Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hero Hot Seat

I love the questions Sue Grimshaw asks on the Borders True Romance blog during author interviews.  I've even used them to get a better feel for my characters (okay, okay – maybe I was practicing for the day I will be asked those questions--hopefully--about my books). 

It inspired me to create a few questions of my own.  Only I'm not planning on interviewing any authors.

What I have in mind are questions for our heroes--something to let His Hunkiness seduce potential readers on a talk show. 

I can't say that this actually serves any useful or creative purpose.  It's meant to be a fun diversion, something to entertain yourself when you can't get fired up about writing.  It's definitely not intended to delve into the characters' motivations or goals or anything serious like that.  Although I think it does help answer the question "What is your story about?", so that kind of qualifies as a higher purpose.

However, the goal here is to tantalize, not analyze!

So we'll be live in three, two, one. . .

DRD:  Today our guest on Hero Hot Seat is Detective Ryan Nichols, from the Eastboro Police Department.  He's currently starring in I Do. . .or Die, a romantic comedy/mystery that. . .well, I'm just going to let him explain what happens.  Give it up for Detective Nichols!

*Ryan walks out onto the stage and lifts a hand in greeting*

*wild applause and several ear-piercing whistles ensue*

*Ryan takes a seat and smiles at the audience*

DRD:  I think I just saw someone faint.  We're gonna have to ask you to keep that smile under wraps.

RN:  *grinning*  I'll see what I can do.  No promises though.

DRD:  *fans face with notecard*  Did they turn off the A/C in here?   So, Ryan, tell us a little bit more about your current project.

RN:  Well, this was a lot of fun.  I'm a detective investigating a shooting that happened during a wedding, and I get to reconnect with the maid of honor, Shelby.

DRD:  Reconnect?  So you've known her before?

RN:  *laughs*  Sort of.  A few years ago, I was called to a bachelorette party that was getting pretty rowdy, and *laughs again* for some reason she thought I was a stripper, dressed as a cop. 

DRD:  Easy to see how that could happen.  *mouths "OMG" to the camera*  And now that you're investigating the shooting—

RN:  It actually turns into more than one shooting, so I postpone my vacation to give Shelby round-the-clock protection.  It gives us a chance to figure out who the shooter is, and we get to know each other a lot better, despite our best intentions.

DRD:  *gulps an entire glass of water*  Lucky gal.  And it does sound like a fun project.  Can't wait to get my hands on it—the book—when it comes out.

RN:  I think you'll enjoy it.  *smiles mischievously*  Wait til you see my dance moves.

DRD:  Okay.  *clears throat to get rid of squeaky sound*  As you know, we like to finish with a few quick questions.  Nothing too difficult, just whatever is on the top of your head.  Okay?

RN:  *nods head*  Sounds good.

DRD:  Here's an easy one:  Baseball or football?

RN:  Definitely baseball.  I play in the department's softball league every year, and I'm a pretty good hitter.

DRD:  Your favorite alcoholic beverage?  When you're off duty of course.

RN:  Of course.  I'd say it's probably beer.  Although I am fond of cosmos. . .when Shelby's drinking them.  *grins*  She's pretty sassy on a regular day, but after one or two—

*muffled noise backstage and then stage curtain flutters wildly*

DRD:  I think maybe Shelby wants to give her side of the story.

RN:  How did you guess?  *grins again*

DRD:  Next question--are you a licker or a biter?  *audience gasps* People!  I'm talking about ice cream cones!  Good grief.

RN:  *laughs*  I'll say biter.  But I've learned to be flexible, so, depending on the situation--  *winks at camera*

DRD:  I'm going to have to get Security to escort you out of here.  One last question.  Leg man or butt man?

RN:  Oh, I can't choose just one.   Seriously, have you seen Shelby? 

DRD:  We met briefly before the show.  She seems to be a little on the jealous side though.  *glances quickly backstage*  One last quickie—question—any idea who'll be playing you in the movie?

RN:  Not sure yet.  Probably somebody you haven't seen before.  *grins*  Shelby's mentioned a few she wouldn't mind playing my part.

DRD:  We'll be sure to ask her about it when she's here next month.  Unfortunately, folks, that's all the time we've got.  Thanks, Ryan, for stopping by Hero Hot Seat and playing along with us today.  

RN:  Thanks for having me, DRD.  It's been a lot of fun.

Okay, pirates.  The talk show set is all yours.  Feel free to rearrange it to suit yourself, and your heroes.  You can use the questions above, or come up with your own.  If you can't think of anything, don't hesitate to ask the studio audience if WE have any questions—we'll be happy to chime in!  Let's heat up some heroes!


2nd Chance said...

This doesn't happen to often...but I'm speechless.

*walks to bar, gazes about a big dazed

Yeah, that will help. Where is that special glass? Ah, there it is, the one circled with specially carved handcuffs... OK, let's see...champagne since this all started at a wedding...

*glances over at Ryan

Maybe some peach extract... I'm gonna have to ask Donna...

2nd Chance said...

Can I ask Silvestri to be a guest???

Sin said...

That was great!

Donna said...

LOL, thanks for indulging me.

Chance, I hope you're speechless in a good way. LOL I would feel bad otherwise! And a glass with HANDCUFFS? You're just mentioning this NOW? LOL

And I fully EXPECT Silvestri to be a guest--I can't wait to see his interview!

Evil Twin, you have the vacation exemption, which is too bad, because I would love to see Kiki's man up there. LOL

Hal said...

Hilarious, Donna! I love this idea. It might be a fun diversion, but Ryan's personality just pops out. I love it! I should do this with my hero -- I don't know him nearly as well as I should. Except that he's a total workaholic *g*

Donna said...

Hal, thanks -- it really is a fun diversion. Maybe your hero will show a different side of his workaholic personality once you set him down and start asking questions. LOL I know I'd love to see more from the tidbits you've shown here. :)

Bosun said...

Sorry I'm late! Late night at work meant not going in until noon which meant sleeping in. Now I need to hit the shower. (would Ryan by chance need a shower too? He could bring the cuffs...)

I know Nate would love this kind of attention. If I can make the time once I get to work, I'll drag him out and see what we can do.

Bosun said...

Oh, and this is awesome. We used to do interviews like this over on the Eloisa James BB years ago. We'd let the others fire off questions and answer as our characters. Great way to get to know them. We've talked about doing it on here and for some reason, never gotten around to it.

Good job getting around to it!

I have a question for Ryan. (Can't believe you didn't ask this one.) Boxers or Briefs? Or maybe neither? ;)

Donna said...

Bo'sun, glad you got to sleep in -- you definitely had a late night last night. Wait. . .that sounds like, oh never mind! LOL

Ryan definitely likes showers. :) This is a naughty bunch, all this talk about handcuffs. LOL (Although as soon as Nate shows up, I'm stealing those handcuffs from ya, I'm just sayin'.)

LOL about the boxers/briefs question -- there's actually a scene in the book about this. :) So I didn't want to give away too many details. LOL

Bosun said...

Wow, Donna, looks like you're cooking about as well as I was yesterday. LOL! And I totally understand about the undie question.

Good news! The Captain is safe and sound! We did NOT lose her over the side, as I'd feared. Turns out, her computer got another nasty virus and she can't even turn it on. She'll be out of touch until tomorrow when she finally returns to the day job.

Needless to say, she is NOT happy about this situation, but her exact words were, "I ain't dead yet."


Donna said...

LOL, Bo'sun, I figured this would be a thread killer, and I almost mentioned it yesterday when you were worried about yours!

I was wondering about the Cap'n. Poor thing. I hate when the computer can't work. I have no doubt she will prevail (in fact, the virus creator ought to be shakin' in his boots right about now!)

Bren said...

I would like to know if Ryan has any brothers and if you could please send him/them my number?

I LOVE this idea and I think it is excellent practice for when you and your pals are casting your HBO or SHO series.......

2nd Chance said...

Of course I have special glasses for all my drinks! Now, I may host a Friday blog called Mix a Hero Drink. The heck with letting them talk, let's just figure out what sort of drink they are and then get them drunk and then...


Marnee Jo said...

This was wonderful. I would love to partake but I won't have time until tonight I'd imagine. Like Hal, I think I need to spend some time like this with my hero. There are some things about him that I'd like to flesh out.


Ryan.... Good name. Very hawt.... *flutters eyelashes at him, prepares pepper spray for Shelby, just in case*

Bosun said...

Three times today I've gotten a spam email for singles over 50. WTH is up with that? Are y'all being funny or something?

I would like to play along here, but the work is hitting the fan. Damn it. It's just not a good week all the way around. People are either off doing no work at all or the rest of us have too much. LOL!

Donna said...

Marn, I was so excited when your bambino got the name Ryan -- I knew it was a great name to have. :) And pepper spray might not work -- Shelby's used to being SHOT at. LOL

Donna said...

Chance, I'm looking forward to Friday now. You're a pirate after my own heart. :)

Donna said...

Bren -- LOL -- Ryan does have a brother, who I'm pretty sure is a troublemaker. I can't wait to see what kind of story he comes up with (and why do I have a feeling it won't be anywhere close to what the truth is!)

Donna said...

Terri, what do the emails say? Anyone good in there? LOL

I wish I could help you out with all the work you've got. I've got this giant bottle of whiteout, maybe we could just slather it on your work and make it disappear? :)

2nd Chance said...

Oh, yes. White Out Wallbanger! New drink! To soothe the demand of tyrants and lazy assed co-workers. And whatever you wish to wipe out!


Must use coconut rum, banana extract...

*humming behind the bar

Donna said...

Chance, I love how inspired you are when it comes to creating new drinks! Which reminds me. . .I'm eating this Caribbean fruit popsicle thing I got at Trader Joe's -- I should dip it in some rum before each bite. It would be like I'm drinking, but not. LOL

2nd Chance said...

Rum is always a good idea.

Can't promise the drink blog this week, Donnaroo. But it will happen! I need to take the next test from the Tortuga School of Bartending, Masterclass.

I'll be sure to pass, got the bribes all set up...

Donna said...

You? Taking a test? I would have thought you were GIVING the test.

At least you're prepared. Here's another $100, just in case. :)