Saturday, February 26, 2011

February Ends

 And February is about done! Now, I know a lot of you are watching the Oscars tonight. I likely won't.

 Now, this is a guy who knew how to make an entrance and it was a scary movie!

 Didn't make it to the nominations, though.

I'm sure we all know who I'm rooting for. Hee, hee.

February was an interesting month! Short and hairy. I know I need a break, though I hadn't planned on being out three full Fridays in a row! Nevertheless, this coming week, I'm not blogging again. Instead, we welcome the marvelous Magaret Rowe!

As far as I can tell, the rest of the week is pretty much the crew. Captain on Monday, Bo'sun on Tuesday...but that's as far as I'm guessing after last week's fiasco!

But here's one more hottie to brighten your day!


Donna said...

Okay, you know where to find me. :)

Bosun said...

We need to make Donna sleep in more. She's always first in line!

I'll be watching the Oscars, as always. I'm a sucker for the red carpet and acceptance speeches.

This would probably be a good time to figure out what we're doing on Sundays in March. :)

2nd Chance said...

Donna, are you an Oscar watcher? Wouldn't surprise me if I totally miss it... Then I scan the internet to see what people were wearing...

Bo'sun, yeah, Donnaroo does seem to be an early riser...

I think Marn is on the 'calender' for March, but we all know how accurate that is!

Hellion said...

I'm not an oscar watcher, but totally rooting for The King's Speech...which I should google because by now they would tell me if it won! Shoot! *LOL*