Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fabulous Captain Jack Interviews Author Jennifer Bray-Weber

It’s another Fabulous Interview with the Fabulous CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow!

CJS: Ahoy there, me hearties. It is I, Jack, back once again with… *Jack looks around for his guest* Where is this lovely creature I’ve come to interview?

Bo’sun: She’s waiting in the green cabin, but I wanted to talk to you before we get started.

CJS: Bo’sun, darling, you’re doing that controlling thing again. *waves hand in the air* I assure you I can handle this interview with my typical charm.

Bo’sun: She brought her own pirate Captain. *Bo’sun closes her eyes and waits*

CJS: *hesitates, then raises one brow* What did you say?

Bo’sun: He’s not coming out for the interview but a certain Captain Zane Fox is wondering around the ship and I don’t want you doing anything stupid. Jennifer is a sweet heart and our guest and she’s welcome to bring along any of her characters she wants. *Bo’sun waves to someone off stage* Now here she comes. Here are your cards. Be nice!

CJS: But- *Jack turns to see a beautiful blonde walking his way* And who have we here? *glances down at top card and finally addresses the camera* Won’t you please welcome my guest, the enchanting Jennifer Bray-Weber.

*Crew and pals applaud wildly*

Jenn: Ah, Captain Jack Sparrow, you rapscallion. The pleasure is all mine. And what an honor to be here at Romance Writer’s Revenge. May I have a spot of that rum?*smirks and holds out hand* Thank you.

CJS: *blinks at the rum now gone from his hand* I understand you’re a woman after my own heart, as well as my rum. A writer of pirates, this says. Do tell us where you came up with this brilliant topic.

Jenn: Well, Jack, it came to me in a dream. No, really. I dreamed one night that I was whisked away to a pirate ship. I had so much fun in that fantasy, I wrote it down. A seed was planted *winks at Jack* and high seas adventure BLOOD AND TREASURE was penned.  Tavern wench, Lianna Whitney, is caught in the crossfire between the Royal Navy and a lusty pirate when she unexpectedly comes into possession of a golden medallion. I know how much you like golden medallions, Jack. *offers another wicked smile* Captain Zane Fox gets more than any respectable pirate bargains for when he steals away with bewitching Lianna and the prize. Soon it becomes clear the medallion is not the only treasure worth risking their lives for.

CJS: A pirate Captain. Oh, that’s right. Bo’sun mentioned something. *snickers and curls his lip* Let’s talk more about this Lianna person. If she has a thing for pirates, I like her already. I’d love to meet her.

Bo’sun: Jack! The cards. Stick to the cards.

CJS: That wench needs to relax. *flips to the next card* This says you finaled in something called the Golden Heart. *the crew applauds and whistles* This apparently means something to these ladies. Do tell them about it or I’ll never hear the end of it.

Jenn: The Golden Heart is an esteemed contest hosted by Romance Writers of America. For unpublished authors, taking a final in the Golden Heart is akin to an Emmy nomination, or a treasure map leading you to, say, the Fountain of Youth.  Originally BLOOD AND TREASURE was titled UPON A MOONLIT SEA. I was lucky enough to have the manuscript garner me a spot among the 2009 Golden Heart finalists. Our merry band of 2009 finalists is known as the Ruby-Slippered Sisterhood and you might be interested to know my nickname is the Ruby Wench.

CJS: And a gem of a wench you are. *Bo’sun clears throat* Yes, yes I know. Bo’sun has something written here about self-… *turns to Bo’sun* I think you have the wrong word here. Shouldn’t this be self-p--?

Bo’sun: The card is right!!

CJS: *curls his lip again* This says you self-published this book. Bo’sun seems intently anxious to know what led you to this decision. Though if you’d rather talk about self-something else I’d be happy to…

Jenn: Maybe later, Jack. *looks to the ceiling, nods thoughtfully* Yes, definitely, maybe later. Self-publishing is a hot topic at the moment. It wasn’t too long ago when I didn’t see self-publishing as an option. Let’s face it, until the rise of popular e-readers such as the Kindle, self-publishing was considered pejorative.  Listening to the winds of change and witnessing the success of other authors, best-sellers and newbies alike, made me realize the possibilities on the horizon. Plus, I like to be in control. *shrugs nonchalantly* So, I took the helm and charted a course.

CJS: An independent woman. I like that. I have a thing for a woman with her own ship. *looks around for Hellie, doesn’t find her* I happen to know of this little cove where we could-

Hellie: I’m behind the camera, Jack.

CJS: *clears his throat* Back to the cards now. What can we look for next and what are you working on now?

Jenn: BLOOD AND TREASURE is the first of five in my Romancing The Pirate series. I’m expecting the print version of BLOOD AND TREASURE to become available in July. I hope to have A KISS IN THE WIND featuring libertine pirate Captain Blade Tyburn and raven-haired, knife-wielding thief, Marisol Castellan out by spring 2012. Follow that with the despicable Captain Thayer Drake, who quite possibly loves his rum more than you, and stowaway songstress Gillian McCoy in THE BRUISED SKY.

CJS: More pirate Captains. Lovely. Just what we need, more Captains sailing about.

Jenn: Don’t look so glum, Jack. You might actually enjoy Captain Joelle Quint. She’s a fiery, red-headed hellcat who purchases ex-pirate Sloan King off the auction block in CLASH OF THE TIDES.

CJS: Well now that’s a Captain I can get on board with. *looks down to see he’s run out of cards* Looks like it’s the crews turn to ask the questions. Speaking of, do you have something you’d like to ask our audience?

Jenn: If you had a chance to play out a fantasy, in what time and place would you go? Who would you be with? Would you have a thrilling adventure? A love affair? Both?  Remember, it’s just a fantasy, so have fun with it.

Jennifer has been kind enough to offer up a free copy, either e-book or in print, of BLOOD AND TREASURE to one lucky commenter!! (Print book will not be available until July but think of it as something to look forward to.)

You can find Jennifer in several places around the web including her website, the Ruby-Slippered Sisterhood mentioned above, and the Musetracks blog.


Hellion said...

Hilarious! Well done, Jen and Bo'sun, keeping Jack in line. I know it's nigh unto impossible.

A fantasy adventure?

I think I'd want a highlander adventure. A hot brawny Scot in a kilt circa 1700 or so. A Rob Roy version. :)

I also wouldn't mind a knight adventure--you know, like from A Knight's Tale. Not exactly historical, but quite adventuresome.

And of course a pirate adventure, but it'd have to take place on shore. Conditions on a ship aren't exactly prime.

OH, and I'd love to have a WWII adventure. Me in those gorgeous dresses--and flirting with all those handsome sailors. Hello, SAILOR! *salute*

2nd Chance said...

Hellion! You can always have an adventure on my Caribbean...where the ship's have hot showers and a working septic system... ;-)

Which is where my adventure would take place, of course. Though maybe not the Kraken's Caribbean. I might opt for the Caribbean I created in A Caribbean Spell...

And welcome aboard Jenn! Hmmm, I think 2009 was the year I sent A Caribbean Spell out to the Golden I know why I didn't place! One too many pirate stories!

Congrats and welcome to the ship! I'm the resident bartender, so any request is mine to fulfill!

Marnee said...

Welcome aboard, Jenn!

These books sound wonderful. :)

Self-publishing is a hot topic these days. You said that until recently it wasn't something you would consider. What factors changed your mind? You mention the rise of e-readers but was there anything else that swayed you into that corner?

Also, what do you think are the biggest pros and cons of self-publishing?

Thanks again for hanging out with us here on the boat!

Donna said...

Great interview, Captain Jack, and Bo'sun--what a great job keeping him in line. (Nice cameo by Hellion too. LOL)

Welcome, Jenn! This sounds like a fun series. And congrats on the GH final. I know that must have been exciting.

I'd also like to hear more about the self-pub route, and if you feel like it's been beneficial.

As for the fantasy, I've been a Regency girl for *mumble* years, so I would be there in a heartbeat. And Hellie's highlander adventure--hey, that sounds like a great title, doesn't it? LOL Anyway, I could definitely do a Highlander. I mean a Highlander adventure.

I better go finish my coffee!

Bosun said...

Good morning, Everyone! Good to see the fantasies swirling this early in the morning. I have a new employee to check in (no new hotties, this is day job stuff) and then I'll be back to play.

I've started reading Jennifer's book and it's loads of fun. When this hero makes an entrance, he makes an entrance.

Jenn! said...

You ladies start early. LOL!

Thank you so much for hosting me, Hellion. Bo'sun was a pleasure to work with. And Jack? Well, he's too much fun.

You've got some great fantasies lined up. I'm a sucker for pirates, but I could do me a fantasy like A Knight's Tale. Especially if the so-called knight looks anything like Heath Ledger. That movie may not be historical, but it was hysterical. At any rate, with my luck, my fantasy would end up more like Robin Hood: Men in Tights.

Thanks again!

Jenn! said...

2nd Chance~

There is always room for more pirates! Thanks for having me.

Do you have any of that Captain Morgan's Tattoo rum handy? That's become my rum of choice.

Hellion said...

When this hero makes an entrance, he makes an entrance.

That also sounds like Jack. *LOL*

Jenn! said...


Listening to JA Konrath, Dean Wesley Smith, and a handful of friends who have self-published certainly swayed my opinion. I had nothing to lose.

Yes, there are many pros and cons to self-publishing.

One con is the amount of time it takes to pull it together. I spent hours designing the cover, even more hours on formatting. It could be frustrating at times. Another con is marketing, or rather, how much time and money you are willing to spend on marketing. I imagine it's not for everyone. But I'm the type that dives in feet first. It's all based on a learning curve.

The pros are summed up in one word - control. I have control of the cover, the marketing, and the money I make. I get downright giddy at the thought of it. I'm proud of this book and have a vision for the series.


Jenn! said...


I think my decision to self publish this book has been very beneficial. It's too early to talk hard numbers, but I have been very pleased with steady sales. I'm building a platform and getting my name out there to a wider audience. The future and the possibilities presented to me are optimistic. I can't ask for more than that.

Yeah, I could do a Highlander, too. And Regency? Oh, the trouble I could get into....

Scapegoat said...

Sign me up for the highlander adventure! :)

Congrats on the GH Final!

William said...

Absolutely perfect! Jenn AND Captain Jack? This has got to be one for the books!

Bosun said...

For those of you who missed it (because I forgot and just added it), Jennifer is giving away a free book to one lucky commenter. Ebook or print! (Though the print won't be available until next month.)

Bosun said...

I've been a fan of Historicals forever, but I don't think I want to go back to the days of no indoor plumbing. Or planes, trains, and automobiles. LOL! Which would make Chance's Caribbean the exception since I'd have most of the amenities.

But I think I'd rather go for the "working for a professional sports organization" fantasy. I'd get to mix business and pleasure which would suit me perfectly.


Jenn! said...


Thanks for the congrats.
It's hard to pass up a Highlander, that's for sure. :-)

Suzan Harden said...

Yay, Jenn! You made it through the interview without jumping Captain Jack!

Seriously, Blood and Treasure is a great book!

(Sorry for all the exclamation points. I pulled the extras out of the current wip and didn't have any place to put them.

Jenn! said...


With Jack and I together, we could definitely steam up the room. ;-) Hey, it could happen. LOL

Jenn! said...


It was hard, but yes, Jack walked away unscathed.

Jenn! said...


Indoor plumbing and hygiene is so important. The lack of those is the drawback of going back in time for a fantasy. I try not to dwell upon it if the fantasy is ripe enough. LOL...ripe...ironic word, isn't it?

Employed by a sports organization - fantasy football comes to mind. Oop! Did I say that? :-)

Bosun said...

He did indeed. But with much less rum than when the interview started. LOL!

Donna said...

(Sorry for all the exclamation points. I pulled the extras out of the current wip and didn’t have any place to put them.

LOL -- this sounds like me. I've got trunks full of them in my quarters. We'll never run out. Hey, I know. We could use them as drink stirrers!

Bosun said...

I do suppose the accessibility provided by the kilt would be a perk for which I could overlook the lack of shower facilities. Provided there's a large tub that can be filled easily with warm water. Daily.

Anne Marie said...

Love me some Cap'n Sparrow! :) Great interview, Jenn (er, Ruby Wench), and looking forward to reading some pirate books in my future.

As for the time/place I'd fantasize about, I love medievals and Viking stories, but I'm with Bo'sun... hot running water is oh-so-important. So I guess I'd have to picture myself in a contemporary. Hmmm... maybe one set in Australia or somewhere else I haven't been yet...

-- Long Tall Ruby ;)

Stacey Purcell said...

I want Sparrow to interview me!!!....preferably in that cove he mentioned! :-)
What a fun interview. I enjoyed every word and laughed throughout. Congrats on your book being published and I know it's just the beginning! I wish you smooth sailing on glassy seas.

2nd Chance said...

Captain Morgans Tattoo rum coming right up...though I'm gonna tempt ya with some Kraken Rum passion!

I am the practical sort, which is why I included enough modern amenities to make the Kraken's Caribben a more comfy place to visit. Or stay... ;-)

I must get meself together and purchase this book fer me reader!

Jenn! said...

Anne Marie~

I could do a contemporary fantasy with the right hero. Maybe do a little Thor action? You get the Viking, the running water, and the fantasy. Thanks for stopping by, Long Tall. ;-)

P. Kirby said...

*Looks at filthy house, dust and ash from fires covering everything, thanks to last night's windstorm* My "fantasy" is futuristic. Sometime with robot maids and food synthesizers. A la Star Trek, but with the grittier edge of Babylon 5 or Firefly. With some "quality time" spent with a space pirate type like Han Solo or Captain Malcolm Reynolds.

Jenn! said...


That cove could get crowded.... ;-)
Thank you for your undying support.

Jenn! said...

2nd Chance~

I haven't tried Kraken Rum, and now I must have a glass. Or two. And I'm all about comfy. You KNOW how cramped the ship's quarters can be.

Bosun said...

I'm glad I'm not the only wench who likes her modern day amenities. But I'm liking this Thor idea. Hmmmm....

A "fantasy" cleaning staff would be wonderful! Can I also get a robot to do my day job??

Gwyn said...

Purchases an ex-pirate at an auction? Wooohoooo! That sounds really intriguing.

I used to think I'd like to be a medieval princess, but my research has shown me that isn't quite the gig the fairytales would have us believe. Still, King Arthur, Knights in Shining Armor, Merlin, hygiene (yeah, there is that) or the lack thereof . . .

I'm not an adventurous sort, but I wouldn't mind some high seas hijinks. *G*

Jenn! said...


Oh, I could go for a robot doing my laundry, cleaning my quarters, and all the other mundane chores. And a hero with a crooked smirk like Han Solos? I'm all over that.

2nd Chance said...

Pat! So sorry about the windstorm and I wish I had some nice hi techy staff to send you!

Jenn - Kraken Rum rocks. And they have a wonderful webpage, btw!

Thor? Well, he was pretty...

Jenn! said...

2nd Chance~

Just pretty? I haven't seen the movie yet.

Jenn! said...


It's hard not to fall in love with knights, quests, and magic. But fairy tales tend to leave out the dark and dangerous side of things. Well, maybe they are just more romanticized.

Oh, I bet under the right circumstance you would take nicely to a bit of adventure. ;-)

Tess said...

Great interview!!!! Love Blood and Treasure!!!!!

Bosun said...

I haven't seen Thor either, but I can think of a few other adjectives for Chris Hemsworth.

So many lovely new visitors today! *waves to all*

Donna said...

Why does everybody keep mentioning REALITY in this discussion of FANTASY? LOL If it's a fantasy, we can just erase or gloss over the parts we don't like.

For instance, I'm going to be Photoshopped to perfection in MY fantasy. LOL

2nd Chance said...

Yes, I saw Thor. And yes, he's pretty. Sorry...I wasn't impressed with the movie...but he was nice to look at! ;-)

I'm with Donna...and must quote Mythbusters... "I reject your reality and substitute my own".

Bosun said...

My fellow pirates make an excellent point. If I'm going to be tall, leggy, and gorgeous, then I can have working bathrooms in the Regency period, right?

2nd Chance said...


Jenn! said...

Hi Tess!
Thank you for your support. I can't tell you how much I appreciate it. :-)

Jenn! said...

Hear! Hear! I'm with Donna, 2nd Chance and Bo'sun. I'm going to be perfect, plumbing will not be an issue, and everyone will be fresh and clean!

Hellion said...

Excellent. So this means all the knights in my fantasies will be strong enough to kidnap me and alpha their way all over the bedroom, but be sensitive enough to talk after, right? You know, talk about poetry...not football.

Jenn! said...


Exactly...only I think after a couple of minutes I'd want them to shut up so I could get some sleep. ;-)

Love me the Alphas!

Hellion said...

Earplugs, man, earplugs.

Melissa Ohnoutka said...

What a great interview! :) I Love Jenn's pirates!! Blood and Treasure is a must read!

Diana Layne said...

Jenn, you lucky wench, an interview with Jack! *sighs*

Jenn! said...


Thank you, Melissa. I must confess, Melissa is somewhat biased. She's in love with the quartermaster who becomes the pirate captain in the next adventure. You should hear how she talks about him. Shameful!! ;-)

Jenn! said...


Lucky wench, I am, Diana. Lucky wench, I am. Jack was great fun.

Darynda Jones said...

HILARIOUS!!! This was the best interview ever! I probably would have jumped Jack LONG before any words were spoken. You know, frisked him, for safety's sake.

Bosun said...

Thanks, Darynda. Jack isn't the easiest to direct, as you can tell. But Jenn was a pro.


2nd Chance said...

If you really want to frisk Jack, make sure your shots are up to date. The man has fleas.

Or jump him in the bath...that's my advice.

Not that I have ever jumped him... I'm more the taller, more experienced type.

Where's Hector? ;-)

Bosun said...

WHEN has Jack ever taken a bath??

2nd Chance said...

Seems to me, when a guest is in the bath, he invites himself in... I also recall a massive number of champagne bottles going into the recycle bin after a champagne bath he interrupted... Been a while, I agree!