Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Giveaway with Jill Shalvis!

Dear Readers,

I tend to write big, rugged, tough heroes. Not necessarily the boardroom type … more likely the kind to strap on a tool belt or a gun belt. I find these alpha heroes lend themselves far better to a small town than the big city. That’s where Lucky Harbor comes in. A small quirky town on the Washington State coast, you can trust just about anyone there with your life. Unfortunately, not a single one of them can keep a secret.

So when Ali Winters’ life falls apart, everyone knows it. The only person she can turn to for help is a stranger.

Detective Luke Hanover has returned to his hometown for some peace and quiet. Instead he finds his hands full with a bombshell brunette in a heap of trouble. Oddly enough, as he helps Ali put the pieces of her world back together, his own life suddenly seems fall into place as well…

Don’t be nice to me right now. I’ll lose it.”
With surprising gentleness, he pushed the hair from her face, then clicked open her seatbelt.
It was all the invitation she was going to get, and all the invitation she needed. Turning to him, she burrowed in as steady, strong arms closed around her. He stroked a hand down her back, and she pressed her face into the crook of his neck, soaking in the warm comfort he offered.
It was the safest and most secure she’d felt in far too long, and she wasn’t sure she was going to be able to let go.
Afraid he was going t pull away before she was done soaking him in, she squirmed a little closer.
Please, not yet.”
A rough sound escaped him, and he tightened his grip.
It’s okay. I’ve got you.”

IT HAD TO BE YOU is the first in a new trilogy where three women, each running their own business and sharing an eccentric old Victorian building, find themselves on the bring of something big in a little town called Lucky Harbor. Be sure to Catch ALWAYS ON MY MIND this September, and then ONCE IN A LIFETIME in early 2014.

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Also, leave a comment here today and I’ll draw a few names to win their choice of my backlist. Before I go, would love to know what you all are reading…?



Maureen said...

Love your books, Jill! But at the moment I'm reading the newest Longmire book by Craig Johnson. Though I may have that finished before the blog is awake and going on Wednesday...

quantum said...

Hi Jill Welcome!

I listened to the audio of 'Forever and a Day' sometime last year and loved Lucky Harbor and the inhabitants. For some reason I then drifted off to Robyn Carr's Virgin River and lost contact.

I see that 'It had to be you' is also available in audio so as the Virgin River books come to a close it may be time to renew my acquaintance and meet your latest alpha hero. Though after I fell for Grace (I'm always falling in live with heroines!), Ali the brunette bombshell sounds right up my street! LOL

I'm currently in the middle of 'Cross Roads Cafe' by Deborah Smith. She has a fascinating way of switching POV between hero and heroine and manages to stir some very deep emotions. I think I will also have to read more of her work!

Marnee Bailey said...

This sounds wonderful, Jill! Since reading our Terri's books, I've been searching out more small town contemporaries. Thanks for coming to visit with us and sharing.

Right now I'm reading INFINITY by Sherrilyn Kenyon. It's really good so far. I haven't read a DarkHunter book in a while but I'm enjoying this.

Jill Shalvis said...

Quantum, I loved Cross Roads Cafe. Have loved every Deborah Smith book I've ever read.

Marnes, I've enjoyed Terri's writing as well!

Thanks for having me!

Terri Osburn said...

*looks around*

What did she just say?

*freaks out*

I love Lucky Harbor, but reading your books ties me into knots! My inner critic just goes to town, telling me all the ways I'll never be that good. Sigh.

Right now I'm reading The Protector by Nancy Northcott. This is the only paranormal series I read, and I love it. It's really just contemporary with and added hit of magic and really icky bad guys.

Di R said...

Hi Jill-

I recently finished Whiskey Beach by Nora Roberts, and now I'm about half Eloisa James' Once Upon A Tower, but I love the sound of Lucky Harbor and am now planning a trip there soon! (And I'm waiting for my copy of Meant To Be to arrive.)


MsHellion said...

I love Jill's books! I need another trilogy to look forward to! (Your men ARE the yummiest--and admittedly, you and Kristan are HOOTS on FB, with your man wars and embarrassing stories!)

What am I reading?

Non-fiction: THE GOOD ENERGY BOOK by Tess Whitehurst (it's a little woohoo, but it's why I bought it)

Fiction: THE MIDWIFE OF VENICE, currently, but just finished reading the THREE SISTERS TRILOGY and I'm sorta 'between' fiction.

Janga said...

It Had to be You was among the huge blessing of books that downloaded to my Kindle early on May 28. I've already read and enjoyed it. It's definitely another Shalvis keeper.

Currently, I'm reading an ARC of The Lotus Palace by Jennie Lin. I knew when Lin described the book at Word Wenches last month as "an unlikely pairing between a maidservant and a notorious playboy and failed scholar as they investigate the murder of a famous courtesan" that I wanted to read this Chinese historical romance. It's fascinating.

Maureen said...

Okay, finished the Longmire book last night... Time to check out Lucky Harbor!

Jill Shalvis said...

Terri, :)

Di, thanks for buying my book!

Ms Hellion, glad you enjoy Man Wars and other FB shenanigans. :)

Janga, so glad you enjoyed It Had To Be You!

P. Kirby said...

Currently reading Grimspace by Ann Aguirre, A Shambling Guide to New York by Mur Lafferty, and Sea of Tranquility by Katja Millay. Yeah, I read multiple books at once. Such a weirdo.

Your Head over Heels is waiting on the Kindle, but I confess, Terri's Meant to Be is a little higher in the queue. Looking forward to both. I like small town contemporaries.

Bridget C said...

I bought It Had to be You in paperback, because I have read lots of e-books recently but felt that this one deserved to be in a paper copy and feel more special. I am waiting for a good moment to read it, not between work and household chores. Luke sounds like such a great hero: All man, but gentle and kind.

I think your heroes are kind of "pretend" alphas. They are very male, often very strong and dextrous, but a bit too soft and squishy inside to be real alphas... Thank goodness!

Jane said...

Congrats to Jill on the new release. I'm so glad there are more Lucky Harbor books to look forward to. I'm currently reading Heather Graham's "The Night is Watching."

JulieJustJulie said...

I just finished Head Over Heels yesterday morning. And am looking forward to reading Lucky In Love.
Jill, I love the interaction between your characters, especially the sisters in HOH. Their relationships feel so real, familiar, simple and complex at the same time. It's so interesting, your characters seem like familiar people from a place I know. Not just because ...
Like Chloe, I too have two sisters , and am asthmatic. I don't drive a Vespa, but I do enjoy a ride on the back of a motorcycle... The only difference is, I am the quiet sister.
Because your writing style is, well the best word I can come up with is ... immersive. Yes. I feel like I am a part of your written world.
It's interesting to say the least ...