Sunday, September 18, 2011

International Write Like a Pirate Day: Like Talk Like a Pirate Day, Only Better!

As you might have noticed when you glanced at you calendar this morn, today is Talk Like a Pirate Day. The one day a year when using the word “Avast” won’t get you laughed at; and calling someone a “Wench” won’t get you slapped.


However, being we’re pirates all year long, I’ve designated today as Write Like a Pirate Day. I figure stealing TLPD and using it for my own purposes was totally keeping in the pirate’s code: who admires stealing more than a pirate?


So here’s a few things to get you started on being the best pirate writer ever.

1.)    Wear your best pirate outfit. You can’t write like a pirate if you don’t feel like a pirate!

2.)    Drink your best rum (or drink of choice). Being properly hydrated is necessary for keeping your energy up; and the right spirits always sends the most creative ideas. Be sure to you use your best pirate goblet—no skimping!

3.)    Open your WIP with your best pirate swagger! Don’t let the writing bogies see you’re scared of them. No, you’re confident—you’re a Writing Pirate! Confidence is the key to all writing. Write as you mean to go on!


That should take care of you for about three hours. When you get stuck again, it is time to take out the secret weapon: The Captain Jack Sparrow Plot Wheel. It’s not so much a plot wheel as a cup with a bunch of suggestions written on pieces of paper. When you’re stuck, you draw one from the cup and incorporate it into the story. Examples of suggestions can include:


  • Stage a kidnapping

  • Kiss someone

  • Drink some rum

  • Steal some booty (gold or sex is up to you)

  • Escape the British Navy (or bad guys, whichever)


I’m sure there are many, many more that you can think of, but these were Jack’s favorites.


Now here’s the most important part of Write Like a Pirate Day. At the end of the day, whether your writing booty be large or scanty, celebrate your victory of being the very best pirate you can be. While it is true on some ships, captains like to make the beatings continue until moral improves—we’re better than that. We know you don’t get your best work from working in fear and depressing conditions. Give the WIP the best you have—leave it all on the page; and then celebrate your effort.


In celebration of Write Like a Pirate Day, we’re going to give out prizes for the best Captain Jack Sparrow Plot Wheel suggestion, the best recipe for your favorite writing drink (alcoholic or no), and the best response to the following writing prompt: “Today was a good day to die.” I'm not sure what the prizes are exactly--but I can tell you we're "commandeering" them from Bo'sun's Bookshelves. 


Three ways to win:

1.)    Captain Jack Sparrow Plot Wheel suggestion

2.)    Best recipe for your favorite writing drink (alcoholic or no)

3.)    Best flash fiction for writing prompt: “Today was a good day to die.”


So enter one or all of them, then go back to your WIP to make this the best Write Like a Pirate Day ever!


2nd Chance said...

"Today was a good day to die"

It was that or work on edits.


I will be back!

I also choose escape the British Navy.

Marnee Bailey said...

I, of course, in true pirate writer fashion, intend to do all the suggestions.

Jack's Plot Wheel? How about, when in doubt, reveal a secret.

And best pirate writing drink? My personal favorite. When I'm stuck, I hit up the coffee pot. But I add a heaping squirt of chocolate syrup (use your fave, but I prefer Hersheys) to the way you usually drink it. It puts the sweet back in my writing process.

I'll work the writing prompt later. I'm off to do the pre-school drop off circuit.

Donna said...

Great post, Hellion! I wish I could hang around and write like a pirate today, but the best I can do is call my co-workers "wenches" and freak out the customers by using "Avast" as much as possible. LOL (I'm dying to use "scanty" though. Maybe if we don't have something they're looking for.)

Cap'n Jack's Plot Wheel is inspired. I, unfortunately, am not. LOL I'll try to add something later.

I like the "Today was a good day to die" prompt. I'm trying to use it with the undead pirates, but my brain is dead. Sigh. At least I'm working today, not writing. LOL

Marnee Bailey said...

"Well, today's a good day to die."

"I said dieT, not die." The dietician crossed her arms but it did nothing to detract from her otherwise perfect figure. It was hard to fault a dietician who was so svelte. She practiced what she preached. Without the hypocrisy, I had a harder time hating her. Harder, but not impossible.

"Did you say whole wheats, dairy, and lean meats?"


"Is there a chocolate category in this diet?"

"Not a sizeable one."

"That's what I thought."

The dietician smiled, but it was the smile a parent used when dealing with a whiny child. "You'll get used to it."

Like fish got used to flying. But I kept my sarcasm to myself.

"Now, as to exercise...."

I held my groan but just barely. I was wrong; she WAS trying to kill me.

Bosun said...

I thought of this while trying to fall asleep last night. "I was supposed to find book prizes on my shelves." Of course, at that point, remembering was useless. Will look tonight!

Need to get a couple things going here and I'll be back to play! I do have an idea for Jack's Plotting Wheel.

When stuck, have the hero switch sides. (Meaning good to bad, but could be another swing if you be so inclined...)

Bosun said...

Wow, Marn. I feel the pain in every line there.

Hellion said...

*cracks whip at Mo* Get back to those edits! How am I supposed to know how your story ends if you don't get it polished and published? And no, you can't have my whip to crack back at me. This is called "Do as the Captain SAYS, not what the Captain does!"

Hellion said...

when in doubt, reveal a secret.

PERFECT! Just the sort of thing Jack likes likes to do. Nothing like distracting someone with a good secret while you sneak off with the booty.

And I love the pirate drink. I will have to give that one a try. Coffee AND chocolate. How can you go wrong?

Hellion said...

Donna, definitely color up the working atmosphere by calling everyone "wench" and shouting "avast!" whenever someone tries to undo all the careful folding of shirts or jeans. Or moves books. Or thumbs through magazines. NOT that I have done any and all of those things in stores I've been to.

If you want to be particularly pirate like, make them put back the items and fold them up properly--threaten them with 50 strokes of the Captain's Daughter if they don't comply. If the men think this sounds like a good idea, translate that the Captain's Daughter is actually the cat-o-nine tails. Men.

Hellion said...

Marn, it's like you're writing my life! I've been on plan for five days now and I feel like I'm not losing an ounce! It's not fair! WTH!

Hellion said...

When stuck, have the hero switch sides. (Meaning good to bad, but could be another swing if you be so inclined…)

Also an excellent Plot Wheel suggestion!! Although the latter idea could scar the heroine. I know: been there, done that. And you can totally do that in reverse, have a bad man become good--though granted that's far more overdone. *LOL*

hal said...

My plot wheel suggestion: Throw a wrench at someone's head (metaphorical or otherwise)

speaking of a movie with an excellent pirate character: "If you can dodge a wrench, you can doge a ball!"

I'm going to come back to the writing prompt. I've got some fun ideas :)

Marn - brilliance! I adore the "not a sizeable one" line of dialog. I always like your dialog - it just flows so perfectly. Nice one-liner there

2nd Chance said...

Ah, a spoke fer Jack's wheel...

Show no doubt, do somethin' daft with confidence and they'll foller ya.

Bosun said...

Who sheduled Talk Like a Pirate Day for a Monday? Seriously. Worst planning ever.

Hellion said...

Hal, throwing a wrench at someone's head (or throwing a WENCH at someone's head) is always a great way to shake things up a bit. (And I love that movie, btw! *LOL*)

Hellion said...

What do you mean, Bowie? They're always scheduled for the 19th of everyone coming into your office, shouting, "Avast, ye scurvy yeller dog!"

hal said...

throw a WENCH!!!! even better than throwing wrenches!

Bosun said...

No one here knows about the pirate thing. They're too dull for that sort of thing. I just mean I don't have time to play! Though I'm clearly finding time to find other things around the net...

Must focus.

Scapegoat said...

For the plot wheel might I suggest:

The heroine or hero gets an identical twin!

or an all time favorite...

Throw in a secret baby!

Scapegoat said...

Oh - for the drink...We're should be straight up and hard liquor!

BUT, for when we need a little mix...

Malibu Rum & Cranberry Juice. Easy and super tasty!

Hellion said...

Oh, sure, Bowie, DISS my blog in favor of other ones. That's fine! *LOL*

Hellion said...

Well, as you know, Hal, wenches are always more troublesome than wrenches. :)

Hellion said...

Scapey, you're BRILLIANT! I love when twins show up! That doesn't happen nearly often enough in novels. There was a book I read like 20 years ago, it was like The Scarlet Pimpernel (though the girl was the SP and she had a twin.) It was AWESOME!

The drink sounds wonderful! Rum for your genius; cranberry juice for your kidneys--good health is the cornerstone to great writing.

Marnee Bailey said...

Thanks gals, for the huzzahs. I like writing prompts. And it got me going for writing right now.

PS, I love Malibu rum. Such good stuff.

2nd Chance said...

I snuck me pineapple rum inta the RenFaire yesterday and spiced up me diet pepsi...made fer a merry day!

Two Jack's? Oh, gods...that could be wild. Didn't Jack already do that split personality thing? Mulitple Jacks?

I could use a twin...she must do me biddin' though...

Bo'sun...sometimes the 19th ain't a Monday, ya know! ;-)

Bosun said...

Well the 19th should be more careful on what day of the week it chooses to fall.

I've been trying to come up with something that will make me sound piratey, but I got nothin'. It's like me booty banter be broken.

2nd Chance said...

I want that shirt...

Me Booty Banter Be Broken !


Demi Spawn said...

Jack’s Plot Wheel? Ayeee ... blow somethin' up matey!

Demi Spawn said...

Best recipe for your favorite writing drink? I say forgo the liquid 'n just go for the toppings such as the glorious goo that comes in one of those "contents under pressure keep refrigerated keep out of the reach of children" 100% real whipped cream spray can thingies.

A product that could also be a Jack’s Plot Wheel plot. How cool is that?

Hellion said...

Demi, as usual you provide the perfect suggestion!

And it does not surprise me you get your best writing suggestions from taking shots of Whips. *LOL* But not without merit. Whips are good!

Demi Spawn said...

Whip it ... whip it good!
Which reminds me, does anyone have a flower pot I could borrow?

Scapegoat said...

ack! I was in the middle of writing a ode to my comfort books and I accidently closed the window! Give me a minute to recreate.