Friday, May 27, 2011

Summer Is Here - Revenge Makeover Time

It's official. The pools are open, the heat wave is here (in some places), and the grills are running at full charcoal (or gas if you're not running old school.) We Pirates are taking off this holiday weekend to relax, but we'll be back Wednesday, June 1 with some new surprises.

The Revenge is going into dry dock for a few days and if all goes as planned, she'll be back in the water come Wednesday, ready for the ceremonial christening (glass will be broken but no rum will be wasted) looking fresh and new.

To all our Pirate Pals, have a glorious, fun-filled, and safe holiday weekend and we hope you'll stop by Wednesday morning to help celebrate our relaunch. We've stocked up on extra glitter for the occasion!


Now go hug a soldier. :)


Marnee said...

I completely need to make arrangements to have that exact meal some time this weekend.

*Off to make a grocery list*

Julie said...



2nd Chance said...

I'm getting all jittery. Can't...go...this...long...without...the...Revenge! I'm having social media withdrawals!

Who knew the ship completed me to this extent!?