Sunday, June 5, 2011

Fabulous Interview with Captain Jack Sparrow: Tiffany Clare's Governess Story of Love

*camera zooms in on a classroom: old fashioned desks, quills, and ink pots, a big chalk board in one corner, and a large globe that looks out of date by about 200 years. Captain Jack Sparrow is seated—trying to sit comfortably to no avail—at one of the small desks*


JACK: Hello, crew, as you might have guessed, today is another edition of Fabulous Interview with the Fabulous Captain Jack Sparrow. *waves his hand, knocks over an ink pot* Shit. No wonder there are so many high school drop outs. How can anyone learn anything sitting at this torture device? *scowls at his damaged outfit*


HELLION: It’s fine, Jack. We’ll find you a new shirt later.


JACK: But I got this shirt from an Egyptian princess on her wedding night.


HELLION: *deadly voice* Are you whining?


JACK: *looking alarmed* No, no, I’m not whining. *smiles at the camera* As I was saying, today is another fantastic interview. With me. And oh, yes, Tiffany Clare. You may remember last time, she regaled us with all the mysteries of the harem life with her debut book, The Surrender of a Lady, and today, she’s here to tell us about the surrender of a different kind of lady: a governess. *eyes bright* I do like a governess. Especially once you get them naked. Tiffany, do tell us about your governess and this tale. Is she naked?


*camera turns to show Tiffany Clare sitting behind the teacher’s desk, looking every inch like a naughty schoolmarm*


TIFFANY: Well, not at first, but she does show up like a drowned cat—on the Earl of Brendall’s doorstep….Abigail Hallaway has run away to become a governess. Why? Because she wants a little independence, and to be away from her happily married sisters when she's, well, almost a spinster! I know, 22 years old and almost a spinster!


JACK: Well, that is a start, I suppose. I do love older women myself, quite enthusiastic they are. And admittedly, there are no finer romantic words than “Let’s get you out of these wet clothes.” How about this hero? He doesn’t sound very heroic, letting her stand there, possibly to get her death of cold. I would have whisked her out of her clothing first thing, then asked questions, but that’s the kind of gentleman I am. What kind of man is this Earl of Brendall?


TIFFANY: Well, if you had a woman show up in your house, wandering around in the middle of the night, wouldn't you think her no more than a wayward ladybird?


JACK: I plead the fifth.


TIFFANY: He's pretty heroic as the story goes on though. You see, he's got these dark secrets and this past he wants to keep hidden from our fair heroine. He's all about his son, and protecting both him and his son's future, and well, getting under Abby's skirts. What's not to love? I adore Elliott! He just breaks my heart and he's just the kind of guy you want to give a big hug and say, I love you, so believe it, receive it, and indulge in that feeling.


JACK: You know, you’re a lot more touchy feely than you were the last time you visited. I like that. Despite the hero being rather unheroic where clothing is concerned, it does sound like a fascinating story. Hellion was rhapsodizing about your previous book, The Seduction of His Wife, and she was very excited that this one had a connecting character from that story. Was it your intention to connect these books?


TIFFANY: Yes, it was! I love connecting books! Actually, the hero from The Seduction of His Wife does make a brief appearance in Surrender of a Lady :) My next trilogy is much more interwoven and connected than this series. I love the build up a series offers. You feel like you really get to know characters when they appear over a series of books as opposed to just having one book.


JACK: That is true, though rather sad when the series ends. I’m still not over Twilight. *Tiffany looks at him like he’s mad; Jack clears his throat* Your first book had the premise of a harem/forced enslavement; your second book was about a reunion between a man and wife; and now this book—I’ve heard said—is a cross between Beauty and the Beast and Jane Eyre (which, of course, I haven’t read because again, no naked women). You don’t seem to stick to any one trope (as they’re called). Do you have a favorite trope you like to write about or read?


TIFFANY: I don't have a favorite trope I prefer to read or write. I'm all about the characters. They tend to come to me fully formed, and then I just try and work with them to get their story on paper. For instance, I knew that Abby was going to run away to accomplish something 'better' with her life. I also knew I wanted no outside interference with her romance. And she had to be far away from her sisters, or they'd track her down. Voila, I needed a castle setting with a recluse hero. Enter Elliott. He's so dark and secretive and brooding and hot… did I mention the hot? Based him on Clive Owen… *Swoons* He's number two on my list (you know, the list of five people you could have without question)?


JACK: We’re only allowed to have five on that list? *takes out a piece of paper from his jacket* I need to adjust my list. *winces at Hellion’s glare* I mean, what will we be reading next from the exciting Tiffany Clare?


TIFFANY: I’m working on another trilogy for St. Martin’s Press, something in the vein of Dangerous Liaisons.  Here’s my blurb: Four friends in the pursuit of pleasure enter a dangerous game of wagers, seduction and temptation, but when one of their own is bent on a self-destructive path of ruin, they must put aside their schemes or lose everything they’ve come to hold dear.


JACK: Last time we talked about your Vixens and how important it is to have a great support system—blah, blah, blah, more women who aren’t naked—so this time I thought we could just talk about you. *smoldering look, taking her hand to kiss it* A fast five—


TIFFANY: *The Look* I’m not into fast much of anything, and frankly you are a little short. And your shoes aren't doing much for your feet there, pretty boy.


JACK: *blows raspberry* I do love a woman who is a challenge. So we begin: Jazz or Rock?




JACK: Vodka or wine?


TIFFANY:  I'm a whino.


JACK: Top or bottom?


TIFFANY: *The Look* BWAHAHAHAHA! Wouldn't you like to know?


JACK: *unrepentant smile* It was worth a shot. Fine. Favorite meal?


TIFFANY: Mum's cooking.


JACK: Favorite way to splurge on yourself?


TIFFANY: Any way possible :)


JACK: And what are you reading right now?


TIFFANY: Miranda Neville’s, The Amorous Education of Celia Seaton (you're all jealous I got an advance, aren't you)! I do love my governesses.


JACK: Do you have any questions for the crew?


TIFFANY: What's your favorite trope to read? Do you have any favorite mash-ups you've read or want to read one day?


2nd Chance said...

Just a minute, I need to wiki trope...

Uh. Okay.

No, wait, I gotta go read that again...

That was no help at all. In fact, I'm even more lost.

I think...we'll I like to read the fish out of water stuff. Whether it's time travel, or whatever. Especially the practical character dealing with the things totally out of their experience.

Great interview, Jack...


I'd love to see your volume of free...ahems! ;-)

Quantum said...

Tiff,It's great to see you nearing the top of the author's mountain.

As Nietzsche said:
"Ah, women. They make the highs higher and the lows more frequent(he meant tolerable!)."

With you as governess though, I think I might have come to like the old boy. :lol:

Thinking of Jack:
" A casual stroll through the lunatic asylum shows that faith does not prove anything. "

As to my favorite trope. I still dream of that Goddess. :wink:

Still waiting for your books on kindle UK.
This latest sounds so tempting that I may just give in and buy a paper version!

Fabulous interview! :D

Tiffany Clare said...

You've changed your site up, pirates, it looks great!
Good morning early birds!

2nd Chance: I do love time travels. Have you read the old Karen Marie Monings? I adored her highlander ones.

Quantum... Sure, he meant tolerable *snickers* And thank you! It's sometimes hard to believe that I'm multi-published now! Goddesses, sirens, water nymphs for you, oh my! I'm very sad they aren't available on kindle internationally! But the publisher is working with the retailers to try and fix that! Paper versions are available on and at The Book Depository.

Donna said...

Tiffany, congrats on your new book. I have a soft spot for governess stories, probably because I read lots of gothics when I started reading romances. Plus I liked that they had to be clever to navigate that whole class system thing -- they weren't part of the servants, and weren't part of the family. This story sounds like an intriguing one. :)

And Captain Jack -- it sounds like we need a new reality TV show for you: "It's All About the Undress". LOL

Bosun said...

You got them to release the new Jane Eyre movie right before your release to get people wanting this kind of story, didn't you? You know you did.

Tropes. Hmmm... Reunions are fun. But my favorite might be friends to lovers. I'm a fan of that moment when one character sees the other in a new way, but not necessarily because of a major makeover. Though makeovers can be fun too.

I just finished Chance's The Kraken's Mirror (yes, I'm slow) and that's a mash up of all mash ups. Pirates, time travel, vampires, curses, giant mythical creatures. The only thing she was missing was a politician and maybe a ninja.

Scapegoat said...

Yes Chance - read the Karen Marie Moning Highlander Series - soooo good!

I'm pretty much a sucker for almost all tropes but love the friends to lovers, enemies to lovers and reunited lovers.

Not a fan of secret babies. Nope - not at all. Which is kinda crazy since there's been a secret baby plot bunny trying to take over my current WIP! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Hellion said...

Chance, tropes=favorite things to see in novels. Yours would probably be "things off the beaten path" or "things that don't really belong here but are fun to see anyway." Me, I'm all about rakes and spinsters. It's that good girl/bad boy principle. :)

Jack does love these interviews...he's quite a ham.

Hellion said...

Q, they don't have Tiff's books on Kindle/eBook yet for the UK? That's annoying!! I hope you do break down and buy it. :) But I also hope to see Tiff's books coming available for eReading since that seems to be the future wave. :)

OUCH on the faith-lunatic asylum comment. That's okay--I still have faith, even if I am a lunatic!

Hellion said...

I have a soft spot for governess stories, probably because I read lots of gothics when I started reading romances. Plus I liked that they had to be clever to navigate that whole class system thing — they weren’t part of the servants, and weren’t part of the family.

That aspect is very compelling, Donna. And I imagine--very lonely. Plus there is the bonus it's built in conflict you don't have to contrive on your own. *LOL* Right?

Hellion said...

Scape, I think we could read the same books! :) *LOL* And say no to the secret baby!!

Hellion said...

Bo'sun, that's right stick ideas in Chance's head. In the next book, The Govenator will show up his pack of ninjas....

*le sigh* I like the idea of Friends to Lovers--so long as he's kinda an alpha-y male (like Luke, Gilmore Girls, who at least dresses like an alpha *LOL*)--because I do like that whole "seeing someone in a different way" trope.

I think Tiff did the Jane Eyre movie thing on purpose too. Great movie though! *LOL*

Sin said...

Congrats on the newest release, Tiffany!

I'm a fan of governess novels. Especially if they show up in the middle of the night on the hero's doorstep like a drowned rat. Rain scenes... I heart those.

Janga said...

Since I've already congratulated you on the new release, Tiff, I'll add congratulations on the new contract for the Dangerous Liaisons-type series. It sounds fabulous.

My favorite trope is the reunion/second chance at love, but I also love friends to lovers and redemption themes. Of course, even the themes I say I don't like--such as secret baby, amnesia, and triangle plots--have proved irresistible in the hands of gifted writers.

Scapegoat said...

Totally agree Janga! I actually gave a 4 heart review today to a story that did in large part center around a child. It wasn't a secret baby, but I'm not one who usually likes kids in my romances at all, let alone as a bigger part of plot. But I thought the writing was great!

Tiffany Clare said...

Donna, Thank you so much. I think a lot of readers have a soft spot for governesses. I mean, what’s not to love about the governess getting the hot lord all to herself? Hope you love it!

Terri , that was just a stroke of awesome genius! I was so excited that that happened, I can’t even express it! I adore friends to lovers, too. I am writing one in my next trilogy (3rd book, as of yet untitled)… J I can’t wait. And Chance’s book sounds fabulous. Love that… smash up of all smash ups! And I have a very soft spot for Ninjas, hopefully next time she includes them ;)

Scapegoat, YAY another KMM fan, I adore ALL her books. Enemies to lovers is a good one. And really, no secret babies? I like me the odd one… and bwahahahaha on your current WIP playing games with you!

Hellie! I heart me some rakes… writing a couple of those right now ;) And wouldn’t you know, the heroine IS a spinster J And I hope things get sorted out with publishers and international sellers soon, too! I want my books available to everyone. You can buy the ebooks in North America, not that that helps Q… And thanks for seconding those Ninjas!
And I haven’t seen that movie yet, I can’t wait to see it when it comes out on video. I’m just buying the dang thing instead of renting it!

Sin, Thank you so much! This has been such an exciting release (shhh… don’t tell anyone, but this is my favorite book to date)… though I may just say that about every book I write here on out… lol!

Janga! Thank you so much! I hope the world loves my Dangerous Liaisons type series, too! I’m very excited about it, the publisher is very excited about it, my agent is… okay, enough of the excitement! I love me a good redemption theme… nothing like lots of groveling between the pages - and sheets ;)

Bosun said...

I forgot to say congrats on the new series. (Invoices = brain dead) I can tell you're in the glow of the new books and characters part. I'm only 10K into the new WIP and loving it. Encouraging to find this gets more fun the more you do it. And you've done it a lot! (Sounded way dirtier than intended.)

On the secret baby front, I'm not usually a fan either, but some authors have brought me round. Karina Bliss did a great job in WHAT THE LIBRARIAN DID. She put a spin on it I could deal with.

2nd Chance said...

Ninjas and the governator?


Even I'm not that insane!

I am, however considering a channeler with three distinct beings who vie for possession of her body...sort of turn her into a super agent...sometimes a vampire, sometimes...wait for it...

a ninja.

Oh, a ghost.

I have the strangest dreams!

I sorta figured out the trope question. But wow, wiki was no help at all!

Glad you enjoyed the book, Bo'sun!

I'll put this Moning on my list...

PJ said...

Congrats, Tiff - on both your new release and your new contract!

I adored Elliott and Abigail's story. Of course, I have a fondness for gothics especially in the hands of a talented writer.

You know, I really don't have a favorite trope. I like a wide variety of them. For me, it's more about the characters and the writing. A gifted writer who gives me characters I can care about can use just about any trope and I'll be happy.

Marnee said...

Congratulations on your contract and release, Tiff!! :)

I like governesses. I like rakes and spinsters. I like the tortured hero (ie, SEALs, secret agents, war vets, etc). I love the Cinderella trope.

Pretty much I like any story that has characters that feel real and compelling to me.

Congrats again!

Hellion said...

I'm sorry I haven't been around to cover, guys. I have to run to an appointment, but should be home later this evening and can catch up on some of the comments.

And Mo gave me awesome news that my prize is in the mail!! :) And Donna emailed to say she got her book--so I know she's set with a great read for when she's done writing for the day.

2nd Chance said...

Oh! That reminds me! Crewmate Random Number Generator picked Donna as winning the pirate socks! ;-)

P. Kirby said...

Twilight, Jack? Twilight? Oy.

I'm fond of friends to lovers, but as someone else said, tell me a good story and I'm all over it.

Tiffany Clare said...

Thanks, Terri! And I have been meaning to read What the Librarian Did forever!

Chance, hope you find a new fave in Moning! I adore her!

Thanks, PJ! And that is so sweet of you. I'm glad you loved this book!

Marnee! It's been forever since we chatted! How are you? Thank you for the congrats. It's all a little surreal. I only have like three months to write the first book in the trilogy! *Trying not to hyperventilate* Also, I love SEALs ex, Agents, etc., Lora Leigh has some really great, hot, sexy ones :)

Chance, Do I want to know what the pirate sock is? That sounds extremely naughty!

P. Kirby, Yeah, I love just about any book so long as it's told well.

Bosun said...

For once, pirate sock is not a euphemism. LOL!

Hellion said...

Sin, she's quite soaked when she finally arrives on the doorstep. She could give Jane Eyre a run for raggamuffin. :)

Hellion said...

Janga, ever so true: in the hands of the right storyteller, any of the tropes I don't care for would be great reading. I'm about to read another Linda Lael Miller book--and I love her stuff--but you know there will be a kid and a dog.

Hellion said...

PJ, I wish there were some more gothics being written--are there? I know there are the classics, of course, but lately paranormals seem to be the new gothic, but I want a gothic-gothic. The virgin heroine, the castle, the broody enigmatic hero....

Hellion said...

P.Kirby--well, you know what they say--EVERYONE has a quirk or big bad secret they don't want anyone to know. Twilight is Jack's. :)

Hellion said...

Marn just named just about everything I liked. I know whose bookshelves I'll be visiting when I'm looking for something good to read. :)

Marnee said...

Hells, you let me know. :)

Di R said...

Hello, Everyone! Sorry I'm late~ I totally forgot yesterday was monday.

I went to pick this up at Target today and was told they were sold out. So I'll try Walmart later. I really miss my Borders.

Really looking forward to reading this.


Bosun said...

Sold out?? Wow, good job, Tiff.