Friday, February 4, 2011


Whoohoo! I chose three winners who will each get a copy  of my book!

Stacy McKittrick!


Denise McCray!

I'll be letting Decadent know and they'll send you your copy!

Enjoy! Maureen O. Betita


Quantum said...

WOW, REAL Booty!

This has me hopping like a quangaroo!

I was going to try and buy a copy over the weekend .... Will do that with the next one now. :D

Julie said...

Congratulations everyone!

This has me hopping like a quangaroo!

OoohMyyyy ... The thought of our dignified Q hopping like anything has me giggling ...

Bosun said...

Congrats, all!

2nd Chance said...

;-) So happy for you Q! I was worried you wouldn't have been able to buy it in the UK!