Sunday, August 14, 2011

Fantabulous Picture Perfect Interview with Jenn LeBlanc and the Fabulous Captain Jack Sparrow

We all know there’s been a ton of buzz and change and upheaval in the publishing industry lately, and today we’re going to spotlight one more change on the horizon. The good news is, this is an awesome, painless change that will make all your hunky hero dreams come true. Today we welcome Romance author, Jenn LeBlanc who did more than fill a book with a beautiful, well-told story. She literally brought the book to life. She’s a pioneer, a trend-setter, and damn generous with the man-candy.

Our own Fabulous Captain Jack Sparrow sits down with Ms. LeBlanc to get all the details on her debut release THE RAKE AND THE RECLUSE as well as the author herself. Take it away, Jack!

CJS: I’m ready for my close up!

Bo’sun: What are you talking about Jack?

CJS: I was told a photographer was coming aboard today. I knew those cover people would eventually realize I was the perfect model. You put this face *points at himself, nearly puts out an eye* on a cover and those books will fly off the shelves.

Bo’sun: Jenn is a photographer, but she’s here to talk about her book. You’re interviewing her, not posing for her.

CJS: But I bathed!

Bo’sun: *crooks a brow* Having the Undead Monkey throw a bucket of water on you does not qualify as a bath. *hands over cards mixed with photographs* Here are the questions. I’ve mixed in some of the images from Jenn’s book so you can talk about them.

CJS: *flipping through pictures* Since when do your Romance novels have pictures in them?

Bo’sun: Since Jenn LeBlanc wrote an awesome book and brought it to life by including images. Now get ready, here she comes.

CJS: But these are all men. And they’re barely wearing any clothes. *flips to another picture* Good God, woman, this man isn’t wearing anything at all. Why, I can almost see his-

Bo’sun: Good morning, Ms. LeBlanc. We are so excited to welcome you aboard The Revenge. The buzz about your debut has been fluttering our sails for weeks.

Jenn: Why thank you, thank you! I’m excited to be here! *looks around* Very cozy! Who is that up in the Crow’s Nest?

Bo’sun: That’s Sin, our International Ninja of Mystery. Don’t look her in the eye and you’ll be fine. Now, just have a seat right here and Jack will get started with the questions. I’ll be right back with your drink. *eyes Jack, nods head toward his chair, glares until he sits down*

CJS: Yes, welcome, Ms. LeBlanc. I’m intrigued by a woman with not only an ear for a fine word, but an eye for *flips another picture, grimaces* inspiring images.

Jenn: Don’t be jealous Jack, I’d be happy to have you in my studio for a play date. What do you say? You bring the abs, I’ll bring the talent? I might need some rum as well.

CJS: I’m not sure what those “abs” things are, but I never go anywhere without me rum, darling. We’ll work out the details after the interview, else Bo’sun will have both our heads. So, where did you get the idea for your book and did you always know you would include the images? Tell us about the story.

Jenn: I woke up from a dream with the first line in my head “She ran as if the hounds of hell were on her.” I could see that first scene and wanted to know why she was running. So I figured I better start writing so I could find out. I had NO IDEA I was going to illustrate this book. Heck, I had no idea I was going to finish this book. I just started…and kept going.

After I got the beginning down I wondered what it would be like, to be me stuck back then and that’s how it ended up a time travel historical. I really wanted to play with the fish out of water idea. I ended up falling head over heel for both of my heroes, Gideon and Perry, as well as Gideon’s Francine.

CJS: Two heroes, you say? Is this one of *leans close and whispers* those books?

Jenn: *one brow raised* No Jack, they’re brothers. This is the story of Gideon and Francine, she is a 21st century woman trapped in Victorian England, and he is a Victorian Duke trapped by his own past and propriety. I really like to think of it as Gideon’s story, he goes through such an incredible journey in the book, everyone loves how he grows and changes.

CJS: And what kind of response are you getting so far? *flips to another picture, chokes* If the wenches see these pictures, you’re not likely to get them back.

Jenn: Hey, the wenches can have them, that’s what they’re for. I like to share, just ask my fans. The majority of the people absolutely love the idea, I mean the romance novel cover is a 20th century icon. This is that icon on steroids, for the 21st century. I get some snickers and snide comments *narrows eyes at Jack* but once they see the project (and Derek) they really are blown away by the scope and breadth of it.

Bo’sun: *setting steaming teacup next to Ms. LeBlanc and glancing over Jack’s shoulder* Oh, that’s my favorite. He can share my hammock any day.

CJS: *glares up at Bo’sun*

Jenn: Heh. Page 187? *winks* mmm good tea.

CJS: How do you go about deciding what images you want and how to get them?

Jenn: It was easy for me, knowing the book as well as I do. I knew what scenes stood out for me, and I knew what pieces of the story in particular I wanted to highlight. I also knew what my readers would like to see. Eh-hem. The difficult part was finding my hero. I could never have done it without the fabulous Derek Hutchins.

CJS: *looks at pictures* This Derek boy isn’t shy, is he? I am available if you ever want a real pirate to make the ladies swoon. *Ignores Bo’sun choking off stage* This card says you’ve traveled to distant lands in your capacity as photographer. Where have the winds taken you? Do you have a favorite port of call?

Jenn: Oh yes, last year I actually covered the BP Gulf Oil Spill for three weeks. It was horrific and very difficult to witness, but the people in the Gulf were incredible. They were welcoming, resilient, helpful— just amazing people. I think you would like them Jack. They know how to throw a good party, even when the chips are down. Find a pot of mudbugs and a tankard of ale and it’s all good.

CJS: We do try to keep the bugs out of the ale aboard ship, so maybe keep those at a distance. This card says you weren’t raised in what Bo’sun calls a conventional household. Were you by chance raised by pirates? It did wonders for me.

Jenn: Sometimes I think it was a pack of wild dogs, so we might have much in common. In fact, pirate ships do tend to collect the unwanted people in this world, and that’s what my family was. My parents took in the unadoptable foster kids. The ones that had such dire issues that nobody wanted to keep them. It was always an adventure. Bunk house style.

CJS: Sounds like a motley crew to me. Which is a compliment, by the way. What can we expect from you next? *glances to next picture, smiles* Ah, finally, a beautiful woman. Will there be more of these illustrated books?

Jenn: Absolutely. I’m working on Perry’s story now— my fans are helping me with the casting. It has been a LOT of fun. You can follow along too Capt’n Sparrow— do you tweet? Just follow the hashtag #castingPerry on Twitter and whenever I post a prospect to my tumblr you’ll see it!

CJS: Tweet, you say? I’ll have to talk to Bo’sun about that. They get all hand slappy around here every time I touch one of those computers they’re always carrying around.

Bo’sun: You infected the network!

CJS: ONCE! Not the most forgiving lot on this ship. Now a quick quiz to help the crew really get to know you. Pantser or Plotter?

Jenn: Pantser!! Heck yes. No maps here, eh Jack? Just my magic compass.

CJS: Morning person or night owl?

Jenn: Night owl for sure.

CJS: Top hammock or bottom hammock?

Jenn: I like it on top. You get a better sway up there when the ride is rough.

CJS: *chokes – gains composure* Rum or vodka?

Jenn: Rum, as long as it’s full of fruity goodness.

CJS: Thigh highs or nothing at all.

Bo’sun: Jack!

Jenn: *giggle*

CJS: I should get to ask one of my own. *sniffs* Fine. We’ll turn you over to the crew. Is there something you’d like to ask them to get us started?

Jenn: Help me out with my casting! What is your favorite feature in a man. Now, we are talking about pictures here so let’s get our male objectification pants on and have at it. None of these great personality traits, I concede personality. Let’s talk assets and abs.

EDITED TO ADD: I'm a goober!! Totally forgot to mention Jenn has been generous enough to offer up a free copy of THE RAKE AND THE RESCLUSE to one lucky commenter. Now you could have all the pictures in your hot little hands!!


2nd Chance said...

I'll have ya know that due to the Bo'sun I spent last Thursday runnin' about the most picturesque areas a' Monterey, lookin' fer a lass with a camera and accompanyin' hunk... Didn't find ya. Dang.

(Keep me in mind if ya need a guide next time yer in the area, I live across the bay...Santa Cruz has a great Boardwalk if ya ever write anythin' where ya need a rollercoaster in the background...) ;-)

Now, me fav man part... I admit, I'm a fan of a man's arms... From the shoulders down ta the hands. Something 'bout a nice strong, sinewy hand that just..

Jack? Hand over that rum, will ya!

Donna said...

Welcome, Jenn -- this sounds like such a fantastic book. Wish I didn't have to dash off to work, because I'd love to stay and hear more. :)

As for my fave feature, it's usually a killer smile. It gets me every time, letting me know what kind of personality he has, and how he uses it. I also love that spot at the base of a man's throat, when he's loosened his tie, and. . .

Would you look at the TIME? Eeek. I'm gonna be late!

Have fun today, pirates. Hope the shipowner's insurance is paid up. LOL

Bosun said...

I have been dying for this day to get here! This interview was so fun, I couldn't wait for everyone else to get to read it. LOL! Thanks again Jenn for being such a fun sport. And handling Jack like a pro, though I never expected any less.

I have always been a sucker for broad shoulders and well-muscled arms. Not body builder stuff, just nice definition. There's just something about feeling those muscles under my fingertips...


Marnee said...

What an interesting concept! Welcome, Jenn! And thanks for bringing your images with you.

Male assets, huh? Tall, wide shoulders and slim hips. My hubby is like that and that's my favorite stuff.

As to facial features, I'm a sucker for his pretty blue eyes. :)

Hellion said...

Awesome book and concept! And NICE pictures! You must have a tough job looking at hotties all day. :)

Let me start at the top and work my way down. I love soft wavy hair, the little worry wrinkle on his brow, and strong eyebrows (but TWO eyebrows--totally not a unibrow girl). Twinkling eyes (sucker for blue, but I've been known to fall for the spectrum); five o clock shadow, and a smile like sin. The smile is imminently important.

Tall's nice, but not too tall; and the wide shoulders are a must. Slim hips. Tan...I'm not overly fond if they're as pasty white as I am. :) Chest hair is okay, but not too much. Do love me some abs--who doesn't? And their feet cannot be completely grody. Trim the toenails, people!

I have a special weakness for biceps. I think it may be from watching Popeye the Sailor Man. They don't need to be outrageously huge, I'm definitely more on the scrawny side of things, but modest biceps are preferred.

Wow, I feel so shallow right now.

Hellion said...

Oh, and he must have a neck. I know a neck is not important to a lot of people on this ship, but it is imperative to me.

Bosun said...

Marn - It's not nice to brag.

Hellie - We could use some shallow these days. Leave it to you to be precise and cover all areas head to toe. LOL! As usual, I'm the one with lower standards. Or at least less requirements. *sigh*

Just want to mention today is Assassin's birthday, so we'll need to raise a toast at some point today. Let the Glittery Hoohas flow!!

Jenn LeBlanc said...

Thank you so much for having me! This interview was a blast, I had a great time chatting with the Capt'n.

2nd Chance, I'm sorry we missed you! What a whirlwind weekend it was. We did make it to the Santa Cruz boardwalk, I'm a List Boys junkie, so always a necessity. Next time! Tour guide!

Oh Donna, that divot right there at the throat is simply to die for. *swoon*

Bo'sun you're awesome, thank you for helping me wrangle Jack a bit. Free has the most beautiful shoulders. There's a nice shoulder image on his portfolio from the RomCon shoot. Yumm.

Marnee, thank you! Spot on observation. Now Derek has ten inches of difference between chest and hip. That's 5 inches of slope on each side! *pretty*

Hellion, I agree, nice description there! Yes, please don't forget the neck. ;)

And yay for birthdays! Count me in for a round ;)

Thanks everyone!

Bosun said...

That’s 5 inches of slope on each side! *pretty*

As if this boy needed one more selling point. LOL! Love this!

What is List Boys?? And where can I find this Free?! Don't leave a girl hanging!

Darynda Jones said...

I just ordered this and am impatiently waiting. Squee!!!!!

Great interview, Jenn!

Bosun said...

Hey there, Ms. Jones! I keep trying to order this book but ARe won't cooperate with me. I'm about to send a hateful email and see if that will get me anywhere.

Thanks for stopping by!

Jenn LeBlanc said...

Gah! List Boys is how my phone decided to type Lost Boys, and I forgot to double check my error correct. Honestly, as dirty as my phone thinks I'm lucky that's all that happened. Lol!

ARe better get on the ball!

Thank you Darynda! I'm glad you stopped by, :) I hope they get it to you Sooooon!

Bosun said...

Oh, I loved Lost Boys! LOL! I thought List Boys was some special store they only have in California.

ARe says I have an account, but won't take the password I know I used and won't email me a link to reset my password. I try to email customer support but they want me to be signed in to do it. WTF??

Angry email going out today.

2nd Chance said...

Ah, yes. Lost Boys, filmed at the Boardwalk...much better than this terrible horror movie also filmed there...

Man, I missed a 5 inch slope?

And I know ya had a foggy day then...the sun's been out fer a few days, let me look out the window...oh, dang it. Here comes the fog again! (Fer yer future trip plans, best season fer sun in the bay is autumn.)

I do love the idea of this book, though not being a photog of any note, I'd probably enlist a few artist friends to portray pivot points... ;-)

Sin said...

I'm totally addicted to hip bones. It's that whole trail that leads down the abs and how the pants seem to sit really low.

And I love pretty eyes. It's unfair that men get such pretty long eye lashes. I want to cut my DH's off and glue them onto mine.

I'm with Marn though. Broad shoulders, muscular but not overwhelmingly bulging so that their neck disappears. And comfortable in their own skin so that they have confidence when they walk around. So sexy.

I totally forgot the question of the day. Too busy daydreaming about sexiness.

Welcome aboard Ms. LeBlanc!

2nd Chance said...

Hey, did I hear it's the Assassin's b-day? Too bad her evil overlord won't let her play on the blog...

Bosun said...

Sin - I almost mentioned that exact "area" but I knew you'd claim it when you showed up. LOL! Gah! That low-slung jeans almost revealing....

Y'all should check out Twitter tonight at 9 Eastern and follow the #mancandyMonday hashtag. Those ladies find the most inspiring images. And Jenn is often good for a shot or two. LOL!

Hellion said...

What amuses me is that I'm amazed that Sin hasn't managed already to cut off her hubby's eyelashes and glue them to her own. *LOL*

Oh, I forgot about hip bones...gotta love them. Good call, Sin!

Bosun said...

We should nickname that the Happy Place. LOL! The path to get there is called the Happy Trail, after all. (Or that's what I call it...)

2nd Chance said...

The Happy Trail...oh, a new drink to add to the bar menu!

Sin said...

*dreamy eyes* The Happy Place definitely makes me happy.

One day I'm going to shave the Undead Monkey's eyelashes right off. He'll never notice. You just have to refrain from laughing when you see him, Hells.

2nd Chance said...

I'm envisioning this... Sin, trying to hold the Undead Monkey still so she can shave his eyelashes off. I know ninjas are sneaky, but... really?

Bosun said...

No shave. Pluck. The thought alone is making my eyes worry.

I need to find a Happy Place where I can play.

Bosun said...

Thank you so much for being a great guest, Jenn. I'll wait to see if we get any late commenters then announce the winner tomorrow morning. (If I forget, it'll be tomorrow afternoon. *g*)

Bosun said...

Finally got an email from ARe and the book is now downloaded. Whoot!

Jenn LeBlanc said...

You guys I have been remiss and I am so sorry!! I was having such fun reading but my phone wasn't letting me comment all day and we were on the road! WAH!!

So this is late, but I had so MUCH fun today I can't even tell you.

Thank you Sin! I am so happy to be here! I LOVE OV ELOVE the hip, the external oblique ridge is simply beautiful and the hip line is to die for. Saw a LOT of that this weekend shoot D for his portfolio. I can't wait to share those.

Bo'sun I'm SO bummed I missed #mancandymonday, it's my fav day of the week! I was rushing through an airport. I did manage to post the one pic of D from this weekend out at stinson beach, that line is in it. So go find it, of follow #teamDerek for more of him ;) and YAY!!! ARe is playing nice again! I mean it is SO cheap right now! $2.99? Can't beat it.

THANK YOU THANK YOU EVERYONE!! Please come chat me up on Facebook and Twitter! I love to hear from everyone!! Good luck in the giveaway!!


Bosun said...

No worries, Jenn. Many of us get distracted from the fun by the day job. Your day job just happens to be way better than most of ours. LOL!

I missed most of mancandy because I was writing, but what I did see was nice. *g* And I got 4 pages done!

Hope you had a good trip and looking forward to the little glimpes you might share on Twitter.

Jenn LeBlanc said...

Oh I will share, you know I will. These are HOTT. (yes, double T)
Thanks again!!!

Kati R said...

Perhaps the serratus anterior? Or the trapezii? Maybe the biceps brachii? Or the iliac crest? Adonis line? Obliques?

I <3 you & the Muse =)

Hellion said...

Adonis line? Dare I ask? *hopeful look*

Jenn LeBlanc said...

Ah Kati you know how to get my insides all giggly by talking dirty to me. ;)

Hellion, the adonis line is that angled line from the hip to the...uh...nethers. Just beautiful.

The serratus anterior is the woven muscle over the ribs, the trapezii are the upper shoulder where his Om tattoo is, The iliac crest is the upper edge of the hip bone, and the obliques, well, yeah.


Kati R said...

Me? Talk dirty? NEVER! I'm just naming parts. That's not dirty at all. ;)

D's body is like a work of art. (Whoa! Inappropriate.)

Bosun said...

The temperature in my office just went up about 15 degrees. Da-yam.

Jenn LeBlanc said...

bo'sun you are so welcome. ;)

Gotta know the parts. Very important in photography. So I can tell him what I want to see more of.

Kati R said...

More butt please...

Bosun said...

Oooohh, see, you have to know this for your job. I'm so in the wrong line of work.

I like Kati. A lot. LOL!

Kati R said...

Aww thanks bo'sun. I agree. Jenn has the best job in the world. Writing & shooting the sexy.

Oh yeah, please don't enter me for the giveaway. I have *mumble mumble* copies of Jenn's book. (not obsessed, I swear. borderline stalker, most likely)

Bosun said...

That reminds me, I better pick that winner. Be right back!