Sunday, February 13, 2011

Wanna Play Cowboys & Indians? Lacy Morgan & Suzanne Ferrell Tell Us All About It!

SEXY VOICEOVER ALA CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW: Award-winning author Suzanne Ferrell often day dreamed of far away places, dangerous situations and strong, sexy men. When she picked up her pen to write her first novel, little did she know how powerful those dreams could be.


A lover of Westerns from a young age, Suzanne’s heroes stand tall in the saddle in the face of danger, living and loving by their own code of honor. Lucky are the women who find themselves at the center of their passions.


Born and raised in the mid-west, it took Suzanne a few years to get to Texas, the land of her favorite heroes. Now that she’s here it feels like home to her, her husband and mixed-breed dog, Rocky. Wenches and Pirates, say hello to the incomparable, Suzanne Ferrell! *loud cheering*

Thank you, Terri and all the Revenge crew for having me here on Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day and romance novels. What could go together better? In my humble opinion—nothing! Unless of course it’s a ménage à trois of Valentine’s Day, romance novels and chocolate.

This year I can happily say I get to participate in this loving threesome, as my first published novel, The Surrender of Lacy Morgan is available to download as an e-book with the Ellora’s Cave Publishers! Yes, after fifteen years of writing and eight completed manuscripts, an editor fell in love with my characters, my story and my writing enough to take a chance on publishing my book.

I love this story and I hope you will,too. This is the story blurb:

When two steely-eyed, lean-hipped strangers ride into town, Lacy Morgan knows her past has caught up with her. What she doesn’t know is that the U.S. marshals will do whatever’s necessary to capture her stepfather and his gang of murdering thieves, including bringing Lacy to her knees to serve their sexual needs.


Quinn and his blood brother Dakota are searching for the key to finding the band of outlaws who murdered their adoptive father. When they confront the sultry stepdaughter of the gang’s leader, they discover she’s unaware of her natural submissive tendencies.


As they journey to the gang’s lair, each day the men draw Lacy further and further into a sensuality she’s never known and a trust she’d sworn never to surrender to again. Using her lusty body for their combined pleasure, they find themselves ensnared in the same tender trap.

You can read an excerpt at my website,

While the story is an erotica, you can see it is also a historical western, complete with sexy marshals and really bad, bad guys. Unlike the old westerns where the heroes were perfect and the heroine a sweetheart, I wanted mine to be grittier, my heroes willing to do whatever it took to catch the gang’s leaders.

I also wanted each sex scene to build upon the previous and to change the characters as they progressed through the story. The act of sex should change the people involved, don’t you think? It’s so personal, so intimate, people at their deepest core. Hearts aren’t always at the center of sex. But in a romance novel they should always be affected.

That growth and change through their sensuality was the thing that drew me to romance novels to begin with. How sex or sexual tension affected the characters, how it changed them. From my first Barbara Cartland, “borrowed” from my aunt’s closet; through my years of Kathleen Woodiwiss, Rosemary Rodgers and Johanna Lindsey; to my infatuation with Julie Garwood, Amanda Quick, Jodi Thomas, Sherrilyn Kenyon and Jo Davis, I’ve always loved the way the characters find love, make love and fall in love.

As for chocolate? Well, there isn’t any in Lacy’s book, but I foresee some in a future work. :)

So dear readers, what do you assosciate with Valentine’s Day? Are there any special authors you love to read and who take you on that emotional/sexual journey time after time? For one lucky commentor I have a box of Godiva Chocolates and a $10 Amazon gift card!


2nd Chance said...

Welcome! So...I stocked up wit' extra rum fer the bandits...I just know they'll be showin' up and test me bar skills!

Now, what authors do I think a' on Valentine's Day? Well...Jennifer Crusie comes ta mind. Fer nice sexy and steamy...Emma Holly.

Congrats! I'm scurryin' over ta EC ta buy the book!

Hellion said...

This book sounds sexy as hell! Of course, it does help when you posted pictures of your inspiration for Quinn and his blood brother, it was Russell Crowe and the hot Native American from LOTM. I'm not normally a threesome sort of gal, but I believe for them, I'd make the rare exception.

And there have not been enough American Westerns lately. (Actually I don't think there are a lot of American historicals lately--though I am reading the rare exception right now: Jude Deveraux. Look at you! You and Jude Deveraux are making American history sexy again! Whoot, whoot!)

Thanks for kicking off your new book on the ship, Suzanne; and for kicking off Valentine's Day for the hot sexy holiday it is!

Hellion said...

What do I associate with V-Day? Movie rentals, chinese takeout, and laughing with friends. (It's what happens when you're single, I'm afraid, but good times. We love chinese food. *LOL*)

Authors I read for emotional/sexual journeys? Elizabeth Hoyt has been my go-to hot sex author. She's got great story, but the sex is hot without involving more than one man and one woman--which is usually my magic number. I also love Lisa Kleypas. She's hot, but it's way emotional hot.

I'm sure I'm going to add you to my list of emotional/sexy hot. :)

Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

I'm sooo thrilled to help you celebrate your first published book!

Chance m'dear, line us up a trio of new drinks! We can call the first one Lacy Surrender. ;-) I'll let you name the other two, though a reference to rabbits might be fun. (BIG EVIL GRIN)


Anna Campbell said...

G'day, Dread Pirates! G'day, Super Suz!!!

Wow, I'm so excited that the Surrender of Lacy Morgan is finally out and about. You'll be shocked, pirates, shocked I tell you when I say that this evil Ms. Ferrell has been teasing us with saucy excerpts from this book forever. It's a bit like being locked in irons just a few inches short of being able to reach the rum barrel, me hearties!

Suz, huge congratulations on the release of your debut. I look forward to many, MANY more! I raise my cutlass in your direction in salute, my friend!!!!

Suzanne Ferrell said...

Hey Chance! I'm delighted to be on board today and by the way, I love that picture of the cowboy from yesterday!! Oh mama! And yes I'd love a rum and coke if y'all have some coke to go with that rum. Gotta beat the other Bandits to it!

Suzanne Ferrell said...

Hey Hellion!

Sigh, Quinn and Dakota!(Russell and Erik) Such a joy to work with those two heroes. Lucky Lacy is all I have to say!

Look at you! You and Jude Deveraux are making American history sexy again!

Ooooo can't think of better company to start a publishing revolution with than Jude's sexy books! And I do agree, we need more American historical romances!! Oh, wait, I'm writing another one!

Suzanne Ferrell said...


Elizabeth Hoyt has been my go-to hot sex author. She’s got great story, but the sex is hot without involving more than one man and one woman–which is usually my magic number. I also love Lisa Kleypas. She’s hot, but it’s way emotional hot. Those are two of my favorites, too! It's the emotional parts that make the sex even hotter, don't you think?

Oh I hope you enjoy TSoLM and add us to your list. We'd be honored!

Suzanne Ferrell said...

Thanks AC! (And yes the Bandits have arrived!)

I'll have a Lacy, what would be in that?

Shhhhhhhhh, AC, you're not supposed to give away the rabbit details!

Suzanne Ferrell said...

Anna C! I'm pretty stoked about Lacy Morgan hitting the shelves, er e-pubbed world as you are!


Can't help teasing all the Bandits. They did beg to hear about Lacy and the boys' exploits!

Quantum said...

Hi Suzanne, Welcome aboard!

I loved Westerns as a youngster.

As an adult I also had a recurring dream:
Doc Holiday is having an argument with Mat Dillon and drops his cigar. He turns away from Dillon to pick up the smoldering cigar and sneakily shoots at Dillon from between his legs. Dillon fires back and the bullets collide in mid air between them and drop harmlessly to the ground. The Doc puffs on his cigar and with a lazy grin drawls. "Nice shooting pal!"
It was an exhibition shoot out. :lol:

My interest in the western has revived recently with Catherine Anderson's Comanche books and Jodi Thomas,s 'Whispering Mountain'.

Somehow though, hot sex doesn't seem to fit with my vision of the Wild West.Though as a scientist with objective views, I'm always open to conversion.

On reflection, the sex thread could perhaps make the West even Wilder!

I see the book is available for download on Amazon UK.

OK I'm converted! 8)

I'm intrigued about that rabbit! Cumon Suzanne, there are no secrets on the Revenge. Its in the articles of war I think .... somewhere.You'll have to enlighten us before the pirates let you go! *grin*

Chance. Gimme a 'Lacy Surrender'please. With plenty of ice. Anyone else finding it warm in here today? :?

Great to meet you Suzanne. :D

Anna Sugden said...

Ahoy there! Great to be back aboard! We'll need some hefty breezes to cool us down after reading Suz's book, that's for sure! Hot, hot, hot!! Pass one of those Lacy Surrenders this way.

Congrats on your fab debut, Suz - so proud of you!

Valentine's Day is always fun - my hubby always finds me a lovely little gift to make my heart flutter. He buys me flowers throughout the year, so it's not a special thing for Valentine's, though he knows not to get me red roses *g*. Not a fan.

Susan Mallery is one my fave go-to authors for an emotional read.

Bosun said...

By some ironic twist, the day we have a guest who usually spends her nights in a hospital, I spent the night in the hospital. I'm okay, partly, but I hope these meds kick in soon. I'm headed to bed (FINALLY!) but will check in when I'm conscious again.

I know by then the party will be roaring, but I'll do my best to catch up!

Thanks again for being here, Suzanne. I love when the Banditas invade!

Donna said...

Terri, sorry to hear you were at the hospital. Hope things are okay.

Suzanne, congrats on your book -- sounds like an intriguing story. I wish you lots of success. You have been rewarded for your perseverance!

Suzanne Ferrell said...

Oh and Quantum...I think you'll find the Wild West, very sexy after this book!

Suzanne Ferrell said...

Now Quantum, the rabbit scene takes place on the trail as our pair of heroes are trying to convince their prisoner, Lacy, to divulge information...Here's a sample of what is happening. (Oh by the way, our Lacy is sitting on the ground with her hands tied over her head.)

While Quinn unsaddled their horses and set the saddles on the other side of her blanket, Dakota sliced pieces of meat onto plates for them. He handed one to his partner, then came over to sit next to her. At the sight and smell of the food, her stomach growled and she swallowed the saliva in her mouth.

He slipped a piece of the succulent meat into his mouth, juices dripping down his fingers. "Mmm. It is very good." Then he lifted a piece and held it in front of her lips. "Open and taste."

So hungry she thought she'd die if she didn't eat, Lacy obeyed. He slipped the food between her lips. As she pulled the meat loose, she suckled in some of the juices from his fingertips. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the flavors of the rabbit and the man.

"Very good, darlin'," Quinn said as he sat on her other side.

Her eyes popped open. As she chewed she stared into his blue gaze, seeing the small lines crinkling around the edges of his eyelids.

"Would you like another bite?" He held another piece of meat just out of her reach, a small bit of juice dripping onto her breast.

She nodded.

Suzanne Ferrell said...

Oh no, Terri! I hope it's nothing too serious. Get plenty of rest and take your meds.

Suzanne Ferrell said...

Hey Anna S!(Yet another Bandit!)

Your hubby is the nicest guy, (not bad on the eyes either!)

He buys me flowers throughout the year, so it’s not a special thing for Valentine’s, though he knows not to get me red roses *g*. Not a fan.

Mine does this, too. And I have to confess he rarely gives me red roses. But then I grow my own roses. Usually it's a mixed bouquet. Though the last few years he has remembered his daughters telling him I adore tulips!

We'll see what he brings home today.

Susan Mallory, huh? I have to confess I haven't read any of her books. Will add her to may always growing list!

Suzanne Ferrell said...

Hey Donna!

You have been rewarded for your perseverance!

Thanks! It was a long sloooooooow road, that's for sure. I've told some of my coworkers who aren't sure they're adventurous enough to read Lacy that if they just want to congratulate me on achieving a goal I'd worked on for 15 years, it would please me almost as much. (Although I think that swayed some of them to buy the book anyways!)

Marnee said...

Welcome aboard, Suzanne! I agree with Hells; this book looks hot! :)

What do I associate with Valentine's Day?

I hate to admit this but I'm one of the disillusioned. I associate Valentine's day with cheesy cards and people who try to make up for a year of not doing loving things by spending a lot on one day. Not every person, obviously, but some. That's not super romantic, is it? *hangs head in shame.* I'm much more the fan of random acts of love all year long.

My Dh and I don't do much fussing on Valentine's Day. I think we're going to get Chipotle take out tonight. :) Maybe that's not a romantic, candlelit dinner but it sure is good. :)

Joanie said...

Hey Suz!

Ladies, I've read parts of Lacy (and here I was NOT gonna mention the rabbit) and it definately puts the "wild" in "West."

I can't wait to read the entire book on my brand new Kindle bought JUST for this occasion!!

You are a talented author, a wonderful story teller, naughty around the edges and a great friend! I see much more success in your future!

2nd Chance said...

A round of Lacy Surrenders to everyone! And three for the Bo'sun to help with whatever ails her!

Hellion said...

Lacy Surrenders--I'm sorry, but doesn't that sound like a lingerie line? Maybe you should dual market. Buy The Surrender of Lacy Morgan and get a 50% coupon for a merry widow at Lacy Surrenders!

I can always use more lingerie.

Westerns can be very sexy. I remember one of Teresa Medeiros' books was a western; and she had a scene with an eclair that was quite hysterical. Actually I think it was a fictional eclair. *LOL* Priceless really. The point of the scene was to make everyone at the campfire THINK the hero and heroine were getting it on behind the tree--and it was one sexy little scene, let me say.

The rabbit scene seems far sexier.

PJ said...

(((Terri))) Hope you're feeling better soon!

Welcome aboard, Suz! I've read THE SURRENDER OF LACY MORGAN and, let me tell you, it is FABULOUS! You are a born story teller.

Hellie, I'm not normally an erotic, threesome kind of gal either but it totally works in this story. I really cared about Lacy and fell head over heels in love with both Quinn and Dakota.

I haven't had a Valentine for many years so, for me, I associate the holiday with pampering myself with good chocolate and a good romance novel. Since I'm sick this year and can't taste anything, we'll scratch the chocolate and go straight to the couch with my favorite cuddly blanket and a good historical romance I can lose myself in.

Tracy Garrett said...

Permission to come aboard?

Hey Suz! Congratulations again on Lacy's release. I love this book. One peek between the covers (so to speak) and no one will believe we tamed the West.

For me, Valentines Day is champagne and chocolate! My dh is traveling today, so we shared ours last night after a lovely meal together.

Suzanne Ferrell said...

Hey Marnee! Thanks for having me! I do love it over here on the Revenge.

Random acts of love, huh? Like when hubby has the kitchen cleaned, baked potatoes in the oven and steaks marinating for the grill when I wake up from sleeping all day? Oh yeah!

Of son has completely cleaned the laundry room and mopped the floor while I was at work one night, just because he was bored?

I have to say those mean a lot to me, too!

Enjoy that Chipolte. Add some wine and it could end up very romantic. :)

Suzanne Ferrell said...

Hey Joanie!

Sure you weren't going to mention the rabbit! hey Pirates, just so you know Joanie was behind me spilling the beans to the Bandits on our loop!

Blushing at the praise. Aww shucks Joanie, Love you, too!

So glad to have such a champion behind Lacy and the boys!

Suzanne Ferrell said...

Uhm, Chance...what exactly is in a Lacy Surrender? Is it anything like a Long Island Iced Tea?

Suzanne Ferrell said...

Hellion: Buy The Surrender of Lacy Morgan and get a 50% coupon for a merry widow at Lacy Surrenders!

Ooooooooooo what a great marketing plan. Now if I just knew someone who owned a lengerie store!

Suzanne Ferrell said...

Thank you, PJ! That means the world to me to hear from a new convert.

Threesomes only work if you care about the characters and if the characters care about each other. At least that's how it works for me!

Suzanne Ferrell said...

Hey Tracy G!

Y'all, Tracy was a big help on making sure my western stayed...western! Thanks a ton!!

Champagne and I think I could do something with that, both in real life and a book...hmmmm

Maybe Ian will have to be the brother who gets to play with those elements!

Janga said...

Congratulations on your debut release, Suzanne. I'm with Hellie on longing to see more American historicals--Westerns among them. I do miss Maggie Osborne.

Ter, take care and get well soon.

Suzanne Ferrell said...

Hey Janga! Thanks on the congrats. It's been a blast!

I do miss Maggie Osborne, too! That woman could write and hold you entrhalled with her characters and their stories, couldn't she?

Marnee said...

Enjoy that Chipolte. Add some wine and it could end up very romantic.

Now you're talking!! LOL!

Bosun said...

I'm awake! I'm almost embarrassed to say what I have is pretty much severe heart burn. And it took lots of expensive tests to determine that. LOL! My insurance company is going to love me!

Me thinks that rabbit story might be headed in a naughty direction. ;)

I remember when you announced this book had sold and I was so excited for you. It definitely helps all of us still working toward that goal to see the good ones get the contract.

I grew up on Westerns, Dorothy Garlock much have written forty of them. Nan Ryan has some amazingly hot stuff with Riverboat gamblers and the occasional indian hero. And there's a series by Elizabeth Lowell that will have you sighing to the tips of your toes. I think it's called the Only series.

For me, V-day is just another day. And today, it's a day to hunt down those dang Tums I know are here somewhere. Grrr....

Suzanne Ferrell said...

Oh Terri, I've done the really severe heartburn more than once. The nasty stuff they give you, (a GI cocktail) does help if you're an ulcer patient...turst me, I know. Hope you're feeling better now!

LOL on the naughty rabbit scene...yes, it does get quite interesting!

And there’s a series by Elizabeth Lowell that will have you sighing to the tips of your toes. I think it’s called the Only series. Those were some of Lowell's best books and are on my Keeper shelves!

P.S. get Rolaids, not Tums. The magnesium in the Rolaids works better than the Calcium in the Tums!

Tawny Weber said...

Wooot!!! Suz, I'm so excited about your release. Talk about a Valentine's worthy treat :-) And that cover? Oh man, it's gorgeous!!

So now that you're outed as a super hot romance writer... any tips to share with us? Hmm, a little Valentine's heat, so to speak?

Bosun said...

I just realized you said you're writing another one and we haven't asked what it's about. Shame on us!

So, what's next? LOL!

Thanks for the tip. I might have Rolaids out in the car. I'm not an ulcer patient so none of that stuff for me, however, that nasty contrast stuff I had to drink for the CT nearly did me in.

pjpuppymom said...

Terri, so glad you went to the hospital. You don't mess around with symptoms like that!

Suzanne Ferrell said...

Hey Tawny! Thanks.

I think setting the mood in the bedroom, scented candles fresh sheets, low lights, sexy music and reading (alone or to your man) a scene or two from Lacy might just get things moving in the right direction!

Suzanne Ferrell said...

Terri, thanks for asking! Yes, I'm working on another book. Tentatively titled Taming Mercy .

In TSoLM, you learn that not only are Quinn and Dakota blood-brothers, but they have three other adopted brothers. All five were raised on Los Hombres ranch.

Will (think Shemar Moore) is the brother who is working the ranch, which is a bit unusual, since as the son of a former slave and a plantation owner, it would've been rare for him to be part owner of the ranch in that time period. He has his hands full when Mercy, the sexily indepedent daughter of their adoptive father appears at the ranch for the first time and someone starts slaughtering cattle to stir up trouble.

Bosun said...

So that leaves two more brothers. Will they get one book together or each have their own? Do you see yourself staying with the Westerns? I know the field is so wide open in ebooks, which is so nice.

2nd Chance said...

I know Tracy G! She helped me hone a pitch in Orlando! Hi, Tracy!

Oh, she only knows me as Maureen...I'm also 2nd Chance!

What is in a Lacy Surrender? Why, whatever works!

Kathy Ivan said...

Arggh!!! That's about all the pirate speak I can handle today. Suz, Lacy's sitting on my reader as we speak. Now to just make a little time to sit down and read. Knowing you and your writing abilities, I'm sure I won't be disappointed. Congrats again on the release.

Jo Robertson said...

Hi, Suz! Now that I've figured out how to download The Surrender of Lacy Morgan to my Kindle, I'm really enjoying reading this very sexy story. I hope, hope that your editor wants you to write Dakota's story -- uh, I THINK he's the one left out, but I haven't finished, so who knows?

I have to confess that I always associate deep vibrantly red roses with Valentine's Day and my dear husband brought a bouguet of them home for me yesterday.

Mega congrats, Suz, on writing a delightful, sexy book!

Beth Andrews said...

Congrats on your release, Suz! I've been eagerly awaiting this story *g*

Johanna Lindsey was my first Auto-Buy author! I read and re-read The Magic of You, the first book I read of hers :-)

Suzanne Ferrell said...

Terri, I plan to write a total of four more books. Without giving anything away, let's just say I'm not done with one of the heroes in this particular book! And while I adore westerns, at least one brother won't find his woman in America, so it will be a mixture of settings.

How's that for not giving anything away?

Suzanne Ferrell said...

LOL, Kathy! My kids and granddaughter love to go around doing pirate Arggghs!

With your first book on Carina Press you're just as busy as me visiting our favorite blogs, so I'm thrilled you've got Lacy set for reading. Hope you enjoy it!

Suzanne Ferrell said...

Hey Jo!

Yes, my editor loves all my guys and wants to see all their stories, so I'm thrilled!

Dr. Big brought the red roses early, huh? That man truly knows the way to his woman's heart.

You know, I think that's the thing I appreciate most, not necessarily that the hubby/bf bring home lots of expensive things, but that they think ahead, plan to remember, bring home what you like.
I woke up this afternoon, (that's why I was AWOL a bit...I work tonight) and on my dining room table was a card and red and white tulips...yep, he knows me!

2nd Chance said...

Tulips! That sounds so special! Roses get a little old... But tulips! Much more fun and whimsical!

Suzanne Ferrell said...

Hey Beth!

Thanks! And another Johanna Lindsey lover, huh? There's one book of hers...okay several...but Angel is a western, and oh the things that occur on that horse. My oh my!

pjpuppymom said...

Many of Johanna Lindsey's early books are on my keeper shelves. ANGEL and THE MAGIC OF YOU are two of my favorites. They've both been enjoyed many times!

Bosun said...

Congrats to everyone who got what they wanted today. Sorry I've been such an awful hostess. Between my ills and kiddo's terrible head cold, it's not a romantic, happy place in my house today. :)

I love your plans for the rest of the series. Now I must venture out and download this book so I'll be able to keep up!

Hellion said...

Isn't it exciting, Bo'sun? You're finally at the BEGINNING of a much talked about, much longed for series for a change!

I think Suzanne is going to keep us pirates busy in our hammocks--and I hope she agrees to come and celebrate with us with all her books. After all, we're well known for not being satisfied just one hottie. We want to meet and try them all!

Suzanne Ferrell said...

Thanks Pirates for letting me come play today! I had a blast. And Hellion I'd love to come back when the next Los Hombre brother's story is published!

Terri, I hope you're feeling better, soonest!