Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tuesday Review: Some Things From the 80s Never Go Out of Style

There's a librarian who seems intent on making me feel old though he looks like he has a decade on me. My card is older than his. He's jealous. But being the 80s was when I got my library card and the 80s was when I discovered the author I'm going to talk about today, I thought, "Hey, some things really don't go out of style." Because I still love this author after all this time.

Now I admit, there was a few years in the 1990s, I didn't read her because she got a little odd. But I've now been rehooked with her new series and am happy to recommend her far and wide. I have my short list of must-reads from her 80s list: The Raider, The Awakening, Wishes, Mountain Laurel, and Eternity. And then we have the current list: Lavender Morning, Days of Gold, Scarlet Nights, The Scent of Jasmine, Heartwishes...etc. Jude Deveraux's newest release, Stranger in the Moonlight, is another perfect edition for the Edilean series.

When you thought about a Deveraux book in the 80s, you talked about the Montgomeries and the Taggerts. Those were the types of heroes. In the 10s, it's a town, Edilean, readers look for. There are some heroes intrinsic to the town, but Ms. Deveraux is willing to import as well. :)

In this story, STRANGER IN THE MOONLIGHT, the heroine, Kim, is the character intrinsic to the town, and her hero, Travis, is a friend from childhood who visited with her at an important time of her life--and his--and voila, it was destiny. This book is the second in a series within this series, about three friends. This book can easily stand alone though; however, I imagine you will seek out more stories in this series once you get started. This series features all the things I really love about Jude Deveraux books: compelling characters, unique voice (you know it's Ms. Deveraux in about 2 paragraphs), and entertaining story. Oh, and one of the things she does that I adore: she'll usually insert a character who isn't who he/she seems and you find out later, they were important. Good times.

The heroines are strong, but not...Lara Croft. They do interesting things: jewelry making, painting, research, opera singer--heck, even the little rich girls are entertaining because they always step up to the challenge. They can bring the banter to the hero, and I love to read the dialogue between them. It feels...well, like something Deerhunter and I would say. They're just my kind of people. I can even relate to the rich ones--and I don't even like rich people. I just hope Ms. Deveraux keeps writing this series because I want to keep reading it.

Are there any writers you're still reading 20 years later? (Or well, 25 years later to get back into the 80s as I was.) What makes these authors comfortable and satisfying to read? Has anyone else read this series (or other books by Ms. Deveraux)?

Oh, and yes, I was given this book by a publisher, but I hardly think that signifies since I've gotten several free books of other various authors and haven't written reviews on about half of them, because...well...I didn't care for that half. I write about what I want. The End. This book rocks. Go, Jude Deveraux!


Maureen said...

Well, lots of classic Scifi/fantasy authors who aren't writing anymore but I still read them now and then. Some mystery authors. Nevada Barr for one...

But honestly, not many!

Marnee Bailey said...

Jude Deveraux was my first reading love, though I discovered her in the early 90s. The Twins, the Velvet books.... I loved Knight in Shining Armor and I loved Mountain Laurel. In fact, I loved most everything she wrote in the 80s and 90s too.

I remember when she followed me on Twitter. I had a big, giant fangirl moment.

I haven't read more than the first in her Edilean series. Days of Gold didn't look that appealing to me and then I lost touch. But this series looks good. I might get the first and then about the second when I'm done.

Okay, you've convinced me. I'll do it.

Mo, hope you guys have fun this week!

MsHellion said...

Mo, not many for me either--but the ones I do, I'm grateful for!! :) Thanks for stopping by before you head out! Keep Bo'sun upright and smiling. I know this week is going to be a doozie for her! :) And you. :)

MsHellion said...

Marn, I read her in the early 90s too, but I sorta stopped reading her after "An Angel for Emily" and there were a couple more "women's fic" like books that I did not embrace handily.

I loved Days of Gold, but I had been missing her historicals so bad, it was like stepping back to the late 80s with her. *LOL* Same with Scent of Jasmine, which I think is also historical. But this series might be more appealing for you. :) I also love the one about the cop. I think it's Scarlet Nights. The hero and heroine are part of the current town and they're fun to read about too.

Janga said...

I love your reviews, Hellie. I read tons of early Deveraux, but she's always been a hit-and-miss author for me. I liked Lavendar Morning, but couldn't finish Days of Gold and haven't read any of the other Edilean books. Perhaps I should give the series another try.

Some of the authors whose books I anticipated most eagerly in 2012 are authors I began reading in the 80s--Mary Balogh, Jo Beverley, Mary Jo Putney, Eileen Dreyer, Pam Morsi, Jayne Ann Krentz, Jennifer Greene . . . I read my first Nora Roberts in 1985, and it's still a favorite. Her 200th, The Witness, is on my best of 2012 list.

MsHellion said...

Happy Birthday, Janga!! :) I hope you're doing appropriate birthday things today!

Huh, I didn't realize I was in the minority with Days of Gold. (Well, the minority of book reading friends. *LOL*) I think it just reminded me of her earlier stuff and it was entertaining for me, and set in a different world: Williamsburg in the era of Williamsburg! *LOL* Her writing style is different than the modern norm now, but she's my exception to the rule. :) I love her voice and I love her characters.

Good calls on the others! I love Mary Balogh too...and Jo Beverley and Mary Jo Putney...and I didn't realize Eileen THEN, but I read her now. :) I loved Pam Morsi's older books, but haven't been able to get into her newer stuff. (I know! Weird!) And we know I'm not a fan of la Nora, but I did immensely, immensely enjoy THE WITNESS and agree that it should go on the Best of 2012 list!

Cassondra Murray said...

Hellion what a great review! I think it's so cool that you've been a fan all this time. And it says something about Ms. Deveraux's work. She has lifelong fans like you everywhere.

I'm going to have to pick up this series.

Darla said...

So I popped over here from Ellis Vidler's blog, and what fun to find you reviewing one of my all-time favorite authors...I have everything she's written and enjoy re-reading her. But I do miss the Montgomery and Taggert clans. :-)