Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Loucinda McGary Brings Us The WILD IRISH SEA

Bo’sun here reporting live from the Left Coast. It’s quite early out here and our guest isn’t exactly a morning girl. To make sure we’re not left hanging, wonder-author Loucinda McGary sent us her hot, hunky, Irish leading man of her latest release, WILD IRISH SEA. (Which just happened to hit stores yesterday. Booyah!)

Bo’sun: So, Inspector Hennessey, or Kevin, if you’d prefer, most of us pirates have never been to your little corner of the planet. Can you tell us a bit about it?

Kevin: Thank you for inviting me here, Bo’sun. (looks about with a growing frown) This is quite an interesting ship, not to mention crew here on the Revenge.

I’ve not been an inspector for a good long while, so Kevin will do nicely.

I actually have a flat in Armagh City, a nice enough place. My sister and her husband live in Armagh too. But I’m currently spending my holiday at my late father’s cottage by the sea in County Donegal which is in the Republic. The closest village is Malin Head, the northern most point in Ireland and on the Atlantic Ocean.

‘Tis an isolated area with only a few tourists. Most folks have lived here for generations, taking their living from the sea. I think my father moved here ten years ago because my mother had died and he missed her too much to stay in the old house. ‘Tis nice and quiet with plenty of time just for thinking. My father liked that and so do I.

Bo’sun: I hear you’re a loner, what’s up with that?

Kevin: And precisely where would you be hearing that? (rolls his eyes) Oh never mind, ‘tis a hazard of small town life that everyone in the vicinity makes it a point to know your business. And what they don’t know, they’ll presume, which is even worse.

‘Tis no crime that I happen to prefer my own company. Besides, there’s been plenty to keep me busy cleaning and fixing up the house and garden, and I’ve the sound of the sea to keep me company.

Bo’sun: My crack research team tells me you have a soft spot for an American woman named Amber O’Neill. How did you and Ms. O’Neill meet? Pick her up at the local pub?

Kevin: And just where did you hear such information, then? (narrows his eyes in suspicion) I most certainly did not meet Amber at Callahan’s. The publican may be a bit of an old lecher, but he runs a respectable establishment. As a matter of fact, some of the locals actually sent her out to my cottage…

But those details are most certainly not something I’m willing to discuss. (Kevin realizes he has slipped too close to blustery) However, if your research team were any good a ‘tall then they’d know that Amber does not create a soft spot anywhere on my anatomy. Ahem… (ducks his head to hide the blush)

Bo’sun: I have to tell you, that accent is definitely floating my dingy. Are all Irishmen as gorgeous as you are?

Kevin: Accent? I’m thinking YOU are the one with an accent, Bo’sun. As for the other… (Kevin is interrupted by the sound of scuffling and more lilting male voices). Well, perhaps you can judge after meeting two of my mates from the PSNI (Police Service of Northern Ireland). This ginger-haired knacker is Brian Walsh, and the other bogger is Derek Feeney.

(Walsh and Feeney mutter good-naturedly under their breath and give Kevin a couple of slaps on the back and arm punches)

Feeney: Holy sweet Jaysus, if I’d but known pirates looked as fine as some o’ these, I might have switched to law-breaker instead of law-upholder!

Walsh: Mind your manners, Feeney, and stop proving you were raised in a stable. These lovely lasses haven’t broken any laws, or if they have, ‘tis a long way from our jurisdiction. (His blue eyes twinkle) However, if any of them like to play with hand-cuffs, I’d be willing to oblige.

Kevin: Does that answer your question Bo’Sun? And the one about being a loner as well? (gives Feeney and Walsh a baleful look) C’mon you two gobshites, the interview is over.

Bo’sun: Wait, one more question, we have an extensive drink menu aboard this vessel and like to add new drinks in honor of our esteemed guests. Okay, esteemed might be stretching it, but what would you suggest for a drink that would represent you? Something hot, I’m thinking. And no, you can’t suggest a Guinness, that’s too easy.

Kevin: Considering I’ve stayed sober these 14 long months, and intend to continue as such, you can just brew me up a nice strong cuppa.

Feeney & Walsh: Guinness? Did someone mention a pint?

Walsh: ‘Twould be the height of rudeness to turn down such hospitality as the kind offer of a pint.

Feeney: If ‘tis too easy to suggest a Guinness, then I’m thinking we’ll need to change our names.

Walsh: Too right, you be Too and I’ll be Easy.

(Kevin sighs and shakes his head.)

 Bo’sun: Anyone named Too Easy is going to fit right in with this crew. Feel free to fire off some questions for our Irish boys here, and once Loucinda wakes up and drags herself above decks, we’ll hit her up on more information about this book and her heroine’s mysterious special ability.


2nd Chance said...

We sees who makes it up earlier in the AM... Me or Aunty Lou!

2nd Chance said...

Ah, and how's I go 'bout makin' a Too Easy, then? Now, I'm thinkin' some sweet sippin' Irish Mist and in honor a' the ginger haired lad here...somethin' wit' dark butterscotch involved...and it can be served warmed up.

We gots a lass name a' Amber? I'll be thinkin' on that...

Marnee Jo said...

I'm here first so I get my pick of the fellows. As Inspector Hennessey seems to be taken... I'd like to spend some time with Mr. Feeney. :)

I love the Irish brogue.

Welcome back to the ship, Auntie Cindy! This book sounds scrumptious. I love everything about Ireland, the setting is so full of history and folklore. Yum. And there's a little paranormal? Hooray.

Are you planning a trilogy?

Bosun said...

I'm at work, but I can't say that I'm awake. I'd better find some caffeine. Thanks for being such a gracious (if cranky) interviewee, Mr. Hennessey. And for bringing your friends. It's a smart man who brings backup against this bunch. ;)

Hellie said...

Is it wrong that I immediately want to start serving up pints to Feeney and Walsh? *waves* Hi, fellas! Do either of you find American girls cute? And do either of you sing? I love the song Galloway Girl.

I'm sorry, we're supposed to be asking different questions, aren't we? Shoot.

Okay, more serious, what type of handcuffs do you prefer and why?

Oops. I mean, what case are you working on now, guys? Any luck?

Bosun said...

And the handcuffs come out before 10am. Don't say I didn't warn you boys.

*slides a Guinness down the bar*

Sin said...

Did someone say handcuffs?

*sliding down from the Nest*
*sauntering over to the bar*

Anyone willing to donate to my cause? I've always wanted a pair of police issue cuffs. *eyelashes fluttering*

I want to hear about some crazy cases you three have taken on in the past? Or you can go with Hellie's suggestion and sing. Or we can get into a drinking contest.

G'morning Auntie! Congrats on the newest release!

Donna said...

I knew I got here too late! The handcuffs are already in use, the alcohol is practically gone -- LOL

I can't stay too long because my To Do list is way too detailed today. But congrats on the new book (love the cover!). And wenches, make sure the Irish gentlemen are comfortable in MY quarters at the end of this cruise. :)

beth andrews said...

Good morning, all! AC, congrats on your latest release! I can't wait to read The Wild Irish Sea *g* Especially the part where Amber is sent out to Kevin's cottage :-)

Okay, I'm just going to take my pint and my laptop and find a relatively quiet corner and try and get some work done!

Janga said...

The next best thing to taking a trip to Ireland is reading a Loucinda McGary book. I can't wait to read this one. Kevin certainly sounds as if he's another glorious addition to Aunty's Company of Heroes. I'm still sighing over Donovan and Keirnan.

Bosun said...

Hello, there Bandita Beth! Thanks for making a stop by The Revenge. I promise we'll be as quiet as possible and send a hottie over with a fresh cuppa every so often.

Aunty should be here soon, I'm thinking. Maybe we should send a hottie in to wake her up?

2nd Chance said...

What was that crack 'bout almost being outta booze? Donnaroo, ya need new glasses! Now, the Guiness might run a bit low as me magical keg only serves rum...

I beat Auntie Cindy! And I'm on the left coast...neener!

Renee said...

Top o' the aft'a noon, ta ya, pirates and Aunty Cindy! I love me Irish boys. Ha' ya ever seen Boondock Saints? I'm jus saying . . . a bit a gruesome, but them Irish boys sure know how to met justice.

Me grandmammy's grandpappy hailed from 'ol Donegal. He was a cooper. His son-in-law Captian "Black" John Bonner (according to grandma) smuggled whisky into the States. My own great grandfather was a lighthouse keeper, makes you wonder if smuggling was a family business.

Happy release day, Lucinda! I always love your stories!!!! Any surpirses in this one? Visits from the past?

Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

(Aunty emerges from below decks bleary eyed)
I could swear I heard Irish cursing, and singing...

Kevin must have brought some friends. Oh PLEASE don't let it be Connor Magee... Oh NO! Walsh and Feeney! Lock up the rum! Oh, too late...

AHEM! Thanks for inviting me onboard today Bo'sun and crew. And thanks to my darlin Kevin for submitting (somewhat less than graciously) to an interview.


Scapegoat said...

Congrats to Lucinda on the new release! Can't wait to read it.

Donna - Chance never runs out of alcohol! She just might have it stashed away. :)

Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

I see Feeney had found a friend in Marnee Jo. AHEM!

And exactly how many women are taking shots with Walsh?!?! (Aunty loses count after 5)

Well, I'm sure it's 5 o'clock somewhere! Somebody set me up with a Bloody Mary. I was out celebrating last night after finding The Wild Irish Sea on the shelf in my local B&N. ;-)

I hope you'll all enjoy this story. My heroine Amber and her twin brother Parker have shared an ability to mentally communicate with each other. Only when they reach Ireland, their ability suddenly warps and expands...

Right, Kevin?


Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

Chance, your new creation the Too Easy sounds lovely! I'm sure Walsh is very grateful... (Aunty eyes the bar where Walsh is letting the ladies take whiskey shots off his abs) AHEM!!!

And my apologies Bo'Sun if Kevin was a bit "prickly." He tends to be that way around folks he doesn't know. He is however, a very smart man. I should have known he'd bring back-up. ;-)

And NO WORRIES, Hellie! Every Irishman I've ever met thinks American girls are cute. They say it's OUR accent!


Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

Hi Donna and Beth!
(Aunty waves madly at her Banditas)

So glad you could make it onboard with me today. :-) Things are always a bit "wild" when Banditas are about.

I'm sorry gals, but I do believe the PSNI use those hard plastic things to twist around wrists instead of hand cuffs. A pity, I know... Walsh and Feeney will need to verify this. And I'm SURE they could be convinced to use some American issue cuffs should anyone have a pair. AHEM!

drains her drink

Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

Ah my lovely Janga!
Thanx so much for saying such nice things about my books. I really do try to make my settings feel as real as possible for my readers. And as for my other heroes... Donovan is one long tall drink o water, and that rascal Keirnan can charm paint off the walls. So glad you enjoyed reading about them.

Renee, funny you should mention smugglers, since they play an important part in The Wild Irish Sea. Donegal has been a hot bed for smugglers since God himself was a boy!

Holds her ears at Feeney's off-key singing

Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

Okay, like Donna I have the Impending To Do List of Doom beckoning me.

I'll try to check back in after a few hours. I HOPE the lads behave themselves at least enough so that the local authorities don't need to be summoned.

I'm also having computer issues today, so if I don't make it back, you'll know what happened. :-(

Thanx again to everyone!

Jo Robertson said...

Hilarious post, Cindy! What a great characterization of your hero -- he's to die for, especially with the accent. Which he denies, but I'm just sayin'.

I see your internet decided to cooperate and you've made it to the ship. Wahooooo and congratulations on the release of this fabulous book!

Bosun said...

Sorry, I had an afternoon meeting that went way longer than it should have. Thanks to everyone for helping us welcome AC to the ship and celebrate her latest release. I've yet to get to a bookstore this week, so I'm way behind!

No worries about your prickly hero, Ms. McGary. A man who looks and sounds like that can be as cranky as he wants to be. You'll hear no complaints from me!

Hellion said...

If a man gets that cranky at me, I'll just throw empty beer bottles at him. He'll learn to keep his grumbling to his man cave.

But Kevin is a cutie. Cranky, needs-a-cookie sort of cutie.

2nd Chance said...

He's just got the natural suspicion a' the law toward pirates... We offend 'is sense a' order. Let's get 'im drunk!

Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

Ahoy Mateys!

I'm back from the bulk of my errands and see that things have slowed to a dull roar here. ;-)

Gotta agree with Hellion, Kevin is a cranky-needs-a-biscuit sort of cutie! Howza bout a Tim Tam, luv?


Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

Chance, I'm afraid you're right about Kevin being naturally suspicious of pirates AND Americans, I'm afraid. But you'll need to read TWIS to find out about the latter. ;-)

I see Feeney and Walsh are well into their cups. May need to call in more PSNI to remove them from the ship. Sorry about that.


Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

Sin did you ever get your cuffs? Or did you have to content yourself with drinking Feeney and Walsh under the table? No mean feat, out drinking an Irishman!

Walsh and Feeney actually make an appearance in TWIS, and you'll see what kind of strange case they are working. All I can tell you at the moment is that it requires Feeney to wear a wet-suit. ;-)


Donna said...

Whew! Looks like I got back just in time for some great singing and drinking and. . .did you say wet suit?

*camera flash*

That oughta go in the pirate scrapbook, I'm thinking. LOL

(So relieved there's no chance of running out of alochol!)

Helen said...

What a great interview with Kevin.

Kevin is my kind of hero loved him in the story and Amber as well and of course Parker.

Have Fun

Fedora said...

AC, what a perfectly wonderful interview! And who can resist an Irish lad and singing and drinking and... other fun :)

Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

LOL Donna!

No need to get a candid shot. I'm sure Feeney would gladly pose for you! ;-) Most Irish lads are anything but camera shy!

Have some more rum!


Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

Hey Helen,

Glad you enjoyed the interview! And I can't hear how much you loved TWIS too many times! ;-) Maybe one of these days we'll get Parker aboard the Revenge for an interview. (evil grin)


Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

Glad you enjoyed the interview and BIG THANX again to Bo'Sun Terri for being good enough to invite me and interview Kevin/

Hope you enjoy the book!


Bosun said...

Oh, we have more guests. Decks are getting crowded! We're going to need more tankards.

Donna said...

Oh, we have more guests. Decks are getting crowded! We’re going to need more tankards.

Just have Chance fill the hot tubs with rum -- it's way more efficient! LOL

Feeney and I are headed over to this hot tub over here, the one that's not so crowded. . . :)

2nd Chance said...

You know, I just got the champagne cleaned out of that hot tub...and I thought it was sticky!

Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

Rum in the hot tubs?

OMGosh! I am sooo not cleaning up the mess. Walsh and Feeney, you better get busy or call in reinforcements!


Bosun said...

I think they're way ahead of you on that "getting busy" thing.

There's a reason I avoid those hot tubs.

Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

Aunty hides her eyes and starts singing: LALALALALALA!