Saturday, February 19, 2011


Ah, dear Geoffrey won an oscar for his part in this movie. All about a pianist who loses it, then finds it all over again! ;-)

Don't he look ecstatic in this shot? We should all look so pleased, especially considering today is a special day!

On February 20, 1933 – The Congress of the United States proposes the Twenty-first Amendment to the United States Constitution that will eventually end Prohibition in the United States.

Yeah, rum and all manner of alcohol and the lovely men that serve it! And women... ahem.

This week on the Revenge... We have... Just us. Normal week on the ship, Hellie, Terrio, Sin, Hal and ME! Oh, no, that's right. Not me. Instead we have our newest pirate stepping to the wheel on Friday, the lovely Leslie Langtry!

But the booze will be flowing, so who knows what will come up!

All hail congress!



Donna said...

Hard to imagine a time when rum couldn't flow free around here. LOL

And you can't believe the calendar. I'm up this week. Sin and I had to change a while back but she didn't want to change the calendar. She's rebellious like that. :)

Nice pic of your boyfriend up there!

Bosun said...

I don't remember ever seeing bartenders like that, back when I still went to bars. Another reason I love The Revenge so. We're the ultimate speakeasy. ;)

And I'm taking the week off to give Santa the spotlight on Tuesday. We might as well get rid of that rarely-right calendar. LOL!

Marnee said...

Actually, you'll have me instead of Hal too. :P

Donna said...

I love it! The pirate version of three-card monte. LOL You don't know for sure WHERE anyone is going to show up.

Bosun said...

Hellie is going to be so ticked she's the only one whose predictable. LOL!

Quantum said...

I feel quite at home with all this uncertainty. Its very quantum mechanical!

I have even seen one or two bosons .... they turn up at the same time.

Its mostly fermions though .... very feminine fermions. :lol:

2nd Chance said...

Well, blast the calendar to smithereens! I love how I got everyone wrong! Save for the captain, and I did correct Friday. But at least I didn't miss a guest or spell someone's name wrong...


I have been instructed to disappear and dive deeply into some revisions... I'm heading to Starbucks!