Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Man with a Gun

Since Captain Hellion mentioned she thinks we should do more writing prompts, I thought we could obey indulge her this week.  

I saw a quote on Twitter recently, attributed to Raymond Chandler, and I knew it was a perfect writing prompt for this bloodthirsty lot.  I confess I am too lazy to research to see if he's actually the one who said it.  It's possible somebody else said it, because, as I also saw on Twitter:

The problem with quotes from the internet is that you never know if they are genuine - Abraham Lincoln

For our purposes, however, the fact that it's attributed to Mr. Chandler is good enough.  So here goes:

When in doubt, have a man come through the door with a gun in his hand.

Lots of intriguing possibilities there.  What kind of man is he?  Is he used to carrying a gun or is this his first time?  What room is he entering?  Is he trying to save somebody?  Or maybe he's a Hottie being chased by a crowd of wanton women, and he stole their weapon, just to be on the safe side.  Could be he's carrying a gun because he dropped his ice pick.  What has happened before this point in time?  What is he hoping to accomplish?

This is the beauty of a writing prompt.  There are so many forks in the writing path, and you get to decide where to go.  At least until the character begins to speak up and tell you what they're going to do.  Until that point, though, you get to set the parameters.  You set up the scenario for the characters, and they bring their personality and quirks into play, and the story goes from there.

I think the primary benefit of a writing prompt is you aren't emotionally invested in a particular outcome.  The characters haven't had a chance to wrap you around their fingers, so you don't fall prey to their wants and needs, or your own heightened expectations (both of which can stall out your story).  You have the freedom of trying something without fear of failure, because it doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things.  You're just flexing your writing muscles.

So let's get to plotting, or pantsing, depending on your orientation.  Share your "man with a gun" stories. 

And in an effort to keep the motivation level jacked up, I will pick one random person to receive a copy of The First Five Pages by Noah Lukeman.  I was doing some book excavating this weekend, and realized I have more than one copy of this (ahem), so I'm happy to share the wealth with one lucky person.


Hellion said...

HA! I have a writing book like that, it's a repeat I should put in the booty box. It's a good one too.

And I *LOVE* the Lincoln quote. Hysterical.

Oddly enough I started a novel with a man (woman) who came through a door with a gun and shot my hero. Then you spent the rest of the book trying to figure out why she shot him and if he'd live.

Quantum said...

Agree with Helli (best way to start the day!) about Lincoln quote. :LOL:

I like writing short stories so here goes:

Man enters saloon with a gun.
Two men leave saloon in boxes.
The End

Will try harder after my scotch *grin*

Donna said...

I love the Lincoln quote too. Just one of the hilarious things I see on Twitter--I need to write more of them down because I usually forget them!

Hellion, I like the sound of your pistol-packin' mama story! Maybe you should share some more of it. :)

Donna said...

Dang, Q, you ARE bloodthirsty this morning. LOL Of course I need to know who the two men-in-boxes are, and if they were bad guys, and. . .all kinds of stuff. :)

Can't wait to see what the scotch produces for a story!

Bosun said...

"We can't do this." How the hell did I get myself into this mess I thought.

"Yes we can," Shelley insisted. "And we're going to feel great when we're done."

"But...but...we don't have the right tools." At least I knew I didn't. Maybe I didn't know Shelley as well as I thought I did.

Instead of responding, Shelley lifted to fingers to her mouth and let out the loudest whistle I'd ever heard. Seconds later, a hunk in a toolbelt and carrying a scary looking power tool entered the room.

Shelley smiled and nodded her head in the hunk's direction. "When in doubt, have a man come through the door with a gun in his hand."

It took me second, but the light finally dawned. "A nail gun?"

"Yep. With the help of Dirk here, we'll have this wainscoting done in no time."

Bosun said...

I really should have proofed that. LOL! Fun blog, Donna! Since I don't write about bad guys with real guns, I took another route.

Love the Lincoln quote. LOL!

Donna said...

Terri, I like that! LOL A nail gun is a great idea. I don't usually have bad guys with guns either. And there's nothing in the quote that SAYS it has to be bad guys, so there's room for all kinds of interpretations. :)

I like the Lincoln quote because somebody clever obviously had fun with it. And they'd obviously seen way too many quotes one day. LOL

Hellion said...

"What year did Lincoln give the Gettysburg Address?" Ellie asked, shielding the answer with one hand. Jimmy leaned closer to her, close enough for her to smell the scent of his cologne. It was a magic smell that made her think of waterfalls and mossy trees and hot naked Jimmy. Not that she had any idea what she'd do with a hot naked Jimmy, but she'd been formulating some plans. Her eyes fell closed of their own accord, hypnotized.

Jimmy rumbled one of his half laughs and Ellie felt her hair being swept from her neck, the cool air brushing her warm skin a bare second before the touch of his mouth blazed along her skin. Jimmy, Jimmy.

The book fell closed and Ellie tilted her neck to give him better access, which Jimmy took to mean she wanted to sit in his lap. He pulled her across his thighs, his arms wrapping around her like steel vises, as if she wanted to be free. What a laugh. She couldn't believe she was here with Jimmy D'Angelo, the hottest boy in school, and he wanted to kiss her!

Ellie opened her eyes and Jimmy smiled down at her, that bad boy smirk that was the gossip of every girl in school, wondering what it meant. She reached up and twined her fingers in his inky black hair and his black eyes glittered in her consciousness before his mouth captured her and she forgot everything but the feel of Jimmy all around her. It was heaven.

Then all hell broke loose. The door crashed open and a booming voice shouted jovially. "Princess! Your mother said you were up here tutoring that D'Angelo boy." Ellie noticed he lifted his hand as if to wave at Jimmy, but was held down by the double-barrel shotgun he was carrying.

"Well, I can see you're busy," he said, his gaze seeming to pin Jimmy to his chair like a snake's pins a mouse. "I won't bother you. I just wanted to let you know I'm here--and I'll be next door, in my bedroom, cleaning this." He waved the shotgun again. "Study hard."

And he walked back out of the room, leaving the door open in his wake.

Jimmy pushed Ellie off his lap, depositing her back in her chair. "1863."

Donna said...

Very clever, Hellion! LOL I like how you tied all of it together, the Lincoln quote, and the gun. :)

Poor Jimmy. LOL

Hellion said...

I was trying to come up with an algebra equation but got so wrapped up in getting a good one, I decided to go with a history question instead. *LOL*

Marnee said...

I love the men with the gun prompt but sadly, I'm still clearing the snot out of my brain this morning. I've got nothing yet. Gimme a little time.


Oh, and don't include me on the Lukeman book sweepstakes. It's already part of my library too. (Good book, BTW).

Scapegoat said...

I'll have to give this a shot at lunchtime - unless I can manage to sneak it in during work this morning. :)

Donna said...

Scape, whenever you can do it is fine. Let your brain work on something while the job is paying you to do something else!

Donna said...

Algebra? *fingers in ears* It's too early to talk about algebra. We can do that, let's see. *checks watch* Okay, we've got an opening in 2021.

I'll go for history every time.

Bosun said...

2x - 42 = y


Donna said...

Marn, sorry to hear you're sick. No worries and no pressure. We'll just quarantine you in one of the furthest quarters--with a Hottie who has a gun, and he'll come through the door with it if you don't take it easy and get better. :)

Janga said...

Oh, fun, Donna! I love the responses to the prompt.

“Damn it!” The angry punch of the doorbell sent the perfect words that had been dancing in Caila’s head back into the muse’s bag. “Give ‘em back,” she ordered as she stalked to the door.


“I’m not Nathan.”

“Of course, you aren’t.”

Maybe she should have had that second cup of coffee. Most of the time Kaila knew she wasn’t living in a book. No way would the hero of her latest novel be standing at her front door. This guy only looked like Nathan. Except for the water spots on his suit, which probably cost more than her car. And the gun in his right hand.

The neon green Nerf Dart Tag Hyperfire Blaster with Vision Gear looked familiar. So did the freckled imp squirming under the weight of not-Nathan’s left hand.

“I believe these belong to you.” His voice was as grim as his expression.

“Not the gun,” Caila insisted. “Only the kid.”

Hellion said...

Nice try, Bo'sun, but essentially that was the type of algebra equation I had, and I wanted it to appear I had seniors tutoring each other, not middle school kids making out. Only all the senior math I know looks like gibberish.

Bosun said...

And wordpress ate my comment. *sigh*

Donna said...

LOL, Janga -- I love that. Especially "not-Nathan" and the Nerf gun. Very cute!

Such a clever bunch here. :)

Hellion said...

What I like about this is it's exactly as Donna said. You give the situation and everyone comes up with something different. *LOL* WAY DIFFERENT.

In this regard, you shouldn't be afraid of anyone stealing your idea because clearly they wouldn't have the same vision as you.

And incidentally, as an aside, I'm reading a Regency right now, with a duke spy protecting a girl, who speaks great Regency speak--their dialogue is perfect for the period I think. Except it's exceptional in its unexceptionality. There's nothing particularly memorable about any of the characters or situations or setting or dialogue--NOTHING. It's like instead of having banana oatmeal this morning, I had blueberry oatmeal. So I imagine most everyone who reads this author is going to love her and rave about her stories...and I'm going to wait patiently for the next Eloisa James.

I think what I'm saying is if you're going to be given the same situation as everyone else, don't try to be oatmeal. Be some bacon and eggs. *LOL* And a flapjack. I'm really hungry and my analogy has died. Sorry.

And in another incident, I'm reading a YA novel called Hush, Hush, which I'm really loving right now. Sure it's Twilight with fallen angels instead of vampires, but for some reason, I can buy into it a lot more than the duke spy. And I can tell you why. The heroine of Hush, Hush makes sense. She does stupid things, but you know why she's doing them. In the Regency, the heroine's motivations and inner workings aren't clarified as well as the hero's.

Scapegoat said...

Stop the press!

Did Hellie just comment that she is reading a books with a Duke who is a spy?

I thought that was totally on the do not read list for you...


Donna said...

Hellie, I think you're right about not worrying about someone stealing your idea, because we all execute it so differently, with our own personal style.

The problem is having a "hook" lose it's uniqueness. Especially if it's the bacon and eggs in a buffet filled with oatmeal. :) That can be disheartening, because if you aren't the first to get published with that hook, then YOU are considered derivative, even if you weren't.

Bosun said...

The problem is having a “hook” lose it’s uniqueness.

Don't I know it. Nothing like having a book with a former pro baseball player as a hero and the exact same title as your MS come out in the month you decide to start querying.


Donna said...

Scape, good catch! That went right by me. (I was distracted by all the food mentioned in her comment, even though I made cornmeal pancakes earlier for breakfast.)

Donna said...

Terri, you just have to change your title! I haven't heard of the other book, but I'm sure it's a different story, so you may have to devise another title. Pirates? Any suggestions?

Bosun said...

Also, I think I'd like Twilight better if it were angels instead of vampires. LOL! But what is in place of the werewolves??

Hellion said...

Wait, Bo'sun, I thought you weren't WORRIED about that book. I'm the one who showed it to you and you shrugged at me and went, "Whatever."

Yes, Scapey, I am reading it. If the duke is a rake, they sorta cancel each other out. I was willing to go with it and the heroine DIDN'T sleep with him right off or take off her dress in the library, so I considered myself that this was good odds. And as I said, technically speaking, the story, the character, the setting--it's decently executed. It's just not memorable for me or holding my attention as well as it should. I'm halfway through the book and have now picked up the YA novel and haven't been able to put that down, even though the YA novel is basically Twilight with wings. It too is not an original storyline per se, but I feel the heroine is better developed. I could be wrong or tricked because the YA novel is in first person and the regency clearly isn't in first person.

And speaking of awful opening hooks that made me want to throw the book at a wall (if it weren't a library book and I wasn't in a library at the time): I started reading the first page of a REGENCY where the heroine is having sex out of boredom with a guy she has no intention of marrying. The brother interrupts them just as its over and has a fit (understandably) but the heroine says, "I will not marry this guy" (the guy keeps offering, though God knows why) and "I just slept with him just because." NO THOUGHT about possible kids, no thought to reputation or anything. Maybe it would have been revealed--but I was so pissed within the first five pages, I began foaming at the mouth and had to be carted away in an ambulance. And all I could think was if I was that brother, I would have made that dumb bitch marry the guy, even if she hated him. She totally deserved it.

Bosun said...

Donna - I actually did change the title, but I'm so attached to the old one, I can't make up my mind.

Bosun said...

I believe my "whatever" email ended with the words "I'm going to go outside and scream now."

I don't know that worry is the right word. More irritated at the timing of the coincidence. LOL!

She had sex with him just because? In the first five pages? Nice.

Hellion said...

I think more angels--but "bad" ones, only you don't know which ones are the bad ones. None of them seem trustworthy. *LOL* It's very Twilight with wings. (*sotto voice* This endorsement brought to you by Always Flexiwing)

Yes, I'd be very irritated with the timing. *LOL*

She was having sex in the first paragraph. Something about he was grunting above her and she was trying to get him off her because she was now annoyed with the whole procedure.

To each their own. I know there is a school of regency readers who loves this stuff. *LOL* Me, it makes me want to light people on fire.

Bosun said...

I believe that's an example of starting a book in the middle of the action. LOL!

Donna said...

Terri, I know what you mean about being attached to a title. I have a book I need to finish one of these days, and I titled it "Johnny Angel", which is the MC's name. Wouldn't you know it, Danielle Steel has to come out with a book a few months later with that very title. LOL I have enough distance now that it probably wouldn't matter, and I'm not as wed to it, but I'll always THINK of the book with that title.

Donna said...

Hellion, when I was talking about being beat to the punch by a unique hook, I was thinking more about a complete story, rather than an opening hook. Like "Snakes on a Plane" -- sure, you could come up with a different story with that scenario, but it's uniqueness is what grabbed everyone's attention, and anyone using that scenario afterwards is going to be considered less imaginative.

A man with a gun -- that's generic enough that it can definitely be used a zillion different ways -- probaby because it is NOT a hook. LOL

Hellion said...

I cannot believe that Snakes on a Plane has any creative writing use...

Donna said...

Of course it has creative writing use! With 4 words you know INSTANTLY what the setup is, and what the stakes are. I didn't even have to see the movie. LOL

I would like to be able to have that kind of hook for the things I write. :)

Bosun said...

I've got to give this one to Donna. LOL! We have the "what" the "where" and the OMG! all in that title alone. We also have the "stupid beyond belief" but still.

Donna said...

Yeah, it's just meant to be an example of a hook that would make the SECOND person with that setup go, "Oh crap!" LOL

Quantum said...

Better late than never:

Dawn was announced by the sun rising over the far reaches of Hampstead Heath as Lord Ramsworth opened the door of his carriage with gun at the ready. After strolling to his alloted place he raised his pistol and took carefull aim.

He would teach the young scoundrel a lesson. How dare the cad trifle with his daughter's affections. And in his own hay loft as well!

He was using a new contraption, invented by his nephew William who had been taken on as an assistant to the great Sir Isaac Newton. The device magnified the target allowing greater accuracy of shot.

He focussed on his opponents face and selected the left ear lobe in order to inflict a visible but non-lethal wound. His finger was slowely squeezing the trigger, when he noticed three tiny moles arranged as the corners of an isosceles triangle.

With horror he recalled that his daughter had three such moles. The wind then grew stronger and the scarf obscuring the rascal's face blew away revealing the cherub like face of Matilda.

He threw the pistol to the ground and ran to wrap his daughter in his arms. "My God, I might have killed you" he exclaimed. "Oh papa" she replied, "I couldn't let you harm my Henry. He is utterly useless at duelling"

On the way back to the Mansion, William winked at them, giving a thumbs up sign. This meant that he had successfully fixed the powder for the pistols to make a loud bang but have little explosive power.

Henry, locked away in the hay barn, would live to love another day.

I will peruse the other offerings after my tea. :D

Hellion said...

*LOL* Actually the 2nd person probably had Scorpions on a Plane and went "F***!" at not thinking of the obvious way to make the situation worse.

(I suddenly had a thought of that Mike the Situation guy, who makes any situation worse...Maybe it should have been Mike the Situation on a Plane. Talk about a horror flick. Passengers screaming at the pilot, "Just crash the damn plane already, I can't handle another minute of him talking about himself!")

I really need some lunch. That was weird.

Bosun said...

*stands and applauds*


I have to agree, I'd rather watch that stupid snake movie than have to watch (or listen) to that Jersey idiot for even a second.

Hellion said...

Q's story has it all! Brava, Q! That was worth the wait!!

Donna said...

Q, you rock! All kinds of twists and turns in that story! (What brand of scotch are you drinking, by the way? I might need to stock up!)

Donna said...

*LOL* Actually the 2nd person probably had Scorpions on a Plane and went “F***!” at not thinking of the obvious way to make the situation worse.

LOL--exactly! And maybe I need lunch, because I thought the Situation thing was funny--and I've never even seen the show. So it shows how he has a "hook". He's become his own brand. LOL

Bosun said...

Did you hear he tried to trademark the name "The Situation"? You know those dudes in The Situation Room are all kinds of pissed about that idiot. LOL!

2nd Chance said...

Ah, I loved Snakes on a Plane. Laughed my ass off! Totally hysterical plot... ;-)

Okay, I fought it long enough...


The tent flap rose as the pistol entered the room, followed by the hand holding it steady.

Janey froze and ducked behind a crate as Nathan stepped into the shadows. She carefully lifted her dagger from it's sheath, ready to throw.

The man behind the pistol held up a lamp in his other hand. He raised it high, casting strange shadows about the canvas.

"Don't see nothing!" he shouted to someone outside the tent.

"Fool! Step aside, Caeser will take care of this."

Fuck. That bloody panther! Janey shifted the dagger to her left hand and drew her pistol. She hoped Nathan had followed her suggestion and brought something more than his club. She prepared to rise...

"There! Someone jus' run behind the bear enclosure!"

She heard a mad scramble as the search followed the alert. Stepping carefully, she stepped over to where Nathan was hiding, only to find a slit in the tent.

The fool had drawn the search to him. Damn, what a romantic thing to do!



Hellion said...

Two Nathans today! That is a sexy name, isn't it?

Donna said...

Chance, I was wondering if we'd see some of your piratitude. :) That was fun. Poor Nathan. LOL Hope he's okay!

Bosun said...

I'm partial to it myself. ;)

2nd Chance said...

I think I was calling him Nathan... I may change it...

Wonder if we're all secretly in love with Nathan Fillion? ;-)

Or not so secretly...

Hellion said...

Can someone explain why there is a picture of a guy singing in the top corner and a picture of candy in bottom corner? It looks embedded in the theme rather than in the post.

Quantum said...

Nice one Terri. From the gal who loves engine oil, I was expecting some back firing.
But a nail gun does very well!

Stieg Larson in 'The girl who kicked the hornet's Nest' actually has one of the villains nailed to the floor with a nail gun! Your application is much more lady like. 8)

y=2x-42 is the equation of a graph. Are you asking for the slope or something? :lol:

Helli, lovely story *grin*
I just can't understand why you are not published yet ..... Aint no justice on this earth!
Forget the algebra though! :wink:

Janga, I loved it. The way you 'proper' authors get lost fantasizing about your characters.
Delightful! :D

Chance, that looks like a snippet from one of your books .... Maggie Robinson used to do that for drabble entries! Janey the bosun comes into 'Kracken's mirror' I think .... enjoying it but haven't finished yet.

As the only published pirate I reckon you should pick the best story. *grin*

Fabulous blog Donna. :D

Bosun said...

There's no picture of anyone singing on my screen.

Chance - Did you add any new chemicals to the rum?

Bosun said...

Q - I do love my gear heads, but there's something about a man with powertools. *lesigh*

Kiddo has been plotting on graphs for weeks. That explains it!

2nd Chance said...

No singing guy on my page, but it sounds like Hellion has been drinking the good stuff!

Q - picked up on that, didcha? ;-) I were inspired be me years aboard the Revenge... I admit.

And yup, that snippet may be incorporated inta the third Kraken's Caribbean trilogy.

Donna said...

Can someone explain why there is a picture of a guy singing in the top corner and a picture of candy in bottom corner? It looks embedded in the theme rather than in the post.

Somebody tap this girl's veins and we can sell it--none of us will ever have to work another day again! LOL

Donna said...

Q, glad you enjoyed the blog. :)

Donna said...

The nail gun actually reminded me of an episode of "The Wire" -- did anybody else watch that show? One of the bad guys (who was a girl!) was discussing the qualities of a nail gun with a guy who worked in the hardware store -- he finally realized it wasn't going to be used for construction purposes, and he was trying not to freak out. It was hilarious.

2nd Chance said...

I just finished Brad Parks new mystery and his villain liked to use a nail gun as a weapon of choice...

Don't they have a safety thing? Have to be pressed against something to actually fire? Movies like to show them randomly shooting nails like a machine gun, but I think they have a safety feature...

Which is no fun when it comes to using them as murder weapons...

Bosun said...

I didn't watch that one, Donna, but a few weeks ago, the victim on Castle was shot repeatedly in the head with a nail gun. Looked like a grizzly way to go!

Hellion said...

Hmm. I've rebooted my computer but I still have the candy in the bottom corner. WTF. Fine, I'll just have to continue to ignore it, I guess.

Q, thanks darlin'! Low confidence, perfectionism, and a deplorable lack of commitment on my follow through (sounds like a bad golf swing, doesn't it?)

Bosun said...

Oh, you need some Tiger blood. Then you too can be a winner. LOL!

Sorry, golf led me to Tiger which led me to charlie and I'll stop now.

Marnee said...

I love everything everyone else did with this prompt but I am seriously out of ideas right now. Wicked headache. I just took some serious stuff and if it doesn't work... well, I don't know. See, that's how uncreative I am. Not even an ultimatum for my headache.

Ter - that sucks about your title. :( Annoying coincidental timing.

I didn't see Snakes on a Plane. I'm terrified of Snakes. And I don't like planes that much either. So, all around that movie wasn't a good fit for me.

About the "Situation"... I can't even watch the show and I feel like I'm overexposed to those idiots. JWoww? For serious? Your name is JWoww?

We were at the Borgata in Atlantic City last spring and a couple of them were at one of the clubs there. The line went all away around the bottom floor of the casino. DH and I laughed and laughed. What a joke. These people were going to pay a 20 dollar cover charge to watch a bunch of people act like jerkoffs when they could go home and watch the same jerkoffs act like jerkoffs on TV for free.

And Snookie got a book deal and so many other people I know who deserve it more are floundering in prepublished obscurity?

The universe is unfair.

Hellion said...

The universe is unfair.

The universe has been stealing Charlie Sheen's tiger blood.

Marnee said...

The universe has been stealing Charlie Sheen’s tiger blood


More likely it's been smoking his crack.

Bosun said...

Don't forget about the Adonis DNA.

Marn - I feel your pain, hon. Or rather I felt it. Today is much better. And, of course, today I realize I have sinus medicine in my desk drawer. Now that I don't need it.

Marnee said...

Adonis DNA. What a weirdo. Maybe he hasn't looked in a mirror lately. He's a 7, at best, and I'm factoring in his wealth.

Marnee said...

I realize I have sinus medicine in my desk drawer. Now that I don’t need it.

I actually had to run out and buy special cold stuff because I'm still nursing so I can't take a lot of things.


STupid cold annoying winter. When's spring again?

Marnee said...

I will disclaimer, he was probably an 8 or so when he was younger. But the years (and all the hard living) aren't being kind to him.

Bosun said...

He’s a 7, at best, and I’m factoring in his wealth.

Best. Comment. Ever.

Bosun said...

It's coming, Marn. It's coming.

(I won't mention that it's kind of already gotten to my neck of the woods. That would just be mean.)

Marnee said...

(I won’t mention that it’s kind of already gotten to my neck of the woods. That would just be mean.)

*sticks tongue out at Bo'sun*

Hellion said...

I agree totally, Bo'sun. BEST. COMMENT. EVER. *LOL*

Marn, ignore Bo'sun. She likes to rub shit like that in. She's a sadist.

Speaking of nursing, my co-worker's daughter just had a baby and she's exhausted because the kid never sleeps. Come to find out, she's having about 2 cups of coffee a day. *LOL* That kid is probably wired.

Let's hear it for formula!

Marnee said...

Let’s hear it for formula!

Awh, no. I love love nursing. I guess I'd have to since I nursed my 1st 'til he was 18 mos and my youngest is 9.5 mos now. So many good benefits for mom and baby.

I am actually sad to think about weaning the littlest. :(

Marnee said...

Oh, and I drink at least 3 cups of coffee a day. Did with both kids. ( I heart coffee) And they sleep pretty good. How young is the kiddo?

Marnee said...

Speaking of babies... I wonder how Hal's doing?

Hal, you out there?

Hellion said...

About a month.

Marnee said...

Hope she gets more sleep soon.... :( that's the worst.

Marnee said...

Awhhh... :) About like Hal's peanut.

My oldest was really fussy/up all night and the only thing that helped as far as diet went was cutting out milk and soft cheeses, yogurt. I could do hard cheese or if the milk was cooked in something. But not raw milk. Turns out lots of little folks are lactose intolerant. I added it back in later though. And now he loves milk. Weird, huh?

Hellion said...

Hal's peanut is cuter. I keep seeing pictures of Hal's baby on Facebook and I just "That's the CUTEST BABY!" and I immediately want to snuggle him.

Huh. That's wild...and doesn't surprise me. I'm practically lactose intolerant now and I didn't even think of that as a problem. But aren't they always encouraging breastfeeding moms to have more calcium?

Marnee said...

Yep. But OJ is fortified now. So that's a good way to get it. :)

Hal's baby is a cutie pie. :)

Bosun said...

I'll second the vote for Peanut being the cutest baby. Some of those pictures I'd swear he's saying, "Why do you keep sticking this thing in my face?"

Bosun said...

Marn - There are times I think we are so alike, and then you started talking about nursing until they their drivers license and staying home with them all day, and I realize we are polar opposites.