Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Ball Player

So, I'm a bit of a recent baseball fan.  The Phillies have made it to the World Series the past two years and I must admit, watching all that excitement has really made me a new lover of the game.  But the hotties definitely don't hurt.  On the top, Chase Utley from the Phils.  Second, Derek Jeter.  The bottom, my favorite pitcher, Cliff Lee, though he just got traded to the Rangers, so this isn't a recent pic.

Got any favorite ball players?  What do you think of my picks?


Marnee said...

I could have added my other favorite Phillie, Jayson Werth. He's got some serious facial hair right now though and I'm not really a fan. But he's got lots of charisma.

Donna said...

I adore baseball players! I don't watch it as much anymore though. I've got to change my ways. LOL (Uh, it's research!)

Bosun said...

Donna - I'm coming to see you and we're hitting Fenway, k?

Bosun said...

I love baseball and for years have explained my "type" as a ball player. (No twisting that and NO snickers!)

Right now my favorite ball player is the hero of my WIP, but your Chase Utley up there is pretty darn cute too.

Quantum said...

Marnee Says:
I could have added my other favorite Phillie, Jayson Werth. He’s got some serious facial hair right now though and I’m not really a fan. But he’s got lots of charisma.

I have never watched a base ball game, there's simply no interest in the UK. (Not invented here probably! :lol: )

But for facial hair you can't beat Dr W G Grace, the famous Victorian Cricketer.

How would you fancy kissing this :wink: :

2nd Chance said...

Well, Q - gives you something to grasp and hang onto... ;-)

Bo'sun - *snicker

Marn - Never been one for the game, though I do enjoy hearing the highlights on the radio. Announcers get so excited! I can almost pretend it's a fast moving, riveting game...

Yes, sarcasm intended.

But what the hey! If it spins yer wheels, it spins yer wheels and more power ta ya!

Donna said...

Terri, get your butt on up here -- Fenway is an AWESOME ballpark. You can see the entire city around you, and it feels so festive.

I saw an article recently where a Seattle Mariners player saw a woman up in the stands he thought was attractive. He wrote his cell # on a baseball and tossed it up to her. A few minutes later she sent him a text. That was a year ago and they just got married. LOL

Bosun said...

Chance - I would never say baseball is fun to watch on television, but it's a blast to see in person. Especially if you go with the right people. LOL!

Donna - That's the coolest story! We have a minor league team here and kiddo and I love hanging at the ballpark. I'll check my schedule for a trip to Boston. How are you looking for 2011? LOL!

Marnee said...

Donna - Fenway does look like an awesome ballpark. I've never been but it looks like fun. :)

Bo'sun - I can't wait to read about your ball player. But you can borrow Chase if you'd like.... ;)

Q - Good lord, that man looks like he could play for ZZ Top. LOL! Werth's looking pretty scruffy these days....

But he's pretty good-looking regardless. :)

Chance - The game is pretty slow moving. I didn't like it until the DH explained all the strategy. Now I kinda like it. It's like chess a little.

Donna - that story is adorable. *le sigh*

Marnee said...

And here's classic Chase Utley...

Donna said...

Terri, so far 2011 is wide open! LOL Unless I have back-to-back book tours, of course. (I crack MYSELF up!)

I love minor league ballparks too, because they're small enough you can really see the players, etc. My sister is actually working at one right now, and I'm so envious. Years ago we went to that same park because her employer had season tickets, and we got to see a lot of players that made it to the big leagues.

Marn, Fenway is awesome, and it's been too long since I've been there. Come out with Terri. :)

And wasn't that the coolest story? When I read it, I thought, "This could SO be a romance book." And I loved how the texting made it so they actually COULD connect, instead of just wishing/hoping/praying, etc.

Okay, I'm doing some major-league avoidance here. (Raise your hand if you're surprised. LOL) Gotta go work.

2nd Chance said...

I bet in person it would be a different ball game.

OMG. Shoot me now!

But sure, outside, sun, snacks...what's not to like? I went to a professional basketball game once, a few years before the Sacramento Kings actually had an awesome team and almost made it to the top...and got so confused without television announcers explaining things!

HOA, Donna? I got my revisions back from my agent yesterday and haven't opened the doc yet. I have that last class today and wanted to get it over first...really. Once that class is done, in two hours...really. I'll open it then. I will. Really!

And she wants me to write a prologue! Isn't that different?! ;-)

Bosun said...

Marn, you've converted me to a Phillies fan. I wonder if they're on TV anywhere today. Speaking of TV and the HOA, I'm still in my PJs watching TV. Told tell Hellie, but I found a new reality show. Just what I needed!

At four, I'm kicking it into gear. Really. I'm going to do something constructive. No idea what as the list is quite long, but SOMETHING.

Re: that ball into the stands story, I'd bet anything if you wrote that and put the story in the contest circuit, you'd get back that it would NEVER happen. LOL!

kh said...

i like derek
a rod is hot
i am fan the bay area teams
go a;s and giants