Thursday, January 6, 2011

Six-Word Memoirs for 2010


I planned this blog for New Year’s Eve, but the Captain wisely decided it would be a week of little play and reran the Pirates Christmas Carol. But, I’m not one to waste a blog I had fun putting together! So, a little late, but it never hurts to consider the year before!

Yup! Some weeks ago we were all bi*ching about the epitaph thing. Well, this sorta links into that. I have this book, bought a few years ago, called “Not Quite What I Was Planning - Six-Word Memoirs by Writers Famous and Obscure.”

Some examples?

You got it!

Sebastian Junger: I asked. They answered. I wrote.


I loved this one, by Deepak Chopra: Danced in fields of infinite possibilities. (I want to have written those words! I think mine would be I wrote worlds of unbounded possibilities.)

How ‘bout this? Brought it to a boil, often. Mario Batalli!

Or this… Revenge is living well without you. Joyce Carol Oats.

Stephen Colbert wrote Well, I thought it was funny.


Ok, and this. Fearlessness is the mother of reinvention from Arianna Huffington.

I can really get where she is coming from, considering the journey she has taken!

So, we’re a week into 2011. I could make this a really hard blog and ask you to compose an haiku of your latest MS. (I did this, it’s sorta fun!)

But a haiku takes a while. I’m gonna be kind and stick to the epitaph.

Try this challenge…Six words to sum up the year. Or to sum up the current writing progress. To sum up the month…? Just six words!

Or, since this is playing on the 7th, how about six words to sum up what you are planning to manifest for the year. Only six words now!

Here’s mine… The Kraken’s Mirror, first sale bliss!

For 2011… This year piratepunk rises to conquer!


Melanee said...

I also love D. Chopra's words- he has quite a way with them.
I think my last year would be: "I pushed, she came, we love."
This year is trickier....I'll go with: "Loving, creating, accepting my magnificent family"
Hmm, those could stand some re-jiggering and there they are.

Marnee said...

Oh wow. Chance hon, I need a little more coffee if you're going to give me homework. The youngest was up all night. He's teething his top four teeth.

You know, in all the books and movies vampires teeth just pop out. Why can't baby teeth be like that? Instead they creep out, wreaking havoc on the sleep patterns and well-being of everyone in the house. Clearly fiction has improved on reality.

On that random tangent from my three hours sleep brain, I'm off to caffeinate.

My goal for the morning? caffeine makes the world inhabitable .

hal said...

I love this - it sounds like so much fun! I can't think of anything the top, but I shall be back with something pithy and witty!

Marnee said...

PS, I just realized that was five words and not 6. Ugh. I really need a good kick in the pants today.

Donna said...

This definitely sounds fun, but I have to think--and my coffee isn't kicking in yet.

Poor Marn! Here's some super duper extra-strength caffeine blitz coffee for you.

And I nearly spit out my coffee about the vampire fangs. If only it were that easy, for everything!

Marnee said...

Okay. I'm back and I think I'm ready to take on the day. Everyone's fed and clothed and I'm caffeinated. Bring it, world.


So... last year....
Focus on reproduction, not word production

This year?
Getting back in the writing habit
*Not real catchy but hopefully true nonetheless*

Bosun said...

I love this! That Sebastian Junger quote is awesome. I need to think about what I'd say. Let me get a little word done here and then I'll be back.

Great lines, Marn. And what you need is a nap, not a kick in the pants. LOL!

2nd Chance said...

Oh, Marn! I'm sorry! But then again, if baby teeth popped out that way they might also be very pointy and sharp. Which wouldn't be a good thing either!

2nd Chance said...

Hal, it's fun once you get the swing of it!

Marn, inhabitable is a big word, we can count that as two! ;-)

2nd Chance said...

Donna, I still say a baby with pointy teeth would be a bigger problem!

Marn! There ya go! I like how you actually rhyme, for last year! And nothing wrong with a little resolution in the one for 2011! Brava!

2nd Chance said...

Bo'sun, I read through them all, and actually didn't recognize most of them, but those that I did, yeah...his is pretty cool. And I do like Ariana's! Chopra's just makes my body shiver...

Marnee said...

Chance - pointy teeth = no good. LOL!!

Thanks for the sympathy folks. I'm alright now. Coffee is an amazing and wondrous gift from the gods.

2nd Chance said...

Wow, I did not know crickets could be up this early in the morning...

Wonder if the bungee cord is still tied securely to the main mast? Or I could turn into the wind and try to waterski... Sin said she left her ice picks at home when she flew to Phoenix...are they in the crows nest?

2nd Chance said...

Well, Marn...I don't know if you're still breastfeeding, but the vision in my head wasn't pretty...

Donna said...

I wasn't thinking of the end result of a baby with pointy vampire teeth. Obviously. I was just thinking of the efficiency of it all.

I mean, imagine if puberty were that easy. Or menopause. Any of those things that area a lengthy process could benefit from a "zap, it's done!" method.

I'm still thinking of six words. This is hard. I use that many words just to warmup to what I might think I want to say. LOL

2nd Chance said...

Donna, you can do it! It's all about efficency...and yup, I just know I spelled that wrong...efficiency? Nope, that don't look right either...

Wish the blog had a spellcheck...

Bosun said...

I think you got it right the second time. I think.

Donna - I was thinking the same thing. I write sparse, but six words!

Still thinking....

Donna said...

Okay, here's one. (And yes, the only way I can do this is if I have more than one shot at it. LOL)

Here's a six-word synopsis of my publishing efforts last year:

One step closer, miles to go.

Janga said...

Great blog, Chance! I love these, although I don't think anyone has ever topped Hemingway's six-word short story that started it all: "For sale: baby shoes, never worn."

Here's mine for 2010: Blocked poet, undisciplined novelist, still writing.

And for 2011: Imagine, work, persevere, goal exceeding grasp.

2nd Chance said...

By jove, I think she's got it! Great one, Donna!

And Janga, love them.

I hadn't seen that Hemingway short, but that is concise and paints the whole picture, don't it!

Quantum said...

Following Chopra:
Battled with Kraken in multiple worlds.

From my own 'Quantum Meditations':
Love expands to fill any space.
One upon infinity is absolutely nothing.
Life without romance? empty and sad!
Scotch without ice? horrors not nice!

I'd better stop. They keep rolling! :lol:

2nd Chance said...

Q - Always the poet, loverly, sir!

We ever going to see your books? You've seen one of mine...

I love it, my CAPTCHA Code is Deny!

Marnee said...

I am still nursing. It wouldn't be a pretty picture. But I agree about the whole, Zap, it's done, being a great revision of a lot of length processes.

Bo'sun, imagine if teaching the kiddo to drive were so easy. Bam, she's a master. Wouldn't that be better?

Donna -that's great! I love it. :)

Scapegoat said...

Holy cow woman that's a lot to ask my brain to do before noon! :)

I love this idea and the examples you pulled. Love Mario's.

To sum up my 2010 - Less talk and more action please.

What I'm hoping for in 2011 - Ass in Chair, hands on keyboard.

Ok so those aren't original but let me think some on something more spectacular.

2nd Chance said...

Yeah, Marn...I wondered...not a pretty picture.

If it were all instant, well, gee. Terri would miss the calorie burning of worrying about the munchkin as she learns!

Scape - Original, shmuiginal...if it works, it works! And good one for both years! (BTW, package is in the mail to you!)

Bosun said...

Marn - Are you trying to give me heartburn?

Donna said...

Marn – Are you trying to give me heartburn?

LOL -- sounds like she already did!

Loving everyone's "sixes". :) Such a clever creative crowd.

2nd Chance said...

Heartburn? I was thinking of another type of pain...

OH! Munchkin driving! Maybe by then there will be a shut off in cars so teens cannot use a cell phone while car is in motion... They really need one of those. A parental option of somesort...

Donna said...

Chance, I think they enacted a law like that here recently. What they ought to do is a law something like, "Teenagers, if you think it's a good idea to do it while you're driving, it's illegal. Seriously. We don't trust your judgment yet. Even though we're letting you drive two tons of steel all by yourself, you still don't know what you're doing." LOL

2nd Chance said...

CA has several laws about cell phones and driving. Illegal without a wireless headset. Texting is illegal, period. And the cops can stop you and ticket you if they see you, period.

But really, like the breathalizer they can install in cars so that a repeart offended of driving under the influence can't get the car to start if they've had too much... I think there should be automatic disable on cell phones for parents to set.

2nd Chance said...

Melanee! Hi! Sorry, it took so long for you comment to post, must have needed approving. Dang wordpress!

I like your phrases!

How about celebrating your magnificent family instead of accepting? ;-)

Melissa said...

Six words? Okay, I couldn't decide between two. The first thing that popped into my head is that saying I first heard either here or from Hal. It turned into advice to myself for every time I had an exam or presentation in 2010:

Put my big girl panties on!

It's not my original but it would make an interesting memoir! LOL Then I thought of another that fit 2010 (hopefully not 2011!):

Wrote to distraction. It answered promptly.

2nd Chance said...

Melissa - Brilliant and so true! On both counts!

I love the pun-ishness of the second. THAT should be on a button and I may steal it for just that purpose!

Now, time to get dressed and outta the house. Be back in a bit, crew!

Bosun said...

Okay, 2010 would be:

Lots of firsts, life was good.

2011 is:

Bitterly determined to see this through.

Neither is very witty. I love Melissa's for 2010. What a great play on words!

Donna said...

Melissa, I love your 2010 one. Very clever!

Terri, I like your 2010 offering. I can't see you doing anything "bitterly". LOL

And why didn't we realize Chance was going to "liberate" all of these for buttons? LOL

Hellion said...

Great blog, 2nd, I'm sorry I had to make you wait!! :) And yes, I'm sorry I took so long to approve the comment. I have the day off and I'm clearly taking my time recovering from my hangover. *LOL*

Six words for a memoir?

Likely contenders:

1.) High School continues after leaving town.
2.) God wouldn't redeem Lucifer. I did.
3.) Writing turned out cheaper than therapy.

Six words for 2011:

1.) Finished draft, highly polished, bought immediately.
2.) Hello Vegas! I'm married at last!

(Okay #2 is sooooo unlikely, but no less unlikely than #1 to be honest.)

Bosun said...

New one for 2011:

Must remember to purchase an imagination

I'm jealous of all these great lines. LOL!

Donna - The bitterness is growing by the day!

2nd Chance said...

Hel - absolutely worth the wait! I love the redeem Lucifer one!

Donna - What word would you suggest instead of bitterly? I might say... doggedly. (And I probably screwed up how that is spelled!)

And I embrace all of Hel's 2011 ones!

Ter - Your second insinuates you don't have an imagination...we all know that isn't true! Look what you've imagined into reality last year? A sale to WW, a house, a're on a roll, girl!

Julie said...

I started 2010 with:

Saw a need. Filled the void.

Ended the year with:

Unbroken. Untarnished. Unconquered. Unchained. Pride? Regained.

Julie said...

Six words for 2011:

Threads are tied. I’ve come full circle.


I am at peace.

Or so I thought. Until I got a phone call. Now its …

I am Chen.
Before Lightning.

2nd Chance said...

Julie! Very nice and empowering all the way!

Julie said...

From Nine Star Ki
Trigram Chen
Chen signifies thunder representing the movement and development of situations. It also symbolizes the dragon, rising out of the depths and soaring into the sky.

2nd Chance said...

Glad I wasn't in on that phone call!

2nd Chance said...

Anyone want to hazard a guess at what Sin would write if she weren't in Phoenix right now?

Have ice pick, makes traveling easy

Julie said...

But I make such a cute dragon, Chanch!

Bosun said...

Sin's would be:

Hood up. Tunes on. Fuck off.

2nd Chance said...

Cute or not, you'd still breath fire! That's okay...

Julie said...

Chanch!? WTH?


2nd Chance said...

Yer right, Terri! That fits her!

Donna said...

I love the one for Sin. LOL I've got a variation, just to amuse me:

For sale. Ice pick. Well loved.

And here's one I need to pay attention to:

Endora says "Work on WIP now!"

2nd Chance said...

She is such a witch!

You think Sin would sell one of her ice picks? Whatever happened to her ninja stars anyway?

Bosun said...

Donna - That one for Sin is perfect, except the last two words should be "slightly used." LOL!

I read the Endora one and thought, "That's only four words?" Duh. I get it now.

2nd Chance said...

Or well used!

Well practiced.

Guaranteed sharp.

Donna said...

I always thought Sin's ice pick was used a lot. LOL I think she just THREATENS to use it, though.

Now I'm going to ponder Julie as a dragon. A fire-breathing one?

2nd Chance said...

Enough with the frivolity. Macys is calling and I need a new pair of slippers. I tried to wash the last pair and they didn't make it... Back in a bit!

Janga said...

I can see Julie as a dragon--maybe one of Patricia Wrede's with purpose and power and heart.

I love reading all of these, but if I don't get busy, mine is going to be "So Sad! She had real promise."

Bosun said...

I'm heading out too. It's a Friday, it's after four, and I'm the only person here. I believe that's my sign to lock the doors.

Bosun said...

Now I'm seeing the new movie - How To Train Your Julie.

Julie said...

I can see Julie as a dragon–maybe one of Patricia Wrede’s with purpose and power and heart.

Yes. I have purpose. I’m the dragon standing behind the Davids who are trying to fight Goliath.
Just letting Ol’ Gol’ know that this better be a fair fight. And if they take down the kids unfairly? They’ll have to deal with me.

Julie said...

Ooohh Funny Terri!

2nd Chance said...

I can dig that, Janga. I have been dragging since I got up. Rotten night, but now, 2:45, I'm going to finish up with checking the blog and devote a solid hour to the last seen of my current WIP!

2nd Chance said...

"How To Train Your Julie" - Perfection! Would she be one the big ones or one of little spitfire ones? Able to camoflage herself? ;-)

2nd Chance said...

Hey, thanks everyone for playing alone! This blog went better than I thought it would!

I had a great day, finished the second in the kraken's Caribbean series. It came in around 61.5k and I really liked how it turned out. New name is The Chameleon Goggles.

Now to begin on the third...the infamous Pirate's Circus!

Julie said...

I had a great day, finished the second in the kraken’s Caribbean series.

Congrats Chance!

I had a good day too. Must have been chen-ce.

2nd Chance said...


Julie said...

Got another phone call. Now its …
Threads are tied. Come full circle.


I am quite pleased.

Drinks are on me!
Here's a toast ... To tying up those lose threads! And UNtying your inner dragons! LOL

2nd Chance said...

Set your dragon free to fly!