Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sin's Fantasy Sunday

And lucky enough for you, Chanceroo, I didn't post manga men. *grin*


First Edition. First Volume.


There are days I need to get away into my fantasy world. Like most people, I'm a daydreamer. I'm also a procrastinator. These two things mesh really well together when I'm struggling to put my fingers on the keyboard. So the GPS play a game with each other to keep ourselves motivated. (She says it's to keep me motivated so she can quit her day job. But I'll get to that more later.) We play Fantasy Land. If you were on the EJ BB years ago, you know of CandiLand. This is similar. Except this world is filled with things I'll have once I dethrone the Stephenie Meyers and PC & Kristen Casts of the Best Seller YA world. While I'm skeptical on the best of days, I have no need to be disillusioned in my Fantasy World. There anything is possible.


I want the usual stuff. I want to be stable. (My mind won't be but my finances could use some bracing.) I want to be confident and have readers who love what I write. I want everything paid off so nothing is hanging over my head. But in Fantasy Land, all that practical crap is taken care of. Fantasy Land is the place where I have things I want.


And what I want is not too extravagant. This month, I'll set the category and I'll invite you all to have your own Fantasy Land where you have the funds to get what you want.


First Edition is toys. Toys are toys. They aren't practical. They are for fun. We all have our toys. The modest, practical versions of what we truly want. Electronics, vehicles, paper shredders (Whatever, I'm not here to judge.)


My toy of choice:


1968 Camaro SS

I'm a fan of automotive grease. I like the smell of oil and rubber and gasoline and power. The rumble of the engine at idle, the surge of power as you hit the gas. I'd find one that needed some love, and while I couldn't do the work (duh, too busy with my fabulous writing career), I'd pay someone to put in some serious love time on the Camaro. My monster is pure black, dark tinted windows, sound proof, a sound system that would blow your eardrums if cranked up. Instead of the small block, I want the Corvette motor- 427 cubic inches of blowing your mind fastness.


And while I'm at it in my Fantasy Land. I want my new Camaro too. But I want the 2012 Camaro Z28. Glossy black, dark windows. And in this land, I will have an extra gear so when I street race a suped up Mustang who thinks they are gonna get the better of me, I'll blow the doors right off his pony car.

The 2012 will be similar



Now the category is Fantasy toys. Think about what you'd to toy around with (exclude men. Be patient.) and have some fun. I know we're all doing Awrapawrimo (I swear, I spell it different every time) this month and we need to enjoy ourselves as well.


2nd Chance said...

I want a convertible! I like the look of the Chrysler
Crossfire, gold.

And! And all the computer internet bells and whistles that exist in reality and fantasy.

Will I write this week...? Not sure yet! But I'll stay in touch!

Quantum said...

I like your style Sin!

I like the car.

But for me it has to be the Morgan Aero Supersports. Classic design, Sleek elegant lines. Acceleration to dream about.

With the hood down on a warm summers day and the wind whistling round my ears as I hurtle through the English country side, the only thing missing is the beautiful girl in the passenger seat, with long blond hair streaming in the wind.

Oh. and the open drinks cabinet!

Perfection! :D

Donna said...

Ahh, this is perfect. I was just fantasizing, er, I mean PLANNING this week what my next car would be. Don't get me wrong. The Corolla is great for this place, especially during the winter, and I'd hate to take a nice ride out on the potholed roads here.

BUT, I do miss driving something sportier. (A moment of silence for my beloved Nissan 240SX. RIP.)

I'll go with a Jaguar, for now. LOL It only goes up to 174 mph but it'll do.

Hope it comes in a convertible model, because I do like Chance's suggestion. And Q, I've never heard of the Morgan, but now I want one of those too!

Bosun said...

I love toys with powerful engines. ;) And I'm a sucker for old muscle cars, so I'm having Camero envy right now. But then I have been dreaming more and more about convertibles. Living at the beach will do that to ya.

Sadly, I've been google image shopping and I can't find anything I want. Which is just sad. I would take a convertible version of my Pontiac G6. Could we pretend in my Fantasy Land that Pontiacs are still in production?

2nd Chance said...

It's fantasy land, of course you can!

I got a review!


sin said...

I love everyone's choices! Sorry I wasn't around. I stayed up late writing, spent the day cleaning and just now sat down.

Julie said...

I’ll take a black Ford F150 SVT Raptor with silver trim.|28121033|205363816

I also want that blue classic Cobra.

Cobras combined Ford V-8 engines and lightweight British AC Ace bodies to create some of the wildest and most sought-after American cars ever.
To the Cobra's top-line 427-cubic-inch V-8 Shelby added two Paxton superchargers, giving the Super Snake virtually double the horsepower of a production 427 Cobra.

Or that other blue one with the racing stripe. You haven’t seen a race until you’ve seen a Cobra thunder down the track. Best race ever? When that Cobra took on that Corvette on the Road America track. (Road America is one of only a hand-full of road circuits in the world maintaining its original configuration[2] being 4.048 miles (6.515 km) in length and 14 turns. The track features many elevation changes, along with a long front stretch where speeds approaching 200 mph (320 km/h) may be reached. One of the best known features of this course is a turn on the backside known as "the kink.") As I remember it when they hit the kink the Vet cut off the Cobra and… *CRASH*
Both drivers got out of their cars & started to duke it out on the track. Classic moment featuring mega buck classic cars being driven by old school race car drivers.

And I’ll take that gorgeous 1960's Jaguar coverable in British racing green. The one that won the Le Mans. ( The Le Mans isthe world's oldest sports car race in endurance racing runs on a circuit containing closed public roads that are meant not only to test a car and driver's ability to be quick, but also to last over a 24-hour period. )

The last time I saw that car? My older sister was sitting in it with a big grin on her face. She had charmed the owner into letting her sit behind the wheel.

Bosun said...

I hope you wrote some for me too. I've spent the day freaking about my yard. Or what should be my yard but is a giant patch of weeds and bare spots. Just what I need, another project.

Love the review, Chance!!

Bosun said...

Julie put in so many links, I had to approve her. LOL!

Julie said...

Funnest car I ever owned? Wish I still had it …. Mazda 323 GT. Basically a Miata racing engine with a turbo. Faster off the line than a Mustang. It had better handling too. As the 323 GT had three different settings for suspension. It had racing breaks. And a special quick shift racing transmission. In its day the car was one of the fastest (if not the fastest) production cars on the road.
One interesting note. They only made 272 323 Gts. In order to race in a stock car race a minimum of 273* cars of a certain model had to be produced. I always wondered why they stopped one car shy of being able to race that pocket rocket in real races …

*If memory serves me right … my sister would know the numbers for sure but … I believe that the magic number is 273.

Julie said...

Thanks for approving me, Terr1.

Julie said...


Sorry. Terri! Not concentrating. Just waiting for the storm to hit … darn weather. Let me guess? Now you DISapprove of me? LOL

Hellion said...


I have a number--

1.) Mustang convertible (preferably the '66, but a modern one wouldn't be bad.) I'd be restricted to driving it in a perpetually sunny state, but I can think of worse things.

2.) Pontiac GTO--the one Vin Diesel drove in XXX. I prefer this car to come with Vin Diesel.

3.) The Audi (?) from The Transporter. HAWT!

Sin said...

I'll take Jason Statham. You can have the Audi.