Wednesday, November 21, 2007

We've Pulled into Port for Holiday Leave!

Per the Capt'n, I shall post this message or be punished *grin* which we all know I don't want that.

We have pulled into port for some much needed frivolity and private time with naughty male pirates, whose roguish ways have stolen our fun loving hearts! We will set sail again at dawn on Monday morning. Be prepared to bear witness to our very detailed endeavours and enjoy the spoils of our pillaging!

PS. Have a great Thanksgiving and if you're our friends from across the sea, have a great Thursday!


terrio said...

At dawn? AT DAWN?! Damn it, no one said I had to get up that early.

...these wenches are so freaking demanding around here...

Marnee Jo said...

No, no, Boatswain, she meant we'd be there at dawn because we'd just be getting in at dawn from our night of frolicking and pillaging.

(Only in my pirate life do I get in at dawn. Otherwise, it's to bed at 10 for me.)

Sin said...

Lord Almighty, you sure have the temperment of a lady. If the Capt'n was here, she'd make you swab the decks instead of going out and frolicking and pillaging.