Saturday, January 29, 2011

Movie Recommendation Sunday & Party Monday

Thank Heavens, today is my last day to post hotties for a long, long time. (I almost said "do hotties" and remembered Janga's thoughtful post about choosing the RIGHT word in order for meaning not to be misconstrued....Thank you, Janga!)

This week, on my vacay day, I watched R.E.D. with sexy Bruce Willis and the gorgeous Helen Mirren, and boys and girls, this movie was hilarious. Laughed my ass off. John Malkovich stole every scene he was in. The dialogue was a scream. I loved all the characters. Funny stuff. And Bruce is just one of those guys who just keeps looking good. What is with that?

I can't resist a daddy and baby picture. I just can't.

Now stay tuned for Monday when the Loader, our newly published 2nd Chance will be commandeering the day to celebrate her debut, The Kraken's Mirror, now available! See her invite below!

"Monday, January 31st. Aboard the Romance Writer's Revenge...come dance
and drink and be silly all day and into the night on the Revenge as we
celebrate the release of The Kraken's Mirror!

Free kraken rides! Slippery tentacles make for an exciting ride into
the turquoise waters of the Caribbean!

Bungee jump from the crows nest!

Flirt with resident hotties or beautacious ship's officers! Challenge
Quartermaster Sin to a knife throwing contest! Dodge the darts of the
newest member, the deadly Leslie Langtry!

Challenge me to a drinking contest! Throw your inner critics to the

And celebrate the release of my first book!

Maureen O. Betita"


2nd Chance said...

I thought the guy Helen paired up with was so wonderful! Such a fun movie! And I need to get going on the blog for Monday!

Bosun said...

I don't want to see the first person who tries that bungee jump. LOL! I doubt that measurement is going to be right on the first try.

Whoohoo!!! I fell in love with Bruce as David Addison and have been swooning for him ever since. The absolute bad boy.

Yippy ki aye....

I need to see RED, but I've grounded myself from television until this book is revised. Four more scenes to go and this revision is done. Mostly. LOL! At least until I get the feedback from the beta readers!

Now, I'm off to bed. Goodness, this revising stuff is exhausting. And I'd better get extra sleep tomorrow night, for Monday is going to be a big day!!!

Daz said...

Bruce Willis = super hottie! I loved RED too.

Hellion said...

The formatting has been fixed on my blog. Thanks, whoever did that. *LOL*

2nd: I loved Helen and her Russian Dude (Brian Cox--I love him in movies.) They were so adorable.

Bosun: I think this movie will be the perfect treat when you get to watch TV again.

Daz: Bruce IS a super hottie. *swoons* He's just adorable.

Janga said...

It's such a lovely stroke to my ego when my blog is alluded to. LOL Thanks, Hellie.

Like Terri, I loved Moonlighting, but I'm not a fan of action movies. So, I haven't seen any Bruce Willis movies. He is aging well though, and RED has a stellar cast. I may have to check it out.

I'm looking forward to Chance's party.

Bosun said...

I fixed it last night. You're welcome. :)

Janga - Not all of his movies are action. LOL! You haven't seen any??

Donna said...

I'm looking forward to tomorrow's celebration. :) Although I might stand off to the side, huddled with the Hotties, during the knife and dart throwing portion of the festivities.

Hellion, great choice today. I love Bruce, although I haven't seen the movie you're talking about. (I can't seem to watch as much stuff as the rest of the crew!) It sounds delightful, so I'll add it to the queue.

Who can resist a smart-ass with a twinkle in his eye? LOL

Terri, congrats on the revisions! I know how exhausting that phase can be. But it's worth it. :)

Janga said...

Ter, I saw Over the Hedge and Rugrats Go Wild. Do voices count? Oh, I did see Death Becomes Her. I forgot he was in that one. My movie viewing is largely limited to kids' movies and romantic comedies. My sister is always fussing because I haven't watched some movie she's recommended.

Bosun said...

I admit, I haven't watched all of his, but he's been making them for what, 25 years? LOL! I figured you'd see one!

Don't for the Look Whose Talking franchise, if we're going with voices. :)

The Last Boyscout was really good. Action but funny and not the same Die Hard stuff over and over again.

I'm so close to the end of this revision, I can taste it. If only my head would stop thumping long enough for me to finish!

Hellion said...

Janga, I wanted to comment on your blog--and I probably still will--but I couldn't think of any cool words like everyone else was cropping up with. Apparently my vocabulary is limited due to all my cursing. I do admit I love reading Eloisa James because she has a larger vocab than most I think and uses a lot of beautiful words in her writing.

I highly recommend R.E.D. I'm not a big action flick person--off hand, preferring romantic comedies and non-violent drama. But Bruce just looks natural with a gun in his hand, there's almost something sexy about it. I think it's the "This guy would protect me." (I apparently prefer warrior types to chiefs.) Anyway, R.E.D. was surprising with its two love stories within the movie. Helen Mirren's was very sweet; and Bruce's was very funny--and off to a rough start. *LOL* They blow up a lot of stuff, but the deaths are pretty minimal. I've come out of action flicks feeling like I should take a shower to get the blood off, but this wasn't one of those films. This was a lot like Ocean's Eleven, in a sense, but with a lot more bullets flying.

Hellion said...

Terri--oh, good, thank you! I saw the formatting was screwed up but since I was getting ready to go out drinking, I didn't have any time to play with it. Even if I had the inclination.

Hellion said...

Donna, I'm pretty sure *I'm* the only crew member who watches this many movies. 2nd might run a close second since we were scrapping about The King's Speech. But I mark up my addiction to "I'm doing research" because I like identifying the quirks they give characters, dialogue that works, pacing, and sexual's easier to identify in a movie sometimes than in a book.

Hellion said...

Terri, I liked Look Who's Talking. *LOL* But I also liked The Last Boy Scout. (Used to own that one.) It was funny; and it was action packed--and I loved the reconciliation with his wife at the end. And it was a football movie and I still enjoyed it. *LOL*

Still, I think I'd recommend R.E.D. over that one. How often do you see Helen Mirren hold an assault weapon?

2nd Chance said...

There was this great Bruce Willis movie...where he's an image consultant and miserable...and his childhood self shows up... I swear, I loved this movie! The kid was great and the way the two of them played off each other? Just wonderful. And a good second chance wow!

I'm sorta hoping my Mom will feel up to going to the movies this week, as I head back up to keep an eye on her. I'd love to take her to see "The Kings Speech". I used to go to a lot more movies, until I had to worry about the dog in the van while I was scarfing popcorn!

Donna, leave the knife and dart throwing to the pros...the ship is going to be busy with all sorts of things to do! Trust me!


Can I admit that none of this feels real?

2nd Chance said...

Ah, it was called "The Kid"...

Donna said...

Chance, "The Kid" is one of my top 5 all-time fave movies. I've got it on DVD and it always inspires me when I need a little boost. :)

And I meant I was going to stand to the side while the pros were doing the knife and dart throwing! Even if they are *cough* professionals *cough*, I'd rather stay out of harm's way. LOL

Hellie, I agree with you on it being easier to see stuff in a movie. Oh, I saw this great thing on Netflix called "Tales from the Script" -- an awesome documentary where they have scriptwriters talking about the biz, writing, etc. One of them said scriptwriters are "egomaniacs with low self esteem". Sounds like writers everywhere.

Bosun said...

I don't think I've seen The Kid. Must find that. Someday. LOL!

Revision DONE! Gah! My neck is killing me. Maybe I'll head down the the Red Box and rent RED. I still need to see The King's Speech. Maybe we'll fit that in next weekend. When I'll be plotting the new book. :)

Leslie Langtry said...

Been meaning to see RED since it came out. Unfortunately, no time. Not even now as I have 15 Cleopatra wigs to make by Saturday. Going back to my glue gun now.

Bosun said...

Why do I have a feeling this is another tortured brought on by Girl Scouts?