Monday, June 18, 2012

An Incomparable Interview with the Incomparable Captain Jack Sparrow and Sophie Greyson!

SOPHIE: I have to say, Mr. Sparrow—

JACK: Captain

SOPHIE: Of course, Captain, I’ve never given an interview in a hospital before. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of any author who has given an interview in a hospital before—

JACK: Well, luv--*lolling against the bed pillows and giving Sophie puppy eyes*--this is what the Captain Jack Sparrow experience is like. Always unique, endlessly spectacular. I guarantee, an interview with me and the world will never forget the incomparable SOPHIE GREYSON AUTHOR EXTRAORDINAIRE!
SOPHIE:  Well, it is memorable. I think having me wear the nurse costume is interesting, if a bit deceiving. My heroine, Tarin, is the one who wants to create the first female college of medicine. You see, as a child, she is deeply affected by her mother’s death.  Her mother’s deathbed advice creates a woman in Tarin that is beyond her time.  She is a titled woman destined to move women beyond the constraints of 1848 American society.  A woman determined to have it all despite what her noble father, or society in general, says is proper.  Do you know what proper means, Jack?  *winks*  But she has an uphill battle ahead of her and she cannot afford to be distracted from her goals.

JACK: *smiling* I know! It’s why we’re here. I’m hoping Tarin is able to take a little time to check out my vitals. *pulls on an IV cart, checking on the status of a tan-colored liquid* Perhaps renew my rum drip. Must admit, this is a much better way to keep a constant buzz.

SOPHIE: I don’t think Rafe will like that.  He’s big and jealous.

JACK: Who is that again?

SOPHIE: The hero. Of HEAVEN SCENT.  Big, gorgeous  - looks like Chris Hemsworth??

JACK: Of course, of course, luv. Why don’t you remind me again who he is again…and the story again? And if you can describe Tarin in slow and breath-taking detail, I would appreciate it.

SOPHIE:  Rafe is my smokin’ hot hero, the rebel son of a local shipper who has returned home after ten years away.   Rafe’s time spent serving in the Texas Rangers makes him unlike any other man in Boston.  His outlook on life and women’s place in society is curiously different - so are the circumstances behind his father’s death.  But, he has scars of his own – both inside and out – and cannot allow himself to fall for any woman, much less a woman as beautiful as Tarin.  You know the type, Jack – thick, red hair, green, cat-like eyes, a wit and intelligence to match your own, unparalleled beauty… why you’ll never see finer booty in all the land, Jack. 
JACK: Red hair, you say? *clears throat nervously* I suppose this is one of those stories where she’s all about Rafe at the end, isn’t she? Women and their love of shiny star jewelry. Crazy. Any hope of a little side action for me? 

SOPHIE:  Oh yes – definitely all about Rafe.  As a matter of fact, the couple has an ally in Tarin’s deceased mother, who has a big, heavenly goal of her own – to see them together. *stern look* As for that side action, Jack, you don’t wanna make her mama come down here…

JACK: *holds up hands* I don’t want any trouble. Just more rum. I’m never one to stand in the way of true love. Too dangerous. What prompted you to write this story? Did you run into any difficulties? 

SOPHIE:  My inspiration for the book was the last of my children moving out of the house (Sniff!).  I realized they were all grown up and I questioned whether I had given them everything they needed to have a happy, fulfilling life.  I wanted them each to have jobs that they loved, to marry a spouse they really loved, and to just be happy.  You will see the emotions behind that train of thought in the prologue of my book.  I’m a bit sappy, Jack.  

JACK: So is a lot of this crew.

SOPHIE: Writing is never easy but if I had to name a difficulty with this book, it was finding the time to write it.  Life is way too pushy and doesn’t seem to want to share me with my characters.  But, I had my own crew of great critique partners that helped me push through.

JACK: I understand you self-published your book. What made you decide to pursue this route, and what has been the best part of this experience so far?   

SOPHIE:  The freedom to write what I want, in whatever word count I want, with no deadlines.  I find my imagination and creativity are much more active without the constraints of a publishers guidelines.  Plus, I am very disciplined so while I may have those freedoms, I am also very hard on myself.

JACK: What are you working on now?

SOPHIE:  A nice, tall strawberry daiquiri.  Mmmm!  You should try them, Jack.  As a matter of fact, I think I’ll unhook this IV of yours…

JACK:  *springs up in bed*  NO, luv!  We can’t have that.  I could go into cardiac arrest. 

SOPHIE:  Really?  Wow, good to know. I’ll hook you back up...

JACK:  *falls back against the pillow with a serene smile* 

SOPHIE: So, getting back to your question, I guess you mean what am I working on now writing-wise?  I’m revising a contemporary romantic comedy I hope to have out by the end of the year.  It’s set in Texas, with lots of hot cowboys, a runaway, virgin princess, and really bad pick up lines.  Care to donate a few of those, Jack?

JACK: Luv, I don’t need pick up lines. I just have to walk by and women just fall at my feet.

SOPHIE: Your modesty becomes you.

JACK: *blushes* Moving on. Okay, fast five.

SOPHIE:  Yes, that was a good movie.  But, not as good as Pirates.

JACK: Last great book you read—

SOPHIE:   The Return of Black Douglas, by Elaine Coffman

JACK: Favorite writing tip—

SOPHIE:  Show the five emotions in every scene

JACK: Favorite summer treat—

SOPHIE:  Top Shelf Margaritas!

JACK: The one movie you have to see this summer—

SOPHIE:  The Avengers was my must see this summer.  I saw it three times.

JACK: THREE TIMES? You must have seen my movie at least four, yes? *she sips her drink so she doesn't have to answer; Jack frowns* Must have snack when you’re writing—

SOPHIE:  Cinnamon pita chips

JACK: Excellent. You’ve been a wonderful guest, Sophie, and I can’t wait to commandeer Hellie’s Kindle to read your next book. Do you have any questions for the crew before I turn you over to them?

SOPHIE:  Gulp.  The crew?  Is that like J. Crew or your crew?  Nevermind, I gotta go.  I have to find my hand sanitizer. Thanks for the interview, Jack.  See you soon.  Oh, and a word of advice:  stay away from nurses with… 

JACK: Not so fast. Any woman who is daring enough to try to disconnect my rum IV is surely more than capable of fielding a few questions. Crew?

SOPHIE: Okay, but be gentle! And one lucky commenter will win a copy of my book, Heaven Scent!


MsHellion said...

Sophie, thanks for being brave enough to deal with Jack--though I think you have him well handled if you're threatening him with catheters. *LOL*

How did you decide on the self-publisher you did? I know there are a lot to choose from--what made this one the best?

Sin said...

Welcome aboard Sophie!

I really like this premise. It's rare to read about heroines and medical fields- especially pushing the envelope in those times and wanting to establish a school of medicine.

What made you choose this story? Or did it choose you?

Marnee Bailey said...

Ah, Jack!! :)

Welcome aboard, Sophie!! This book sounds great. I love a feisty heroine. And your hero sounds incredibly yummy.

I also like what you're doing next. A contemporary rom com with a runaway princess heroine? Right up my alley. And there are cowboys? Sold. :)

Thanks for coming by!

Maureen said...

A rum drip! Well,'ve oudone yourself this time! And must remember the nurses uniform for Hellie's next b-day...

Sophie! How is the water out there on do-it-yourself land? How did you go about finding an copy editor/cover artist, etc?

Sounds like a delish little read!

Sophie Greyosn said...

Sorry for the delay in responding - I have one of those pesky day jobs. Boo! I went with Smashwords/Kindle/B&N for the self pub after receiving recommendations from other writers that had gone that route. And working with those three sites has really been very user friendly. No complaints here.

As for the story, the characters came to me, demanding their story be told. The inspiration hit me one day at the day job (I was concentrating really hard on work, don't cha know?). I stopped what I was doing and made notes - I didn't want to lose the ideas that were bombarding me all of a sudden. Once I started research, I could see my story unfolding before my eyes. It's really cool when that happens. :)

Sophie Greyosn said...

It just so happens a copy editor was in my local RWA chapter critique group, and a former member does covers for Wild Rose Press. So, I had contacts already. I have to tell you that the critique group was invaluable in helping me fine tune this story.

As for sales, they are better than I thought they would be but, of course, never enough. :) I really thought I would use this first novel as a way to get my name out there more than to sell alot, if that makes sense.

Sophie Greyosn said...


I'm really excited about the rom com. I have a very strong, sarcastic sense of humor so I had a blast writing this. I hope to get it to my copy editor friend in a few weeks for final tweaking.

quantum said...

Hi Sophie .... welcome.
Great to see another indie ploughing her own furrow!

Gazing at the cover of your book I wasn't sure whether the couple were making love on a red carpet or lost in the clouds. No doubt who is on top though! LOL

I have a lady doctor here in the UK but in Victorian times and earlier it would be pretty rare I think. I have a weakness for the strong heroine defying the odds and succeeding in a man's world. I'm also a sucker for the power of love to conquer adversity. I notice the book has some good reviews as well.

Can't think why I'm not reading it instead of rambling on here.
Sounds exactly my cup of tea!

Sophie Greyosn said...

Thanks, quantum!

Actually, the couple on the cover is on top of roses, which play a role in the book. But then again, with a hero that looks like that, I'm sure location is not in the forefront of her mind. :)

TerriOsburn said...

So sorry I'm late, but could not be helped. Thank you for being with us, Sophie. This book does sound fun and Rafe sounds like delicious perfection!

Congrats on the release and the success. Looking forward to the RomCom. You had me at hot cowboys but funny pick up lines are always a winner.

Sophie Greyson said...

Thanks, Terri! :) I appreciate the time on RWR. It's not often I get to play nursemaid to Capt. Jack Sparrow. :)

Sophie Greyson said...

Well, Jack obviously brought me good luck yesterday because I scored my first 5 STAR Review with a major romance review site! I knew that pirate was special. :)

So, I threw all of the commenter names in Jack's hat and pulled out a winner for a free download of my book. It's Terri! Terri, I will email you a link for the free download.

Thanks SO much for this opportunity, crew! I had a blast!

TerriOsburn said...

Thank you!!!

Sophie Greyson said...

You are most welcome!

MsHellion said...

Sophie, thanks so much for blogging with us today! And I'm glad Jack was able to bring some good luck for a change. (Being he usually has such bad luck of his own. *LOL*)

And congrats to Terri!! I know she loves her ereader! *LOL*

Sophie Greyson said...

MsHellion - LOL! Maybe I've helped Jack turn over a new leaf....


Thank you for all you did to make this happen!