Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sin's Fantasy Land (Part Four)

First Edition. Fourth Volume.


The month is finally coming to an end. Those of us who've participated in Awrapawrimo are weary, achy, have forgotten what quality sleep feels like (unless you're used to it), have permanent keyboard finger where they are stuck in position to type, and have consumed a bag of chocolates a day for almost 30 days.


Those of us who didn't participate in Awrapawrimo, you'll get another opportunity in August when I start my August push of 50k. I've yet to name it. We can come up with something clever later. Something to do with not being able to stand the heat and need to stay inside with air conditioning will probably fit in the title.


Since this is my last Sunday Fantasy Land blog I figured we could talk about anything we'd love to have yet don't. This could be napping during the day. This could be a personal trainer named Tristan who's so hot you have to fan yourself every time he comes over to give you your personal yoga lesson. It could be that you lounge beach side with a mojito in your hand while a trove of men cater to your every whelm. It's a Fantasy Land, take advantage of it.

In my Fantasy Land I have an unending supply of Shojo manga with disgustingly nice HEAs and wonderful love stories and heartbreaking black moments. And maybe some really good Shonen manga as well but they have to have a light romance background or I won't be interested. And I can read Kanji so I have no need to get the subbed manga. Also, in my Fantasy land, I have my own private room with a lock and a thumb pad and five different codes to get into. In this room I have my own TV and DVD player. Also, all my walls are lined with book shelves filled with my favorite manga. The room is the color of a dark cloudy day and I have a chaise lounge in the corner for reading. I have two oversized recliners for kicking back with a friend in my private room and watching anime all day. In my room there is a secret door that leads you down a secret hallway so you don't have to pass through the rest of the house to leave. And while snacking and food is usually not my top priority, I have to think of others. (GPS said so.) So in my secret hallway, you can veer off to my own private stash of goodies.


And Chanceroo, you'll have to deal. It is a manga man, but he's naked and in the shower. Compromise a bit please. And yes please. I will jump in. And  you.


You may think I have lame wants in my Fantasy Land, but I don't need much to make me happy. I'm easy. (I hear it a lot.) What will you have?


2nd Chance said...

What will I have? Ah...weekly massages, a personal trainer, weekly herbal facials. A pool, a personal nutrionist.

I really want the house remodeled. A landscape crew, a landscape architect... Okay. I want to be rich.

And I really want to fly first class, get to every convention I want...

A publicist...

Yup, my wants are more than privacy and snacks...


Man, how much did I write this month? More than I thought I would. But there is a week to go and two until my next RWA meeting, where I pledged to write 40 pages. 32 down!

Hmmmm, manga man reminds me of ... nevermind.

Hellion said...

What's this with WEEKLY massages? I'd have DAILY massages! But the other stuff on 2nd's list looks good. I'm stealing it. Pirate.

But I'd add a basement that would be my personal home theater with a HUGE ASS TV on the wall and the surround sound and the perfect temperature (like 68 degrees) and popcorn and soda and every movie I could ever want to see. I love me some movies. And I'd have to have one of those couches that look like a C and I can sprawl every which way, and there would be throws I could curl up with, and a small freezer that held pints of ice cream.

Instead of Manga men, I'd just have my Deerhunter. I see him so rarely, I wouldn't mind seeing him more. *LOL* And he's awful cute.

I haven't written nearly as much as I'd like, but I might have written as much as 2nd has pledged (except she had conferences she went to and I didn't, so I'm sure that says something about me...)

Quantum said...

Away from the world of physics I'm very much a 'back to nature' sort of guy

I would love to sit in my garden on a lovely English summer day and design perfection. Plenty of arches supporting scented roses and clematis. Beautiful borders with plants to attract wild life. Water features with fountains and Greek Goddesses ......

And most importantly, A partner to convert my designs into practical reality .... and do the weeding.

Yep I'm a theorist, an arm chair gardener, who wants to laze in lush surroundings, be pampered and dream beautiful thoughts.

Drat Mrs Q is waving a fork and spade at me.

Its back to nature folks :wink:

2nd Chance said...

Yeah, Q...I look out at my jungle of a yard and remember when it was...neater. Not necessarily neat, as I'm a bit of an embrace-the-wild gardener. But I used to be able to walk a path to my spiral garden... Now it is wall to wall ivy, berries and I shudder to think...but probably poison oak.

One cannot sit idly by when you live in a city named The Jungle Beach and not expect it to take over when thy back is turned.


Bosun said...

I'm torn between wanting to be rich and wanting magical powers. The personal jet is still on the list either way. Another weekend of driving. Thank goodness I don't have to do this again for two months.

I don't want to talk about how much I wrote this month. It's ugly. Very ugly. Though I did write a new story for Woman's World while I was waiting for my ex to show up. The nearly four hours I waited. Grrrrr...

I think I'll skip the magic and just go with rich. I want a nice little house with an open floor plan on a small but secluded piece of land. A nice garden with a gardener, of course. A housekeeper would be a must. The perfect writing room, with lots of windows and a view of the garden from every angle.

Yeah, that sounds about right.

2nd Chance said...

From every angle, eh? That would be an interesting room! Sounds magical to me!

Marnee said...

I'll take rich over magical powers every day. :) If I were rich, I could BUY people with magical powers. LOL!!

What do I want? More sleep.

But if I can't have that right now, I'll steal from you folks. I'd love the money to fix up this house a little faster. Or, to buy a similar house somewhere further from people. (I like our house size, but it's in South Jersey. Near everyone else in South Jersey.) I'd like a housekeeper too. And a writing room as well. (Damn Ter, you're good at this.)

I'd also like a nanny. And a cook. Or does the housekeeper do all that?

There's lots of stuff I want.

But really, right now, I'd just like a little more sleep. I bet I'd feel like Superwoman--like I can accomplish all this stuff above on my own--if I just had a couple more hours. Every day. Or on a regular basis.