Monday, November 5, 2012

Captain Jack gets CAUGHT ON CAMERA with Kim Law

Welcome to another Fabulous Interview with me, the Fabulous Captain Jack Sparrow. Ahoy me lovelies, today we have the beautiful and talented debut author from Montlake Romance, Kim Law!

Jack: Hello and thank you for joining us, Ms. Law. *crinkles nose* That name makes a pirate a bit uncomfortable. Mayhaps I can call you Kim?

Kim: Oh please, I wouldn’t want anything else!

Jack: I do love an accommodating woman. *kisses Kim's hand*

Bosun: Jack! Don't make me come out there.

Jack: Don’t get your knickers in a twist darling. I have your woefully boring cards right here. *checks cards* CAUGHT ON CAMERA you say? Do tell? What exactly is caught on camera in your book?

Kim: Well, there are all number of things, most of which you’ll have to read to find out, Jack ;) But for now, I’ll tell you that my hero is very much in the public eye and is often caught on camera for all number of things, and my heroine is an ex-model who currently works behind the camera. She’s after JP to do an in-depth interview.

Jack: Model you say?

Bosun: THAT'S what you got out of that?

Jack: I'm doing an interview here, Bosun. Stop interrupting. *turns back to guest* Do tell us more about this delectable sounding heroine.

Kim: Ha! I like the way you think, Jack! Vega is tall and gorgeous and a woman anyone could love, but she has secrets in her past.

Jack: Is she with you? I'd be happy to pose for her. We could do lots of close ups.

Bosun: *huffs* There's a hero, Jack. Ask her about the hero.

Jack: You didn't by chance bring a muzzle, did you?

Kim: LOL! I’m afraid not.
Jack: Right. Back to it then. Tell us quickly about Lovely Vega's male counterpart. Is he a pirate? Terribly ugly fellow?

Kim: Afraid he’s not a pirate. And uh…no, he’s not what I’d call ugly. He’s a member of the Davenport family of Atlanta. Rich, powerful and good-looking. He’s your typical tall, dark and handsome J Oh, and broad, broad shoulders. And light blue eyes. And his smile…  *swoon*
Jack: *curling a lip at the sighing crew* Have some dignity, wenches. *changes cards* And I see you have yet another book coming out this year. And right on Christmas day. Are there more models in that one?

Kim: So sorry, but no. In Sugar Springs you’ll find a veterinarian—he’s the hero—and a waitress/mother/portrait studio owner. Lee Ann is a very busy woman. Luckily, Cody arrives to save the day, though it’s never quite that easy, is it?

Jack: My saving the day years are over precisely because it's never that easy. So you're a busy one then. Plan to release a book every two months? Considering how this crew whines about putting words on the page I'd think that's a tough schedule to keep.

Kim: Oh, if only I could write that fast! But no, there will not be a book every two months. The next one probably won’t be out until several months down the road.

Jack: Ah, a bit of a slowdown. Can't say that I blame you. *changes cards* The call story. I have to admit, this is one of my favorites. Would you be willing to share yours?

Kim: Of course! I’ll share that with anyone! It was Dec 21 and I was sitting at that horrible, horrible thing called a day job, about 2:30, and the phone rings. FINALLY! You see, I knew an editor was reading it and interested, so I’d been watching the phone like a hawk for days. When I recognized my agent’s number, I almost started dancing in the middle of the office. As it was, I totally quit working and proceeded to wander around the rest of the day doing nothing but smiling and telling anyone who’d listen that I’d just sold two books!

Jack: *takes tissue from Bosun* These stories get me every time. *blows nose* Okay. Time for the lightning round, my dear. Perhaps you should come sit on my lap for this part.

Bosun: JACK!

Jack: Kidding. *turns to the crew* Get that woman some rum. *back to guest* Plotter or pantser?

Kim: Total plotter. Can’t get a word down without an outline.

Jack: Boxers or briefs? *hesitates* I'm guessing that would be about your hero.

Kim: Briefs.

Jack: Coffee or tea?

Kim: Neither

Jack: Top or bottom? *ducks flying rum bottle* Kidding again. Must keep the kids entertained. We'd better turn you over to the crew before Bosun has kittens. What say you? Have anything you'd like to ask? We are at your service, Madame.

Kim: I would like to know what it’s like having the pleasure of your company every day, Jack! You are quite entertaining J And also, I guess I’d be interested to know what in contemporary romance your crew loves best. You see, I’m currently plotting out a couple new books. I’m thinking I’ll put on my pirate’s hat and swipe a few ideas ;)

Thanks for having me here today, Jack! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it.

Jack: Thank you, my darling Kim. You've been a pleasure. Now do share your best ideas with our guest, pirates. There's booty in it if you do. Kim has agreed to award a Kindle edition of CAUGHT ON CAMERA to one lucky commenter!


quantum said...

Hi Kim .... welcome aboard!

I was fascinated to learn that you are a plotter and a mathematician with loads of secrets to share. I can just imagine what a treat it will be to unwrap those secrets, layer by layer. Navigating the Hilbert space of passion and desire, knowing that a simple transformation will eventually reveal the HEA.

Does the earlier maths training and computer programming help with constructing your plots?

Somehow I reckon you can pantz as well, considering the deft way that you handled Jack! LOL

Kim Law said...

Don't go too math on me quantum! I may have done it once, but it's been a long time!!! :)

And I would say the years of math and computer promgramming are directly why I plot. It's all about the left brain making order of something, right? So I have to give it free rein to figure out the story before I can turn the right side loose to write it. So yeah, I'd say the years of breaking things apart in a logical fashion help a lot!

As for pantsing...I won't explain to you how stressful this post was :) But thanks!!

TerriOsburn said...

Good morning and thanks again for joining us, Kim. I know you had a fun writing retreat this weekend so I hope you're all rested and ready to chat. As you can see, Q is our resident scientist. He makes us all look better. :)

These two books sound so different. One in the spotlight with power and money and the other small town with every day characters. Did you plan them that way or are these just the stories that came to you?

Kim Law said...

Oh, I'm all rested, but I'm still on that writer's retreat! I'm looking at the ocean right now!

Mostly they're just what came to me. I tend to come up with the small-town thing more often, but I wanted to do something a bit sexier. So when I started thinking along those lines, Caught on Camera is simply what came to me!

And thanks for having me here, Terri!

MsHellion said...

Oh, I do love it when Jack interviews. *blows kiss at him* You were fantabulous, darling!

Kim, welcome aboard! You were excellent at handling Jack. :) Your books sound interesting! I love small town set contemporaries, so Sugar Springs sounds up my alley--but I do adore some Tall, Dark, and Handsome! :)

As I said I usually prefer ordinary people to superstar type people (CEOs, celebrities--though if you can make them FEEL ordinary I will read them and that's awesome), and I love REUNION STORIES or 2nd chance at love things. It's a sickness. :)

Kim Law said...

MsHellion, I have the same sickness!!! I LOVE reunion stories! Oh, and I did my best to make JP feel very ordinary in Caught on Camera. I mostly prefer the ordinary men, too, but I like them strong :) So yes, he's a celebrity of sorts, but I tried very hard to make him feel very down to earth.

Thanks for the welcome! I'm having fun checking the place out!

TerriOsburn said...

You're still on the retreat?? I am so jealous!! LOL! I did see the ocean this morning but it was on my way to work and that's just not the same.

Kim Law said...

Yes, I have a lovely ocean front room. I'm sitting on the deck working :) WONDERFUL!!!

Janga said...

I see you're busy in cyber space today, Kim.

Both books sound great. Even the alpha hero sounds tempting, and, as the pirates know, I'm a beta lover. And also, like Hellie, I'm a huge fan of reunion stories. Anytime I'm asked to name a favorite trope, I list reunion stories first with redemption tales a close second. Best of all is when I get both in one story.

Congratulations on your debut. The Atlanta connection sold me. Is your small-town romance set in the South too?

Kim Law said...

Janga...I have a"gentle" alpha :) Well, not gentle, but moreso than some I've seen! Hopefully you'll like him!

The small-town book is set in TN. The fictional town of Sugar Springs, set at the base of the Smoky Mountains. And in that one, there's both reunion and redemption :D

Susan M. Boyer said...

Fun interview, Kim! Writer's retreat? Oh, I need one...especially one by the ocean. Enjoy!

Can't wait to read Caught on Camera--congratulations!

Kim Law said...

Thanks Susan! And yes, right by it. I'm dying to get out there on the beach, but I'm trying to make myself get a certain amount done first. It's hard.

irisheyes said...

Welcome aboard the ship, Kim!

I love my small town romances. I like having a main romance but I also love seeing my H/H interact with everyone else in their lives - siblings, parents, neighbors, friends. Those types of stories really suck me in.

I like just about any trope but I think my favorite is the marriage of convenience. It's a pretty easy one to pull off in historicals but not so much in contemporaries. The few I've read in contemporaries have been really awesome though. Maybe because I went into it thinking "how are they going to make this believable" and the author did.

Congratulations on your two releases!

TerriOsburn said...

Now Irish has me wondering how I could pull of a marriage of convenience in a contemporary. LOL! Back when I started reading Romance, all my contemporaries included high-powered, wealthy characters in fabulous settings. Now those are a little harder to find so I love that you're bringing it back, Kim.

I think I love the accidentally falling in love thing. When neither is looking for it or trying to fall but things just throw them together and BAM. Love. *sigh*

Maureen said...

What it like having Jack around all the time? I can't keep the bar stocked! Slippery scoundrel manages to find everything I tuck away for a rainy day and keeps stealing my shot glasses and replacing them with super sized cups from the 7-11... Has some very strange ideas regarding measuring a drink...

Sounds like you've got some camera knowledge...two heroines who work behind the shutter???

Kim Law said...

Thanks irisheyes! Oh, and the marriage of convenience is terrific when done right! You're right, very hard to pull off in contemporary. I'm with you, though, I often go into it thinking "how in the world are they going to pull this off?"

Kim Law said...

Maureen...LOL! Jack sounds like a handful!

And yes...I know...I have issues putting people in stories who has cameras at the ready. I have a third one with a camera, too! I must have an addiction. My brainstorming team will not allow me to have cameras anymore, and I can't say that I blame them! As for me, I have a little knowledge, but it's just a hobby. Clearly I need to find a new hobby ;)

Kim Law said...

Terri, I love that accidentally falling in love thing too! It ties in nicely with friends to lovers. They just wake up one day and BAM! :) Love that!

Maureen said...

Well, could sneak in a phone with a camera...maybe your brainstorming team won't catch it...

It's an interesting way to offer a filter to the reader and for the heroine to 'reframe' her view of the hero. And the world. Cameras force a different perspective.

Sigh. Yeah, being bartender on the Revenge has it's challenges...

TerriOsburn said...

Friends to lovers. That's it! I couldn't think of the trope. LOL! And that one has that moment when one character starts to see the other differently. And he/she's suddenly more beautiful/hotter/perfect. Not easy to write but so fun to read when it's done well.

irisheyes said...

I was thinking the same thing about the accidentally falling in love thing!! I was going to put the friends to lovers trope - especially when they've been friends since childhood. Something really sweet about falling for your best friend - the person who knows everything about you.

Usually the contemp MOC storylines involve money or reputation. Money angle - either the hero or heroine must marry or they won't inherit (whatever... money, business, property). Reputation - celebrity or politician has to marry to save their reputation or gain custody of their kid.

Marnee Bailey said...

Oh, an ex-model. That sounds so interesting. :)

I hope you're having fun on your writer's retreat. That sounds like heaven.

Thanks for doing this interview, Kim. And congrats on your debut and upcoming Christmas story!

Kim Law said...

Maureen, I like the way you think! I will now have a camera phone in an upcoming book! :D

Kim Law said...

Thank you Marnee!! And yes, I'm having a wonderful time. The beach, everybody laid back, and just had a great conversation with my editor about my WIP that I'm working on this week. Good stuff!!! :) At least I hope it'll be!

TerriOsburn said...

I'm so jealous. I've yet to have a phone conversation with my editor. Though maybe that's a good thing. LOL!

Kim and I don't just share a publisher, she's also one of my Firebird sister. (And she WON the GH back in 2009. This woman has a killer track record.)

Maureen said...

I be the sneaky pirate... Besides, I like the idea of the heroine, or hero, studying a photo and seeing something they hadn't seen before... It's a great way to add detail...

Maureen said...

I may steal it...

TerriOsburn said...

Liberate, dear. We call it liberating.

Maureen said...

Oh, yeah. That's right. I want to liberate that idea!

*Thanks, Bosun!

Kim Law said...

You all are cracking me up! Liberate away!

And Terri, thanks for the little plug :) By the way, SUGAR SPRINGS is that 2009 GH book!

TerriOsburn said...

Ooh, really? (I'm sure I knew that but the memory she is a-waning.) So how many MSs did you write before SUGAR SPRINGS? You say you're working on something new. Can you tell us at all what it might be about? Small town? Big city?

Kim Law said...

SS was my third manuscript, and COC was my fifth. I sold because of COC. SS is almost totally rewritten :)

And yes, something very exciting and very new! Can't say too much, but it's sexy and set on an island (which strangely, I'm on an island this week!)

Thanks again for having me on here today Terri!

TerriOsburn said...

Hey now! My series is set on an island! Mine is in the Outer Banks. Please tell me yours isn't. LOL!

And thanks for being here. It's been fun and I hope everyone went out and ordered the book.

Kim Law said...

Mine is not in the Outer Banks :)

But I didn't realize yours was on an island too!!! I wasn't copying. I swear!

TerriOsburn said...

I don't think 2 islands would be too much for readers. LOL! Mine is the Anchor Island series. Hence, and island. :)