Saturday, January 15, 2011

How Many More Weeks Do I Have To Do This?

Okay, I'm doing this before today's writing meeting so I have even less time to whine about this duty or be clever.

So here's the theme.

Something old (as in pictures I've posted as hotties before, not the age of the hotties in question)

Something new (new hotties)

Something borrowed (Donna, you can't keep Richard all to yourself ALL the time)

Something for Q.



2nd Chance said...

Oh, save me! What a fabulous picture of Geoffrey! How was he in The King's Speech? I enjoyed The Tourist...missed a pivotal scene where the need to pee overwhelmed the need to keep watching. I may have to go see it again!

Hellion said...

I honestly hate to rub it in--I really do--but if you can possibly find someplace showing that movie, GO IMMEDIATELY. I mean, EVERYONE was great in this film. It was funny, it was heart wrenching, I swear I held my breath for 2 hours because I was rooting for the King to be able to deliver his speech without stammering. The audience clapped at the end.

It was a story without a single car chase and yet the human drama of it all had you on the edge of your seat. OH--and within the first 10-15 minutes, I realized the two greatest wishes of both the main characters. Three if you count the Queen. But when they show Geoffrey's greatest secret desire, you just love him more. It made me think I need to work harder to really pinpoint what my characters want most and show it, reveal the sort of characters these people are.

I would definitely buy this movie and watch it again.

I also watched The Social Network this weekend, and it was also a human drama without a single chase scene--but also had spot on dialogue and hilarious scenes...and heartbreaking scenes as well.

Quantum said...

What a lovely smile!

As a man who loves mountains, I have to say that the landscape looks challenging and dangerous.

Don't think I'll need a compass though. I would enjoy losing myself among those peaks. :lol:

Thanks Helli!

Donna said...

Hellie, you did a great job. I'm willing to share RA if you eases your workload. LOL

And I sympathize -- Hottie duty was the worst! I'm planning to jump ship before it comes around again. LOL

Bosun said...

How could anyone NOT want Hottie Duty? You are the strangest crew. *shakes head in wonder*

I'll take Ashton, thanks. LOVED him in Killers (which that pic is from.) Thought he was a cute, goofy screw-up until that movie. HAWT!

What Hellie has left out is that she didn't get to see the movie until Saturday. It was sold out Friday so after all her taunting, karma bit her in the ass. LOL!

Now I must see this movie!!!

Donna said...

Terri, I liked the "research" part of Hottie Duty, finding the pics and all. But it was so much WORK to get Wordpress to cooperate--I could have drafted another manuscript in that time! And then the pics were all deleted anyway. LOL

I liked Ashton in that Coast Guard movie with Kevin Costner -- he was kind of a cocky smart-ass, which surprised me from him, so I looked at him in a whole new way. :)

2nd Chance said...

Hellie - I have one local theater still playing it. I'll see if I can manage it tomorrow! The new teenboy flick pushed it out of the theater. The Green Hornet? Give me a break!