Thursday, January 13, 2011

What is A Blog, Exactly?

Fifteen blogs since October 25th. Five of them part of the Decadent Publishing publicity family, one of them a blog party that lasted five days.

Publicity is fun, but it’s also hard. Of those fifteen blogs, two were short stories and one was a repost of one of those short stories, so that chops off three when it comes to nattering with skill. (I hope I do it skillfully.) There was some minor introducing going on and one of those blogs was a three day visit. So let me shift those numbers around. Ten – three + two + four = thirteen. And the five Decadent blogs? Well, three of them were nattering. Thirteen+three=sixteen!

Gah! I hate math. As I write this, I have ten more scheduled by the beginning of March. And the book doesn’t even have a release date yet!

What amazes me about these blogs isn’t the nattering. I can always read my own scribble and find it fascinating. (I do worry about how repetitive I get, how long can I repeat the story of nearly dying before everyone knows and it is old hat?) I do put some real thought into what I’m writing for where I’m going and I religiously check into the blogs I guest at. Okay, I obsessively check into the blogs I guest at.

Like an author on submission watching her e-mail.


But, what I’ve discovered is that not all blogs work like the Revenge. In fact, few seem to. The Revenge gets a dialogue going and I love that about this ship. The crew members, in general, chatter to each other. Make comment, at least one, when each of us blog. And if a guest comes? We go all out to visit and hope the guest plays as seriously – or insanely - as we do.

I belong to another blog that in pleased with the number of hits, but the other bloggers? Very little support for each other when it’s not their day. Hell, they seldom come back and respond to their own comments.  It is frustrating for an interactive junkie like me. I want to know what people think of what I write/blog. I want to start a conversation. I want to chat!

For the most part, there hasn’t been a great deal of that on my guest stints. I hear the number of hits are good, but there are a hell of a lot of lurkers in the world! I don’t really mind that, but I do get a bit lonely when I’m off ship and blathering to the blog-o-sphere and only hearing my voice echo back at me. One of these days, I may invent a second persona and see if I can start a convo with myself at one of these guest stints!

Some blogs, like review blogs, aren’t really about response and I totally get that. They operate on hits. It’s best not to get into some shouting match with a reviewer or author or fans about anything one disagrees with. Just read them, mild comment if any and move on. Understood. As some of the authors of Decadent Publishing have faced negative comments, there have been discussions among us about how to handle that inevitability. I’ll be ready to play blind.

But I find it very curious, the way different bloggers handle their blogs and how many people don’t comment. I know there is also the risk with checking things out when at work. One often can’t risk a conflict with their employer by actively taking part in a blog on company time. My sister is a lurker for this reason.

I admit, the Revenge was the first blog I began to check regularly and eventually to comment on.  The few others I’ve checked out…well, if I comment and the author of the blog never returns to reply to me…I’m not likely to return myself!

The places I’ve been visiting have been real hit and miss. Sometimes people come back, sometimes they don’t. I answer questions, or comment on their observations and I might receive a response or I might not.

Which leaves me to question, what is a blog? Is it supposed to be interactive? Is it up to the individuals who publish the blog? If they are content to simply publish and walk away, then who am I to question? I can always find a blog that makes me part of the discussion. Like the Revenge. I know we are interested in welcoming newcomers and playing with guests is part of the package!

But meanwhile, it’s been a real eye opener for me to discover all of this on my journey through the maze of internet publicity and make peace with it.

How do you like your blogs? What do you expect? What attracts you and makes you come back?


Hellion said...

I'm up way too late. I'm going to bed right after this. Good thing I have tomorrow off. *yawns*

But I can't resist a good blog.

I like my blog. *LOL* As in this ship.

The first blog I ever visited religiously was SquawkRadio, which featured a handful (in more ways than one) of published writers who'd write funny, insightful blogs and then catcall amongst themselves and among the commenters. They'd get a massive amount of commenters--you know, because they were really good and really funny...and really published.

The blog I worked on first was a lot like SquawkRadio. Interactive blogs and interactive comments.

But I started THIS blog and begged Bo'sun and Sin to join me first because I wanted something that I felt was more inclusive (so to speak--they did try to be inclusive), more writerly (though I do love a good book review, I wanted more "how to write" or "this is my struggle" blogs), and more relaxed atmosphere. I.e. I wanted to be irreverent, humorous, and use cusswords without having to edit myself too much. I think we all share the common goals of not trying to alienate our readers with politics, religion or too much TMI (though even that can skirt the line now and again, am I right?) I think we have been successful in these goals. And I've certainly enjoyed continuing to work and blog with all my pirates, and I hope they still like to work and blog with me.

Mostly I like a formal-informal format where I feel like I can gossip with my tribe, talk about things only they would understand, and feel like I can go back to my computer and write some more. Writing may be a lonely business, but it's nice to know at the same time you're not alone. There are others who get you. Which is a welcome thought when it feel like there aren't any editors who do. *LOL*

And yes, Chance, if the blogger doesn't interact with his bloggees, I tend not to return to that blog. *LOL*

Best blogs out there now with this sort of give-take?

Romance Bandits--they're the best. Wild, wild women! And some funny stuff!

Riding with the Top Down

Killer Fiction

The wenches blog...the one with Anne Gracie and Jo Beverly? Damn I'm drawing a's too late at night...

Okay really going to bed now. *yawns* Talk to you guys later. Have a great Friday.

Quantum said...

I don't visit many blogs, simply don't have the time.

This blog is very special though, with some very special contributors and is probably the last that I would abandon when other pressures become too great.

Chance,I have a suggestion for sprucing up the 'lazy' blogs which might amuse you.

You have to post a blog containing hints at lots of key topics that you would love to elaborate on ..... Um, change 'lots' to perhaps a couple.

You then log in with an outrageous pseudonym to ask yourself questions. As the pseudonym, you can ask questions which are racy and scandalous, aimed at kick-assing the lurkers into activity. *grin*

Its like kick starting a reluctant car. Once you get it going, its likely to develop a life of its own.

If the site detects your computer's IP and stops you, there is some natty software which will effectively hide your IP address.

If it's all getting to be a trial, then you need to be picky.

If you only appear on the classy blogs then your image will be enhanced. If you accept every invitation however, you are likely to become a blogging strumpet.

You're much better than that luv! A blogging courtesan at the very least, with potential to become a Goddess. :D

hal said...

This is an interesting question, Chance, and one I waffle about, so I'm really curious to see what others opinions are too.

I also love the interactive dialog that gets going on this ship. Sometimes we stay on something resembling the topic, sometimes we're off in left field, but it's always an entertaining discussion. I don't have time to jump in every day, but when I do it's always a good time.

But with that being said, I'm shy, and I get really, really stressed out at needing to reply to every comment on my days. It's actually why I stopped blogging on my own -- I couldn't figure out how much replying to comments was expected, and didn't have enough witty things to say to actually reply to everyone. In fact, this is the only blog I ever comment on, even though there's about 10 or so I read every day.

So while I appreciate the authors/bloggers who reply to every comment and get interaction going, I also empathize with those who don't have the time, nerve, or energy to reply to everyone.

Donna said...

Great topic, Chance. It requires a lot of time and effort to blog, which takes time away from other writerly activities.

There are several blogs I read regularly that I rarely comment on, partly because there is nothing to add, and there are already lots of commenters. I also try to help out different bloggers from Twitter who request people to come look at their blogs, and I'm happy to leave a comment for them.

Sometimes it's tough to put so much work into blog posts and see that people are stopping by but they don't comment--you wonder if they didn't care for the topic, or felt there was nothing to comment on, or what exactly. I don't want to just stand on a box in the blogosphere and orate to passersby, but I'm not always sure what to do to engage them. LOL (And I try not to analogize it to what will happen when my books are in print!)

I also know it's a lot of work to comment back when someone leaves a comment on your blog, but I feel like it's bad manners NOT to if you've asked people to stop by. LOL So I always comment back--I don't want people to think their efforts were not appreciated or something. (Hal, I can see why you feel the way you do though, so this is not a criticism or anything!)

Also, writers tend to be observers, so maybe that's another reason why they read a blog and don't comment. They're still enjoying it, but don't feel the need to engage any further than that.

hal said...

o I always comment back–I don’t want people to think their efforts were not appreciated or something. (Hal, I can see why you feel the way you do though, so this is not a criticism or anything!)

No, I agree entirely, which is why I stopped blogging personally. I felt like it was rude *not* to reply, but it stressed me out so much to *have* to reply that it just wasn't worth it. And that was with like 5-10 comments on each blog, most from people I knew! What would I do if I actually got a good readership going???? lol.

Then there are some people (like Jenny Crusie, who's blog I love), who just replies to a few people, and not everyone. That seems to work fine for her community, but how do you decide who to reply to and who not? I think I would feel weird if an author replied to other people, but not me, you know? Then there are other blogs I read (mostly agent blogs) where the agent themselves never replies to comments (unless to correct wrong info), but the commenters themselves get a conversation going so it's still very interactive, even without the original agent/poster's input.

Bosun said...

I haven't been that long-winded for a while. LOL! I'll try to cut back on the coffee.

Bosun said...

We've spoiled you, Chance, it's that simple.

I totally second every blog Hellie mentioned, and she means Word Wenches for that one she couldn't remember. Though I rarely if ever visit that one. Only because I don't write historicals and though I read them, I don't long to know that much about the time periods. Awesome ladies though. And man do they know their stuff.

I also agree with Q that it's better to be picky about where you visit. A blog strumpet is not what you want to be. Or I should say, not what I want to be if I ever find myself in your situation. LOL!

The Crusie blog is a whole n'other animal. That's much more like ladies (and a couple gents) lingering around a table chatting over drinks. I never feel like Jenny is slighting anyone when she doesn't respond to everyone. She often pushes 200 comments, you just can't respond to all of that, or the blog would become her full time job. Then who would write the awesome books we can't live without?!

For me, I want interaction, even if it's just the commenters interacting. I'm not a fan of the commenters who only say things like "I like to read, thanks" with the sole purpose of winning something. I also am not a fan of the pat author responses where it's clear she could care less what the commenter said.

When it comes to lurkers, I'm find with them. It shouldn't be mandatory to leave a comment on everything you read. I'm an extrovert, comfortable in the blogosphere and used to talking to different people. Or just talking to myself. LOL! But I know not everyone is.

Bottom line - If you run a blog, be it group or personal, and you're not at least attempting to engage commenters, then I don't see any reason for having the blog. Then it's just an online ranting area and you might as well turn commenting off.

2nd Chance said...

Hellie - I'll have to check out the blogs you and the Bo'sun mention as good ones. I know I'm usually a late logger in, and once some of those bigguns have 80 comments, I tend to not bother! But I will read them and I know stats matter to a blog.

I like the formal-informal-formal atmosphere on the ship. It's all about being...dare I say it...polite. To each other and to guests. If we show up at a party, we mingle, we hope they do, too.

The days this blog has been down/down are days I really miss the interaction. And the days I visit blogs where no one comments, I feel ignored. Even if I understand there are hits... Maybe it's just me. ;-(

2nd Chance said...

Q - Damn code... grumble, grumble.

Yes, I don't want to be a blog strumpet but not being terribly versed in blogs other than this one...I generally don't know what is going on with a blog until I'm there. And I basically, at this point, go wherever I'm invited or invite myself. A sort of get-to-know the blog-o-sphere tour.

I do like the idea of starting a convo with myself. Or writing a short story using the comment box...something that once noticed will prompt response... It's an idea! ;-)

2nd Chance said...

Hal - Sometimes it's difficult to respond to every comment. I know when I'm off visiting other blogs, I sometimes just acknowledge with a 'thanks for visiting' bit. I mean, sometimes it's just about their saying someting to get into the contest. When that is what is going on...that is what they get back. But with courtesy!

Perhaps to me that is the key...brevity, though not my normal stomping ground, is something I can appreciate in a comment. "Nice blog!" is fine with me. At least it lets me know someone is out there... Since often as a guest, I have no idea what the stats look like and for all I know I am out in the middle of the Caribbean standing on a turtle's back!

2nd Chance said...

Donna - It's funny, writers tend to be observers. I'm one of the most unobservant people I know! But I am terribly sensitive, hence I worry that if no one comments it's about me personally... They didn't like me, they didn't like my topic, they HATE me, they HATE my topic... My personal phobia.

I can pontificate from the back of a turtle and be just fine, long as someone waves now and then!

It's a strange mix of wallflower/center of attention personas. With the book, I want to know that people are reading the blogs, because I want to know if they are going to buy the book when it comes out! Or at least remember that 'oh, they read something about that some months ago...'

Sigh, it's like being on a stage and the lights are so bright you don't know if people are watching/listening or plugged into their ipods!

hal said...

Ter said I never feel like Jenny is slighting anyone when she doesn’t respond to everyone.

I've found the same thing. I don't know how it works there, but it works wonderfully. It makes me wonder how she started -- if she'd always just responded to a select few comments, or if she started out responding to all, and (obviously) had to cut waaaaaaaay back when it got so big. I just find that particular blog community fascinating, since it's such it's own animal (in a good way!) *g*

2nd Chance said...

Do you suppose Jenny replies to the comments she sees as universal to what people want to know, so by hitting a few, she hits the salient points?

Or does she use a dartboard?

I'd be so worried if I ignored someone. What if that is the review queen of the world and I didn't comment on her comment?

A person could go mad, ya know!

2nd Chance said...

Bo'sun - Yeah, right now I don't feel like I have the choice to be picky. I figure that day will come, but until I can really get a feel for the blog-o-sphere, it's a matter of just generating specs and being visible.

Right now, March is pretty empty and since I should have the book out by then, I need to start looking at some visits for then!

I'd love to be a visitor on some of the more top-notch blogs, but haven't figured out how to slip into their line-ups. Advice is always, 'start going to the blogs that interest you and comment often..." Well, I still have to write, edit...walk the dog. How do I find the time?


Bosun said...

I mostly lurk at Crusie's blog, because the regulars intimidate me a bit. :) All those really smart people! But that blog also feels a lot more like Jenny is talking "with" you than "to" you.

Chance - She's good about answering if someone asks a question. And there are lots of inside comments, like inside jokes, that they all know. It's a very close-knit bunch. (Sometimes literally, since Jenny knits. LOL!)

2nd Chance said...

I'll have to make a point of visiting one new biggie blog a day. Just to check them out!

Now, pirates. I'm up a bit early because I'm going to have to disappear for about an hour. A doctor ordered test. No problem, just will take some time.

Not a fan of early morning tests...

hal said...

You say that like you'd be a big fan of medical tests if they were later in the day *g*. I've found they pretty much suck regardless of the time! (though there is something extra-sucky about the early morning ones)

Bosun said...

Mine was mid-afternoon Monday and I admit, I'll take that over 7am tests any day LOL!

I like what Hellie said about this blog, in that we can be us. As irreverent and profane as we like, and no one scolds us to keep it PG-13. I mean, I don't think we should come with a warning or anything, but I'm pretty happy I can say clusterfuck on the blog and no one gasps.

At least not audibly. :)

2nd Chance said...

Well, it will be done and I can go about my day afterward without interuption, so that is the plus. The negative is getting up for them!

And now, I must be off!

Marnee said...

What an interesting topic!

I don't visit a lot of blogs, honestly. I make the time to get here as much as I can but I don't visit any others with regularity. I just don't have a lot of time. Even now, my littlest is playing with a couple toys at my feet. He's happy for now but I know there's an expiration date on that happiness. LOL!!

I do like that people respond to each comment. At least if it seems possible. Big giant authors like Crusie and JR Ward, well, it's just not humanly possible. But I think as an author's making a name for themselves, it's a nice touch.

Some author's only blog once a week or whatever. And some only blog when they have something to say. Some don't blog at all. I think it can work any way a person sets it up, as long as the author meets expectations. Like if they say they're going to blog every Friday, well, they should.

Facebook too. I like when author's acknowledge comments on their FB page. I think it does say something about an author's respect for their readership.

Irisheyes said...

I think just like everything else – when it’s new everyone jumps on board; as it grows people become more selective (especially given the time commitment); and as you settle in you just sort of find your own groove. And for some – like the ladies from SquawkRadio (and Hal – bet you never thought you’d be part of such an esteemed group, huh?! ) they realize it can be a bit much and need to scale back. I don’t have an account on either Facebook or Twitter but it seems to me the reason they’ve become so popular is because they are sort of blogging in shorthand. It lets authors stay connected without the time commitment.

The whole blogging/internet/social networking thing has become such an out of control animal in some respects. I wrestle with it myself and am constantly bombarded with it from my kids. It was definitely easier when it was just one place to check in and talk about what I love. Now I’m checking a lot more sites but I only comment on a few. It is time consuming and can be very overwhelming, especially for an introvert like me. It took me months to work up the nerve to comment on my first blog so I suppose now I comment where I’m comfortable – sort of like chatting with friends.

So, in answer to your question, Chance, I like visiting any and all author blogs, but would probably only comment on a few. Most of them I use just for info on the author or their books. I do think that websites/blogs are a tremendous tool and have helped me discover a lot of new authors. When I do comment it’s nice to get a response and get a dialogue going but I know on the bigger blogs it’s just not possible. Therefore, when I comment I do so with that in mind – pretty much to just say hi and add my name to their fan base (I assume authors always like positive feedback). And, last but not least, what attracts me to a blog I comment on (like this ship) should be obvious - it’s totally awesome, intelligent, inspiring and witty crew members!

Bosun said...

Irish gets extra glitter in her Hooha!

:) We're happy to have you aboard, lady.

2nd Chance said...

I appreciate the irreverence we frolic with on the Revenge, most assuredly.

Marn - Yeah, I try to respond to FB stuff and I am so tickled when I hit on somebody big and they bounce back at me... It's just sorta cool! ;-) We're such fangirls!

Irish! So good to see you and know we are one of the blogs you consider it fun to play on.

Which I think is so big. Come play on the blog! On any blog! Life takes itself so seriously...everyone needs to relax and play and that is what a blog is for! Least when I'm on it, that's the mission!

2nd Chance said...

Hey guys...I'm wasn't a bad test. No bandages or holes left... I won't contaminate anyone...

Krakey? You there? Want to talk about the world wide tour?

Bosun said...

Must be a Friday thing, but it sure did die around here. LOL! You can almost hear an echo!

Ironic considering we all said we love how we engage each other and talk in comments. LOL! Nothing like making liars out of ourselves.

2nd Chance said...

Friday is always a tough gig, but wow...everyone had their say and nothing more to say?

Oooo! Nice looking native guy just left, ponytail down to his butt...NICE!

I do observe some stuff!

Janga said...

I think a good blog has its own personality and that personality determines, at least to some extent, the number and nature of the comments. Some invite everyone in to join the party, some create the feeling of eavesdropping on someone else's conversation, and some appear to offer information with little interest in participation. I had a bad experience with the first blog I ever commented on. Had it not been for the warmth and welcome of the Squawkers at Squawk Radio, I probably would not be a blogger or a regular commenter on others' blogs now.

I've been a regular visitor to RWR since the very early days, and I thoroughly enjoy the humor and irreverence of the crew. BUT had I not already known Terri and Hellion (via Squawk and the EJ bb), I would likely be one of your lurkers, not because of the pirates but because I'm an introvert who is more likely to be found in a corner at the party, observing or having a quiet conversation with a few good friends.

I read a half dozen or so blogs regularly via Google Reader that I rarely or never comment on. My lurking is attributable to a lack of time and to my introversion. The blogs where I comment regularly--here, Romance Bandits, Word Wenches, and The Romance Dish are all places where I feel connected emotionally as well as electronically. I love reading Jenny Crusie's blog, but I think I've commented there once. Visiting is rather like window shopping and admiring things I know I'll never purchase.

I do like blogging. That's why when the Romance Vagabonds decided to break camp, I started Just Janga. But I'm comfortable because I feel as if the blog is an extended conversation with friends. I hope I succeed in establishing that tone.

Irisheyes said...

Thanks, Ter! My Hooha can always use a little extra glitter!

I was going to say earlier that, IMHO, the blogs with the multi-author/writers work a lot smoother cause it is a lot for just one person to handle.

2nd Chance said...

Irish, I agree to an extent. This blog works with the multiple soon-to-be-published. I'm on another one with a few published and to me...well, I don't get it when you don't stop by at least once to comment on the days you don't blog. To me, that is how you support the blog in general. But that is my opinion!

To only visit when it's your blog day, and then to never respond to comments... Uh...why are you bothering to do this? I don't get it.

I'm noticing some improvement with the New Year, so we'll see!

2nd Chance said...

Janga - I'm glad you come away from the wall to comment, because your wisdom always rings true. I so get the window shopping aspect of some blogs. I'd probably be that way with the bandits!

Bosun said...

I window shop on agent blogs. I've nothing to contribute in that arena, but the information is great to help learn the business side of things.

Janga - You inform, educate, entertain, and engage in every blog. And always with a gentility and style few manage. I don't always contribute on yours either, often because I've nothing of substance to add. But I do always give it a read. Very happy you've kept it going.

2nd Chance said...

I do the same, Bo'sun. Save for Saritza's blog. But a lot of good information out there with those blogs.

2nd Chance said...

And I'm headed for lunch and then, I think...a movie. Tourist! Since I can't find The King's Speech playing anywhere. The Green Hornet knocked it out of my local theaters!? Geez!

Marnee said...

Have fun at your movie, Chance!

Marnee said...

I definitely window shop at agents' blogs too. I don't want to say anything that might sound foolish. Or, my worst nightmare, say something they remember later when I query and have them go, "I remember this idiot. If she thinks I'm going to represent her, she's clearly struggling with lunacy."


I'm glad all our regular commenters comment. I love to hear everyone else's perspective. I hope (for all those lurkers out there reading right now) that those who don't comment a lot feel comfy diving in whenever. Seriously, we get all tickled pink when new people play with us. Kind of like when the popular kid says hi to the shy kid on the playground. :) Ultimately, we don't bite. I swear.

Well, Sin does, but only when she's asked to.

Bosun said...

Well, Sin does, but only when she’s asked to.

Since when did she change that policy?

Donna said...

I had to go outside for a bit -- the first time in a few days -- so I wasn't really deserting ship so much as making sure I didn't succumb to cabin fever. LOL

You should see how high the snow is piled up from where they plowed it. It's like a snow maze in the store parking lots--hard to see around!

Marnee said...

Donna, we've got about 6-8 on the ground outside right now. I'm over the snow, though. Is it time for spring yet.

Though come this summer, my baby will probably be walking... therefore falling. I think I'll need to invest in some bandaids before the snow melts away.

Bosun said...

Pillows, Marn. Lots of pillows. scattered throughout the house. And buffed table corners. LOL! I was always more afraid of her hitting her head on something.

Donna said...

Marn, I about had a mini-seizure a few minutes ago when I saw some snow swirling around--even though the sun is blinding me. I think it's just snow being moved around by the wind, but I kept thinking, "Noooooo! That's enough!"

Not sure how much snow fell, but it's piled higher than my car. I don't know where it's gonna go when it melts. If I had the freezer space -- LOL -- I'd stockpile some of this for summer!

Can you get little baby kneepads? And good idea, Terri. Wrap his head in layers of cotton batting. LOL

Hellion said...

See, I told you guys it would be a while before I could log back on again. I'm a lazy creature, I admit it.

I'm going to see The King's Speech today. *grins wickedly* Dang, I guess I'll just have to tell you how hot Geoffrey Rush looked in it, huh? Me, I'll be admiring Colin Firth...but whatever. :)

I think there have been less comments today--I saw Chance being all ungrateful (*LOL*) that the blog "died" early in the day--is because everyone gave long THOUGHTFUL answers. We stayed on topic, we answered your question, and we had a great discussion...but the thing is on the high comment days is when we're usually engaging in chatter about movies, sex, more sex, or naked men.

Just because there are LOTS of comments doesn't mean that the blog was successful necessarily. I'm just as guilty of putting more emphasis on quantity over quality...but it's not necessarily true. But I know you're a fan of relaxing and having fun and not taking everything so seriously--but you have to admit, you gave us a relatively serious topic today where most of us had to admit to being introverts (including myself) and we've all got at least one story where we've been burnt on a bad blog before. :)

Oh, did I mention I'm going to the King's Speech? Oh, I did. I'm mentioning it again.

I'm seeing Geoffrey Rush.....lah, lah, lah.

Hellion said...

Marn, the pain never lasts long and they forget quickly--I mean they're always willing to get up and try again (a lesson for us all, right?). You mommies worry too much. Though I do like Terri's suggestion to throw down a bunch of pillows.

Donna said...

All this pillow talk is making me want to take a nap. After I eat some ice cream I bought while I was out earlier.

I had a writing "Aha!" earlier this morning and about wore out the laptop getting it typed in. I also got a blog post out of it, so I feel wicked productive today.


Hellion said...

Donna, you're having a bitchin' good Friday! *LOL* You got out of your apartment during Snowmageddon, got some ice cream (essential!), wrote on your masterpiece and a blog, and still had time to visit the blog. :) Sweet!

Donna said...

Hellie, you're gonna make me blush. LOL

Oh, and this is kinda cool. Remember that contest I won 2nd place in last summer where I actually won money? They used a quote from me on their postcard flyer that just got sent out--I'm the only one they quoted. I'm gonna try to scan it so I can put it on my blog. It makes me happy AND a little shy at the same time. LOL

Bosun said...

Must be nice to lounge the day away. ;)

I'm going home to pack for my family weekend visit. It's WAY colder where we're meeting, about 4 hours north, and I'm not happy about this.

Donna - You need to pace yourself, darling. That's a lot for one day. And congrats on the quote! (What contest is that? I think I know, but I can't remember the name of it.)

Hellion said...

Lounging is too strenuous. I've been SLEEPING. *LOL* And now I'm lounging energetically, watching TV.

Now I need to get ready to go see the movie. :)

That is way too cool that Donna got quoted on a postcard! She's PUBLISHED! She's going to be read by thousands!!

Marnee said...

Yay, aha moments! :) I had one of those today myself, in the shower of all places, and nearly forgot about it before I managed to make my way to the computer.

The youngest is sleeping right now so I've been working.

Pillows is a good idea. I never had to worry about my oldest. He hit his head once but then he learned fast.

This one? I don't know. He's in that learning to sit up phase. He forgets to stay up all the time, hits his head constantly. Thinks it's funny. Cotton batting might be a good idea....

Donna said...

It's the PNWA (Pacific Northwest Writers Association). I volunteered to be a judge in this year's contest too.

Sorry you have to venture into the cold like that, Terri. Hope there's something (drink? hotties?) to keep you warm once you get there. :)

Okay, back to working on this WIP. I want to send something to Christine by the end of this month.

Bosun said...

If not hundreds! LOL! (See that? I went backwards. I crack me up.)

Marn - One of my little brothers hit his head so often, we really thought he'd have brain damage. Fortunately for him, having a very hard head runs in our family.

Kiddo was fine once she started walking, crawling was our issue. I had an open floor plan and she was FAST. Lost her more times than I can count. LOL!

Donna said...

*smacks Hellie*


Hellion said...

Don't freak out Marn like that. He'll be fine. My sister dropped me off a horse right on my head. I bounced. She dusted me off and returned me to mom without saying anything for 20 years. I turned out fine. I was even the first one in my family to get a college degree. If I'm nuts, it's only because it's a family gene.

Donna said...

LOL, whether it's hundreds or thousands, it's still more people than are reading my blog posts right now!

Irisheyes said...

I am sooooo jealous!!! I want to see The King's Speech! *in Irish's best whining voice* Instead I get to cart kid's to bowling and ice skating!

Congrats, Donna! That is very cool to be quoted!

Janga, Yes you are succeeding!

I laughed at the DH's Xmas gift of a space heater with climate control and occilating (?) fan. I'm not laughing anymore! That sucker has gotten more use than any other present I've gotten in years.

Bosun said...

Irish - I have that heater! I use it all the time, all winter long. Gotten me through two drafty apartments and now my own drafty living room. LOL! And I would think in Chicago, the kids could just ice skate in front of the house.

Right, like MY story of head bumping is going to scare her but your story of dropping from a horse followed by the statement you turned out "fine" is supposed to make her feel better.


Donna - Now you know how I felt when the WW story was coming out. "HOW MANY PEOPLE READ THIS MAGAZINE???" *gulp*

2nd Chance said...

Sure. Hel. Rub it in. I looked for that movie but had to settle for JOHNNY!

Sorry I bailed guys. I'm having a really difficult day and ... hard to explain.

Miranda Neville said...

Hi pirates. just happened to stop by and love the post, love the topic. You guys are one of my absolute favorite blogs to visit because the discussion is always smart, funny and lively. If it's always just about "please buy my book or comment to win my book" it's no fun for the readers and it's no fun for me.

I love the Bandits and the Dishies too. (Miss the Vagabonds, boo hoo).

We're all going drinking in NY, right?

2nd Chance said...

Miranda, Terri and I will be there...And Donna! Not sure if any of the other pirates will be...maybe J Perry and Santa?

I'll have to get Terri to let you know exactly who!

And we love having you stop by!