Saturday, May 15, 2010

It's Spring, Look Out for the Robins!

Okay, that was a terrible pun. Never ask me to name anything, especially not your child. "Horace. He looks like a Horace to me." It'd be awful.

Anyway, if you haven't been hiding under a rock, you know that summer blockbusters are coming (Ironman last week was a particularly good one, I enjoyed it) and this week, it was time for the Scott Ridley summer blockbuster. Lots of action sequences, blowing stuff up, and people dressed in a bunch of crazy SCA clothing, screaming at each other and waving swords. (I love me some SCA!) Robin Hood is coming back to theaters. He's been a favorite of Hollywood for years now; and because I'm just old enough, I am a huge fan of the often maligned Kevin Costner version in 1991. I even remember the movie theater I saw it in--I saw it with my sister and I didn't stop talking about it for at least six months. It was my first VHS movie I ever owned; and I was very proud of it. It was also where I was first introduced to Alan Rickman (but that's a different Hotties blog.)

Russell Crowe, his personality notwithstanding, is an outstanding actor. No one can deny it. He reminds me of Joaquin Phoenix in his ability to meld himself into a character until you can't discern which is Russell and which is the character. Equally great is that Cate Blanchett is playing Maid Marian, and she's awesome in everything I've seen her in. So although this movie looks like an overly serious cross between Gladiator and Kingdom of Heaven, I'm still seeing it as soon as possible.

In the meantime, I think everyone should pick the Robin who best suits them. Enjoy!

Which Robin would you be Maid Marian for and why? And which Robin Hood movie is your favorite? What Summer Blockbuster are you most looking forward to?


Hellion said...

I saw it! It was good, though I think I like the Kevin Costner one better because it was funnier. :) "That's it! No more table scraps for lepers and orphans!"

But the action sequences were good...and the story was good...and I loved the scenes between Robin and Marian. NICE.

Won't be around today, but will try to check back on tonight.

Melissa said...

Love this post! I love the pictures to compare Hollywood's idea of Robin Hood through time. It always seems interesting to me that a "historical" should be pretty much look the same no matter what year the movie was made, but it certainly doesn't. Like, look at Kevin Costner's feathered late 80's hair. :) But I did love that version and I didn't care if he didn't do the British accent.

I can't wait to see this new movie! I've heard great things and that it's very authentic. Maybe if I was actually going to write a medieval novel this one would be good research. For more costume pictures from this film I liked this web site:

Marnee Jo said...

I admit a certain fondness for Kevin Costner. Maybe because that movie came out when I was in early HS and it lived up to all my super romantic ideals. :)

I am excited to see the new Robin Hood movie though and I think Russell Crowe's going to do a great job. We'll see, I guess. If not, I always have the Kevin Costner version.

2nd Chance said...

Wow...I'd have to go for Kevin, but I reserve the right to change me mind when I see the Russell version. How 'bout the "Men in Tights" version? Cary Elwes was an amusing Robin...

I need amusing.

I know Russell can do a mean turn at amusing, so I will make a point of getting to the theater to watch this version!

Ah, yes. Alan Rickman was so brilliant in Kevin's version... And the Disney version with animals was adorable...

Donna said...

I don't think I ever saw the whole version of Kevin Costner's Robin Hood -- wonder why. . .I must not have realized Alan Rickman was in there. His voice does naughty things to me. LOL

And you're right about Russell Crowe inhabiting his characters -- I love the intensity about him -- he's so intense even HE can't control it. LOL He needs "intensity management" classes.

Bosun said...

I LOVED the Costner version of Robin Hood. Also my first VHS and I wore out the soundtrack. Who didn't declare "Everything I Do" would be played at her wedding? Well, by the time I got married, I'd totally forgotten about it. LOL! But it's still a great song.

Alan Rickman stole that movie. "With a spoon!"

I also adore Russell Crowe. Have since the first time I saw LA Confidential. BUT, read a review that this movie is way more violent than the PG-13 rating would imply, so not taking kiddo to see it. Which is breaking my heart.

Thank you for including Jonas in here. Kiddo and I are still mourning the end of the series, even if the last season was HORRIBLE. LOL! You know, you could have thrown Rickman and Armitage in, just for some flavor. :)

Donna said...

Well, I found out I can watch Alan Rickman's Robin Hood (LOL) on Netflix on my computer, so that will be my treat, I mean, RESEARCH, for tonight. :) I'll make sure I bring my spoon. LOL

I kind of went overboard with a series last night with Jason Isaacs, who I didn't realize I liked so much. LOL I am a sucker for British accents though. I think everyone's eyes were "cinematically enhanced" or something -- they all had such intense color.

Marnee Jo said...

Alan Rickman in Robin Hood.... SOoooo good.

Alan Rickman in anything.... ahhh....

And Jason Isaacs. Isn't that Lucius Malfoy?

Donna said...

Marnee -- I don't know -- is that a Harry Potter reference?

*slinks off to check imdb*

Bosun said...


It is!

Hellion said...

Damn, I meant to include Cary Elwes! I'm sorry, 2nd.

Donna, we are kindred sisters. Alan Rickman's voice does naughty things to me as well. And I think the Robin Hood with him in it is a treat. *LOL* I used to want to be one of the women in his castle. "Who told you to cover up?"

Jason Isaacs is HAWT. (I love him in Peter Pan; he makes such excellent villains. The Patriot. And of course as Lucius Malfoy, which is as the Bo'sun confirmed a Harry Potter reference.) I can't wait to see him in the next HP movie. :)