Monday, April 22, 2013


Terri has been so keyed up to see that band she's been raving about, she forgot all about today's blog. I, of course, have nothing today--though I did spend a wonderful Friday, tooling around St. Charles, popping in and out of old shoppes and getting my British fix. (They have some British shoppes there and I want to buy one of everything. I'm not kidding.)

So let's do a Fast Five today. I mean, what else you going to do, right?

1.) Book you just finished reading.

2.) Book you plan to read next.

3.) Problem/project you're working on this Monday.

4.) The power drink helping you accomplish this.

5.) Best Gossip you heard this weekend.


1.) DARK TRIUMPH, by Robin Lafevers. (Brilliant).

2.) I'm now reading THE DARK HEROINE.

3.) My desk. It looks like a forest threw up everywhere. So much for our paperless society; and my to-do list is out the wazoo.

4.) Diet Mountain Dew, but I have a spare real-deal Pepsi in the bag if things get bad.

5.) Reese Witherspoon got arrested. Who saw that coming? I'm definitely giving her a pass on this one--she's been a good girl for like God knows how long and suddenly she's defying an officer because she's an "American" and she can stand on American ground. God love her. That was one margarita too many, girlfriend.


Marnee Bailey said...

1) Just finished beta reading for someone. :) So just finished her book. Very good.

2) Currently reading first Mortal Instruments book. It's good, a little slow at times. But good.

3) Problem? Oldest DS had a fever and the chills all night. Fever broke but he's still pale and miserable and cranky today. SO he's going to be home today. Which means I can't do what I wanted to do today. :( Happens, I guess.

4) Power drink? Coffee. Always coffee.

5) Gossip? I have nothing. But that's nuts about Reese Witherspoon. :)

MsHellion said...

Yeah, #3 requires a cuddle on the couch and some FINDING NEMO or whatever one he lies...or ALL of them. *LOL* Poor thing--and poor you. Nothing worse than a sick male. Keep your notebook close and jot some notes. :)

Maureen said...

1) Under the Boardwalk by Barbara Cool Lee. An RWA chaptermate and a mentor who is helping me with the self-publishing gig. Liked the book! Made me think of Santa Cruz and wonder about the carousel down at the Boardwalk.

2.) I have the book Reacher by Lee Child on my desk. Partway thru this when I put it down to read Barb's book. I'd like to finish it.

3.) Print. And editing. Firstly, need to get my third Kraken's Caribbean in print and A Caribbean Spell in print. Still must work on editing for the third book. ARGH!!!!!

4.) Since I don't want to get dressed and head to Starbucks, which I've been finding too crowded...I will settle for an iced Via Starbucks I do at home.

5.) Gods, all my gossip will be political in nature and let's not stir that pot!

irisheyes said...

1. Woodrose Mountain by Raeanne Thayne

2. Sweet Laurel Falls by Raeanne Thayne

3. Chopping, cutting, storing fresh fruit and veggies for hubby to blend/eat for the week

4. Hot tea with honey - that's been my soothing go to drink for months now. I've gotta kick the caffeine habit but it's extra hard when it's cold and yucky outside and a nice cuppa just hits the spot :)

5. No gossip. I think I need to get a news feed on my computer or something. I am way out of the loop. I can't even recall how many times in the past month someone has mentioned something and my reply was "Really! I had no idea!" Everyone keeps talking about how small the world has become due to all the social media and electronics we use, but I still feel like I live in my own little world at times and have no clue what the majority of the population is doing. LOL

P. Kirby said...

1.) Book you just finished reading.
The Hundred Thousands Kingdom by N.K. Jemison. Deadly Farce by Jennifer McAndrews. Lately, I'm making like Abe Sapien from Hellboy and read a few books at once. The Hundred Thousands Kingdom was an interesting experience because I read it like a DNF, meaning I kept getting distracted by other books, but I never thought of it as a DNF. Just an oddly slow read. Deadly Farce was a fun, light mystery with a female sleuth and Hollywood hunks.

2.) Book you plan to read next.
"Plan" to read? Pretty much anything in the virtual stack on on my Kindle (29 books). Let's say Head Over Heels by Jill Shalvis since ya'll are romance-y types.

3.) Problem/project you're working on this Monday.

I hate being employed; bored with no work ethic whatsoever. Need to be home making art for studio tour (2 weeks away).

4.) The power drink helping you accomplish this.

Green tea.

5.) Best Gossip you heard this weekend.

I'm offline all weekend and rarely watch television. Reese Witherspoon, huh?

MsHellion said...

Mo, Mondays are for staying in and settling for ice Starbucks...too many crabby people on Mondays. Now Tuesdays.... And yes, nothing political today. *LOL*

Irish, I think that you're not tied to social media is AWESOME. Honestly, how much do we really NEED to know?

Maureen said...

I swear, every Starbucks I try to settle in anymore is too cold for a session - and yes, I drink iced beverages. But still! There is no need to AC Santa Cruz!

So, instead, I sit next to my gasfired fire and drink my iced Via...

Shut up! I'm a contrarian by nature.

Irish...gods, what I might get done without social media! Might, because I'd still have my TV...

Haleigh said...

1.) The Devil Wears Plaid by Teresa Medrios (wonderful!!!)

2.) planning to hit the library tomorrow.

3.) Re-doing a bunch of FAQ pages for my office's website, and working on May's schedule. Ugh to both :)

4.) Coffee. HOT coffee. The University turned the heating system off last week, which was fine until the temperature plummeted, so now we're all bundled up in blankets and have frozen fingers.

5.) Best gossip I heard? There's some new episodes of Backyardigans coming! (yes, that really is how exciting my life is. I actually got excited.)

Marnee Bailey said...

Oh!!! New Backyardigans!? *off to google*

MsHellion said...

Hal, loved The Devil Wears Plaid! :) And I'm about to hit the library...I'm sure there are employees here still cold but the spring is starting to be springish, so we should unthaw soon.

Totally out of the loop on the Backyardigans and clearly need to educate myself!

JulieJustJulie said...

1.) Book you just finished reading.
Julia Quinn's Bridgerton's Happily ever after.

2.) Book you plan to read next.
I'm in the middle of Ivanhoe. Next on my list was "A World Lit Only by Fire" by historian William Manchester. the book is an "informal history of the European Middle Ages, structured into three sections: The Medieval Mind, The Shattering, and One Man Alone." Tell me that doesn't sound fascinating. But the Middle Ages will have to wait. Now I'm going to be reading Donna Cummings Back on Track.

3.) Problem/project you're working on this Monday.
I had to go shopping at Victoria's Secret with my daughter. I promised her that she could pick out some extravagant unmentionable for her birthday.

4.) The power drink helping you accomplish this.

5.) Best Gossip you heard this weekend.
Second best ... Miss X is a Ho, and Putting evidence of your Ho~ness on Facebook is not a very intelligent thing to do.
Best? Pretending to be a Navy seal or Marine medic so You can score free drinks, free cigarettes, get sympathy for experiences you didn't have, and using those faux experiences as an excuse for bad behavior and an excuses for not being able to hold a job makes you worse, Much Worse , than said Ho above.

Maureen said...

I read William Manchester's two volume ode to America. Dang...what was that called? 'The Gliry and the Dream' I think. He's a fascinating author. Sounds like a great read.

MsHellion said...

Jules, I think you picked the wrong power drink for a trip to Victoria's Secret. VODKA is the drink of choice for lingerie shopping, either to make getting young daughters--they're always young no matter how old--something new to wear; or yourself, looking in the mirrors at what you just tried on. "Who the F*** is this S*** designed for anyway? 12 year old boys?"

MsHellion said...

So is William Manchester sort of like a Shelby Foote of the Civil War, but dealing in different historical topics obviously?