Sunday, July 3, 2011


July is shaping up to be my month. Let me list the reasons why:


1.)  I am taking this awesome class at Lowcountry RWA called M&Ms for Characters: It. Is. Going. To. Be. Epic. I just know it. Besides I do the worst motivations for my characters. Pretty much any advice is going to help me.

2.)  Harry Potter is coming out on July 15

3.)  I’ve taken some vacation days for myself, just because, in July, mostly around that Harry Potter stuff, but no matter: TIME TO MYSELF.

4.)  Independence Day is the coolest American holiday ever—even better than Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is about carbs, football, and poultry, but Independence Day is about baseball, fireworks, and beef. I’m an Independence kind of girl. Eat a hamburger, watch Pujols hit a homer, and smile as the fireworks light up the sky. (Okay, so Pujols hurt his hand. Shut up.)

5.)  Rumor has it that editors are looking for contemporaries.


So for these reasons and others, I’m titling this month: FREEDOM TO WRITE in honor of our Founding Fathers who wrote down all those brave and very important things we have in America. Freedom of speech. Freedom to assemble. Freedom to pursue happiness.


I challenge you this month to plop your happy ass down at your computer (with your hamburger—lean beef is great protein) and start following your bliss. It’s constitutional, baby. And as we all know,  those who don’t use their freedoms, lose their freedoms.


It is my right to sit at this computer and write a love story about two flawed but wonderful people and announce to the world that I believe in Happily Ever Afters…and I believe in love. July is the month to pursue your bliss, and if writing is your happiness, you should too.


So what are your plans for July? Any e-courses you’ve taken lately you’d recommend?  Favorite topping on a hamburger? What do you plan to do to celebrate FREEDOM TO WRITE?

P.S. To all those serving in the military and are protecting my liberties and my pursuit of happiness, I thank you. HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY.




2nd Chance said...

Let me pull out my July calendar...what will I be doing this month? Editing! Well, that is my hope. A great deal of editor said she hopes to have second round to me for The Chameleon Goggles by the 10th...and then for the short I'm under contract to...

But I'm also doing some promotional stuff, and working on 'revision' for a MS I hope to entice my agent into taking on... Going to be visiting with Mom next weekend, starting a weight loss challenge thing with the author Ashley March...watching world class motorcycle racers at Laguna Seca later in the month...

And you know...I do have a few new ideas to tease myself with...two shorts I want to finish and an idea for a Woman's World submission... Adding some stuff to my website...

I think Cowboys and Aliens opens this month, which will be fun... Looking forward to hearing how your Potter event goes. Maybe I'll sit down and watch all the movies I haven't seen and actually see this one in a theater...

It could happen!

And tomorrow? I watch 1776, the Musical. It's tradition.

Happy independence day, everyone!

Donna said...

Sounds like both of you have great months planned! Mine looks to be a busy one, with the new job, and all the blog posts I've got lined up, and the two WIPs I'm working on. :) It's definitely going to be a test of my time-management skills. LOL Hope they're not TOO rusty.

Happy 4th to everyone.

Janga said...

We're having a family cookout tonight and watching the fireworks at a local park from the back yard.

July is a big birthday month for us. We've already celebrated one of the grands, and we still have my sister's, several cousins, and four close friends plus mine to celebrate.

I also have two July deadlines, and so I have lots of writing to do--not on my WIPs unfortunately.

You know, I've never taken an ecourse. Perhaps I should consider one, but not for July.

Bosun said...

This might possibly be the HAPPIEST blog you've ever written! Whoohoo!!! LOL! It's infectious.

I too am starting the weight loss project Ashley March created and I am so excited about that #5 up there. I need to write my soon-to-be-smaller fanny off!

And I'm taking that class too. Whenever I'm asked about character motivation my answer is usually "Just because!" So I should probably work on that.

Have a Happy 4th, Everyone! And Happy Early Birthday, Janga! My brother, daughter, and mom are all this month as well. (HOW could I possibly be the mother of a 12yr old?? That can't be possible!)

Janga said...

Ter, the oldest grand turned 12 on June 29 and announced "I am no longer a child."

Her youngest brother, who turned 6 on June 30, said in awed tones, "Does that mean A's a grownup?"

I preferred her father's response: "Dream on, kid."

Bosun said...

Mine doesn't want to be a grown up, but she keeps declaring herself a teenager. I'd rather she be a grown up.

Marnee said...

What am I planning for July? To finish this first draft! Ugh! I'm over this story!

Wait, this was a positive, "let's do this thing" kind of blog. Let me rethink myself.

I'm going to park my but in front of my keyboard and crank out the 15K that are required to finish my first draft. That was more positive, right?

Good luck getting things done this month, girls! And hope everyone had a great Independence Day!

Marnee said...

that would be butt, not but.

Bosun said...

That's the positive spin we're looking for, Marn. And I'm right there with you, though I barely have 15K total, I want to get a huge amount of work done this month.