Monday, January 24, 2011

Make A Shopping List

Romance titles releasing today: (partial list)

Wild Man Creek (Virgin River Novel) – Robyn Carr

Marrying Daisy Bellamy – Susan Wiggs

Notorious Pleasures – Elizabeth Hoyt

When Beauty Tamed the Beast – Eloisa James

Deadly Heat – Cynthia Eden

Healing The Highlander – Melissa Mayhue

To Tempt a Rake – Cara Elliott

The Fallen: Raziel – Kristina Douglas (aka Anne Stuart)

In addition to the list above, recent January releases include books from Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Nalini Singh, Sabrina Jeffries, Jayne Ann Krentz, Debbie Macomber, Lynn Kurland, Christie Ridgeway, Maggie Robinson, Jude Deveraux, Carla Kelly, a joint effort from Connie Brockway, Eloisa James, and Julia Quinn, as well as Sandra Hill.

My point in this quick fire Romance info dump is to show if you can’t find anything good to read right now, you’re simply not trying. The talented and generous group of authors over on the Killer Fiction blog ran a contest last week, during which they gave away lots of great prizes. I was fortunate enough to win not one but TWO B&N gift cards.

I know I’m getting the James and Hoyt books, but what else should I get. If you found yourself the new owner of $50 to spend in the bookstore, what would you buy? What books releasing in the next few weeks, or even few months, would you add to the list? What’s the best book you’ve read lately and is there a new-to-you author you want to rave about?

Today is the day to toot the horn for your favorite reads. Gush away!


2nd Chance said...

Well, if my book were out I'd buy all I could so I'd have ones to give away! ;-)

I'd get the new Eloisa. And a book on wordpress, there's a dummies one I need desperately.

Uh...I'm sure there are slew of mysteries out there I'd get...but I'm too brain dead to remember any of them right now.

Drove to Mom's, it's nearly 10:30 and I need to read the revisions/edits I did on the final for The Kraken's Mirror and make sure I didn't make something blue when it's green, etc. Then I get to go to bed. Then I get to get up and go grocery shopping for Mom, then I get to go get her from the hospital...

Long story short? Not sure when I'll be back today!

Quantum said...

My mouth is watering at the prospect of reading another Virgin River episode!

I have just finished 'Remix' by Lexi Revellion. This is her debut novel, published on Amazon, and after selling only a few books on kindle initially, she reduced the price and sold 10000 in a couple of months. She is a fascinating author and her site is well worth a visit, if only for encouragement for a start out author (

Below is a copy of my post on her site. Need I say more?

Perhaps she could be invited as a visitor to the pirate ship ..... just mention that Quantum aka Dave recommended her. :wink:

Hi Lexi

I have just finished 'REMIX' and thought it was a brilliant debut novel.

Romantic suspense and Rock stars are not my usual fare but this novel has converted me.

I now have you on my auto-buy author list. :D
I will be more than happy to buy the next at full price as soon as it is available!

I loved the way that you used your knowledge of rocking horses, diamonds and London.
And any romance author who can mention 'quantum mechanics' (my own specialty) gets an enthusiastic cheer from me. *grin*

I noticed that you avoided the HEA, normally compulsory for romance novels, leaving the way clear for a sequel. I would love to hear more of Rick Kealy and Caz!

Thanks again for a stunning read. :D

I'm now going to read the Dragon Fantasy. *smile*

Donna said...

What a gorgeous cover. I would buy the book for that reason if I wasn't already going to buy it. LOL Although, I'll confess I still have a couple of hers I had to buy on the first day and haven't read yet. (Don't tell anyone.)

I'm not reading as much lately, and today it's snowing again (ack) so I won't go out buying anything. But definitely Robyn Carr is on the list. Oh, and I want to read the SEP that released last week. It might be hardcover tho--can't remember.

Marnee said...

I'm going to make Donna smile here. I read "The Unsung Hero" by Suzanne Brockmann this past week and I must say, it won't be my last Suzanne Brockmann. Even though the main heroine got on my nerves just a little bit, everything else about the book made me fall in love with the characters and the story line and Ms. Brockmann's writing style.

So... add me to the Suzanne Brockmann fan club. LOL!!

I need to do some writing so I'm refraining from buying anything. I'm serious about this now.... *stern face*

Donna said...


*gets up and faints again*

Marn, you just made my day. It'll be so nice to hang out in our hammocks and talk about SB's books. LOL Wait til you get to see when Sam is the star of the show.


Irisheyes said...

I'm going to pick up the Robyn Carr, Eloisa James, Elizbeth Hoyt and Laura Lee Guhrke's newest, Scandal of the Year. The new Carla Kelly, Borrowed Light, looks intriguing cause it looks like an American Historical/Western. One of my favorite genres and something new for her, I think. I can't remember seeing a Western from her until now. The big question now is what order will I read them in...

I just finished SEP's newest and I loved it. To be honest, though, I didn't buy it *blushes*. Hard cover is kinda steep for me. I put my name in at the library in November. I was obviously the first cause they notified me the day it released that I could come get it!

I'm in the middle of Sabrina Jeffries' How to Woo a Reluctant Lady and am really enjoying it. As for the others I'm looking forward to in the near future, the only one that springs right to mind is Madeline Hunter's Dangerous in Diamonds. Castleford, the hero, is very very intriguing. Not your normal rake with a heart of gold - she's really portrayed him as a complete drunken hedonistic wastrel (the heroes in the previous novels are forever interrupting his sexual liaisons and made to wait - one was a threesome. Pretty hilarious). I can't wait to see how she reforms him.

Bosun said...

I should know better than to ask this question. Just makes me feel like a slacker for all these books I'm missing out on.

Chance - I wish your book was out too! But we're going to throw a major blow out for that release party. Man, the web will never be the same.

Q - I will look this new author up. That sounds like a major achievement and if you're raving about it, then I'm in. We'll see about getting Revellian on the ship!

Bosun said...

Eloisa is one of the few authors of which I've read every book. Been with her from the beginning and she's never let me down. I've been anxiously awaiting this one. If you haven't read the novella Storming The Castle that goes with A Kiss At Midnight then you must get it. It's an eNovella, but you could read it on your laptop in no time.

Bosun said...

Marn - That was so sweet of you to make Donna's day like that. LOL! And further proof I must avoid Ms. Brockman for now. I've no time for a new obsession!

And I'm with you on that not reading as much. I didn't feel good this past weekend and the HOA kicked in with a vengeance. I should have gotten way more revising done than I did. So much for being ahead of schedule.

Bosun said...

Someone get the smelling salts for Donna. Or better yet, just bring over a Hottie, that should wake her up.

Irish - I'm jealous of how much reading you get done. LOL! And I'd have to get SEP from the library as well. I just can't buy hardbacks. And they're so heavy to read. I'm afraid I've grown lazy in my old age.

Now I want the Jeffries books. Dang it, how many are in the series before I get to Castleford? I must read about this man!

Irisheyes said...

Now I want the Jeffries books. Dang it, how many are in the series before I get to Castleford? I must read about this man!

It's Madeline Hunter (not Jeffries) and the series is as follows:
Ravishing in Red
Provocative in Pearls
Sinful in Satin
Dangerous in Diamonds,

I like MH books. She is kind of along the lines of Elizabeth Hoyt.

Bosun said...

Sorry, Irish, I read that and then my brain went backwards. *sigh* I fell in love with Hunter's books years ago and I meant to jump into this series when it started. But I got sidetracked. Four books, I can do that. I read five Meg Benjamins in a row, so it can be done!

Off to check ebook prices on these.

Hellion said...

I remember reading Eloisa James from the beginning too and I've always adored her writing style and stories. *sighs* So yes, she is on my list today to buy her book IMMEDIATELY. Her and Hoyt's. After reading Jenny Crusie's ARGH blog with her and Anne Stuart (Kristina Douglas "debut"), I'm very tempted to put the angel book on the list too, but I'll have to read the first few pages. I always have to test a book I haven't author tried yet.

Right now I'm reading Highlander Unchained (Monica McCarty), which again I'm loving, this heroine is different from the other demure type heroines she's tended to write. (Which I've loved because those heroines felt in keeping with the period--but there is always ONE that is just a little obnoxious and this heroine is it. *LOL* And she's hilarious.) I might take a break from her for a bit because as we've discussed before, if you glom too many books by the same author at once without breaking it up with other novels, you get authored-out. I've already started to do it. "Didn't she have a kidnapping opening in the last book?" Without considering, DUH, it's Highlanders, weren't they always kidnapping? So for the sake of keeping Monica at the top of my must-read list, I'm going to read some other books so I can better appreciate how awesome she is.

Bosun said...

That Crusie/Stuart interview is hysterical. And these fallen angels sound delicious. Though there's the vampire aspect so I'll have to think about that a little more. Hot and alpha and hawt and sexy and why am I pretending this needs consideration?

Hellion said...

Yeah, I admit when I saw the vampire thing I went "Another vampire?", but actually I could swear I read an article once where they were talking about where "vampires came from" and one of the theories was the fallen angels theory.

But I could have been drinking too much rum and imagined that article. *LOL*

Donna said...

I'm awake. :) I'm actually writing.

And I can't add any more new authors either. LOL I've got way too many things piled up here to read. AND I've got to get some library books back before my fines will build them another wing (again). LOL

That reminds me -- my free Monica McCarty book should be showing up one of these days. Of course, I can't really get to my mailbox right now cuz of all the SNOW.

Bosun said...

But where did the whole "biting" thing come from? Was that really necessary? LOL!

Donna - I'm so with you. I actually think my TBR books outnumber the R books. It's awful! You need a hottie to shovel for you?

Donna said...

Nah, if you send a hottie, I have better things for him to do than shovel. :) It's snowing now, and we're supposed to have a nor'easter tomorrow with a ton of snow. Sigh.

A hottie might cure my cabin fever. :)

2nd Chance said...

At the moment, when I'm not running around, I'm deep into A Hard Day's Night by Simon R. Green, a nice gritty urban fantays.

Got my edits done and off flitting through the internet, now off to the grocery store...

Janga said...

I’ve already read five of today’s releases: Robyn Carr’s Wild Man Creek, Laura Lee Guhrke’s Scandal of the Year, Eloisa James’s When Beauty Tamed the Beast, Courtney Milan’s Unveiled, and Susan Wiggs’s Marrying Daisy Bellamy. All were good to great reads for me. I’ll look for Elizabeth Hoyt’s Notorious Pleasures and Barbara Freethy’s At Hidden Falls, but probably not today since it’s raining and I’m feeling rotten.

There are several February releases that I’ll definitely be buying in the next few weeks: the anthology An Invitation to Sin with novellas by Jo Beverley, Vanessa Kelly, Sally Mackenzie, and Caitlyn O’Riley, The Billionaire Gets His Way (SD) by Elizabeth Bevarly (Because it’s Liz B, I can forgive the title), Society’s Most Disreputable Gentleman (HH) by Julia Justiss, and two SuperRs-- Sarah Mayberry’s The Last Goodbye and Molly O’Keefe’s His Wife for One Night. Then, Tiff’s second book, The Seduction of His Wife releases on Feb. 1, and Emily March (Geralyn Dawson) starts a new small-town series on Feb. 15 with Angel’s Rest.

The last week of February, I’ll be buying another Robyn Carr--Harvest Moon and Julia London’s A Light at Winter’s End, which I hope turns out to be prophetic as well as giving me a story I’ve been eagerly awaiting. Julie Anne Long’s What I Did for a Duke also releases that week. I’ve already read it, and I expect it to be one of my best of 2011 books. I’ve loved all her Pennyroyal Green books, and this one may just be the best of a wonderful series.

Today I'm rereading Lauren Willig's The Betrayal of the Blood Lily, #6 in her Pink Carnation series.

Janga said...

Chance, I got so caught up in the story yesterday that I neglected to say huge congrats on your story contracts. I hope your mom is better.

Bosun said...

Somehow I knew Janga would put my list to shame. LOL! I got that partial list from Amazon last night and kept thinking there should be more. Janga to the rescue!

Even when I had all the time in the world, I could read that quickly. And you find time to re-read. You're like the 8th Wonder of the World.

Irisheyes said...

The SEP read was definitely planned, Ter. I knew the whole family was going to be distracted with other things this past Saturday and I took full advantage. Now I'll have to plod through again... a page here, a chapter there. I wait in car lines for my kids a lot these days and I'm never without a book! So, I just happen to show up a half hour early most of the time - I tell myself it's so they don't get emotionally damaged by being the last kid left to be picked up. :)

Congrats, Chance!!! And Janga, I hope you're feeling better.

I am definitely with all of those anticipating a little nicer weather. I just spent the last half hour on the Universal Studios Orlando site dreaming of an escape. The DD is getting her license next October and we are thinking of a road trip this year to get her some driving practice! Since we've been enveloped in the Harry Potter universe since November (both kids are determined to read all the books before July-I swear I've never seen my kids so consumed with books. And I considered them good readers before this HP binge.) Universal seemed a good bet.

Janga said...

Being semi-retired means I have more time than those of you who are juggling full-time jobs and/or family responsibilities, Ter. And I do read fast. I average more than a book a day, but that's only three or so hours for me.

I reread a lot less than I did before I joined the online romance-reading community and my TBR stack became TBR shelves. This time I'm rereading for a review, but I reread when I burn out after several consecutive disapponting reads or when I need the comfort of something beloved and familiar.

Bosun said...

Janga - Sometimes it sounds like you work harder in retirement than I do right now. LOL! And you help with the grands. Don't short-sell yourself. You're a powerhouse. And we appreciate that you always know what's going on in Romanceland.

You are the "Pirate Whisperer" after all.

Irish - I never remember to take my book, reader now, with me. Sometimes, but not often. Getting her license, huh? That's a big step, but great that y'all are willing to let her help out on a road trip. And that sounds like the perfect destination!

Scapegoat said...

I recieved an ARC so I've already read A Brush of Darkness by Allison Pang. It's an UF and her debut book. Was very happy with it - thought she did a unique and interesting twist on some traditional paranormal characters. What struck me the most was that while it had dark humor, it covered some deep and emotional issues but managed to not be morose. I was also happy with the launguage/writing choices - she def. doesn't hit you over the head with easy prose in some sections. This isn't a "tell every thing in your head in simple plain speak" kinda book.

Very good I thought.

Bosun said...

Another author I need to look up, Scape. *add to list* I love it when you find a new voice with beautiful prose. I'm love character driven stories, but there's something about prose that makes you sigh in wonder.

Bosun said...

I just googles Allison Pang. Coolest. Website. Ever.

Her character has a miniature unicorn living in her underwear drawer. WHO could resist this story?

Marnee said...

I actually "met" Allison through the FF&P chapter. She is a fun/cool lady and she deserves every success she gets. I, too, am looking forward to trying out her new book. :)

But it's going to wait until I get some writing done, people. I'm serious about this.

*stern face again*

Bosun said...

Stay strong, Marn! I'm going to get back to revising tonight if it kills me. Really, I am.

*imitates Marn's stern face*

Hellion said...

I'm going to read. *stern face*

Marnee said...

*blows a raspberry at Hellie*

Janga said...

I wanted to add that Angel's Verdict, Mary Stanton's 4th book in her Beaufort & Company paranormal mystery series is being released Feb. 1. That's the series about the lawyer who represents the dead in Celestial Court as they try to get into heaven. Some of you expressed an interest in the series when it was mentioned last week.

Bosun said...

You tell her, Marn. LOL!

Janga - Thanks for the update. I almost forgot about those ones.

Hellion said...

That’s the series about the lawyer who represents the dead in Celestial Court as they try to get into heaven.

That premise sounds entirely way too cool. And I don't even like mysteries, but for this premise, I'd give it a whirl. :)

Bosun said...

It's a good thing I have lots of room in my eReader. Those cards can't come soon enough!

2nd Chance said...

Thanks, Janga! That is one I wanted to remember, but I forgot it. I'm off to proof one last PDF file. Then I'm going to purchase some eyedrops...

Marnee said...

I just saw that Joss Ware (Colleen Gleason) was running a special on her books on Amazon and B&N for the ereader. The first too Joss books are 1.99 and the third is 3.99. Pretty good deal, I think.

Marnee said...

Via Lisa Kleypas' FB page: "Writing tip: Some of the best writing advice I ever got was from a Jenny Crusie workshop—she said "every character thinks he or she is the star of the story—even the minor characters." So if the pizza delivery boy makes a brief appearance in one scene, keep in mind that he has a life, a personality, a dog waiting at home for him, etc. If you make your minor characters vibrant, it will enhance every other part of your novel."

I thought that was fabulous, needed to share.

Bosun said...

Marn - I saw that writing tip right before I left work. Excellent advice. One more brilliant bit from Crusie. (Kleypas ain't shabby either LOL!)