalls, the back of the truck, the cab of the truck (not comfortable). Pretty much any (sort of) out of the way place would do. For what it's worth, a lot of ranches have really big water troughs out on the range. The kind you can swim in and, uh, do other things in. Just sayin'.

Quantum said...

How did cowboys get associated with 'kinky'? I can't see any logic there!

Surely ranching is a business with security needs like any other,
so one could squeeze all sorts of kinks in to 'cow boy kinky'. :lol:

Randi said: Quantum, you’re very sharp for this early in the AM. Yes, I do have another pen name under which I am published in contemporary romance.

In England we use GMT so it was easy to be awake by American standards *grin*
Would you care to mention your other pen name?
I want to be sure that I'm buying 'Thinking Man's Romance' before I venture into kinky erotic variations!

Will it give me satisfying dreams?
That's my basic criterion. 8)

tammy ramey said...

Hi Randi,
i just stop by to tell you how much i enjoyed Her Cowboy Stud. i was wonderful! i just wish it had been longer. LOL
i am having alot of fun following your tour and leaving comments when i can (hating blogger when i can't). i am looking forward to reading the book.

Donna said...

Why the Hell do I live on the east coast?!

I was thinking the very same thing! I miss going to rodeos and seeing all those tough cowboys riding bulls and racing around on their horses.

*fans face* Give me a minute, okay?

Although, much as I love you randy pirates, you're not getting me to spill any kink info. (We should probably rename this ship "Kinko's". LOL)

Bosun said...

Donna - You could say "My friend once said she liked...." and then you're not really revealing anything. LOL!

When I lived in Tennessee and Arkansas I was always at a rodeo or bull riding. The full on rodeo is harder to watch at times, but the cowboys were always easy on the eyes.

Hellion said...

Donna, you Scorpios are so secretive. *LOL* Oh, if only politicians bothered to cover their tracks as effectively as a good Scorpio.

Randi Alexander said...

Hellie, interesting that your kink idea about watching horses mate is similar to a scene in Her Cowboy Stud.

Which segues into Bo'sun's comment about the age limit. The giveaway book is an erotic romance. Kinky erotic romance.

And I'm getting good notes today. Mechanical bull, chaps and nothing else. The back of the horse trailer, the water trough, the hay barn. Yee-haw!

Great to see some of my blog tour followers here, too. This blog is crazy fun, always something interesting going on!

Bosun said...

Oh, I knew WHY we needed the age limit. LOL! That's why I liked it. I believe there will be a few stories added to my eReader this weekend. I've been so busy, reading "quickies" (so to speak) have been working better. These spicy little stories sound just right.

Donna said...

We Scorpios don't "kink and tell". LOL And I have to save the good stuff for my manuscripts!

I remember one time driving thru Pendleton, OR to get home from a conference, completely forgetting it was time for the Pendleton Roundup -- a big cowboy rodeo deal. I was FORCED to drive slowly thru town because of all the traffic.

*fans face* Wow, what a great flashback. . .

Randi Alexander said...

Quantum, I'm a woman of mystery, and unwilling to reveal my other pen name at this time. But if you'd like to scrutinize Chase and Seduction more closely, to determine if it's your 'cup of tea' I'd love for you to read the review-site reviews on my website, and the customer reviews on

Bosun said...

A girl has to keep a little mystery about her. Nicely played, Ms. Alexander.


2nd Chance said...

Spying on the, Cap'n... How kinky!

I think a girl who is thinking seduction might wear a full skirt on the horse... ;-)

Watermellon vodka, too? Well, great...back in the rowboat and into port!

Sin said...

Sorry guys that I'm late. Work is well work and with the state conference coming up I can't get away long enough to breathe.

Kinky cowboys. *hm* Is that a gun in your pants or are you just happy to see me.

I have to echo Chanceroo. Spurs, lasso, rope, saddle, bareback riding, cowgirl style and reverse. Ooh, maybe a cowboy hat tipped low over the eyes for a bit of mystery. A dark barn. The smell of alfalfa and sweet feed. So many good things can come from this.

Hellion said...

I was FORCED to drive slowly thru town because of all the traffic.

By this, do you mean you actually "stopped, parked, went to the rodeo, screamed yourself hoarse watching the bull riders, then made out with one of the bronc busters near the beer garden"?

Because I know how you Scorpios like to talk in code.

Hellion said...

I think a girl who is thinking seduction might wear a full skirt on the horse…

Yes, except riding bare legged like that ends up chapping the thighs. I should know.

Hellion said...

The smell of alfalfa and sweet feed.

I like that image. :)

Oh, and we're forgetting the classic out in the grass (or back of pickup), looking up at the summer stars on a moonless night. Like black velvet and diamonds.

2nd Chance said...

Chapped worth it!

Donna said...

Because I know how you Scorpios like to talk in code.

And I love the scenarios you come up with while trying to crack that code. LOL

Hellion said...

Chapped thighs…so worth it!

From the cowboy, not the horse.

Marnee said...

Sorry I'm so late. Doctor's appointment today that went forever.

Welcome to the boat, Randi!!

This book sounds great! Country western singer, huh?

As to kink.... My reading preferences are pretty mainstream. I don't mind some heat but anything too out of the box starts having me wondering how slot A and tab B fit, who belongs to what appendage, and whether laws of physics were broken.

I do like the heat of JR Ward though. Great reading.

2nd Chance said...

And I double the so worth it! ;-)

Bosun said...

I thought the chick would be in a skirt too. Though if you stick with the mechanical bull, no actual riding need happen, except the good kind.

I totally forgot about the reverse cowgirl. Brings back memories.

Randi Alexander said...

Yessiree, the ideas are flowing, and I'm taking notes. Mental notes, where I'm picturing cowboys and cowgirls in all sorts of delicious positions, getting all sorts of things chapped. Keep it coming! (no pun intended)

Marnee, I will give you a promise about my writing. Everything has been tested to insure that slots and tabs do fit together. *smiling* Yes, my husband loves me.