Friday, February 15, 2013

Hang it All


Casual Friday be damned, we need a Fabulously Pretend-It’s-Summer Friday.

It’s summer, it’s oh-so-pleasantly hot. The ocean is sparkling, the breeze is just enough to stir the hair on the head, the cabana boys are buff and the bartender is a miracle worker. The Revenge came into port and was greeted by paparazzi who only took flattering pictures…

Where are you?

What are you drinking?

Who is sprawled next to you?

What will you do tomorrow?


Maureen said...

Me? I'm around the Grand Turks. I'm drinking a rum punch...a really, really big rum punch. Maybe like a barrel full of ice and good stuff with a long straw.


Who is sprawled next to me? My best buds!!! Terrio, Hellion, Marn...all ya pirates lasses. And Scape, who we had to tie to the hammock so she couldn't try to lead us in a spin class.

Tomorrow? I'm never leaving this beach...

Sabrina Shields said...

Sounds lovely! Well except for tying me to a tree and all.

Make my drink a margarita - with fresh lime juice - none of that premix stuff.

I'm all in for a girls beach vacay right now too. And tomorrow? More of the same, lying on the beach drinking and laughing my ass off.

Terri Osburn said...
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Terri Osburn said...

Oh, this is fun! Lessee...

I'm sitting on the large covered deck of a beach house, sipping a Kamikaze and watching the waves roll in. I'm wearing a big floppy hat and lounging in the most comfortable deck chair.

Next to me are all my pirates while off in the corner is kiddo hanging out with her favorite bands. Alex is playing guitar and entertaining the crowd.

Tomorrow we'll be doing the same, but maybe we'll put a larger stage on the sand and let everyone play. After the beach party, of course.

MsHellion said...

Oh, we do so need a casual Friday! Thank you, Mo!!

I am in Grand Cayman, laying in a hammock, drinking a Miami Vice (half pina colada, half strawberry daiquiri.) Of course, I have the pirate crew with me--and I agree about tying Sabrina to something to keep her from leading a spin class. I might have Deerhunter along, so long as he agrees to keep refilling our drinks.

Tomorrow? Composing my resignation because I won't be leaving here...*LOL*

Sin said...

I'm on the Shetland Isle with my people (ponies) disguised as the Queen of the Shetland ponies.

Tomorrow I will take over the world with my army of ponies.

*insert evil laughter*

Maureen said...

An army of ponies? Well, that came out of left field!

A kamikaze? What's in one of those?

Scape, you aren't tied to a tree, you're tied to a hammock. A comfortable hammock, where you can reach your margarita easily.

Casual Friday really wasn't enough, I figured we needed a Revolution Friday, Escape Friday, Beach Friday - save for Sin who is off on somewhere with a bunch of ponies.

Di R said...

I would be in a hammock in the shade. A large iced tea next to me and a stack of all the books I haven't gotten to in my TBR.

My hubby and I guess I'd bring my kids-A and Terri's daughter are the same age, and my son-J would love to explore, and maybe try to build a sheelter.

Tomorrow, more of the same.


Terri Osburn said...

Forgot to answer the drink question. Kamikaze is a really good lemonade that kicks like a mule. You can drink them like crazy and not feel a thing. Until you stand up.

Do bring the kids, Di. Kiddo would love to introduce A to her music. :)

Maureen said...

Oh, a nice cold tricksy lemonade sounds fabulous...

PJ Ausdenmore said...

Oh, I could so use this today. I'm in a beach chair on a tropical island. Any lightly populated one will do. With me are my romance reading girlfriends. They understand my desire for quiet as I dip my toes in the surf and lose myself in a great story. I'm sipping a frozen banana daiquiri which magically does not melt before I finish.

What am I doing tomorrow? More of the same! :)