Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tuesday Review: Please Forgive Me

It was one of those things that the things I read this week didn't blow my skirt up enough to write about it, you know? BUT I am reading a book now that I'm really enjoying and plan to talk about next week.

In the meantime, what are you reading?


Marnee Bailey said...

I just read True Love, by Jude Deveraux. It was really good. I haven't loved some of her recent stuff, but this one was good. I'm looking forward to the next one in the series.

I also ordered the Mistress, by Tiffany Reisz. I'm going to read it at the shore. I need to finish this draft before the weekend. So I'm holding the Mistress out as a reward for finishing my story.

Terri Osburn said...

When I saw there wasn't a blog, I worried for a second it was Wednesday and I'd screwed up. Which would have been doubly bad since I can't afford to lose an entire day!

I just finished Leslie's Bombay stories. LOVED. It was like getting one long book in different 1st person POVs, since each new story is told that way. Some had romance, some didn't. The last story about the assassination of Rasputin was truly hysterical.

Not sure what I'll read next. Plenty to choose from on the kindle, but I need to get this WIP done. Oh, I also picked up paperbacks at Nationals. Maybe I'll try one of those.

JulieJustJulie said...

Heart of a Knight by Barbara Samuel. Beautifully writte, with sumptuous descriptive prose.

JulieJustJulie said...


Janga said...

Julie, I think "Beautifully written, with sumptuous descriptive prose" describes everything Barbara Samuel/Ruth Wind/Barbara O'Neal has ever written. Even her blog posts are extraordinary. I am a major fan and have been for years.

I recently finished an ARC of Julia Quinn's The Sum of All Kisses, which I adored. I'm writing today too; I just started a new freelance project. If I have any time to read, I plan to start Liz Carlyle's October release.

P. Kirby said...

Currently reading The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater and enjoying it. Also forcing myself to read slowly, Journey Into Mystery, Volume 1, a graphic novel. I tend to power through (too fast) those if I like 'em, and the combination of Kid Loki and great art makes it extra delicious.

Lost interest in the Linda Howard book, Now You See Her, when it got to the sexy. It's teetering towards DNF.

Read Divergent by Veronica Roth and found it fast-moving and entertaining, but not as compelling as The Hunger Games.

irisheyes said...

Finished up CAROLINA GIRL by Virginia Kantra and am anxiously awaiting the third book in that trilogy CAROLINA MAN.

Got the news yesterday and today that Susanna Fraser's newest A DREAM DEFIANT (a novella) and Brenda Novak's HOME TO WHISKEY CREEK have been downloaded to my Nook. So, I'll choose between those two. Kind of disappointed that the SF book is a novella. I love her books and was looking forward to a couple of days of being immersed in her world.

Have to take the daughter in to get her wisdom teeth pulled today and am a little bit of a basket case. I don't know what it is about those in my immediate family going under anasthesia but it freaks me out. She's perfectly fine with it all and is more concerned about all of her friends dropping by afterwards to see her all drugged up!

So, I believe I'm going to need a bit of a distraction for most of the day :) Hopefully, Susanna Fraser and Brenda Novak are up to the challenge.

Maureen said...

I'm not doing much reading. I think I need new glasses. I always notice I slack off reading when my eyes are bothering me. I did read Leslie's book and loved it.

MsHellion said...

Marn: I need to check out TRUE LOVE. I am a fan of Jude's Edilean series (which I think harkens back to her older historicals that I grew up on) and have been enjoying her lately.

Terri: I'm going to have to break down and actually read something on my eReader aren't I? Damn.

Julie: I love Barbara Samuel--have to look that up.

Janga: I just love the title THE SUM OF ALL KISSES. Can't wait to read it. Congrats on the freelance! Happy writing vibes!!

Pat: Is the Journey graphic novel the one where they've discontinued it again? (I thought I read something that they'd get it going, everyone loved it, and then they arbitrarily canceled any more being done?)Loved Divergent!! But yes, it's not quite as well done as Hunger Games.

Irish: Best of luck and healing vibes to your daughter--and your nerves. :) I'm sure Susanna and Brenda are more than up to the challenge. :)

MsHellion said...

Mo, get your eyes checked woman! *LOL* Though you are busy editing and can be excused some. :)

P. Kirby said...

>> Is the Journey graphic novel the one where they've discontinued it again?

The [Kid] Loki-centric Journey into Mystery is about four volumes and it is complete. The one that follows, which features Sif, is the one that got cancelled.

quantum said...

I once had to cancel a lecture but was then called to the theatre because my loyal followers had all turned up. Now I can see their point of view! LOL

I'm currently enthralled by Sophie Jordan's 'Firelight' series. Best YA paranormal romance that I have read in quite a while.Better than 'Hunger Games' and an absolute must if you like dragons!