Saturday, May 8, 2010

Teepee Fever

A latent fantasy has re-emerged lately. I blame New Moon. Because if you just put the characteristics of Jacob and Edward side by side, I have to admit, they're pretty equal with their annoying behaviors. And as I was staring at Jacob's too-young-but-still-greatly-desirable chest on the screen, it occurred to me. I have a thing for Native boys. That's why I like Jacob--because he has a tan. And plenty of his tan showing.

I admit part of my fascination is that Indians naturally come with horses, and before I ever loved boys, I loved horses. Falling in love with an Indian brave just seemed like a simple way of acquiring that horse I always wanted as well.

Even in Last of the Mohicans, though Hawkeye was hot and all, my love was for his brother, the actual Indian. And when he died, I agreed with the girl who jumped off the cliff to be with him.

Anyway, all the fiction I've been reading lately, has been Indian related. One of the first books I ever remembered getting was called "Autumn Dove", and I read it until the covers fell off. Not only was he an Indian, but he was a half-breed. And I love nothing more than an outcast who finds true love. Another book I adore is by Pamela Morsi called "Runabout" which features another "half-breed", who is gorgeous and ends up falling in love with his best friend and Plain Jane, Tulsy.

When I went looking for Native American books, All About Romance came to my rescue.

Then I watched a movie I own called Now and Forever, with Adam Beach, who is soooo pretty, and not as young as baby Taylor.

Here are a few more. Some more legitimate than others. Native boys are hard to find I tell you!

So do you have any Gone Native fantasies? Read any really great books featuring Native American braves? Done any big heaps of writing this weekend? (Did the Great Spirit move you?)


Donna said...

Ahhh, from the first pic I thought you might be going with a "Mama's Boys" theme! LOL

Happy Mother's Day, by the way, for all the moms and moms-to-be. Hope your day is a wonderful one (and you so deserve more than one day!)

I suppose you've read the classic Mackenzie Mountain books from Linda Howard? That's the one that pops into my head at the moment -- I'll have some coffee and come back to peruse. . . :)

Marnee Jo said...

Happy Mama's Day to all the mommies here! :)

And I loved the Quileute boys in New Moon. Paul... what a lot of mischief. He has all kinds of bad boy in him.

Bosun said...

You really need to find the old "Only" series from Elizabeth Lowell. And I think Nan Ryan did some good Indian heroes. That woman wrote HAWT stuff. At 17 I was sure I'd just lost my virginity from reading one of her sex scenes. VIVID. And HAWT.

I already said that, huh?

I spent two days writing nothing but sex (Great Spirit definitely moved something) and now I'm two pages away from the 30 for the week. I'll get those done (and thensome I hope) tonight after I spend the day in Williamsburg.

Donna said...

I'd forgotten about the "Only" series -- those are really good (and I think I've got them packed away in a box here somewhere). LOL about losing your virginity while reading the sex scenes. I could just see that as a parental warning. LOL

I wish *I* could spend the day in Williamsburg. Pout.

Bosun said...

You're in Boston. Walk outside. Boom, you're in Williamsburg. LOL! I'm betting they look similar.

Donna said...

LOL -- yeah, except for all the Bostonians. :)

I'm not going outside today unless there's a Hottie parade. It's freakin' cold and windy. There's even a FROST warning for tonight. LOL

Yeah, definitely need a Hottie parade today!

2nd Chance said...

Always liked Wes Studi. Graham Greene and Lou Diamond Phillips...

Books? Wow, brain freeze... What have I read other than political activist native american titles...?

The Proud Breed? Ramona? I know there are more out there but my brain is full of useless tv trivia...

Sigh, my dog and cat got me a card, but no exciting trips planned for the day... Heading out to Starbucks where I'll work on submission stuff.

But nice parade of images...makes me all warm inside...

Janga said...

Nice eye candy, Hellie!

Kathleen Eagle is the first writer I think of when I think of Native American heroes. Reason to Believe, This Time Forever, What the Heart Knows, The Last Good Man, The Last True Cowboy, The Night Remembers, Ride a Painted Pony--these are my favorites. She is a wonderful writer, and most of her books are well worth reading. She's been married for more than three decades to a Lakota Sioux, so her portayals are high in accuracy as well as in emotional intensity.

Hellion said...

Sorry to disappoint on the Mother's Day front! *LOL* (When you don't have a mom and you're not a mother, you sorta forget.) Happy Mother's Day to all of you!

Donna: I haven't read the MacKenzie books. As I said, I've only just got started back up on my Teepee Fever. (I read a few too many Cassie Edwards in my middle teens and I decided not to read Indian books for a while.)

Marn: Paul is really hot! Even if he's got a temper problem. *LOL*

Bo'sun: The Great Spirit DEFINITELY moved in you. *LOL* Huzzah on your page count. We're all very proud of you! And I definitely need to add the book that made you lose your virginity. *LOL*

Yes, Donna, we're not going to feel sorry for you when you live in BOSTON. Even if it could be warmer! I love Boston!

2nd: Wes looks a bit too mean, but I've always loved Graham Greene. Work on your submission stuff and let us know how it goes.

Janga: I have Kathleen Eagle in my pile next. I've heard lots of stuff about Ride a Painted Pony, so that's next on my list. (I suppose she does have great research material, huh? *LOL*)

Donna said...

I'd forgotten how much I loved Kathleen Eagle's books too! This has been a great reminder post. :)

Hellie, I'm not a mom and don't have one anymore either, but I've been bugging my BFF to INSIST on what she wants for Mother's Day. I keep telling her it's good for her pre-teen son to learn now, and that she's doing it to make life easier for her future child-in-law. LOL

2nd Chance said...

Wes just looks rugged... How's it go, "I'm not bad, I'm just drawn that way?"

Well, Wes ain't mean, he's just cast that way!

Happy Mum's Day to the Mum's out there! My Starbucks is done a table and the families filled what remained, along with the census workers...couldn't get a table. I'm thinking of filing a complaint... LOL!

Boston, ah! I'd love to visit Boston again.

Bosun said...

Home again and with $30 worth of chocolate. We done good. Whoot! And we rode in the Governor's Carriage. For 15 minutes I was a Duchesse! Lady Dunsmore to be exact. Our driver explained I have royal blood and could have married a prince or a king, but instead I married down to an earl. *sigh* Even in my past life I was a moron.

Anyway, how could I forget my all time favorite?! You need to hunt up some Dorothy Garlock. You'd love her really old stuff, but the hero of my favorite two (same H/H in both) is a half-breed named Johnny Henry and the first one, WITH HEART, starts in 1938 Oklahoma. The second, AFTER THE PARADE, picks up when he returns from fighting in WWII.

I highly recommend all four in the series, since he's also in the first two, WITH HOPE and WITH SONG.

Bosun said...

The weather was perfect today, if a bit windy. Right around 70 with sunshine. Beautiful day and I had the most delectible white chocolate ice cream for dessert at lunch. Man, that was worth the TWO HOUR drive. (It should have only taken 45 mins.)

2nd Chance said...

So, either $30 worth of chocolate is a lot of good stuff or a little of great stuff. I'd take either...

Bosun said...

Assorted smoothies (choc/PB) choc buttercreams, double fudge truffle, choc covered pretzels, PB truffle, choc mousse truffles, and a couple choc covered strawberries. We skipped the fudge this time around.

2nd Chance said...

Shut up!