Sunday, April 3, 2011

Stefanie Sloane Goes Rogue With Captain Jack Sparrow

*camera wobbly, takes a moment to realize that Captain Jack Sparrow is fiddling with the camera before stepping back into perfect focus; he smiles*

JACK: Hello, ladies and gentlemen, it has been a while since we have had a Fabulous Interview with the Incomparable Captain Jack Sparrow. Funding has been capricious and egregiously sparse, and I have had to take up other occupational opportunities to fund my rum supply. *waves a hand, gesturing to a sign behind him* So I’m opening up a school. Captain Jack Sparrow’s Scandalous School for Irrepressible Rogues. It almost rhymes, doesn’t it? Of course, I can’t teach all the classes myself. When would I have time for the rum drinking? So I have brought in another expert on rogues: the beautiful and fascinating, Stefanie Sloane! *drags in a lovely woman who waves shyly at the camera*

STEFANIE: Hello all! *takes a small sip from the bottle of rum foisted upon her by the charming pirate and coughs in a rather unladylike fashion as it burns its way down to her belly* I can’t tell you how pleased I am to be here today with all of you—and you, too, Jack. You’re even more handsome in person than I could have imagined—a roguish romance hero if there ever was one! *her eyes grow round as saucers as she realizes what she’s just said. Clearly, the rum is working*

JACK: *kissing up Stefanie’s arm, looks confused to be interrupted* Hmm? Oh, yes, the interview. As I was saying--*still stroking Stefanie’s arm*--modern society has lost touch with what it really means to be a rogue—loveable and incorrigible. More and more, Hollywood and the romance world have been producing what is called The Fake Rake. There is nothing fake about the rakes you produce, right, Stefanie? Tell us more about your rake in The Devil in Disguise—a devilish duke, is he?

STEFANIE: *makes to offer Jack the rum, then thinks better of it after calculating the likelihood that the man will return it* The most devilish duke in all of England—incorrigible to the core, dangerous as his namesake, and utterly delectable. William Randall, the Duke of Clairemont, is a wicked rake with little regard for society—a most unlikely suitor for the prim and proper Lady Lucinda Gray. But his latest assignment for the Young Corinthians, an elite spy organization, involves protecting her from a kidnapping plot and to do this, the notorious “Iron Will” must get close to Lucinda, and convince her that he’s a man worthy of her attention. It is a simple enough task to use his devilish charm to seduce her, but William never would have guessed that he’d become enthralled by the lovely Lady Grey—or that he’d lose his own heart in the bargain.

JACK: Exactly, he’s irrepressible and incorr—wait, what? He falls in love? With a girl?

STEFANIE: *reassuringly pats the pirate on the arm, her fingers lingering on his well-muscled form* Well, yes, Jack. But rest assured, she’s not just any girl—or even a girl, for that matter. She’s Lady Lucinda Grey. Beautiful and fiercely intelligent, Lucinda has managed to gracefully sidestep even the most persistent suitors. Until the Duke of Clairemont, that is. His rugged features, sinfully sensuous mouth, and piercing eyes are as alluring as the champion thoroughbred he tantalizingly offers in exchange for the honor of courting her, and she finds it hard to resist either temptation. The feelings he stirs in her both excite and arouse, urging her on despite the very real danger he represents. But when the truth is revealed, will Lucinda risk her heart and her life for a chance at everlasting love?

JACK: *softens a bit* Oh, the kind of girl who can be tempted. That’s my kind of girl. So long as she doesn’t try to change him. The world’s supply of rogues is diminishing at an alarming rate. You must be sure to do your part to keep the romance world in supply of rogues.

STEFANIE: *realizes belatedly that she’s still caressing the man’s bicep. Releases him, contemplates the rum bottle, then sets it out of her reach* Oh, I completely agree, which is why my next two books feature irrepressible rogues as well. The Angel in My Arms follows the dangerous and delicious escapades of Lord Marcus MacInnes, known as “the Errant Earl,” and The Sinner Who Seduced Me is all about James Marlowe, a Young Corinthian spy who specializes in seducing the most beautiful of ladies, until he meets his match in fiery portrait painter Lady Clarissa Collins.

JACK: I see my Hellie’s TBR bedtime book pile will have new fare! *pulls out copies of the books to show the crowd*

STEFANIE: *Wonders if the rum has worked a little too well and she’s now seeing things* Jack, you naughty boy! Where did you get those? They’re not even out yet!

JACK: You didn’t expect me to give up pirating altogether? Have you seen teachers’ salaries nowadays? It’s criminal. Besides I needed to read them to see if they’d be giving Hellie ideas. *he smiles* I sure hope so. I’m rather partial to The Sinner Who Seduced Me, being it sounds a lot like us. Intrigue, heartbreak, betrayal--

STEFANIE: *Cannot resist the man’s smile, nor his partiality for one of her books, and smiles back* Oh yes, Jack, you’d fit right in—criminals factor into the plot even! A dedicated Young Corinthian agent, James Marlowe accepts the riskiest of missions—go undercover as a traitor and infiltrate a deadly French crime organization. As he heads to Paris, he is prepared for all matters of intrigue—everything but a surprise encounter with the only woman he ever has loved. Five years ago, the exquisitely stunning Clarissa Collins spurned his love, breaking his heart in the process. Now, the accomplished painter is in peril up to her lovely neck and only he can protect her.

Blackmailed by a mysterious man who threatens to destroy her world, Lady Clarissa cannot imagine a crueler fate. Until she is reunited with James Marlowe, the enthralling man who seduced Clarissa body and soul, then betrayed her. Despite the hurt and misunderstanding that still simmers between them, their enduring passion ignites anew, leaving the two breathless with desire and need. With their lives and England’s safety hanging in the balance, they have little choice but to put the past behind them and work together to save everything they hold dear. As they attempt to escape the clutches of the malicious forces holding them, can Clarissa and James find their way back to each other hearts…this time forever?

JACK: *shivers* Sorry, I got a bit of a cold chill at that forever part. *takes a drink of rum that seems to clear his head* Since you’re a consummate teacher like me, what lesson would you tell all good pirate writers?

STEFANIE: *Adopts look of seriousness, even though she’s currently in the presence of a gorgeous pirate* It’s age-old advice, but full of wisdom as these things usually are: Write. Every day. Make it a habit, not a hobby. Take your writing seriously, show it the respect it deserves, and others will do the same.

JACK: Most excellent advice; I take my pirating very seriously. *pockets Stefanie's necklace* And for the romantics in the audience—and there are many—what’s your Call Story?

STEFANIE: *a certain sense of dreaminess hazes the scene as she thinks back on the wonderful day—or the rum finally takes full control, one or the other* Well, Jack, my call story involves multi-tasking—you know, similar to when you’re attempting to drink rum, seduce a woman, and steal a bit of blunt all at the same time? Only mine includes fending off barking dogs, sending email to my mom, and IMing with my husband. It was early afternoon and I was cleaning the kitchen when my agent called with the offer. I was so excited that, as she filled me in on the specifics, I wrote a quick email to my mom, telling her the exciting news. Then, just for good measure, I sent an instant message to my husband.

And then I realized that I really should be paying attention to the specific of the offer. Only my husband messaged back within seconds, my mom responded at once, and my dogs began to bark—out of enthusiasm for the offer, I can only assume. In short, chaos broke out.

Rather than stressing, I went with it and let the incredible feeling carry me off to that far off fairyland known as Book Publish-landia, images of gorgeous covers, amazing sales figures, and adoring fans floating in my head. The next day, my agent sent an email outlining everything I needed to know—not as pretty as Book Publish-landia, but way more important.

JACK: Okay, last question, and then I’ll let you ask a question of the audience: it’s a rainy day and you’re wearing WHAT, drinking WHAT, and doing WHAT?

STEFANIE: *The mere thought of rain chills her to the bone, and she reaches for the rum bottle, takes a healthy swig, then offers it to her fellow scallywag* Well, Jack, I live in Seattle, so I’m very familiar with this scenario. I’m wearing fleece—I know, so not as interesting as, say, a silk kimono, but far more practical. I’m drinking a double tall, nonfat, sugar-free vanilla latte—it is Seattle, after all—and I’m writing in my office, two dogs at my feet and a framed picture of you right next to the computer screen. A girl needs a little inspiration.

And now for all of the readers out there, a question: Who inspires you—and why?


2nd Chance said...

Wonderful inteview, as always! The books sound really delish.

So does the rum! Jack! You've been sneakin' inta my stash! *eyes the scoundrel with no stars in the eyes whatsoever!

What inspires me?Getting the story so right that someone will totally 'get' what I meant when I wrote it. The inside joke, the underlying message, the idea of what was going through my head.

Not the most cohessive answer, but it's my first half day at RT and I'm a bit wasted...


Bosun said...

Jack is in full form this morning! Welcome, Stefanie and thanks for visiting today. Love the call story and that you went with it. Your gentlemen really are rakes. Hmmm.... I see my TBR pile getting taller as well.

What inspires me is watching two good people fall in love. Getting to take the fall with them, root for them, sigh, laugh and cry with them. I'm all about the angst it takes to get to the HEA. There really has to be at least one good cry along the way.

Where did you get the idea for the Young Corinthians? Such an interesting name for a group of spies.

Scapegoat said...

Lovely interview and I can't wait to read your rakes Stephanie!

As for inspiration, right now it's the other pirates. Reading the blog everyday and seeing their progress, frustration, stress, etc always make me feel like I'm not totally alone in this. :)

Now, I'm going to be the one to throw it out there - I wrote 205 words yesterday toward my April of Writing Madness (can't remember the acronym right this second - need to look it back up). Not a ton, but it took me over the 28k mark in the WIP. Small goals one at a time and I'll get there.

Bosun said...

WTG, Scape! I think the acronym is open to interpretation. I keep thinking of it as Awrapaho month. Which I realize is totally different, but still sounds like something we'd have on this ship.

For me - a big fat 0. *sigh*

Julie said...

Who inspires me and why?

People who work hard but still manage to have fun. Those ordinary people who accomplish the extraordinary through hard work, ingenuity, and humor.

The Whos … or should that be ewes?

And the hows&whys.

Hellion said...

2nd, don't get too wasted. You know you're going to have to report back to us everything that went on! But I'm glad you're representing the group. And be sure to hawk your wares, girlie!! More pirate stories!!!

I agree though: people who get your bent sense of humor are the best--and when they can read it and get it, all the better!!! It doesn't seem to happen as often as it should!

Hellion said...

Bo'sun, agree with the "at least one good cry"--I mean, the Black Moment really needs to be BLACK for me. Or at least it needs to *feel* BLACK for me. I think that's why I get into teen novels so often; the angst is *real* angst, at least to the teenager and the authors usually do a good job of putting us in the head of the teenager to make us understand how life and death this is.

Julie said...

It IS always hard to resist a Rake. And I have to agree with Chance, your books sound quite delicious!

Hellion said...

Bo'sun, *LOL* I totally keep thinking Awrapaho too! *LOL*

Hellion said...

Aww, Scapey, you're going to make us cry...or blush, or both--and the last thing anyone wants is a bunch of weepy, blushing pirates. Our reps would be in ruins!

Congrats on the word count. The month is still new and I'm sure you're going to add more as time rolls on. I wrote Friday and Saturday, but didn't write anything Sunday. Ugh! I need to work on stuff today--you know, between actual work. Eek!

Hellion said...

(And Jules, one should never resist a rake. You should always yield to a temptation. I learned that from Oscar Wilde.)

Hellion said...

Jules, what is hard work? *narrowed look* It sounds deadly.

Julie said...

You learned that from Oscar Wilde?
That explains why you are Wilde-at-heart!

Sin said...

What a beautiful cover!

Another great interview by Capt'n Jack. Always working so tirelessly for us pirates.

*mutters* Roguish playboy.

Scapey, I'm pretty sure the whole nickname acronym for our writing madness this month can vary between writer. I'm not sure I spell it right any time I whip it out. Arwrapawrimo? Hm. I think Bo'sun is right. There's gotta be a ho in there somewhere. Congrats on your success this past weekend! Keep up the good work!

I'm going to say the hard work and determination of the RWR inspires me. I get inspired frequently, but when I do they always jump on board. Like April Writing Madness Month. No one groaned and complained when I rallied the pirates. Y'all just went with it.

Sin said...

And I didn't do nearly as good on my word count as I wanted this weekend. The weather was actually decent around here and I had to get outside and work on the yard. So I'm at 5.6k. I'd planned on 8k by today. Wanted to be at 20k by this upcoming Sunday.

Hellion said...

Sin, that's Captain Jack--a giver. *LOL*

We needed a good rally. *LOL* It's been a while since a lot of us have pirated properly. *LOL* Thanks for doing it.

And I'll try not to throw my empty rum bottle at you.

Bosun said...

I was just thinking about throwing something at her as well. Grrrrr.....

Donna said...

Welcome, Stefanie. The stories do sound wonderful, and I'm glad to see there is a concerted effort to keep rogues from becoming extinct! (Maybe we should do a telethon, just to be sure. LOL)

As for what inspires me. . .mmm, that changes depending on what day it is. LOL But it helps when I see what I've accomplished, especially when I thought I couldn't do something.

Scapegoat said...

Way to go Sin!!!!! I promise i won't throw anything at you. *crossing fingers behind back*

Sin said...

*sticking out my tongue*

Just remember, you throw something at me, I throw back.

*sharpening ice picks*

Y'all know I type fast. And if it's any consolation, it went completely different than I thought. It's a complete cluster to be honest. Which means now I just have to roll with it.

Sin said...

And I meant to say INfrequently earlier. If I were inspired frequently, y'all would ice pick me due to perkiness. That and someone had probably snatched my body and wearing me like a suit.

Donna said...

Perkiness is an icepicking offense? Whew. I don't think I'm EVER perky.

Julie said...

Poor SIN! I'm always throwing something at her.

Duck & plug yor ears when I'm around, thats all i'm sayin'.

Hellion said...

Donna, what a great idea! We should through a Save-a-Rogue Telethon! We should pick a weekend to do that...any rogues' birthdays coming up that would be a good headliner for our telethon? *LOL*

Bosun said...

Robert Downey Jr's birthday is today. :)

Stefanie Sloane said...

Ahoy maties--er, Ladies! Sorry that I'm a bit late to the party, but I was out running errands in preparation for my first RT convention.

First, big thanks to Jack and the fine women of Romance Writer's Revenge.

Bo'sun, as for where I came up with the name Young Corinthians. Good question! It popped into my head after I'd done a lot of research on the time period. And it stuck!:)

Huge congrats to Scapegoat on the word count. Awesome achievement!

Your sources of inspiration remind me why it is that I love romance novels so much!

Now, where's that bottle of rum?!

Quantum said...

Hi Stefanie

Who inspires me?
You mean other than Einstein, Dirac, Bohr .... and the whole galaxy of scientific super stars? *grin*

I think that someone who can solve a mystery or find the thread that pulls everything together is someone to inspire me.

For example, I admire the novels of Eloisa James where she juggles with plot threads and characters but at the end of the book it all just seems to fit together nicely, as though it was meant to be that way.

It seems dead easy when reading a master writer, but I know that in practice it is far from easy and we need the giants of literature to inspire us.

Your books look interesting Stefanie, but will I be inspired if I try one when available?

There are lots of authors writing historical romance so is there something special or unique that you're bringing to the genre?

I know that Jack thinks its your scandalous irrepressible rogues that are special but from the blurbs I rather suspect that the heroines distinguish themselves as well!

I'll have to make a date .... end of May isn't it?

Fabulous interview Hellie .... er Jack :D

Bosun said...

*passes rum Stefanie's way*

Your first RT, huh? I hear that's a rowdy crowd. Feel free to take a bottle of rum with you, and then send us back the pics of you and the cover models. ;)

One of the pirates - 2nd Chance, our resident bartender - is already there. Look her up! She's Maureen O. Betita in publishing circles.

Hellion said...

Hi Stefanie! I'm glad you could make it! I second locating 2nd (Maureen) when you get to RT if you can :) She'll probably be the one with the best hat. Like Barbossa she has fondness of a wicked good hat.

Do we get to toss the question back to you? Who/what inspires you and why?

Hellion said...

Q, I haven't seen any scientific geniuses in the series yet, but there is some really good horseflesh! I'm all about the horses! Would that draw you?

Quantum said...

Hellie, If Lady Lucinda is riding something special then ......

I'd better calm myself with another scotch! :lol:

Hellion said...

Q, Lady Lucinda not only is riding something special, but she wants it real bad and will stop at nothing to get it!

Drink up, my man!

Quantum said...

My God! I'm so tempted.
And I have to survive until the end of May!! :?

Hellion said...

Well, no worries, I think by then, all of Stefanie's books will be out and you can get them all at once. You wouldn't want to read one and not the whole set, right?

Donna said...

Or Rogue-a-thon is actually more accurate.

Donna said...

*races in, panting* I just worked out the rest of my plot. Yay! That's the good news. The bad news is I have to rewrite the last half of the book. Ah well. I'm happy with it.

So how's the telethon going? :)

P. Kirby said...

Ice picks and rum. There's a healthy combination. /sarc

'Nother great interview. Makes me want to check out some rakish goodness, and I'm not even a reader of historicals.

Robert Downey Jr’s birthday is today. Speaking of inspiration, he's the (physical) inspiration for the hero in my steampunk WIP.

Di R said...

Great interview Stefanie. Good job holding your own with Jack. Have fun at RT! One of my chapter mates is going again this year, too.

Your books sound awesome, they're on my TBB list.

Who inspires me? The pirates and my cp's.
I wrote this morning. 1,160 words.


Bosun said...

WTG, Di! And it's not even a Tuesday. LOL! (Crap, I have to write a blog for tomorrow. Dang.

I love watching Hellie get Q all worked up. Nothing like building the tension.

Stefanie Sloane said...

Quantum, it's true that there are delicious rogues aplenty, but the heroines more than hold their own--and actually steal the show often!

Yes, I've heard that RT is quite wild, so I'll be sure to take lots of pics. I will keep a lookout for Maureen. A friendly face will be most welcome.

As for who inspires me? Well, there's Jack.;) And then there's awesome women like you, who remind me every day that we're capable of accomplishing anything we set our minds to.

Bosun said...

Wow, that might be the sweetest thing any guest has ever said. Consider yourself an honorary pirate, Ms. Sloane, and do come back whenever you like!

Hellion said...

I swear you take a nap and suddenly it's the next day.

Donna, I think we're doing the Rogue-a-thon at a later date. I really do like that idea. *LOL*

P. Kirby, Robert Downey Jr's insanely hot. *sighs* And believe me, ice picks and rum go together like cocaine and waffles!

Di, I'm officially jealous of your word count! You go girl!!!

Stefanie, thanks for coming on board today. I do hope you'll come back whenever you like--esp to tell us about any new rogues! :)