Sunday, August 28, 2011

Jack "KISS & Teal"s with Jenny Brown in a Star-Crossed Seduction

*camera shows Captain Jack Sparrow at a small round table with a purple gold-trimmed tablecloth. The tabletop has several old books and a crystal ball on it. Across the table from him is a beautiful, serene woman who looks at home anywhere*


JACK: Ladies and gentleman, we get to welcome back author Jenny Brown to the ship. If you’ll recall, Jenny is writing a series called Lords of the Seventh House. *kisses Jenny’s hand* What is the seventh house?


JENNY: *pulls her attention away from her hand, looking a bit less serene* The Seventh House is the part of an astrological chart that describes people with whom we have close, ongoing relationships, most notably our spouse. But it can also describe other people with whom we have an intense relationship—including declared enemies—which is relevant to the next book in this astrologically themed series, Star Crossed Seduction. The two Scorpio lovers in this tale have a very tough time figuring out whether they’ve found their soul mate or an enemy sent out to destroy them.


JACK: Lovers and Enemies are described by the same part of the chart, eh? I’ve had more than my share of both, come to think of it. Good thing Hellie and I don’t have an intense relationship. I just tell her what to do and she does it. It’s really more of a master and servant thing…oh, Hellie’s manning the camera again? Darling! I thought you were getting your much needed beauty sleep this morning? *clears throat* Moving on, Jenny my luv, what is your new book about?


JENNY: Seduction. Secrets. Loyalty. Betrayal. And a famed Indian jewel that has some very unique properties. The hero of Star Crossed Seduction is a captain in the cavalry, called Trev by his friends. He’s on leave from active service in India and heading out for a night on the town when he rescues a beautiful pickpocket from arrest. He figures she's the perfect choice for a few days of dalliance--beautiful, cunning, and completely disposable.


JACK: Sounds like just my kind of woman!


JENNY: Not so fast. The pickpocket has no intention of becoming some soldier’s plaything. Temperance is a runaway who’s left behind a life of privilege to pursue her revolutionary ideals—and if there’s one thing she hates it’s officers of the king. I’m sure you can understand that, Jack, having had your own share of issues with authority. In fact, you and Temperance have a lot in common, what with being irresistibly sexy and prone to get yourself into more than your share of situations that require a the use of finesse and charm to survive.


JACK: *preening* Good thing I also have more than my share of charm.


JENNY: When Trev gets her alone, Temperance uses her charm to draw him into a passionate kiss that makes him drop his guard so she can escape. But the kiss turns out to be more than either of them bargained for, and when two lonely Scorpios connect, watch out!


JACK: Two Scorpios. That is asking for trouble! I too am a man of many secrets, but I’m no Scorpio. What kind of hero does this Scorpio officer make? Do you recommend him as the ideal man?


JENNY:  Trev is ideal for a woman like Temperance, who lives life up to the hilt, and revels in action. He has courage and discipline and is capable of loyalty to the death. And, of course, he has those brooding, magnetic good looks Scorpios are notorious for. But what appeals to me most is that because he’s been in the thick of battle he also has that edge men get when they have spent a lot of time doing things that will kill them if they don’t get them just right.  Like you, Jack do.


JACK:  You say the sweetest things. But since you do seem to get what I’m about, why did you waste your time writing about this guy when you could have made me your hero?


JENNY: Because this is the Scorpio book, Jack. And unlike you, Trev is a Scorpio. Now the thing about Scorpios is that you really don’t want to play games with them or piss them off—but that’s exactly what Temperance does. And when that happens, suddenly Scorpio is no longer just about charm and courage. Now the key word is retaliation.


JACK:  Retaliation, eh. If this Trev of yours ever gets tired of the Army, you might suggest he try out a little pirating. We could use someone like him on the crew when things get dicey—or maybe not. The ladies would be falling all over themselves trying to get a piece of this Trev of yours. Nothing attracts women like a good looking man who can brood and seethe with resentment. I’m not sure I want the competition.


JENNY: He would provide that. Once he does give his heart he is well nigh irresistible. And did I mention that in his years in India he’s mastered Sanskrit and studied many of the classic texts, including the Kama Sutra?


JACK: *clearing throat again*  This book comes out on August 30, tomorrow—I understand that Avon is running a special promotion on your book? Would you care to tell me more about the promotion?


JENNY: September is National Ovarian Cancer Awareness month, and Avon Books’ “KISS and Teal” books are part of an effort to make women aware of the symptoms of ovarian cancer. Avon has already made a donation to the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance and will be donating 25¢ from the sale of each copy sold of each book in the "KISS and Teal" promotion to OCNA. So when people buy Star Crossed Seduction—which like any author, I desperately hope they’ll do—their money will do a bit more than just enrich a couple large, faceless corporations.


JACK: I’m always trying to do my share for charity, especially when it comes to things I was going to buy anyway. Now if this KISS & Teal program worked with Tortugas rum—I could be a one man donation show. What will you publishing next?


JENNY: My next book, Perilous Pleasures, is the Pisces book in the series. The hero is a Scottish lord with a tragic past who has taken a vow of chastity after falling under the sway of a mysterious mystical master. I've paired him with a cynical Virgo who is the ugly daughter of a beautiful courtesan--the same courtesan the hero believes sent his sister to her death during the French Revolution.


JACK: Jenny, as always, you’ve been a wonderful, gracious interviewee. My last question before I turn the questioning over to you—I like to ask authors about their rainy day. It’s a rainy day, what are you wearing, what are drinking, and what are you reading?


JENNY: Depending on how much I’ve been drinking, I might not be wearing much at all, especially if I’ve been plied with liquor by a handsome devil like you. Rainy days are the perfect opportunity to do research, and let me tell you those hot sex scenes don’t write themselves. They require a lot of research.


JACK: Well if you need any help with that, my dear, just give me a whistle. Okay, crew, do you believe in star-crossed destiny? Are there any "sun signs" you avoid in particular because you know it just won't work out? Have you been with someone who was sun-sign not a match but you worked to make it work? Do you worry about your character's astrological charts ever? (Hellie does.) There are a lot of great books out on August 30--what will you be running out to get?



Quantum said...

Hi Jenny, great to see you back with the pirates!

I bought 'Lord Lightning' on the strength of your last visit and really enjoyed it. Very unusual theme!

Until recently I was very sceptical about astrological predictions. How could massive heavenly bodies, controlled by gravity, influence individual people here on Earth. But then I began dabbling with dowsing rods and pendulums. My scepticism was definitely dented when my pendulum 'found' a concealed artefact.

As the Bard put it 'There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy'

With all the recent upheavals, Climate, Geophysical, political, financial .... I wonder whether the Mayans really knew something with there long time cycles. The end of a cycle and a predicted new beginning in 2012 seems to be happening!

Does your astrology see patterns in the stars and planets that also foresee a new more spiritual beginning? Possibly a more romantic attitude to living?

Whatever! I'm going to enjoy your new book! :D

Great interview by the way. *grin*

Jenny Brown said...


I'm glad to hear you enjoyed Lord Lightning!

I don't see a more spiritual trend, and tend to think it is mostly wishful thinking that has made people since the beginning of recorded history think that humans were going to change.

Mostly what the long term transits suggest right now is that the structures that we depend on will be destroyed and recreated in new forms. Whether better or worse is impossible to know. (Pluto transiting through Capricorn). The so-called Age of Aquarius might be seen as in improvement, if you are an Aquarius, but it's hard going on those of us who value the importance of the individual over that of the group. Aquarius can be very rigid and impose it's values on everyone giving them no choice about it.

There really isn't room in a comment to say much more about topics that could fill volumes, but it's safe to say that most of us project onto the world our own individual life lessons. If you see spirituality and a more romantic attitude as a possibility in the world around you that's probably what is ahead for YOU!

Marnee said...

This was a great interview! Welcome back, Jenny!

I love Scorpios. My eldest is a little Scorpio and is he ever. I bet this is a fun story.

As to your next.... Cynical Virgo, huh? I'm offended on behalf of the Virgos. Oh, ok, no I'm not. Because I'd bet that there's a practical, yet romantic soft center under there. :) Though I didn't think we (Virgos) were good matches with Pisces. Then again, my DH is an Aries and we're not supposed to be good matches at all, yet we work great. SO I guess it's more guidelines than rule book. *wiggles eyebrows at Jack*

I wouldn't say I avoid any signs. There are some signs that I've found I gravitate to, though. I'm never surprised to find myself impressed by an Aries's creativity and energy or drawn to a Scorpio's intensity or another Virgo's practicality.

This book sounds great, Jenny. Can't wait to read it.

Bosun said...

I won't be around today and in fact, have to run. But I love this interview and these books sound so good. I'm back on an Historicals kick so this one is going on the list. And I can't believe Hellie didn't have Jack ask more about the Pisces book. Her being a Pisces and all.


Have fun and don't drink all the rum before I get back. Thanks again for joining us, Jenny. And for writing Historicals that stand out from the rest!

PS: I'm a Capricorn and I've definitely tried to hang in there with signs that didn't mix well. Lesson learned!!

Jenny Brown said...

There's a whole lot more to your chart than your Sun sign, and who you will get along with often has a lot more do do with where your Moon and Ascendant are placed, as well as your Venus and Mars!

My cynical Virgo heroine isn't cynical because she's a Virgo, but because she's been raised by a courtesan who has taught her from birth to see men as either useful fools--or dangerous temptations. The third book is a forced marriage story (though the reasons why they marry are unlike any you will ever have read before) so the characters have a lot more chance to get to know each other and to work together, which I really enjoyed writing.

Hellion said...

I'll try to be back later. I have a doctor appointment today (with Dad) so it might be much later.

Hellion said...

I figured I would ask more about the Pisces book when we invite Jenny back for that book. *LOL* Besides I know what Pisces are like: dreamy, tend to never finish anything, and lie about everything. Pairing a Pisces with their astrological opposite is definitely of the opposites attract variety. *LOL*

My sun is in Pisces but my moon is in Virgo. (That "purist" thing you make fun of? VIRGO.) It's like I'm bipolar.

I love the concept of these books--but then I also believe that me dating an Aquarian is the worst thing ever. I finally began asking prospects if they were Aquarians to clip this stuff in the bud. No use getting attached to someone who was going to a freaking Aquarian: I want my freedom, I'll never say I love you. Ugh. They work out for other people, but not for needy Pisces.

I think I deserve an award for being such a neurotic Pisces--I did actually clean some stuff yesterday and accomplish some goals. Okay, not the writing ones. Or the painting ones. I'm still buying a book(s). I got out of bed. And this is one of the ones I'm getting. After all, Scorpios ARE the romance hero types: brooding and handsome and great in bed. :)

Jenny Brown said...

Scorpios are THOUGHT to be the romance hero types, and the one in Star Crossed Seduction lives up to the hype, but in real life, many don't.

Remember, Scorpios see sex as a way of getting control over you. If giving you orgasms will do it, fine If withholding sex works better, they're okay with that, too.

My researches suggest that Aries--the Other Mars-Ruled Sign--is the one to go for if you're looking for straight ahead fun in bed. OTOH, they're so simple and direct, I can't imagine writing an Aries hero, where would you get enough conflict to last through 100 thousand word?

Marnee said...

Direst = direct

Ugh, typing.

Marnee said...

OTOH, they’re so simple and direct, I can’t imagine writing an Aries hero, where would you get enough conflict to last through 100 thousand word?

hahahaha! I can't wait to tell my DH this. Direst is my DH's way. Thank goodness. In my writing, I'm good with all the undertones. In real life, I'm clueless. My guy gets right to the point and he says what's on his mind. I'm forever grateful. :)

Scapegoat said...

Welcome aboard!

Hmm...I've never looked much at all into the hubby's sign to know it it thinks we are compatible or not. I'm an Aries who totally fits the description of the sign, and he's a Capricorn.

I've also never really thought to use the signs in thinking about my characters - very interesting!

Jenny Brown said...

Capricorn is a sign that naturally tends to conflict with Aries. Where Aries says, "Go for it!" Cap says, "Now wait just a minute, let's sit down and think this through." Capricorn tends to value security over adventure.

But again, that's just the Sun sign, and our charts contain many other planets. An Aries might have a Capricorn moon--then he'd have an internal conflict where every time he feels the urge to act, an inner voice stops him. That isn't always a bad thing if that Aries was about to skydive without first checking that his parachute was securely fastened.

Or your Capricorn might have a lot of fire signs elsewhere on the chart and love being around your fire energy because it helps him express that part of his nature that his Cap Sun tends to squelch.

Sun sign astrology as promoted in the magazines really makes it hard for people to understand the complexity and power of the real stuff. People are mixtures of many different energies and that is what makes them so interesting.

2nd Chance said...

I see myself as the typical Sagitarius and when I worked in a metaphysical bookstore I picked up Love Signs, and read about the mix of a Sag woman and Leo man. Whoohoo! Soooooooo true! I swear, my DH and I butt heads about the exact issues she pointed out.

Helped me figure out that although to me, flaws are no big thing and admitting to them is natural, to my Leo mate they are signs of weakness and must never be opening discussed...well, that helped to pinpoint some major arguments we were having.

Though I still get into trouble with this one...

Fascinating how tendencies pop to the surface with astrology!

P. Kirby said...

Depending on the horoscope, I'm either a Capricorn or an Aquarius. My hubby is a Leo. We're both hardcore skeptics, so astrological signs haven't been much of a topic at Casa de Kirby. Don't think I ever thought of them while dating, either.

The heroine in Star Crossed Seduction sounds like my kind of girl, though. A pickpocket with authority-issues. Sounds fun! I'll have to remember this one since I've been reading historical romance lately.

Jenny Brown said...


You don't need to give a hoot about astrology to enjoy my stories.

And, indeed, in this one, the heroine and hero are both skeptics. Scorpios HATE the idea that anyone could know their inner workings, and when an astrologer attempts to counsel the heroine it does not go well.

Hellion said...

Aries=knuckle draggers. There's plenty of conflict there. *LOL* Simply pair this "simple and direct" person with someone who is neither simple nor direct. Like a woman. Well, or with someone who prefers TACT when dealing with other people rather than being "direct", someone with some diplomacy. You'd think a nice Libra would get on an Aries' nerves, but maybe not.

As you've said, it's more the moon, ascendant, mars, and venus who make up who we really are--and not just the "sun". Which must be true because my friend who was an astrology believer realized I was a Pisces, she said, "You CAN'T be a Pisces! You're not NICE enough to be a Pisces!"

Hellion said...

2nd, I *loved* Love Signs. I've actually replaced that book when it disappeared because I was so fond of it.

Then again, I'm also very fond of "How to Spot a Bastard by His Astrological Sign"--which I also found to be very true. *LOL*

Jenny Brown said...


I couldn't write a heroine who was into tact or diplomacy if my life depended on it. I haven't a tactful bone in my body, and we authors have to find the germ of our characters inside ourselves or we won't get far.

Pisces nice? Hardly. Musical, abstracted, self-destructive, willing to sacrifice himself for something perhaps a bit stupid, yes. But nice? No. Rest assured, you won't find anyone in my books anyone would call "Nice."

2nd Chance said...

Man, I'm trying to remember... I'm a Sag/Sun. A Pisces Moon and a Virgo Rising. I think.

Hellion said...

I couldn’t write a heroine who was into tact or diplomacy if my life depended on it. I haven’t a tactful bone in my body, and we authors have to find the germ of our characters inside ourselves or we won’t get far.

This is so true about writing. Probably why at least one of my characters is incredibly neurotic at all times--usually the girl. *LOL*

(I'm not remotely musical--cannot play an instrument, cannot sing a note properly--or worth hearing. They won't take away my Pisces card will they? *LOL* I write the occasional poem though, if that counts.)