Monday, September 23, 2013

Black Moments

Well, if you knew me well, you knew I loved talking about black moments in books.

This week, there's been a lot of Black Moments roiling around me, threatening to sink my ship every five to ten minutes. There were days this week I came home and cried--and you know as well as I do there is no crying in pirating. I was so quiet and sad tonight at the farm, my dad grabbed my hand as I was leaving--and he doesn't do that, you see--and I asked if anything was wrong, and he just smiled and I knew he knew something was wrong I couldn't talk about. Which only made me love him more.

I was thinking about that incident on the drive home, how I was having a Black Moment...and it was the kind that has literary fiction all over it. But then I remembered that my current reputation with bad days is that I've survived 100% of them and even been happy again, so it stands to reason even if I'm a little sad, in the midst of a Black Moment now, and it seems all hope is lost--well, I write genre fiction and the Black Moment is never where the book ends. And if it's still a Black Moment, then it's not the end. Goddamnit.

So if we're all a little sadder than usual this week, if we all feel we're in the midst of a Black Moment from which no light shall shine again, just remember--if you're still in the Black Moment, it's not the end and just sail on until you do get to Tortuga...and there is rum and hotties and publishing contracts and everything you've dreamed of. It's all going to be okay.

So I'm sorry this isn't a glamorous send off with a parody and dancing hotties and everything else my reputation begs me to present here for my very last blog on the ship, but it is a bit like the speech from BRAVEHEART, when William Wallace rides up and down the line of gathered Scotsmen and says, "They may take our lives, but they will never take our FREEDOM!"--sorta like that.

Black Moments may take our happiness for a while, but they will never take our hope. And as you also know, if we writers didn't suffer, we wouldn't have anything worth writing about--so really, the suffering is just part of the gig.

So not sure what the questions should be--maybe "If Hellie had not been in the doldrums, what would have liked to have seen for the last blog?"--we can have a little fantasy like that. Or really, talk about's the last week. Tangents just beg to be done now.


quantum said...

I'm setting off on my holls in a couple of hours so little time to reminisce.

Such a sad day.
Hellie you have brought so much sunshine to this ship.

Still, as the sun sets you know that it's only a short time until the new dawn.

AND its bludy raining here!

Bye pirates.

Janga said...

Or maybe we can just be grateful for all the laughter your parodies and other humor have brought us over the years, Hellie. Thank you.

I'll add a prayer that your joy will be replenished, my friend, and some encouraging words from Dr. Seuss:

“But I've bought a big bat.
I'm all ready, you see.
Now my troubles are going
To have troubles with me!”

Marnee Bailey said...

Sorry you're having a rough time, Hells. :( But you're right. Tough times are just part of the road. Sucky, though, don't get me wrong.

I heart your parodies, so I am always up for them. :) I hope on your personal blog you keep up with them.

In my own life, my youngest is having some potty training regression. We're doing number one like a pro, but suddenly the toilet is a very scary place to poop. Trust me, it feels like a black moment here.

Feel better, girl.

Marnee Bailey said...

And Janga! I LOVE that. hahahaha!! I'm going to put that up in my house somewhere. :)

Terri Osburn said...

Does this comment box look different for anyone else?

I hate what you're having to deal with, but you are right. This is just an ugly black moment but I promise you there is light ahead. Maybe not tomorrow, but it's there and you'll make it through.

Still sucks though.

I know we like to play the part of pirates who don't care about all that much, but we really do. Saying goodbye is turning out to be harder than I expected.

MsHellion said...

Bye, Q--isn't it always bloody raining where you live? Isn't that the charm of England? *LOL* I'll miss you, but I promise to write on my personal blog with a review at times and remind you what's going on. Thank you for being part of our crew. You were the perfect token gentleman pirate! *kiss*

MsHellion said...

Janga, I need a hat...a great big piratey hat. Thank you, my friend, and I know we know where to find each other too. *HUGS*

MsHellion said...

Marn, I'll try to post parodies on the personal blog as well. Potty training IS a black moment, but I can see his concern. It can be very scary--how do you not know a hand is not going to reach up and goose you in the bum?

MsHellion said...

Yes, the comment box looks different to me. It'd be ironic if Blogger actually became user friendly the week we stopped blogging.

Thanks, Terri. Nice to know you have a pirate's back.

Maureen said...

Well, what would Hel's have written if life had bee kinder this morning... Hard to say. If I were writing today it would be all about the one day too far and the headache/headcold I came hold with.

My head is the state of Texas.

Q - you must tell us where we might find you!

irisheyes said...

Hellie!!! Sorry about you having to live through your own Black Moment. It would be easy if you could write yourself out of it, but it's wise of you to realize that your HEA is just ahead of you. I know you'll make it through. My good thoughts and virtual hugs are with you!

MsHellion said...

Mo, I hope you feel better soon. :)

Irish, if I wrote myself out of my own black moment, it might take a lot longer than if the Universe did it! *LOL* I'm pokey with my writing. But this does clear my plate to a degree--now I just cross shit off my list and say, "This is what we're doing. Boom, boom, boom." Take misery and make it a functional energy.

JulieJustJulie said...

What would I have liked to have seen for the last blog?
Exactly what I got.
It was Honest, it was heartfelt . It was real. It doesn't get any better than that. Honestly, it doesn't.